tagRomanceBridesmaid and Bartender Ch. 2

Bridesmaid and Bartender Ch. 2


Never had she known such feelings of raw lust, she knew she had to say something, break this spell before she became nothing but a puddle at his feet. Clearing her throat and flashing him a brilliant smile, she asked his name. “I’m Matt, he replied, a friend of Doug’s...and you are?” “Jane’s friend Julie”, she said. He returned her smile and softly kissed her just below her left earlobe. That slight touch sent bolts of electricity flowing through her entire body, her desire turning to liquid heat between her thighs. She stiffened, and quickly excused herself, leaving him standing there alone. She hurried to the ladies room and locked the door behind her. God she felt like a fool.... He probably only felt sorry for her. He’d more than likely seen her longing gaze and thought a dance might cheer her up. There was no way he could find her attractive, Daniel had been right.

Matt approached the beaming couple feeding cake to one another in the front of the room. He apologized and made an excuse for leaving early. Doug assured him it was fine and thanked him for helping run the bar. Striding toward the table closest to the ladies room, Matt sat down and stretched his long legs out in front of him. The little vixen would have to come out of there sometime, he thought, grinning.

After she’d composed herself, Julie opened the door, held her head high, and damn near tripped over the pair of legs blocking the doorway. As she stumbled, Matt stood, catching her around the waist and pulling her close. Here we go again, she thought, as her body responded immediately. After a moment he released her, tilted her face up with his fingers, and quietly asked if he could escort her home. She knew she should refuse but she found herself nodding in agreement. Matt grasped her shoulders from behind and steered her toward the exit. His hand was pressed against the door, ready to push it open when she cried out “Oh, I need to say goodbye to Jane.” He grasped her hand and led her to the couple sitting at the head table. Julie made her apologies for leaving early and tried to ignore the knowing smile that passed between Jane and Doug. Matt grinned at the thumbs up sign Doug gave him as he led Julie outside.

He opened the door to his truck and settled her in before jogging over to the driver’s side. Once on the road, Matt suggested they stop for coffee somewhere. Julie laughed, commenting about how dressed up they were, a little too formal for a coffee house. She shyly suggested they make coffee at her place.

When they pulled up to her apartment, Julie fumbled for her key, unable to fit it into the lock with her shaking hands. She knew she wanted him touching her, but it made her as nervous as a virgin. Matt took her key, fitted it into the lock, and swung the door open for her to enter. She led him to the living room and told him to make himself at home, then turned and headed for the kitchen. She returned several minutes later, a cup of steaming coffee in each hand.

He’d certainly gotten comfortable, the first three buttons of his shirt were open, his shoes off, and his jacket folded neatly over the back of her recliner. The sight of him kneeling on the floor, poking the embers of a newly built fire took her breath away. As if he sensed her presence, he turned, smiled and stood, reaching out to take both cups from her hands and set them on the table. He grasped her hand and led her to the sofa, pulling her down beside him.

She sipped her coffee as did he, neither of them speaking. Finally he broke the silence, meeting her eyes and whispering, “You’re a very beautiful woman Julie. I’ve watched you all day long.” Her eyes registered shock at his statement and as if to prove his attraction, he lowered his lips to hers, kissing her softly. All resistance flew out the window as their lips melded together. His tongue slid along her bottom lip, then flicked at the corners of her mouth. She let out a soft moan and when her lips parted, his tongue slid easily between them. His kiss deepened, his tongue searching for hers, probing the sweet warm recesses of her mouth. She tasted like heaven, he thought, soft velvety heaven. The way she molded her body to his was driving him wild, he wanted her naked, exposed to his gaze, to his touch.

She felt herself being pulled up onto his lap, his hands sliding over her buttocks. She gasped as he slipped the straps of her dress down over her shoulders, his lips brushing her creamy skin. She wriggled against his erection, feeling him grow beneath her. He slid her bodice down, exposing her breasts, then moving his hands over her flesh. Arching her back, she fitted her breasts into his palms, moaning softly as his thumbs brushed over her nipples. Matt lowered his head to one small peak, swirling his tongue over it and then taking it between his teeth. She tasted of perfume, soap, and woman.....it was enough to drown the senses of any red blooded man.

Julie could barely breathe, the sensations flowing through her body were threatening to take her over the edge soon. She’d never known such passion, such tender yet driving lust. Her trembling fingers slid slowly over Matt’s shoulders and down, to release the buttons on his shirt. Pushing it open, she quickly worked it from his body and tossed to the floor. She crushed herself to him, her body fitting so delicately against his, her nipples hot and fiery against his chest. His fingers twisted deeper into her hair, tilting her head and plunging his tongue between her lips once more, capturing her moans of pleasure.

She felt his hands move down to cup her buttocks, squeezing them softly then pulling her down against his growing hardness. Liquid fire pooled between her thighs, creating a burning need and Julie was lost to him, lost to the emotions and lust, ready to give him her everything....her very soul. Matt pushed her dress up around her waist and groaned, nothing separating their pairing except her soft lace panties and his trousers. Closer, he thought, he must get closer to her, feel her softness against him.

As if she sensed his thoughts, Julie moved her hands down to the button on his pants, swiftly unfastening it and sliding them down slightly. Matt shifted, allowing her to pull them down around his ankles. Next came his boxers, freeing his manhood to settle under her nice round buttocks. Matt stifled a loud groan, God she was incredible, so hot....wanton....desirable. He couldn’t tear his gaze from her, brilliant blue eyes turned dark and smoky, her lips swollen from his kisses. The way her hair tumbled around her face as she bent to his chest nearly took his breath away. Julie slid her lips softly along his skin, pausing to press small kisses here and there. She felt him arch under her, felt his hardness against her most delicate place, and shuddered in response. As she closed her lips around one hard male nipple, he moaned deep in his throat, grasping her hair and holding her as if for dear life.

Unable to resist any longer, Matt hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and slid them smoothly over her bottom as Julie lifted up to allow their removal. Finally together....flesh on flesh....both of them throbbing with pent up desire. Keeping her lips around Matt’s nipple, she trailed her hands lower, along his sides, stroking him with her fingernails lightly. Matt gasped, throwing his head back and giving in to the sensuality of this woman. She could feel his heart pounding in his chest and it matched her own. Raising her eyes to meet his, Julie smiled at the expression of pure enjoyment and desire flowing over his face, then slid from his lap.

Matt looked at her questioningly, a bit confused at this sudden turn of events. It wasn’t long before he understood her intentions, as she wrapped one small hand around his hardness and bent her head again, this time to slide her tongue along his abdomen. He was going insane, the soft velvety tongue moving dangerously close to his shaft, yet not close enough to touch him. Julie felt his hips thrust up against her in a silent plea and moved her tongue to trace the lines of his groin. Matt’s fingers again became lost in her hair, he was falling......his head spinning and she’d not even touched his throbbing member. When she did finally take the head of his shaft between those gorgeous full lips, he thought he’d died and gone to heaven.

Julie’s tongue worked magic.....swelling him to a new hardness....harder than he could ever remember being before. Gathering her hair in his hands, Matt held it up, watching in amazement as her tongue flicked and swirled over his erection. She’d kept her hand wrapped around him, adding a bit more pressure as she allowed her lips to engulf him completely. Matt’s body ached, pulsing with an undying need to consume her, to fill her, to have her moist heat surround him.

Julie was so absorbed in the taste of him, the softness of him, that she barely heard the roar escape his lips as he lifted her from him and turned, gently lowering her to the couch. His hands cupped her breasts, squeezing them together as his tongue danced from one nipple to the other. Julie’s lips formed an O, not a sound escaping her mouth as Matt’s lips traveled lower, lower....until they reached her navel. Driving his tongue inside, swirling it around, Matt kept his hands firmly on her breasts, the thumbs grazing her nipples...keeping them nice and erect. Then he suddenly pulled back, allowing himself the first long look at her beautiful body. His eyes swept her figure bathed in the moonlight, naked and wanting. As Matt’s gaze lingered on her womanhood, he took a deep breath. Oh lord he should have known she’d be smooth shaven, not a trace of downy hair on her body. He could see the faint traces of moisture on those succulent lips and the delicate nub protruding out from between them. Matt’s fingers parted her, sliding slowly along her slit, quickly becoming coated with her juices.

Julie gasped, rocked her hips and closed her eyes. She grabbed for the arm of the couch as his tongue replaced his fingers, moving thickly over her folds. Her body shuddered violently, ohhhhh god he’d barely touched her and yet, her release was unmistakable....warm sweet juices flowed from her, coating his lips. Julie’s eyes snapped open in shock, a flush of embarrassment glowing on her skin. Matt sensed this and gazed up at her, holding her eyes with his own, his lips spreading in a slow sexy smile before bending again to the task at hand.

She relaxed against his touch, once again losing herself in the feelings of pleasure he created. Matt’s tongue swirled over her little bud, capturing it between his lips and sucking gently. Julie moaned louder and bucked her hips......another rush of juices flowing from her. Matt tasted her love and returned for more, time after time until Julie felt deliciously drained. He allowed her to catch her breath for a few moments while his gaze again traveled her body, her chest rising and falling, heart pounding, nipples dark pink and erect, not to mention the absolute wetness between her thighs. God she was beautiful, Matt thought, and all his for the taking.

He pulled her against him once more, shifting so that he was again sitting on the couch with her straddling him, her warm stickiness fitting against his erection. Matt’s lips molded with hers and for the first time in her life, Julie tasted her own sex. She was stunned to realize how extremely aroused that made her, and eagerly accepted his tongue for more. She braced her hands on Matt’s shoulders as his hands slid under her buttocks, lifting her up and swiftly bringing her down to sheathe his hardness. Sweet heaven, he thought, she was so tight, so damn hot he knew the moment he moved he’d never last. Holding her still, he relished in the delicious feeling of her, fitting him like a glove, almost as though they were made to fit together this way.

Julie’s nails bit into the skin of his shoulders and her body trembled as Matt’s hands settled on her hips. He began to move, excruciatingly slow, his erection throbbing madly inside of her. She tossed her head back, long blonde hair tumbling over her shoulders, her eyes closed, lips parted slightly emitting soft moans, becoming louder as his thrusts quickened. Matt bit his bottom lip, determined to give her as much pleasure as he possibly could, but knowing that he wouldn’t be able to hold off long. Julie cried out his name, shuddering, and climaxed again and this time it was Matt’s undoing. He pulled her down hard on his pulsing erection and released his seed deep into her waiting warmth.

For several moments they clung together, perspiration glistening on their hot skin. She’d dropped her head to his chest, her hair a glorious mess of knots and sweat......looking sexier than anything Matt had ever seen. Julie listened to the pounding of his heart while she breathlessly waited for hers to return to normal. Thoughts raced through her mind, how could this have happened, why did she let it?? Matt tilted her face up and looked deep into her eyes, smiling before he captured her lips with his own. He didn’t want her to think, just feel and give in to the moment as one of pure lust and desire.

Julie closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, the room smelled of hot musky sex, arousing her yet again. She couldn’t believe she’d just made love with Matt, no.....had sex with him, this had nothing to do with love. Daniel’s words echoed in her head, bringing her back to reality. Mumbling an excuse, she slipped from Matt’s lap and padded to the bathroom.

Matt sat there on the couch in a daze. They just experienced the most mind blowing sex he’d ever had but the look on her face was one of sheer disbelief. He had no intention of hurting her, he hoped she knew that. Sighing, he reached over and grabbed his pants, tugging them over his legs and fastening them. His coffee was cold now of course, so he went in search of the kitchen. As Matt entered the room he noted that it was immaculate and sparkling clean. He spied the coffee maker on the counter and poured himself a new cup.

Julie watched him from the doorway, admiring his smooth bronze back, his firm buttocks, the way the muscles rippled in his arms. Tightening her bathrobe around her she made her presence known. Matt turned and grinned at her, the grin slowly vanishing as he took in the horrified look on her face, the way she wouldn’t meet his eyes, the flush in her cheeks. He knew something was wrong, yet he couldn’t imagine what it could be. She was the most passionate lover he’d ever been with, surely she realized???

Matt approached her and slid his arms around her waist, whispering in her ear “What’s wrong honey?” Julie twisted out of his grasp and said, “I think you better go,” her voice so quiet he barely heard it. He was in shock, his face registered disbelief, but he knew better than to push the issue. Matt bent to kiss her cheek softly, saying “I’ll call you”, and picked up the remainder of his clothing. She was on the verge of tears while he dressed then strode to the door. As it clicked shut behind him, Julie let go and cried her eyes out.

Matt slammed the door to his truck and muttered, what had he done to make her behave that way? She’d appeared stricken and leaving the way he did made him feel like a major heel. He drove aimlessly, ending up in Doug and Jane’s driveway. He needed to find solace somewhere and maybe they’d know why Julie reacted to their lovemaking the way she did. Matt unfolded himself from behind the wheel and approached the house. All was quiet and he hated bothering them on their honeymoon, though he knew they wouldn’t mind. Seconds after he knocked, Jane answered the door wearing a frilly pink bathrobe, her hair mussed from sleep.....and lord knew what else. She smiled brightly and invited him inside, pouring him a steaming cup of coffee and hollering for Doug to join them.

Doug padded into the kitchen wearing black silk boxers and a matching robe. His eyes swept over his wife’s figure and he winked slyly. Jane giggled and retreated to the bedroom to let them have their talk. “I figured you’d still be with Julie, Doug said, how did it go?” Matt admitted that it had gone very well, until just after they’d made love. Doug became strangely quiet and Matt looked at him quizzically. Taking a deep breath, Doug told Matt all about Daniel, the man who’d been in Julie’s life, the man who’d taken an innocent young woman and destroyed all self esteem she had.

Matt listened in disbelief, this Daniel must have been a blind man not to see the fire this woman possessed. His fingers curled into fists at his sides. No wonder she’d looked at him as if he had leprosy. She must think he used her, he thought warily. Soon he’d make it right, he’d make sure she knew he cared for her very much. Jane entered the kitchen and touched Matt’s arm lightly. “Go easy on her, she said, Julie’s been through a lot and she needs a strong man who truly loves her.” At the mention of the “L” word, Matt stiffened. He wasn’t quite ready to admit that yet, though Julie stirred feelings in him that he couldn’t deny.

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