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Bride & Bridesmaid


Penny was wide awake at six o clock on the day of her wedding. The wedding wasn't until 2 pm but there was so much to do, her friend Claire, a hairdresser was due at 7 to do her hair and make up and that of Holly her best friend and chief bridesmaid who was staying with her.

Penny wanted to look as close to Cinderella as possible and by 10-30 her head was a mass of blonde ringlets cascading down over her shoulders.

"What shall we do now?"asked Holly, "We have ages to wait till your Dad and the cars are due "

"I know, I don't know about you but I'm going to try on the dress"

"Again " moaned her friend despairingly "You tried it on 3 times last night "

"Yes but this is a treat for Peter, I want you to video me getting dressed for him, so I can show him the tape tonight at our hotel. After all he isn't allowed to see the live show so I thought he could watch that first and then watch me live removing it all for him."

"OK then I wouldn't want to spoil your first night, its always amazed me that it really WILL be your first night, I'm amazed Peter hasn't just held you down by now"

"He wants it this way as much as me, anyway there are plenty of other ways of having fun together "

"Come on then where are we going to film this "

"In my bedroom, I want him to see me as though I have just woken up, in the shower, everything"

5 minutes later Holly was standing at the elaborate tripod with the camera aimed at an apparently sleeping Penny. The alarm went off and slowly Penny opened her eyes, reached an arm out from beneath the bedclothes and switched it off before sitting up still stretching and yawning as the quilt feel away exposing her firm naked breasts.

She thrust the quilt away and stood up wearing only a tiny thong and made her way from the bedroom to the bathroom where she switched on the shower and with her back to the camera slipped the thong over her hips. She stepped naked into the shower and slipped the nearly clear curtain closed behind her.

Holly kept filming the obviously naked female form behind the curtain which distorted the image so that while it produced a highly erotic vision it didn't quite make her body crystal clear on the lens.

After a few minutes the shower stopped and Penny's hand reached out for the large fluffy bath towel which hung nearby before stepping out with the towel wrapped around her above her breasts, she had been careful not to wet her hair. Moving back to the bedroom Holly followed her every move and repositioned the camera on the tripod, this time locking the record button and contenting herself with adjusting the focus and angle when necessary.

With her back to the camera Penny let the bath towel fall to the floor as she reached into her drawer at an angle to the camera and extracted the brand new white silk thong she was to wear that day, next she laid over her breasts the matching silk uplift bra before selecting the matching garter belt and slipping the straps beneath the thong.

She removed a thin cellophane pack from the drawer, this contained the silk stockings she had had to buy by mail order but which she was determined to treat herself to.

Sitting on the bed she slipped them over her shapely legs and hooked each one to the suspender clips.

Next she walked to a strange shape lying on the floor, in keeping with her dream of being Cinderella for the day her wedding dress was a voluminous affair and she had selected a crinoline to wear beneath it to give it a flared look.

Stepping inside the hoop she bent and lifted it to her waist where it clipped into place, between the hoops was a layer of sheer nylon designed to maintain the line of the dress itself.

Just as she hooked the waistband together she felt a suspender clip work loose on her top thigh.

"Oh no " she said. "What's wrong" asked Holly stepping back from the tripod

"My suspender has come undone and I cant get to it with this on "

" Can I help or does it matter, this is only a film we are making your not actually getting married yet.

"It matters to me, I want to feel right."

"OK Ill crawl underneath and hook it up for you" Holly knelt in front of her and raised the lower tier of the crinoline.

Kneeling in front of her friend Holly felt decidedly odd, there in front of her eyes was the thin layer of silk concealing her friends pussy, the heat seemed to emanate from it. Holly had never before felt any inkling of bisexuality but now she ached to touch that tiny triangle of material.

Shaking her head firmly she concentrated on the job in hand. Suddenly a disembodied voice spoke, "Holly I think the strap needs adjusting too could you slip it as far as it will go make it tight like the other"

Inwardly Holly moaned, this meant sliding her fingers across her friends smooth skin just millimetres away from the tiny fabric which fascinated her so.

gently she laid the little finger of her left hand on the material as she carried out the adjustment, There was no doubt at all now the heat was nearly burning her finger, She felt Penny tremble a little.

"Touch me "

Was it in her mind or had Penny actually spoken those words, Holly froze and then came more

"Please " it was louder and more urgent now, cautiously Penny allowed her finger to graze over the material which was now quivering as her friend shook with anticipation Penny's body seemed to push against Holly's finger.

Holly took a desperate chance, if she was wrong then she knew it would be the end of their friendship, but if she was right, oh if only she was right, her finger slipped beneath the material onto the damp folds of her friends virgin pussy

"Yes " there could be no doubt, that was Penny's voice urging her on A hand caught the back of her head holding it against Penny's groin as Penny herself fell back on the bed her thighs parting wide, a definite invitation for Holly's willing tongue

Much, much later they finished the photo shoot with a flushed Penny slipping on the wedding dress almost seconds before the car arrived.

There is a postscript to the story. That night as Peter lay watching the video with Penny’s lips around his stiff cock as he watched she heard the words

"Oh no," followed by Holly's "What's wrong?" Peter suddenly became even harder as Penny realised that Holly hadn’t stopped the camera.

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