tagNovels and NovellasBrick House Pt. 09 Ch. 11

Brick House Pt. 09 Ch. 11


All content copyright 2012 Ted Szabo

This is part 9 of a longer work, "Brick House."

Chapter 11

The flukish fall heat wave continued unabated into October; a stubborn, grasping presence. Some of the newer, more modern dorms, inhabited for the most part by jocks and children of boosters, were air conditioned, but the cheap, Eisenhower-era apartments that lined the edge of the campus' Stadium district had no such amenities. Kate and I were literally sweating over some homework one afternoon when I decided a break was in order.

"It's too freakin' hot, we need to get these clothes off," I said, swabbing sweat from my brow.

Kate swatted me on the arm. "Doofus," she said, chiding me playfully. "If we do that you know the studying is going to come to a grinding halt. Pun intended." I had been having a pretty difficult time concentrating anyway. The first couple hours had gone well, and I had pretty well nailed down the final drafts for a couple class projects while we listened to Maroon 5 sing something catchy about Mick Jagger. After that, though, my attention had wandered. Kate was wearing a red tank-top-like garment with a swooping neckline and thin, thin straps that was like this incredibly flimsy cage enclosing a couple of healthy, robust wild animals that were raring to get out. If anything, it was even more enticing than the Lycra top that had moved me to passion—or exquisite horniness, anyway—a few weeks before. Just as had happened when Kate studied next to me wearing the aforementioned Lycra garb, I repeatedly found myself staring over at Kate's cleavage instead of proofreading my research paper. Did she really think there was any way we wouldn't end up in bed when she came over clothed in such a fashion, especially in hundred degree weather? If so, Kate was either less savvy in the ways of the male beast that I had thought or pretending to be lacking such savvy.

"Sure, but we can get back to the books after dinner. There'll be plenty of time this evening, and it'll be easier to work when it's cooler." A sheen of perspiration was visible on Kate, and I was keenly aware that this rendered the exposed inner swells of her breasts even more prominent than they otherwise would have been. The word that kept coming to mind was "succulent." They were wondrously, mouth-wateringly succulent. "Look her in the eyes, look her in the eyes," I told myself, determined to avoid coming across like some pathetically horny teenager. I was beginning to like my stunning pseudo-semi-maybe-girlfriend enough that her opinion of me was a genuine concern, and I didn't want to seem desperate or immature.

Kate put her palms to her forehead in mock distress. "I say, sir, you are the very soul of foul temptation!" She could manage a pretty passable Scarlett O'Hara impression when she put her mind to it.

I couldn't help but laugh. "That's so weird—it's like something Dean would say."

Now Kate moved her hands from her forehead to my shoulders, gazing into my eyes as if seeking some revelation. I could tell she was stifling a laugh. "So, you've been providing temptation to... Dean?"

"Come on, you southern-fried vixen," I said, pulling Kate toward the bathroom. "We'll shower in cool water and then, you know, take a break." I tried to sound casual and playful, keeping any hint of neediness out of my voice.

"I don't know, I've got four more pages to do. Besides, your friends will back pretty soon. Remember what happened the last time we snuggled in the afternoon? I just about died of embarrassment. As much as I'm getting accustomed to that sort of thing, I don't know that I can handle getting walked in on again."

None of my roommates were present, but all of them had afternoon classes that wrapped up around this time. We knew Sam planned to bring Yolanda over and Al's current "friend with benefits" Lana, the subject of our recent conversation concerning the shaving of unmentionables, was going to be dropping by as well. She was a tall, slender girl, fresh out of high school. Lana had been a prom queen, done some modeling, and quite frankly seemed pretty far out of Al's league. I suspected she was going to phase Al out of her life once she selected from amongst the more eligible suitors that were pursuing her, and so did he, but Al was determined to make the best of things until then.

I leaned over Kate, pressing my lips and into a particularly sensitive spot between the base of her neck and her right shoulder—a region she was prone to stimulating on me as well. Kate reacted immediately with a sharp intake of breath. "Ah... cheater..." she squeaked in high, choked voice. My tongue traced the line of her clavicle and I scooted closer, wrapping my arms around her and running my hands up and down between the tops of her shoulders and the innermost concavity of her lower back. Her skin was salty and ineluctably sweet. How could it be, I wondered, that fresh perspiration could actually make some women smell even more alluring? I felt Kate shiver.

"Fine, fine, we can get in the shower," Kate sighed with feigned reluctance. "You dog, you're probably trying to time it so your buddies get to see me naked again."

It had been over a week since I had disrobed her in front the guys. Kate and I had slept together a couple times since but the timing had been such that the other apartment dwellers where either asleep or away at the time, so they hadn't seen her undress.

"You wish, showoff," I rejoined, pulling off my unpleasantly damp t-shirt. We managed to find just the right temperature in the shower and the two of us were thoroughly refreshed by the time we stepped out. As had been the case the last time we'd shared such an experience, we were also pretty aroused. The water had been just cool enough to bring Kate's nipples to attention, and I had licked them until she squealed, but not so chilly as to keep my cock from hardening. After we dried off I scooped Kate up in a cradle carry, depositing her on my bed with aplomb. I joined her there, squeezing an incredibly full breast and taking the nipple into my mouth.

"You forgot," Kate said, panting, "... you forgot the blanket." She tugged at the edge of the bed sheet as if trying to cover up with it, but it was snarled beneath us.

"You've gotta be kidding, it's way too hot," I shot back. I was awash in sexual excitement and annoyed by the thought of anything interrupting what I was doing, however briefly. I moved toward the foot of the bed, squatting near Kate's feet and sliding my hands between her knees.

"But they'll be back any minute," Kate stammered nervously.

"Doesn't matter, they've all seen you naked--and walked in on us screwing before, for that matter."

I pushed Kate's legs apart, maybe a little roughly, and buried my face between her thighs. The smell of her privates; fresh, tart excretions mixed with a florid hint of soapy residue, washed over me. I ran my tongue along her hairless slit, opening her vaginal lips slightly, and she immediately trembled and gasped, opening her legs wide. Neither one of us was all that much into giving oral, and it wasn't something we did often, but on the few occasions I had performed the act Kate's reaction had been pretty dramatic.

"Hoooly shit! Goddamn!" Kate barked between breaths. I pressed farther in with my tongue, finding her clitoris, and put my thumbs on her vaginal lips, pulling them wider apart to improve access. I ran the tip of my tongue up and down the sensitive, fleshy nub, flicking it periodically, and Kate let out a low moan every few breaths. Her pelvis began to thrust with a quickening tempo and before long her crotch was as soaked as I had ever seen it.

Shaking with excitement, I climbed atop Kate, pressing the tip of my penis against her opening. "Do you want it, Kate?" I asked her, taunting. "Do want me inside you now?"

"Oh shit yes, don't play with me, put it in!" she shouted. Abruptly, Kate grasped my shaft, at the same time hooking her ankles behind my back. Flexing her long, toned, legs Kate lifted her hindquarters completely off the bed, drawing me all the way into her. The feeling was electric—one moment my tip was barely been in contact with her and the next I was inside completely, surrounded by her, flesh wet and hot and wrapped tight around me.

Once the initial shock wore off I began to pump enthusiastically. I pushed myself up on my hands so I could view Kate more fully, admiring her as I rode. She was bathed in afternoon light and looked like a goddess, hair spread in a glossy halo over the pillows, a sexual flush glowing on her face, neck, and chest. Her breasts jiggled as I thrust, but were so firm they moved only slightly. I could see a sheen of saliva glistening on the areola I had taken into my mouth.

Our pace began to quicken and at the same time we heard voices in the stairwell. "Shit..." Kate squeaked, once again plucking at the sheet in a last-ditch attempt to get at least somewhat covered. Neither of us paused, though. I kept penetrating her with deep, determined thrusts and she continued to roll her pelvis up toward me each time I drove my cock into her.

Dean entered the room first, pausing for a moment to take in what Kate and I were doing before continuing over to a threadbare little couch tucked in away in the southwest corner of the room. He waggled his eyebrows as he took a seat, peering at us intently. "Whoa, nice, very nice," he announced.

Al followed close behind. "What are you talking about butt-munch," he asked good-naturedly, "our stupid pizza oven of an apartment?" He almost immediately caught sight of Kate and I, taking a moment to ogle pointedly at Kate's heaving chest and engorged nipples. "Okay, that is a little bit of all right," Al admitted, "Even better than the last time we caught them doing the nasty."

Before long Sam and Yolanda, holding hands, were also in the apartment, along with Lana, looking ridiculously young in her pleated skirt and pressed cotton blouse. She put her hands to her cheeks in shock, or at least what might have been a cutesy imitation of shock. Al sidled up next to her and playfully slapped her butt, saying "Quite a sight, eh?"

Lana answered from behind her hands, just loudly enough for me to hear from across the room, "He has, umm, really nice abs."

Al guffawed in response and slipped his hand under Lana's skirt. "Hey girl, we can't all have six packs, so enjoy the view while you can."

Dean passed out beers and the whole crew settled into the furniture arrayed across the front of the room. No one was pretending to do anything but watch Kate and I. If anything, this added fuel to the fire, and we went from an orderly rhythm of lovemaking to more of a frantic, chaotic writhing. Both of us were moaning and cursing and generally getting pretty loud. I was close to coming but tried to hold back, wanting to prolong the amazing feeling of Kate's body moving beneath mine.

"Wow," said Yolanda, "if I had known there was going to be show, I'd have skipped class and got back early enough for the previews. She took Lana's hand. "Come on hon, let's check things out from a more of a lady-centric point of view."

Lana said "Really?" in a slightly hushed voice, seeming a bit overwhelmed, but allowed Yolanda to lead her past my bed, back around toward the kitchen. They stood just a few feet away from Kate and I, viewing us from the flank.

"Check it out," said Yolanda, pointing at my rump. "If there's anything move lovely than a nice hefty man-butt, it's a nice hefty man-butt on a man doing his sexual duties." I became acutely aware of the motion of my hip and gluteal muscles, alternately flexing and extending as I ground my pelvis against Kate's.

"That is really, really, sexy," answered Lana. "They don't mind us watching like this?"

"Hey, you should know by now, we're a bunch of exhibitionists around here. Just last month these two had a front row seat while I was totally naked on top of Sam." Lana peered at Yolanda quizzically, not sure whether or not she was joking.

"Cross my heart," said Yolanda. "They watched us come and everything. Actually, we've seen these two go at it before, though they were covered up at the time." This assertion seemed to be sufficient to divest Lana of any inhibitions she had, or was pretending to have. She stepped right up to the back of the bed, leaning over so she could peer at us even more closely. I was pretty sure I could feel her breath on the top of my left thigh.

"Man, you can really see his balls."

Yolanda took a swig from her beer and chuckled. "Yep, a guy gets in missionary position with his legs opened up and you can really check out everything back there.

Lana leaned even closer. "And they're wet. What's up with that?"

Yolanda stepped closer as well, joining Lana at the foot of the bed. "Kate's so soaked that the juices coming out of her have covered his whole crotch. You can tell from the smell. That is some serious bedtime enjoyment."

"Holy crap," breathed Lana, "I don't think I've ever quite been that... stimulated."

Yolanda paused for a moment, taking down another swig of beer. "Me neither, sweetie. I think both of our men need to step up their games."

The guys were moving closer as well, with all three of them gathered up near the front of the bed. I could hear them commenting in low voices to one another--stuff like, "You can see where he sucked her tit," and "Man, are they in shape, how do they keep up that pace?" Kate noticed how close they were and a strange look crossed her features—a mixture of humiliation and pure, animal lust. I could tell she wished everyone would leave us alone, or at least stop making crude comments about our lovemaking. At the same time, though, the presence of an audience was magnifying her arousal, making every touch and movement more intense. I felt caught up in the same effect, my mind enveloped in a sexual haze.

I decided, suddenly, to shift positions. I pushed my upper body back so I was squatting between Kate's thighs instead of lying atop her and pulled her legs up, resting the backs of her calves on my shoulders. Her legs were so long her heels were almost level with my ears. I cupped the tops of her thighs with my palms, using the resulting handhold to pull Kate's pelvis in toward me each time I thrust.

Kate looked surprised but didn't resist the change in position. With our torsos now almost at right angles our privates were clearly visible. The shaft of my penis, slick with Kate's juices, could be seen moving in and out of her, and with Kate's groin shaven her lips and parts of the interior of her vulva were visible as well. Between the bright afternoon sunlight and the guys' close proximity Kate and I were fully on display.

My roommates hooted and gave each other high fives, exchanging comments like "Nice," and "Great show." Kate was obviously mortified but nearing climax nonetheless, her moans transforming into something more closely resembling howls. I was panting with excitement and exertion, too out of breath to cry out.

Suddenly Lana's pretty face, framed in blond curls, was directly in front of mine. She had leaned across the bed to talk to me and, incredibly, was just a few inches away. "You look like you're about to come," she said, friendly and inquisitive. "Are you about to come?" Yolanda pulled her back.

"Hey hon, that's a little rude. Let them get on with their business."

"Sorry, said Al," obviously embarrassed. "She's really young."

Dean and Sam had moved toward the middle of the bed and were so close they were almost touching Kate's left leg. They stared intently at her pussy, breathing comments to themselves. Dean had an obvious tent-in the-trousers situation going on, and made no effort to conceal it.

I removed my hands from Kate's thighs, pushing them under her preternaturally firm butt cheeks. I lifted her hips high above the surface of the bed and at the same time drove down hard into her. Now that I was no longer holding them Kate's legs sprawled to each side, the left one bumping into the wall and the right brushing up against Al's arm.

If Al was a bit unsure how to respond, Lana wasn't. "Hold her," she told Al. "Help spread her out so Ted can get into her better. Her thighs are so long and buff they kind of get in the way."

Encouraged, Al grasped Kate's leg firmly, his left hand just below her knee and the right one on her inner thigh. He bent the leg down and forward so that she was spread wide on that side, her ankle pushed up next to her shoulder. With her positioned in this way I was able to drive even deeper, the base of my cock disappearing completely into Kate each time I thrust. She took a deep breath and then cried out sharply, bucking, enveloped by an orgasm that seemed to go on for an impossibly long time, and I tensed in response, on the verge of coming as well. Kate abruptly shook off Al's grip—rising up, placing her hands on either side of my head, and forcibly yanking my face alongside hers. She whispered hoarsely in my ear, "Pull out, I mean it, let them see you come," and then dropped back flat on bed, still shuddering in the aftermath of her climax.

At that very moment I felt the first blast of semen explode from me, pouring into Kate. I quickly withdrew, and jets of fluid arced across her belly as I shuddered and groaned. Lana, now cross-legged on the floor, moved her face next to my groin, sniffing.

"Wow. Musky," she announced, with no sign of self-consciousness whatsoever. Lana stared directly at my deflating member from just inches away. "Nice work, dude," she said in a congratulatory tone. I had no idea how to react. Lana actually seemed to be speaking to my penis. Her blond, fine hair brushed my ribcage, something I might have found enticing under different circumstances.

At this point Kate and I were both once again drenched in sweat and within a few minutes we returned to the shower. Both of us were exhausted and we spoke little as we washed. I was afraid Kate might be pissed, perhaps terminally pissed, but this didn't seem to be the case. She once again left me pleasantly surprised by taking the whole thing in stride.

After we got cleaned up I took Kate out to dinner with my roommates and their significant others, and the evening passed with surprisingly little awkwardness. Kate even seemed to get along famously with Lana, and I saw them huddled together, snickering at some private (and probably lewdly juvenile) joke on more than one occasion. Amazingly, it looked like Kate and I were still good.

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