tagErotic CouplingsBrief Encounter

Brief Encounter


The tube train lurched to a stop in the tunnel and the lights went out, pitching the carriage into darkness. The more seasoned commuters sighed their dissatisfaction when the driver announced that there would be a ten-minute delay, until the power could be restored.

She felt a hand rest against her waist; at first she thought nothing of it, then a slight squeeze. There was no doubt about it, the hand had been put there purposely and as it moved down over her thigh, she sensed it was unmistakably a man's hand. She caught her breath, what was she to do... make a scene or wait... wait to see what he would do... curiosity taking her over, her submissive side coming to the fore. His hand moved lower and lower down her leg till it reached the hem of her skirt.

She felt his hand move back up her leg, this time under her skirt, over her nylon clad thighs. His hand moving over the lacy tops of her hold ups before tenderly stroking the smooth flesh on the inside of her thigh, wanting him to go further, luxuriating in his touch.

She found herself shifting her legs apart, her basic animal instinct winning the battle over her sense of outrage. Wanting him to continue, conscious that the lights could go on at any minute and illuminate their indiscretion. The fear of being caught was sending a surge of excitement through her and she felt herself emit a soft groan.

She knew she would let him do anything to her he wanted and for a moment the thought raced through her mind that she didn't know who he was or what he looked like. Turning around and looking, would be futile, such was the darkness.

She felt a trickle of her pussy juice escape from her and roll slowly down her thigh, moving to his teasing fingers, her body giving away her innermost thoughts and as if he was waiting for a signal, his hand moved upwards, sliding two fingers inside her. Easily parting her pussy lips, moving inside her, eased by her excitement. She bit her lip, stifling the urge to cry out and bent forward slightly, arching her back, her mind running riot. She felt his fingers plunge into her, forefinger and middle finger splayed and moving over her g-spot.

She felt him plunge his fingers into her, feeling the roughness of him push his way into her, feeling herself stretching to accommodate him. Feeling her pleasure increase, building in the dark confines of the carriage. She was being finger fucked by a stranger and she was enjoying the pleasure so much, she let him do with her, as he wanted. His thumb moving over her anus, stimulating those sensitive nerves surrounding her hole.

As she approached orgasm, she felt his fingers withdraw. Struggling to stop her groan of frustration, she felt a new sensation. Surely not, she thought... She felt his cock slide into her. She wanted to scream out her pleasure, as he pushed inside her. The smell of sex was in the air. Surely the other passengers smelt it and surely they must sense the movements and hear the sexual noises. She really didn't care and pushed back onto him, being fucked hard in front of their blind audience, holding onto the straps as his cock pounded her pussy, not caring, just feeling herself build to climax. Feeling him slide effortlessly in and out of her, as her juices oiled the way. His cock engorged with a primitive lust for her, as she enjoyed every inch, every vein, every thrust. She sensed that he wasn’t wearing a condom and for a brief moment worried about the consequences, but such was her need for instant satisfaction, she put the thought to the back of her mind and pushed back even harder on him, feeling his balls bang against her, feeling his hands around her waist to steady her

As her orgasm surged through her body, she sensed a warmth flow into her. He had ejaculated, spent his seed inside her and then withdrew... She felt her skirt drop and then nothing.

The lights came on and she looked around. Nobody was near her and nobody made eye contact, it was as though nothing had happened. The train started up and continued its journey. A smile played on her face. She caught her reflection in the mirror. Nobody would have guessed the activity she had just been engaged in other than a flushed face and that unmistakable glow... and the trickling of his sperm seeping down her legs...

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