Brie's Ride


Brie didn't often take the Skytrain home after work. It was typically filthy and full of sweaty Vancouverites, rude and pushy at the end of their work day. However, it was now after rush hour, and most of her ride buddies had left the office already. Grabbing a cab would cost her too much if she wanted to have a good time this weekend, so the skytrain was the better of the available evils. She sighed in resignation, grabbed her purse off her desk and walked to the elevator. 'Ground floor then horrible ride home, good times.'

At the standard ding, she left the elevator, and made her way through the lobby. At the reception desk Rodney, the night security guard, was snoring. Shaking her head, Brie smiled, and crossed the lobby; her heavy purse swinging at her side and slowly pulling her skirt up as it caught on her nylon stockings. Either Rodney was truly sleeping, or he simply pretended to everyday when she came downstairs just so he could surreptitiously ogle her legs when this happened. Brie was never sure, but she felt his eyes on her backside with each step, and couldn't help but hope that it was just paranoia making her feel that way.

Carefully, Brie smoothed out her skirt, and then opened the exterior door of the office. Immediately, she groaned in frustration as her knee caught a rough edge of the metal door. Pain shot up her leg and she muffled her swear before it could ring through the empty street. 'Great. What next?' Brie could feel a trickle of blood seeping through her nylons, and there was a significant tear where they had caught on the edge of the door. Sweeping her gaze up the street, she saw no one, and knowing the heavy lobby door that had closed behind her as she limped outside was now locked, she opted for a quick strip in the curtain of shadow close to the building's edge. 'Please don't let anyone come around the corner! Just two seconds and I'm done. Just give me two seconds!' She hurriedly pulled off her heels and set them aside. Unable to see back into the recesses of the alley, she felt the tendrils of fear tug at her as she peered into the darkness. Hearing nothing, and hoping no one was hiding back there she pulled off her stockings.

When each leg was revealed, she felt the cool night air stir on her skin, and with the chill, she shivered. Bunching the stockings, she wiped the trickle of blood away and pressed the material against her throbbing knee. Finally, after several moments in the tingling darkness, she figured the blood was manageable, and shoved the nylons into her bag. She slipped her feet back into her heels, and peered around the corner, checking for passersby. Seeing no one, she rounded the corner, and swiftly walked down the street to the skytrain station. With perfect timing, she purchased her ticket, and thankfully boarded a nearly empty car.

At the first stop everyone in the car except for Brie exited, and no one got on. 'Perfect! Finally, some peace for a second!' Brie's thoughts turned to an activity to stave off boredom for the remainder of the 20 minute ride home, and determined this was the perfect opportunity for her to check her email. There were only 3 stops before hers, and she was grateful to live no farther away. Once before, when she had just moved to the neighborhood, she had missed her stop, and the next stop was more than 15 minutes further. She had lost over half an hour just getting back to the right station, and endured endless ribbing from her friends when she told them why she was late meeting up with them later. Pulling out her iPhone, she accessed her email, and diligently focused on reading and responding to them. She was so engrossed that at the second stop, she didn't notice when two men quietly entered the car, and then sat down at the far end of it. Minutes passed by before she looked up, and when she did, it was only because the car came to a sudden and shuddering halt. Hastily, she looked out the window, and noticed onlookers on the street below pointing up at the sky train track with their eyes wide in distress.

"Jumper, maybe." The man's deep voice startled Brie as she realized suddenly that she wasn't in the car alone. As she made eye contact with the man, he locked her gaze and held it. Breathless, Brie turned away. Pulling out her iPhone, she dialed the police.

"911, what is your emergency?"

"Hi, I'm on the Skytrain just before the Braid Station exit, and we've just ground to a halt. I didn't know if this was something that needed to be reported. I mean, are we in any danger?"

"You're inside the Skytrain, Ma'am?"


"Wait one moment please." The line stayed open as the dispatcher made her report, and Brie could hear a response come back to her,

"Ma'am, there has been an accident on the tracks. Emergency crews are on their way. Please advise any additional passengers that it may be sometime before you can get off the train safely, but remain calm."

"Ok, thank you. I will, but..." Brie's phone went dead. 'Arrg! I should have paid attention to the battery level!'

She placed her phone in her bag and set it on the floor in front of her. Looking at the two strangers, she said, "The police say there's been an accident. We're going to be here for awhile." Both men looked at each other momentarily, and then expressed their understanding. They stood up, walked to the opposite side of the car and began watching the congregating crowd below. Brie half heartedly listened to their speculations about what may have happened, while she straightened her skirt once more.

"Hey, look at that!" The man who had locked eyes with Brie motioned her over. Standing and taking the few steps to the side of the car the men were looking out of, she placed a knee on a seat and leaned forward, attempting to find what he was drawing her attention to. The movement pulled her skirt tight against her ass, revealing even more leg below it's short hem.

"What?" Brie asked, scanning the crowd below.

"That TV crew just showed up, look, right over there." The man took a quick step behind her and pointed down to the right, his hand next to Brie's shoulder.

"Oh, I see them now. Yeah. Something big must have happened." Brie went to move away from the window, but the man was standing directly behind her. Once again she looked up, and her eyes met his. Once again, she felt a fluttery warning signal in her stomach that left her breathless.

"Oh, I'm sorry, excuse me." She went to move past him, but he leaned in closer. He smelled nice, like leather and citrus, and though he didn't put a hand on her, she felt like her whole body was being touched by him as he kept his gaze locked with hers.

"Stay there." He said. Not threatening, not cruelly. Just a statement. Brie's heart was racing and she laughed nervously.

"No, I want to go back to my seat now." From her peripheral vision she saw the other man moving closer to her as well. Oh my God! This can't be happening! This time when she went to push by the man, she moved forcefully, pushing against him. Like a rock, he didn't move. This time, he caught her around the waist, and held her close to him.

"Baby, you're not going anywhere, nobody is, not for a long while yet. So let's enjoy ourselves, shall we?" The man holding her slid one hand up to her chest, firmly caressing her breast through her shirt. "Sorry, Honey, but I'm going to need this." In a swift movement, he ripped his hand down the front of her blouse, popping off all the buttons. Still tightly holding her by the waist, he turned her around to face him. Her arms now free, Brie frantically attempted to push him off, but it was a split second before the other man hand her wrists in each of his hands, and then grasped them tightly behind her. The man holding her squeezed one of her breasts through her bra, her gasps making her other large globe quiver and heave. Deliberately, he slipped first one breast out of the cup and then the other, taking his time as she heaved and squirmed, loudly voicing her protest. Once both breasts were out of her bra, her nipples hardened in the cool air, and pausing a moment, the man looked over his shoulder at his accomplice. "I need a moment here, Jake." The other man, Jake, answered,

"You bet you do. Fine. We'll settle later." With a chuckle, both men went silent as the man in front of her grasped each breast in his hands.

"You have some hot breasts, girl." He lowered his voice to a whisper, "What's your name?" Brie stared at him defiantly, tears in her eyes. She wasn't going to answer him!

"Fuck you!" She spat out, as she resumed another bout of frantic squirming. With a swift movement, the man moved his fingers to her stiffened nipples and pinched them. Increasing the pressure, he spoke with the same deliberate and firm tone.

"You will tell me what your name is." Brie gasped as the pain began to increase, and then its piercing stab became a throbbing ache that continued to build until finally she began to cry out loudly in groans. "Come on, tell me. Now." The command in his voice, mixed with her terror and pain overruled her desire to stand up to him again.

"Brie." She murmured through her tears.

"Hi Brie." The man said, staring straight into her eyes. "I'm going to be right back. You be good for Jake here, and stop that squirming, or when I get back, you're going to get hurt again. He looked down at her reddened nipples,"And I don't mean in a nice way." He dropped his hands and walked over to Brie's bag. Futilely, Brie thought about how she could escape, but knew there was no chance of rescue. She couldn't get out of the car, and no one from the street could help her. Her naked quivering breasts still throbbed after his casual abuse of their sensitive tips and her nipples stood at attention in the cool air of the car. Avoiding injury or worse at this point was the only solution. So considering the man's threat, she stopped squirming.

Moments later, the man returned. With a start of horror, she realized he was holding her stockings. With one motion, he ripped them in half. "Well, problem solved, Jake. Seems the little lady will cooperate after all. Bring her right here." Taking one of her arms, the man worked with Jake to remove her jacket and blouse before holding her wrists up to the hand holds connected to the ceiling. Within a few moments she was tightly tied to the heavy duty straps, her wrists wrapped securely with the nylons high above her head. Her bra cups had slid back up over her breasts, and the man asked over her shoulder, "Hey, cut her loose here, wont ya?"

Brie felt Jake's hands slip under the back of her bra and release the hook. Her bra flew open, and within moments, the other man's hands were grasping at her nipples again. "Now, look, baby. I don't want your feet tied up, so if you kick even once, I'll just break your legs. You got that?" Eyes wide in horror, Brie nodded.

"Good." The man said, almost gently. Sliding his hands down her sides, he reached the top of her skirt. When Brie whimpered in fear, the man paused for a moment. "You don't want me to take your skirt off?" he asked softly.

"No. Please, no." Brie cried.

"I won't then, "he paused. " You know what? You can keep the heels on too." Hearing a noise beside her, Brie saw that Jake was no longer behind her; he had moved around to the front of her and was filming her top naked body with his phone. "You got this Jake?" the man asked. As Jake nodded, the man reached up under Brie's skirt and began stroking her inner thigh. Brie let out a startled scream of protest. "Baby, you can make as much noise as you want, or don't want to. It's hot as fuck either way." He said, this time his voice still low and soft, but huskier.

His fingers moved up, and in surprise he exclaimed, "God, Jake. She's commando." Looking up at her once more, he quipped, "Look who was ready for me. Now, spread your legs." As Brie shook her head, he tightly gripped her inner thigh, his warning clearly sent as a message through his unbelievably strong hands. "Do it. Now." Reluctantly, Brie complied. Shocked at the predicament she was in, and with no way out, she really had no choice but to do as he said. Slowly, the man ran his hand across her pussy lips then began to raise her skirt. Brie moaned out a sobbing,

"No, please don't." But the man ignored her, continuing to work her skirt up until it was around her waist.

"No complaining now, I left it on for you, just like you asked." In a swift movement, he tucked his hands under her thighs, and firmly grasped her ass. "Fuck yes, baby. You're all ready for me aren't you." He said as he lowered his lips to her pussy. His tongue sneaked between her pussy lips and began stroking her clit with firm and hot drags across it's sensitive surface. Gasping again, this time in surprise, Brie fought the onslaught of sexual pleasure that began to seep through her pussy. After a few moments, the man leaned back and said, "Put the phone on something, Jake, I'm going to need some help here." Jake complied and after placing the phone against the nearest seat, still filming Brie, he approached her.

Standing beside her, he grasped one of her breasts, and lowered his mouth to it, his hot wet tongue circling her nipple as he began to suck. Quivering and trembling Brie began to lose the fight with herself within moments. She could feel her breast swelling at Jake's suckling, and her pussy began to throb with warmth as the other man tongued her clit. Suspended by the straps, and her hips still crushed in the grasp of the other man, she relaxed little by little as her reluctance began to lose its grip. Jake grabbed her other breast, then pulling both in together at the center began to suck both nipples at once. Brie rolled her head back with the force of pleasure and groaned aloud. Her mind went wild, the fear and arousal mixing together with the startling pleasure of having both tits soundly sucked hard in the hot mouth of her attacker. Her pussy was beginning to clench and release as it sought additional pleasure, and the other man sensing her response began to torture her gently by slipping his tongue inside her after each round of strokes to her clit. Remarkably, she began to lose her sense of being wronged and instead simply fell awash into the feeling, the incredible pleasure her body was experiencing.

As the first wave of orgasm overtook her, she felt her legs begin to spasm in the other man's tight grip. He didn't stop tonguing her, not even when she came and began to cry out in ecstasy. Instead, Jake moved around behind her and ran his fingers and hands down her bare back to her buttocks. Grasping her round and supple cheeks he spread them wide, and as Brie continued to cum, her clit overwhelmed with sensation, Jake pressed his face into her ass and began to tongue her asshole. Brie had never had such a feeling in her life! One hot tongue on her clit, licking her ferociously while she continued to cry out and spasm, and another wet tongue thrusting into her ass from behind. It was some time before her cries died down, and she felt her orgasm continue at a manageable level.

Jake continued tonguing her ass, but the other man stood in front of her. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Looking into her eyes once more, the man reached down and lightly began rubbing her clit with his hand again. With a moan, Brie felt each movement with a rush. Slowly, her hips began undulating of their own accord, and the man slid his fingers inside her. Finger fucking her, while Jake kept up his ass tonguing, the man waited until Brie finally gave in and wantonly began fucking his fingers back, thrusting her hips and his finger tips rubbed her g-spot. When he could finally hold his hand still as she frantically fucked his fingers, he pulled them out, leaving Brie frantically humping the air, desperate to be filled.

The man stepped forward, and looked at her in the eyes once more. "Brie. You want me to fuck you, don't you. Tell me; say 'I want you to fuck me' say it!" Arching her body towards him and the cock she wanted so desperately she cried,

"Yes! I want it, Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Now!" Quickly, the man grasped her hips, and drew one leg up in his hand. Still holding eye contact, he thrust into her pussy, filling her up with an agonizing pleasure. "Yes!" Brie screamed, "Fuck me!" As she began to fuck him with the grind of her hips once more, he stilled her rampant hip thrusts with the steel grip of his hand.

"Not just me, Brie. You want Jake too. Tell him." The cloudy bliss that had hold of her mind cleared momentarily.

"What?" she asked? "At the same time?" With a grin the man nodded then lowered his head to her breast and began to suck, while pulling his cock out of her with a terrible slowness.

"Yes, Brie, tell Jake to fuck your ass. Now." He murmured in between sucks, lightly biting her nipple and then sucking once again. Jake positioned his cock at the entrance to her ass hole. Sliding it back and forth on her wet and dripping ass, Jake gently probed the entrance, but waited. Once more, with deliberate slowness, the other man slid his cock back into Brie's wet pussy. It was so amazing, so desperately good, that Brie didn't care, she wanted more!

"Fuck me, Jake,"she said, "Fuck my ass!" she cried as the other man thrust once more with force into her dripping pussy. With a swift movement, Jake thrust the head of his cock into Brie's ass, and again, she was assailed with the overwhelming sexual flood. As Jake slowly began to push his cock fully into her tight ass, the other man was fucking her pussy with his cock, his mouth still tightly locked to her nipple. The sensations were overwhelming as her orgasm began again in earnest. Hanging suspended from the ceiling, her free breast bouncing in the cool air as the men fucked her in each hole, Brie was in bliss. The incredible feeling of being filled with Jake's cock buried deep in her ass along with the enormous cock in her pussy pushed Brie over the edge.

Wave after wave of orgasm came, and when the men finally finished, she still hung quivering in spasms, unable to gain control of her body's response. Gently, the man smoothed down her skirt, and continued to suck on her breasts as she mewed in compliant ecstasy. Jake retrieved the camera phone, and after one more shot of Brie's sexual abandon, he put it away. With her breasts still being unmercifully sucked, Jake untied her hands, and then both he and the man helped her sit in a seat. Moments later the car lurched. They were moving again. Brie reached for her shirt, but the man stopped her.

"Nope, Baby. You're leaving them out for me, until we get there." The man teased and sucked her nipples and tits the rest of the ride, and by the time they stopped, Brie hardly noticed the astonished stares of the passengers getting on the car. The two men stood and left the car, but Brie made no movement to escape. She lay back on the seat, her bag on her lap, and her shirt carelessly draped over her chest, reliving over and over the most tremendous fuck of her life.

Brie missed her stop, but this time, she really didn't care.

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