tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBridget Fonda's Diary Ch. 3

Bridget Fonda's Diary Ch. 3


June 8,

Dear Diary,

Again, I apologies for not writing more of my encounter. He accepted my offer to sleep her. He didn't even need to thinks it over, actual. I was glad about..."

"Alright, you ready for me?"

Bridget closed her Journal.

"What are you writing?"

"Nothing," she said, coyly.

"Don't tell me nothing." I pleaded, reaching for the book.

The actress simply put the Journal just out of my reach.

"No, no."

Giving up, I groped her right breast.

"Oh. I like this better," Bridget seductively whispered. Putting her hand on my head, she bent me over to kiss her. Her lucious lips were wonderfully moist. As our passion turned into hungry animal lust, she put her tongue in my mouth.

"Bob...I want you...to do me...a favor." she panted. "I...want you...to fuck...my ass."

I pulled away from her at the mention of anal. "Are you sure?" I asked, completely shocked, and aroused.

In response, the beautiful star got on her hands and knees. She slipped her silky black nighty around her waist, exposing the soft flesh of her butt.

I stod their, stunned by her beauty.

"Fuck me." Bridget commanded, spanking herself.

Tease. Kneeling on the bed, I positioned my erect cock at her entrance. Lowering the head, I decided to lube my shaft up before it's final destination. I shoved my member in hard, causing a cry from the brunette.

She grabbed the bedposts and furiously thumped her hips to meet my thrusts. "YES. I LOVE IT." the star screetched, shaking her head back.

I grinned to myself and grabbed a lock of her silky hair. "NASTY WHORE." I muttered in her ear.

"YEAH. I'M A DIRTY WHORE." the actress admitted.

With one last thrust, I pulled my dick from her soaking opening. I guided my salami to her poop chute and tickled the puckered hole with the tip.

"Don't mess with me," she whined. With a quick thrust, Bridget slipped my shafty up her anal passage.

"OH." I groaned, suprised by her eagerness. I took the inisitive, and heaved the rest of my hard-on up her rectum.

"UMPH." she mumbled.

As I quickened the pase, the young beauty grinded her fingers in her wet cunt. "YES. CUM INSIDE ME. I LOVVE IT. FUCK ME." she hissed.

As my meat dilated her bowels, I cupped her small breast. A cup, I figured. What can ya do. Not everyday I get to have sex with celebrities. Well...

"Mmmmm." the woman moaned.

I violently slapped against Bridget with all I could muster. The violation of her hole was getting easier because of the huge sweat generating between us. "I'M CUMMING." I announced.

"Cum with me. AHHHHH." Bridget screamed, as her eruption rocked her hand.

"AHHHH." I grunted, as my own orgasm spilled from my dick, into her tunnel. Their was so much of my seed that some drops dribbled to the floor.

"WHEW." I exhaled, wiping my brow. All the energy was washed out of me. Feeling my knees weaken, I fell on top of Bridget. I slept that way, with my cock still up the actresses ass.

To be continued...I had so much fun with this story, that I decided to write another one the next morning. That is, provided you want me to. I have a secret pleasure awaiting my lead.

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