I was nearly in convulsions when he finally moved away from me. Every inch of my body was tingling and bathed in sweat. There was a sound like the ocean in my ears and I was certain that I'd never be able to move again. The best part is that I was also sure that I'd never need to; I could just lay there floating, blissfully unaware of anything else in the whole world.

And, as usual, he was completely spent: aftermath heat radiating from his wet chest, his muscular arms and legs sprawled all over his side of the California King bed, finally (thankfully!) dosing. The slow, even breathing tells me that I've got at least an hour, if I want it. Right now, I do!

Stem is all I can handle and more. He's not as shy as he used to be but he's every bit as sexual as when we first met two years ago. I was the one who had had all the prior 'experience', though he didn't know that and never asked. That's fine with me; I didn't do anything that he needed to know and he seems quite satisfied with me. ("Baby, you are 'all of that and a bag of chips', with a shake to wash it down!" he says often to me.) And, I am, too! I mean, I never really got the chance to find out how good sex could be with my 'ex' because he was so damned bad. Three minutes of him pounding me into a mattress, sometimes not even looking at me, is not a good way to explore female sexuality. It's not even a good way to explore male sexuality; being that that's all he ever did, I never had an urge to do anything else for him and, for the most part, he didn't ask. Good damned thing, too. He left me frustrated so many times, I wouldn't have tried to bring him pleasure if he were the last man on earth.

But, Stem was another story! Stem (Mark) had been with only one woman before me and she had not been interested in sex very much, (I guess she had been with my ex...) so he was eager! He isn't a kid anymore but he acts like an 18 year old: ready-to-please almost any time of the day or night and hungry for anything I want from him. This suits me just fine, although he can outlast me almost every single time we get physical. In fact, he can leave me sore, tired, and satisfied whenever he wants to. The only time I don't 'want to' is when I see that he can sleep afterwards. Then, I feel a little too selfish to tease him into some more fun, and, since I'm usually stopped by my body's physical limitations, it really is o.k.

So, I slowly cool off watching his big strong body doze for a while before getting up. There are small pads and pens in the nightstands on both sides of the bed so I went to the one on my side, being careful not to touch him as I roll away; he can wake up almost instantly sometimes and I really do want to get away without disturbing him. The note I leave for him is placed on his side of the headboard and his watch is used to cover it. Then, I slip out of the room and go down the hall to the other bedroom were I keep some of my clothing in another closet. Dressing quickly and grabbing my 'out bag', I slip out of the apartment to the carport. My car is parked next to his and I jump in, hurrying now, and leave the parking lot as fast as I can go without squealing the tires.

I know exactly where I want to go but I take my time getting there. I love this weird spot: there's a park right next to the freeway that's usually deserted, though sometimes, it has teenagers hanging around partying, drinking beers swiped from one of their parents' fridge. Twice, I've seen a cop in the park, interrupting the party with a bright flashlight and an I.D. check. So, tonight, I slowly drive by the park's residential area access and peer into the parking lot. I don't see any kids (or the cop waiting for them, which I suspect he does to catch them before they scatter.) There are only two ways out of the park (unless you plan to jump a fence into someone's backyard!): the parking lot, which is brightly lit and the bridge. It's the bridge that I really came for. It's a small, dimly lit pedestrian over crossing which bridges two communities together on both sides of the freeway. It's a blast to sit on it watching the traffic go by. I always look down into cars to see whatever I can and have been rewarded with quick peeks of lots of interesting stuff! And, twice, I've left the bridge in a hurry after flashing a passing truck driver myself!

I know that it's crazy; a lone woman out in an isolated area in the dark. But, I really check the place out before even getting out of my car, I've got a whistle on my key chain that will either call immediate help or leave someone deaf, and I'm a very good runner. The judo training I had in the Guardian Angels wouldn't hurt in a pinch, either.

I made two slow passes of the parking lot and was sure that nobody was there so I drove down the street, parked the car under a street light, grabbed my bag, and walked quickly back to the park. Again looking around and seeing no one anywhere, I started into the park. The night was hot for early summer and the crickets were singing loudly despite the noise from the traffic coming from the other end of the park. Taking the left side, I walked along the fence, towards the back of the park and the bridge. I glanced up and saw the stars and took a moment to try to pick out the ones I knew by name. I had located about 25 when I heard the car. It was coming down the street I had parked my car on and was now about 150 yards from me and about 50 yards from the entrance of the parking lot. I was never concerned I'd be seen because the park is pretty dark along the edges but I 'hit the dirt' (soft, spongy grass, actually) and watched. The car turned into the lot and my heart skipped a beat. Then, I saw the emblem on the side and relaxed: it was the cop. I wasn't worried that he'd hassle me because I'm no kid and I wasn't doing anything any adult couldn't do but, just the same, I waited until he'd used his car's side lights to sweep the park and then drive slowly off. I couldn't see what kind of cop it was (sheriff or police) but he was gone and that was fine by me.

I resumed my casual stroll towards the bridge and continued stargazing, but I noticed right away when the crickets all dropped silent. I froze. There was absolutely nothing in front of me except the park's back fence, the bridge, and about another 75 yards of open grassy park. I slowly turned around and saw that there was nothing behind me, either. Puzzled, I turned back forward and caught a glimpse of moving darkness. Straining my eyes towards the other side of the park, I saw someone running at me. He(?) must have started running as soon as I stopped because he was really moving and gave no thought of his lack of stealth or cover.

I looked back towards the parking lot and realized that he would beat me there if I ran that way so I sprinted towards the bridge. I knew I'd never make it all the way across but I wouldn't have to: I could stop right over the traffic and use the cell phone in my 'out bag' to call 911 while in sight of hundreds of passing people. I was sure I could beat him there. Wrong. I was less than ten yards from the opening when I realized that he was very, very fast! As he reached for me, I dodged towards him and he missed me by mere inches. His momentum sent him hard into the chain link fence and he rebounded off it onto his the ground on his side. I almost jumped for joy as I shot up the bridge while opening my bag to grab the phone. It was deeper than I thought and I had run further than I'd needed to when I got it out. Just as I started to look back the way I'd come, he caught me from behind and pushed me forward. We were now over the center of the freeway, and the center of the freeway had a large tree growing in it, which actually blocked the view of the freeway in both directions. Now, with speed, the phone, my whistle, and witnesses not of any help, I was left with only my martial arts and wits. The biggest problem was his weight and strength. I never got a good look at him in the park and I was pinned from behind now, both arms held to my sides and, then, a 'leg wrap' that was straight out of my training! This guy knows judo, too? I was beginning to get a bad feeling about this (finally!) so I used my last tool, my guile:

"OK, you caught me. You're fast and I guessed badly so let's talk about it, all right?"

The 'answer' was a lean to the side, which over-balanced us. Starting to fall, I couldn't help screaming into the traffic noise but we didn't fall. He twisted as we slid against the bridge's chain link fence and, never relaxing his grip, he eased us down to the concrete walkway, still behind me but now laying side-by-side.

"If you are planning to rape me, you should know that you'll never get the chance because I'm meeting a man right here in a couple of minutes and I will beat the shit out of you as soon as you try to start." I said it with all the calm I didn't feel. I wasn't winded by the run but he didn't seem to be either. Nobody could see us, at least not right now, and I was rapidly running out of options. My hope that he would listen to me was almost my last bet.

He rolled on top of me, used one hand to pin both my hands over my head (also catching a handful of hair, just a second before I remembered to 'head-butt' his nose), and rubbed his day-old chin stubble against my neck. Frowning, I seemed to think something was important about that while he used his free hand to caress my hips. I completely stopped struggling and, while he played with my ass through my shorts, I took a deep breath, and I realized what it was that was in the back of my mind.

"Kiss me". Saying those two words was the hardest thing I have ever done. I needed to know right now and this was the only way I could think of that would work both ways.

He whispered, "Close your eyes", and tightened the grip on my butt. I thought 'now or never' and closed my eyes, turning my head slightly to the side so that he could see that I had. And, as he gently kissed the side of my mouth, I took another slow deep breath. I almost wrecked it by laughing. As it was, I had to cover the snicker with a badly faked 'sob'. He must have known that I knew right then but I'll be damned if he let on.

His hand on my butt relaxed and began to explore my thighs and legs. I could feel his growing arousal pressing against me and almost pushed back against it. Raising most of his weight off of me (using his elbows and feet? Shit! That’s got to hurt on bare concrete but he doesn’t seem to care!), he continued to rub and caress my sides, moving the hand up and under my t-shirt to my braless breast, lightly stroking my nipple.

Suddenly, he pulled his hand out of my shirt, grabbed the back of my shorts, pulled them down to my knees, and began rubbing my bare ass. We both moaned but I began to struggle, which prompted him to lay his full weight on me. The hand then feels differently and I realize that it's turned over, it's back is to me, and he is opening his pants. My struggles become much more serious but I cannot prevent him from laying his bare cock against my hips, reaching between my legs to fondle my still wet pussy, forcing my legs apart, and ramming his rock-hard erection deep in me. I scream into his shoulder as he groans into my hair. And, with a slow, steady rhythm, he thrusts into me, pulling my legs apart with each push, relaxing them as he withdraws. Our sounds mix with the sounds of traffic as me rides me. I can barely breathe between strokes; he is so deep within me that it takes my breath away. On and on he pounds his cock in me, sometimes slowing and working into me as if savouring every bit of my sex; sometimes just riding me hard and fast, grunting with pleasure when he's buried completely.

I feel his cock seem to pull me wider, to stretch my body more and more. And, now I know I can't fight it any longer. I bite my lip and groan as my body betrays me, squeezing his hand holding both of mine, my mouth opening against my will, I scream again as I come again and again and again. He is still pumping away in me and now, murmuring in my ears as he feels me coming, he relaxes his grip on my captured hands, sliding that hand to the side of my breast, and I come again. Faster, his thrusts becoming just light bumping against my ass, he withdraws completely from me (and even that makes me come!) then slams so deeply into me I know I can't take any more of this. Then, he comes in me, wetting me, soaking me, filling me, drenching me. I have given up any hint of refusal and squeeze his cock tightly, milking him thoroughly, feeling my body overflow with his cum. A final deep, firm, but loving push, and he is truly spent in me. He leans forward, close to my ear and, again, whispers:

"You could have killed me with that dodge that left me in the fence, you bitch."

"And you could have smashed my face falling down while wrapping up my arms, you asshole!"

"Well, you fought like it was real and I had to make sure I didn't get maimed before I got what I came for!" Stem said laughing. "I knew where you would be from the note. But when did you figure out it was me?"

I wanted to say that I knew from the park but I didn't. I decided he could hear the truth: "You should have washed your face first! How can a stranger (who smells like me!) be raping me, you moron?"

He didn't seem to have an answer for that one so I started to laugh and he suddenly covered my mouth.

"I think the cop is here!" he whispered. Sure enough, I saw the approaching flashlight and froze for the second time.

"And you could have been seen by kids," were his first words. He sounded disgusted but I couldn't see him because the flashlight was aimed in our faces.

"All right, people, get up and face me."

We both started giggling because we were obviously going to look very interesting indeed if we did. We looked at each other and laughed uncontrollably.

"Look! I said get up and face me now! Don't make me say it again!" Now, he sounded pissed. Stem sighed and climbed off me, helped me up, and we turned to face the cop together.

He looked a long time, maybe 30 seconds, then he told us to 'get decent', grab the bag, and walk towards him. We fixed our clothing and I helped Stem (who was completely blinded by the light) walk. We never got closer to him, though; he walked backwards and kept the light in our eyes the whole time. Stem looked worried and I felt the beginnings of panic. A night in jail for fucking on a bridge? This wasn't quite how I wanted things to go tonight!

We followed the light off the bridge, making a quick right turn at the bottom. There, we saw an idling car waiting. The cop had driven all the way through the park!

"Allright, let's hear the story, people," he said.

"We just came out to have some fun, officer. We're sorry and we won't let it happen again, at least not here!" Stem explained and started to giggle again. I thought giggling was a pretty bad idea and was about to say so when the cop got really pissed.

"OK! You!" (He pointed the light at me.) "Open the back door of the car!" I started to complain but thought the better of it and opened the door.

"You! (He pointed the flashlight at Stem.) "Get in the car! Now!" There was no doubt that this was serious now and I was starting to try to think of ways out. I came up with none. Stem, really looking scared now, climbed into the back seat of the car and I saw that there were no door handles on the inside as the cop slammed the door. I could now see the emblem on the front door. It said Premier Security. The 'cop' saw me looking at it and spoke:

"Yeah, it's a name that you should know!"

I did know that name! Stem had once told me that his brother worked for that company! I had never met his brother, but when I turned my puzzled face to Stem, he was holding up a sign that must have been in the back of the 'cop's' car. It said, 'GOTCHA!' I wheeled around to look at the 'cop' and he now held the light so that I could see his face. I'll be damned if it didn't look like Stem! They weren’t twins but they sure as hell were brothers!

"Now it's time for your punishment," he said, smiling like a fox with lips. This guy was every bit as cute as Stem, and in a uniform! I had always fantasized about being taken by a cop and Stem knew it! So here was his brother leaning towards me, staring into my eyes, turning off and dropping the flashlight. There was just one small problem: my body was as used up as it could stand! There was no possible way I could take another time with a man in me! But he was touching my breasts through my shirt, licking his lips while feeling me up in front of my boyfriend! In front of his brother! I couldn't help but laugh and turn to look at Stem. He looked confused. He was saying something but we couldn't hear him through the closed windows and doors of the car. The 'cop' was proceeding rapidly: he was under my shirt, in my pants on my ass, and I was watching Stem go crazy! He apparently was supposed to be let out of the car to join his brother in the fake “gang rape” me but his brother was not very attentive of anything but me right then! He had my shirt up and over my head, my shorts down, and his cock out of his pants before I realized it. And, though I tried to resist, he turned me around, bent me over the hood of the car, and started feeling my bare, wet lips from behind before I could even think to protest.

I tried to keep still but I couldn't and I felt my body relax and let Stem's cum flow out of me. He was almost frantic as his brother (What is his name? Who the fuck cares? Does he do it hard? Long? Deep?) forced himself on me. I know I have to stop him before he tries to push into me but I'm so horny watching Stem watch me get 'raped' by his brother, I can't think straight and I don't want to, anyway. I feel the hand between my legs and I push back, push down on it. Stem sees me give in and I see in his face that he knows he's going to be a 'watcher' on this one. He stops trying to get his brother's attention, lowers his hands, and opens his pants, probably to play with his own monster hard-on. The hand between my legs leaves and I almost cry.

The fear of pain from 'too much, too hard' is replaced by genuine terror as a cum-slicked cock is worked into my butt! In one thrust, I am screaming into a hand (again!), feeling my body opened in a way it's never been before, watching Stem jerking himself harder and faster than I could imagine, hearing the sounds of pleasure from behind me, experiencing the most extraordinary sensation imaginable. He ripped into my ass so deeply it knocked the breath from my lungs, jerking my head around like that of a rag doll. On and on he fucked me, pulling back on my body to make the impacts of our coupling all the more violent and powerful. I can hear his low moaning mixed with his rhythmic breathing and suddenly I feel one of his hands reach around and wander down between my legs, flicking my clitoris while his pace up my ass increases rapidly. And, surprising me greatly, I experience an orgasm through the exquisite pleasure of pain while the “cop” cums deeply up my now quivering ass. My body breaks out in something like goose bumps and I buck madly between the front of the car and pistoning thighs behind me.

I have no clue how much time has passed when I find myself sprawled on the hood of the car, still holding the panting but now gentle man’s cock deep inside me. I open my eyes to see Stem’s look of wonder through the car’s windshield and I start to chuckle.

* * * * *

I don’t know who came the most, hardest, longest, best, deepest, etc. I just know that it was great for me. I'm not even sure who let Stem out of the back of the car, or if we all climbed in it together! But, when I woke up in my own bed later that night, there were the two best men in the world sleeping on either side of me, and I couldn't decide which one I would wake with my hands and which one I'd wake with my mouth.

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