Bright Lights


The author does not condone non-consensual sexual or other violence against men or women. This story is a fantasy. Any resemblance to actual people, other stories or events is entirely coincidental. If you're going cry about it, then just stop reading here cause I don't like wasting my time with crappy emails.



A boutique owner gets to fulfill a customer's long awaited desire of gilts and glamour, or the poor soul thought.


Opening up a box of new merchandise, I look at the list of goodies inside. Lace stockings, silk panties, different bra types all the stuff my store is getting known for. My new store is doing pretty good I think to myself.

I take out a pair of pink lace thongs and wonder how these would look on me. Catching my reflection on a nearby mirror, I take a quick look around, seeing my four other employees busy with their own duties I precede. I place them on my waist. Seeing them I take a look at the rest of my frame, my petite figure made me the ideal dancer. My small nimble body made me the entire rave at the club I danced for.

At that time wishing I had bigger breasts that all the high rollers loved, be they real or not, I recollect my experience as one to be had. Although I had my moments with some of the more rowdy customers, I was doing fine with my perky B cup breasts. Especially when I had my natural long blonde hair all curled up, did I ever rake in the money that week!

Tight small thighs shown off by my skirt, as some men loved, I was the total package! The only thing missing were the blue eyes. Having lovely light colored brown eyes that made some melt in their chairs, I knew I was a lovely and could put some men into their paces. Accentuated by the long lashes I'd put on with a dark shade of eyeliner around my big doe eyes, I would actually have some men crawl up on stage for me.

Remembering how all the customers loved me, all cheering and chanting me on.

How they would go wild and crazy when I'd bend at the waist giving them a view of my secret prize. All would look at my long skinny legs, how any one of them would of loved to lick and touch my long slim stems. Surprisingly, I got a gift and would go get tanned at a local salon because one of my customers gave me a one year trial as a present after giving him a private dance. It was fairly inexpensive to renew and great looking for my skin. This was a one-time gift as that particular customer found another dancer at another place with even longer legs another dancer told me. Oh well easy come, easy go.

Remembering that it was a quick way to make a huge amount of money I thought to myself, it was worth the sacrifice.

Smirking, thinking on how they loved to see women all dressed up, now I'm dressing up their wives to go do the same thing to them at home. How their money made me enough money to open this boutique, a small dose of irony but that's life. Hearing laughter off in the back room snaps me out of my reverie, coming back to my work I walk to the box that's waiting for me.

While placing the items back in their proper place, I wonder what kind of day it's going be. Yesterday was my day off and as I can see by the look of things the employees had a few customers browse through the garments. Glancing at the clock I see only 20 minutes or so left till close up time and I was wondering what to eat for super. Wondering on how to could calm down this hunger of mine when I notice a new customer arrive.

A huge silver color SUV pulls up in the parking lot. Looking over my shoulder to see what the employees are doing, I see them lounging around waiting for their shift to end. Typical I think to myself I look back to the parking, seeing the driver door open.

With my undivided attention, I examine long thick well-shaped beige like leg snake its way out of the vehicle. With greater interest now I hold a breath in, seeing the leg clad in a dark beigeish material and sporting a light beige sweater with a matching knee high skirt.

Wearing a dark colored shoe, the other leg comes out now. I see her step out putting on a fancy jacket. Looking on, I see my new found customer close the door and turn to activate her car alarm. Hearing this I think to myself typical housewife attire, look down and pretend to continue my work. Hearing the door open with the usual little store chime go off I look for the staff, look back again to the doorway and give a warm inviting smile. Thinking to myself she's probably just another looker. Just here to pass the time and leave without doing another purchase!

THAT'S IT!! This time I'm going to use all of my charm to persuade her into buying a bra or something, anything!

With this I look and wonder to myself what she's doing here. She's obviously wealthy so why walk into my better than average place and not some high-class establishment??

Waiting another few moments before pouncing on the target, I pretend on replacing some stockings back in order. I take a moment and discreetly glance up and see a light colored brunette looking around. Seeing the customer blush, I see her approach a nearby rack, pick up a vibrator smirk and quickly put it back down. The customer looking around to see if someone saw her, confident no one did strolls over to another spot.

After giving her a few minutes to herself, I move in on my prey. Seeing that the hunted seems a little agitated, I decide to take it extra slow. Approaching her while she's looking at a sheer blue blouse I say, "I could see how that would go good with your complexion".

Startled, I see her jump a tad shaking her hair and do the same with her ample bosom. Extending my hand I say "Hi, I'm Lisa" pause while looking at the garment in her hand. I give a few nods while looking at the customer's skin color and walk over to a rack a few meters off. I take a lower cut sheer light brown blouse and head back. Once near, I hold up the blouse to compare it to her customer's skin and do "Uhhh huuu, much better, you a lovely pale complexion". Not knowing what to say, I see my brown haired patron blush.

I see her reach out timidly saying "I'm Francine. Sorry for looking so stupid, you just scared me" seeing her blush while saying this. Looking down at my chosen selection and says "I really like blue though, it's my favorite color since, well... forever" giving a faint smile.

"Well then" with this I gently take the blouse, take a few steps to another rack further into the store. Finding something similar to what she had but in a lighter blue shade I lift it up ever so slightly, knowing she'll have to come closer to examine it "How about this one".

Seeing her smile slightly, Francine approaches and takes the item from my hand. Saying that she likes the color but isn't sure about the style looking at how low cut it is. Seeing my customer seem a little reluctant, I decide put on some charm. "You'll look adorable in that. Are you kidding me?? All the men, AND women will want to be in your company!"

Having said that I see her change a few shades of red. Deciding to proceed with caution "Oh, you don't need to buy it right away, you can try it and see how it feels. Trust me, you'll feel differently with all the looks on you!" saying this and waving my hand to an imaginary crowd. Looking back to see no one is close by, I step forward and lower my voice and say "Trust me hon., if I had your looks, you think I'd be working in a place like this?"

With all these compliments showering on her, I see my newfound client starting to shift her weight ever so slightly. Then ask, "So, what kind of clothing accessories do you need?" Waving to the whole store and finally resting my hand on a stand full of various and different accessories.

Seeing her not knowing what to answer, I step forward and reach out my hand. "Don't worry my dear, we'll get all your shopping needs!!" With this I grab a large shopping basket and place it around my arm placing the blue blouse in it.

Knowing her name but wanting to lure my customer out of her shell, I used an old trick.

"Francis was it??" I say giving her an uncertain look.

"Uhhh, no it's Francine," she answers timidly.

"Ohhhh, right!! How could I forget? I never forget lovely names, I was close!" saying with a big warm smile. Seeing her smile slightly, I know I'm winning points with her.

"Ok, now come with me" I said gently taking her by the arm and directing her to the stockings section. Looking at her well-shaped legs thought, "Hmmm, I see your legs in a lovely dark lacy set up. How does that sound?" Before getting answer I had already turned around picking up two or three mid thigh high stockings.

Upon looking at her a little more closely, I notice she's got lovely curvy legs so I pick some mid thigh ones as well. Then completed it with them with matching garter belts, from red to black as well as various others. Feeling giddy like a schoolgirl dressing up her beloved doll, I show her my selection.

Handing one over saying "These would look radiant on you. Look at the softness" bringing up a pair to her cheek. She reluctantly backs away at first, then approaches to let me rub it across her cheek. Seeing her tilt her head ever so, I pass it smoothly over giggle you all right?? You seem a little red..."

"UUUh, no-no I'm fine. Just a little unexpected that's all. Yes, it's soft." Having her look at my hand with the others garments "I only want a few, just to complete my wardrobe..."

Hearing her say this with a little hesitation I say "Don't worry, whatever you don't like we'll leave at the counter." Taking her arm before she protests any further we continue on to the next portion of the store.

While moving around I notice that the employees have closed the shop and are eager to leave giving me the excuse that they stayed late the past two days. Looking back I see her, more pressing matters to attend to and agree. I excuse myself and lock up the place while letting out the rest of the USEFULL staff thinking, good luck finding such an easy job as this one.

After a few minutes I rush back to my waiting customer, Francine.

"Ok now the bras. Let me see..." Saying this, I gently reach out and push her coat past her left shoulder. Giving her a smile while doing this I say "Well I can't dress you when you're all bundled up now can I?" Letting out a little giggle I see her nod and let out a little chuckle of her own.

I suggest going leave her jacket over in the changing rooms and point the direction. Leading the way I hear her trot closely behind. Once there I open the first cubicle door, I tell her this one will do fine letting her step inside and place the basket containing OUR

Seeing her being a little awkward with another person so close to her in a changing room, I simply smile and continue on as if it was something I do for all my customers.

Extending my hand I ask for her jacket and purse in a soft non-aggressive tone giving her a few moments to remove the garments. I tell her to slip off her shoes and place them to the side for them not be in the way. Having her hand over the two items I tell her I'll place them on a table right outside since the hooks haven't been placed by our handyman yet. Stepping towards her taking a hold of her jacket I neatly fold it, while leaning over I make a quick mental note of her shoe size. Step outside and place her things on the nearby table and go back in.

Taking any leg stocking in hand from a nearby basket, I hand it to her saying "How do you like this one?" She takes it from me and looks at the features and at that moment I act.

Seeing her distracted I slip in behind her. Ask, "May I?" Taking the buckle of her bra through the sweater. Before getting a reply and a means of escape I gently tug a little and it's undone, hearing Francine take in sharp short breath. With no complaints I grin evilly to myself thinking 'too easy'.

Wondering just how far I can push my newfound toy, I whisper for her to remove her garment to better aid her in her selection of clothing of course, as I move to her side.

Seeing her ease the sweater off from her arms I let out a low whistle. She slips the straps off her shoulders while cupping her breasts in hand, takes a second or two, lowers her hands with the white material in hand revealing two large light pinkish aureoles. Thinking to myself those look fantastic, bet they're real!

I say in a low voice "Now that's something I can work with". Telling her to stand with her arms to her sides I take a look seeing her place the bra on the chair. Looking first from the front, then from the side I think to myself she must workout or something. Fighting with all that I got from reaching out and pinch one of her tempting nubs, I decide to wait and see how this unfolds. Nodding I smile saying "Well I guess all the boys love those" referring to her obvious proportions.

Seeing her again change to dark pink I hear her say "Ya, my husband loves them. Almost as much as he loves my bum!" Blushing furiously with this announcement I see her feeling a little more at ease. Sensing this, I'm a little more encouraged to continue on with giving her a new look. Maybe not one that she wants exactly, but one I will like.

"Oooh, so you're married hu?? So this is something to get a little more spice in your marriage I guess..." Stepping up close I gently nudge her with an elbow.

Blushing a little she nods, "Well not to give us a little more spice, but a little something to keep it going you know..." Seeing her feel even more comfortable, I nod and give a little purring sound while swinging out with an imaginary tiger claw.

With both of us feeling at ease and with the initial tension gone I decide to coax a little more information out of her. "So I guess you're man is pretty good in bed I guess" putting a hand in front of my mouth I let out a hearty laugh all while keeping my eyes on Francine to see her reaction.

Smiling at this jest I see Francine mumble to herself barely hearing "Ya, he's good when he's there" I see her once again lift her arms to protect herself.

Trying to keep the hopes up high of this beautiful easy to manipulate mannequin, I continue on by taking her arm and say "So you like blue hu sweetie". Before getting a reply I lead her out of the stall. Glancing back I see her take her sweater with one hand and a piece of the bra strap in the other. Struggling to keep her bra in hand, I see her let it slip on the floor near the chair sighing to herself.

Continuing on with a hidden smile I lead the way clutching her arm close. Tugging on her arm again I lead her to the bra section. Once there I see that she's firmly clinging on to her sweater that is over her chest, I decide the best way to remove this obstacle is to use common sense.

"Now how can I see your measurements with your hands in the way". With that I gently, playfully slap her hands away while letting out another slight laugh. Seeing her join in with a smile of her own, she cautiously removes her hands keeping them in the air close by with her sweater tangling in hand. I look around for a measuring tape and see one behind her head on the shelf. Extending my hand I reach out slowly over her left shoulder while touching her hair ever so slightly.

Seeing this had the desired effect of making her shiver ever so lightly I proceed to measure her proportions. "I'm just gonna measure your size so don't worry, many women think they know what they got but thirty percent of the time it's wrong. I don't want you to be uncomfortable with your new purchases, so just to be sure..."

I reach around with my left arm circling behind her and do the same slowly with the right. Taking my time, I decide to get a little closer to her. Seeing her squirm with her eyes closed I take in a deep breath. Smelling like a rich exotic garden from a far away place in the orient I notice it contains spices to make my senses tingle, light in aroma yet powerful and elegant in odor. Very elegant, she's high class for sure. I imagine the perfume is very rare if not an import brought in for her. Snapping out of my reverie I continue on with my task at hand. Taking the other end in hand I join the two together. Seeing her once again open her eyes, I smile this time blushing in turn myself.

Putting the tape at the right places I look down, see her extended nipples poking out; I proceed as if nothing was wrong. Wrapping it at the desired locations around her body I announce "Yep, 34C!"

Looking at me angrily she says "Ummm, I thought I saw 36 if I'm not mistaken of course..." she states in a soft whisper.

"Oh you're wrong. You forget this is fantasy no? So for these kinds of bras you should take a size or two too small to give you an appearance of having bigger breasts. Unless your husband doesn't like breasts?" Giving her slight smile, looking for any indication of a possible win.

She relinquishes and nods. Not wanting to make her feel completely useless I say "Don't worry hun, what they don't know is that it's a lot more uncomfortable down there" pointing to her thighs "if it's too tight. So give them what they want right??" Letting out a laugh to make her feel more at ease.

Nodding she agrees and says "Ok, now what??" looking with renewed interest.

"Let's shop!" Lead her the closest rack and tell her to approach.

Walking over to a nearby stand I start to look for some items, I see her once again drop her hands in front of her clinging to the garment for protection. I hand her the basket and tell her to hold it in front of her.

I try to place various styles of the garment on her bosom and place them in the basket. Seeing her give me looks of uncertainty as I turn my attention to even more provocative ones. Turning quickly around taking on a lovely sheer pink laced one I turn around and face her. Seeing her hold the basket with one hand and awkwardly holding up the sweater with the other, I decide to use my new found authority.

"Now listen, the shop is closed. No one else is here. I've already seen thousands of breasts. I'm taking extra time to help out a customer, maybe a repeat customer if all goes well!" Lightly tapping her on the shoulder I give her another toothy smile.

"Now, take this basket" taking the end and lifting it up for it to be perpendicular with the rest of her. Holding the basket up I slowly take Francine's left hand place it in the middle of the basket. Take her right hand I gently do the same with the other on the other side.

Seeing her sweater slowly slip and untangle itself from her neck snaking its way into the basket I wait a second. Once it's all in, leaving the woman completely topless and defeated, say, "Now we're ready to shop!"

Getting ready to speak I place my index finger on her lips "Shhhhhh, now we shop", seeing her once again in her place I proceed to the closest rack with what I want. I quickly grab some bras in full support in lace and place it on her bare chest. Giving some sounds of approval on a few bright colors, while others in darker shades I place them on her generous chest to give me a preview. Making sure they all pass over those now puffy nubs of hers, I then continue to the next rack.

Inspecting the selection I have in stock, I take some various colors that would look good on her according to me in the sheer section. Some full support but totally sheer others only somewhat, but all sheer lace now. Seeing her open mouth out of corner of my eye, I stop give her a look and raise my eyebrow. Looking unsure of herself and what to say, I once again continue on. Now, the different cut styles. I first start to give a few of the lowest cut styles a look on her. Hearing her say, "Oh I don't think I could wear that..." her voice finishing in a soft whispers once again.

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