tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBridget Fonda's Diary Ch. 2

Bridget Fonda's Diary Ch. 2


Note-Their is mild voyeurism involved in this story.

June 1

Dear Diary,

Sorry for not finishing my story last night. I was EXTREMELY tired. Anyway, do you want to hear about the rest? Thought so.

Bob paid the check, for both of us, and we quickly got out of the restaurant. Of course we got A LOT of stares. I think most of them were just jealous. As we got out into the hot summer sun, he slammed me against the wall of the diner and passionately kissed me.

"GOD...I want...you..so bad. he panted between long, wet kisses.

I rapped my legs around him, and he grabbed my milky thighs in his hands. My dress was well passed my ass, exposing the curve of my pantiless butt. His hands expertly massaged my cheeks. I LOVED the feeling of his warm, soft fingers groping the flesh of my bottom.

"I NEED YOU." he whined, as our kisses broke.

What he did next sent a perverse thrill up my spine. With his thumb, he circled my anus. THEN, in an instant, he violated my poop chute.

"YESSS." I groaned. It felt a bit painful, but the depravity of this degrading act aroused me beyond words.

"Get a room." someone yelled.

He looked around, embarrassed at what we were doing. However, later he told me it exited him.


A taxi driver squeaked his brakes and stopped.

Bob opened the door, grabbed my hand and ushered me into the cab.

I went around the back and got in the seat beside her.

"Where to?"

"238 Hollywood Boulevard." the actress said.

As we drove away, I gave the brunette hunk a seductive glance and crossed my legs. My dress rode up to my thigh.

Bob was sweating madly. He shakily extended a hand and placed it on my cunt.

"OH." I mumbled.

"SHHH." I whispered.

I just ignored him. "I love it. Make me cum on your hand." I stared at our cabbie, but he was just looking straight. Not even a blink. "Finger me." I hissed. His thumb and ring-finger were ripping at my wet tunnel. MY hands slid all over my lower body and I placed them at my nipples. "Yeah. I'm so hard."

All of a sudden, we both stopped. Was it from the fear of being caught? I'll never know.

"I want you so badly." she whimpered.

Just then, the taxi screeched to a halt.

"End of the line." he growled.

I opened the door, and walked around the truck. Opening the door to Bridget's side, I escorted her out. "Such a gentlemen. You deserve a bonus." she smiled.

I got out my wallet and paid the driver $25. "Keep the change."

"Have a great night." He smirked.

He DID know.

As we walked side by side, Bob slid his hand to my cheeks. "I WANT THAT NASTY COCK." I pleaded. As we got to the door, I fumbled maddeningly for the keys. Finally, I found them, and unlocked the door.

"After you." he insisted.

As I got in, I didn't even have time to turn on a light before Bob kissed me. Is lips were soft and moist.

I grabbed his hair and planted his mouth on me harder. At last, I took the initiative and popped my tongue inside his mouth, as did he. We went at it like this for about a minute, but at last our kiss broke.

"I...WANT...YOU. I repeated, gasping for air.

Bob took the thin straps of my dress and slid it off, where it hit the floor. I was a little self-conscience of my small breasts, but I didn't care at this point. "Slide that dick inside my pussy." I commanded. I put my hand on his zipper and unzipped his Jeans. I help as he kicked them off.

He was bust unbuttoning his t-shirt as I put a finger in his boxers and grabbed his member.

"That thing's a monster," she said, astonished.

It really wasn't special, I thought. Her hand stroked the length a couple times and finally pulled my boxers off.

As she got to her feet, fully naked in front of me, I grabbed her shoulders, pushed her against the wall, and, again, kissed her.

Her hands guided my bulging erection to her soaking lips. In one furious shove, I pushed my entire 6 inches up her dark entrance.

"UMPH." she muttered, through her lips. My hands slowly went up her silky legs and grabbed her hips. I violently groped them and thumped her with tremendous ferocity.

"I LOOVE IT." she screamed. "FUCK ME." Her head was aching back with each intrusion.

I took a lock of her shoulder length brown hair in my hand and yanked it.


"YEAH. I'M CUMMING." I roared.

The 2 of us unloaded or massive eruptions over each other's organs. "AHHHH." we chanted. Some of my sticky juice spilled to the floor. Bridget got off of me and got on her hands and knees. She bend over, and like a cat, licked the filth.

"So. How about sleeping here tonight? You wouldn't need to hail a taxi. I'll take you home in the morning.


To Be Continued...

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