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Brigit Pt. 02



This is NOT a new story. It was posted on Literotica by oggbashan in June 2004. It has an amended title and no other changes.

Copyright oggbashan June 2004

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.



Introduction to Part Two.

I had met Brigit the goddess. She had used me subtly to change the lives of many oppressed and neglected women in our community. I had a sense of real achievement, that I had been doing good. Brigit showed me how she had manipulated me to do what she wanted done. My pride in my achievement was destroyed and I felt ashamed. Then she rewarded me as only an earth goddess could. She restored my manhood and gave me as much sexual pleasure as I could stand.

...I didn't know what was reality and what was illusion. I didn't even know what Brigit the goddess looked like. She had controlled my every contact with her. At present she seemed to be human and enjoying herself. My thoughts were wiped away as she brought me to a shattering ecstasy...

I was back sitting at the kitchen table with Brigit standing behind me. My coffee was still too hot to drink. How did she do that? I didn't know. Being ridden by Brigit was worth more than the answers to a few unanswerable questions.

"That's the spirit, Raymond. Don't ask and I won't have to lie."

I kept forgetting that she could read my thoughts. How could I contact her when I needed her? She answered that.

"Just think of me when you are in the right position, Raymond. I'll come to you."

"The right position?"

"Worshipping me. If you have your head buried between the thighs of a woman I'll be close to you."

"Wouldn't that be awkward for the woman?" I joked. "If you appeared when I'm busy eating her you might scare her out of her wits. I might get crushed between her legs if she panicked."

Brigit's arms wrapped over my chest. Her breasts pressed against my back. I enjoyed that.

"Don't worry, Raymond. I'll hear you and come when it is convenient. You never know. I might take the woman's place if you are in urgent need. I could make sure that she wouldn't notice the switch. You know I can make you experience anything I want. I can do things easier with any woman because I am a woman's goddess. I had to be invited by you but now you have, I can do anything to you. I won't hurt you."

"How do I know that?"

"You don't. You have to trust me. You have so far. Now I have to leave. Others need me. I'll be back. Oh, and Raymond..."


"If you really want to contact me you can just think yourself into the position. Just imagine licking a woman's pussy -- I'll be there."

"Thank you. It might be awkward finding a co-operative woman when I need you."

"I don't think you'll have to wait long for the right woman."

Brigit's arms and breasts were gone. I turned round. So was she. I was alone in the kitchen with a still hot cup of coffee. I sipped it. Then I noticed that there was a second cup of coffee on the table. Why?

The doorbell rang. I went to the front door wondering. I didn't have many callers this far from the village. I opened the door to see a woman I'd never met.


"Raymond? Your name is Raymond, isn't it?" she asked.


"Brigit sent me. She said you would have a cup of coffee for me."

I opened the door wide and let the woman in.


"Welcome to my home..."

I paused for her to introduce herself. She did. I was uncomfortably aware of the instantaneous reaction between my legs that wouldn't have happened yesterday.

"I'm Deirdre," she said. "Brigit sent me."

"Be my guest, Deirdre. The coffee is in the kitchen."

I showed Deirdre through to the kitchen and pointed to Brigit's unused cup of coffee still steaming.

"How did you know to have coffee ready?" she asked, as she picked up the cup.

"Brigit left it."

"Brigit left it?"

"Yes. She's just left."

Deirdre nearly dropped the cup. Her hands were shaking as she put it down on the table. She had turned pale.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"I think so, Raymond. Are we talking about the same Brigit?"

"I don't know. I am talking about Brigit the Irish earth goddess. Which Brigit do you mean, Deirdre?"

"The Goddess." She whispered. "She was here?"

"Yes. She made that coffee, both cups..."

I sipped mine. It was good coffee.

"...she made that one for you."

Deirdre looked as if she was going to faint. Her hand shook as she reached for the cup.

"Go on," I said. "Drink it. It's yours."

"She's never given me anything before. I don't understand..."

"What don't you understand, Deirdre?"

"How I deserve this?"

"Deserve what? It's only a cup of coffee. Brigit made it but she used my coffee. I can easily make another."

Deirdre made an effort and picked up the coffee. She sipped it and sighed with relief.

"It's just coffee." She said.

"What did you expect? Poison? Have you offended Brigit? Even if you had I don't think she does that sort of thing."

"No, I haven't offended Brigit, at least I don't think so. It is difficult to be sure how not to offend a goddess."

"How about moving to the living room, getting more comfortable, and then perhaps you and I can talk about Brigit. She sent you to me for a reason."


Deirdre stood up. I took my first real look at her. She was tall and slim with shoulder length dark brown hair. She was wearing a fawn skirt and matching jacket over a white blouse. Her heavy skirt was nearly ankle length and flared as she walked. She was younger than me and much fitter. She looked as if she could have walked easily from the village to my house. I could imagine her striding the hills as if she owned them, perhaps with a couple of dogs racing around her controlled by the slightest use of her voice. Now her face had regained its normal colour she looked as if she enjoyed an outdoor life.

I could see her assessing me as well. I shrank inside knowing that she saw how flabby and unfit I was, the typical middle-aged man gone to seed. Even after Brigit's ministrations I had a long way to go to become remotely healthy. If we were in public together, Deirdre and I would be seen as an unlikely couple with little in common.

She took an armchair and perched on the edge. I slumped into the settee facing her with our feet almost touching. Brigit had been more exhausting than my limited resources could endure.

"How?" we both said together.

"After you," I said.

"How did you know to let me in?" Deirdre asked.

"Simple. Brigit told me to expect a woman soon and she left the cup of coffee. How did you know when to come?"

"Brigit came to me in a dream last night. She told me to come here and to say what I did. I thought you wouldn't know what I was talking about. I was scared stiff but I came."

"And now here you are, drinking coffee made by Brigit. That's not too scary is it?"

"I'm not sure. I've never had coffee made by a goddess before. I didn't expect this."

"So what did you expect, Deirdre?"

"I don't know. I was desperate; ready to grasp at any straw so I followed a dream that brought me to your door. When you invited me in and said the coffee was ready I just followed through. Now I'm at a loss."

"When lost it is best to start back at the beginning. Why were you desperate, so desperate that you would come to a stranger's house because of a dream?"

Deirdre's story took a long time to tell. She had driven from the next county. Before she was far into the telling she had to go out to her car to bring in the file of documents.

She had been the leader of a group fighting the proposal to turn a nearly empty roadstone quarry into a refuse tip. The quarry owners had promised to return the land to agriculture with a small country park and would still like to. Deirdre was a cousin of the quarry's owner but didn't have a financial interest. The quarry's roadstone had been extracted by conveyor belt to a private lay-by on the nearest major road but the refuse would come through the villages.

The County Council saw a shortfall in refuse disposal sites in twenty years' time and wanted to use their compulsory purchase powers to buy the empty quarry so that it could be filled with rubbish, not in twenty years, but now because it would be cheaper than the current sites.

The locals were horrified. They saw that their promised small park and their landscape would vanish, their villages would be shaken to pieces by a constant stream of refuse trucks and their water supply polluted including their precious trout stream. There had been protests, and now a public enquiry was nearly at its end and the result was almost fixed. The council would get its way.

Deirdre and her committee had fought as hard as they could but she and they knew they were losing. They just didn't have the resources available to the council.

As Deirdre explained all this to me, my brain was whirring. My contacts didn't extend that far, not into the next county, but why didn't we have the same problem with refuse disposal. I knew what sites we had. They were nowhere near the size of that proposed yet should last a long time. What was different?

I made lunch for both of us and then asked Deirdre to give me an hour to make a few phone calls. She said that she would like to walk the hills behind my house. I lent her a large-scale map.

I rang some of my friends on the council, my council, and asked a few questions. They seemed very well informed about the quarry proposal. I made a few appointments for the next day to find out more.

Deirdre returned slightly flushed. When she showed me how far she had walked I wasn't surprised. She had walked further in one hour than I could have managed in three.

I couldn't promise her anything. I told her that I was making enquiries and had some possible ideas but I needed more time. I asked her to come back in three days time. She seemed disappointed that I hadn't been more specific but resigned to the lack of progress.

My next day was frantically busy. Apart from the appointments I had made I had to do some fast research on government sites. By the end of the day I knew where the flaw was in Deirdre's county council's argument. They had drastically underestimated recycling and were far behind on existing targets with no hope of meeting the new targets for next year and subsequent years. If they met the targets they wouldn't need the quarry.

The second day I pulled strings to get a group of recycling experts together. That cost me favours and money. I had committed myself to spending at least ten thousand pounds, serious money even for me. I hoped it was worth it. Brigit's voice in my head told me 'of course it is -- trust me'.

When Deirdre returned I startled her by asking about Brigit.

"Why did you seek Brigit's help?"

"The proposed park would include a wood that was sacred to her. The quarry left it alone and undisturbed. The Council would grub it up to put the offices on. I went to her wood and prayed to her. Then I had the dream. Why?"

"I didn't think Brigit was interested in woods, only people and usually women. Would any women be particularly affected by the refuse tip?"

"I don't know. Let me think... Oh yes. There's a girls' boarding school just down the road. It's been there about one hundred years."

"How might they be affected?"

"The refuse trucks would pass the school... Oh, and the access road would cut away the whole of some scrubland at the edge of their playing fields. The fields would be clearly visible from the new road."

"Anything special about the scrubland?"

Deirdre blushed slightly.

"I'm told it's where girls from the school meet boys from the village..."

"That sounds like Brigit's interest. Much more than a sacred wood. A bit of scrubland where girls can meet boys is much more in her line. How old are these girls?"

"That part of the school is a finishing college. I think they are all over eighteen."

"Better and better. Definitely interesting to Brigit."

"This is all very well, Raymond, but beside the point. What am I going to do about the public enquiry? It's nearly over and we're still losing."

I was mean. I made Deirdre wait until I had made her some coffee. I sat down next to her on the settee. Brigit's improvement to my anatomy was very obvious. Deirdre looked at it tenting my trousers and I was sure I saw a faint smile.

"The public enquiry has been extended by a week," I said bluntly.

Deirdre nearly dropped her coffee.

"How? I didn't know that. When did it happen?"

"Yesterday. There is some new evidence to be considered and new witnesses to be heard. The inspector had been told by the minister that he must deal with the new facts."

"How did you do that?"

"It wasn't easy and it was expensive. Your council is way behind on its recycling initiatives. They will get a blasting from the government this week and even get an adverse mention in Prime Minister's Question Time."

"You didn't..."

"No. I didn't arrange that. One of my contacts had a word in Whitehall. They needed someone to blame this week and your council fits the bill beautifully. That was serendipity. All the rest was hard work. We have a very good team of experts who will ruin the whole basis of your council's need for the quarry. After a public expression of disapproval from Westminster and the new evidence the inspector should throw their case out or else he'll be looking for a new job as well. Did you know he is married to the daughter of one of the refuse contractors?"

"He isn't!"

"He is. She was a widow so it wasn't so obvious but he should never have been appointed for that enquiry. If he decides in favour of the council he'll be fired -- that is in confidence. If he doesn't he might be divorced unless he can claim that he had no choice. I aim to ensure that he will have no choice."

"I didn't know about him, Raymond. How did you find out?"

"I asked the right people."

Deirdre kissed me. I kissed her back and then withdrew.

"Hang on, Deirdre. We haven't won yet."

She shut me up by kissing me again. This time I didn't pull away.

It went as I'd planned. The enquiry ended with the council crawling away with its metaphorical tail between its legs. I joined Deirdre at the celebrations in the village hall. Most there had no idea who I was but I was presented with a glass of champagne anyway. Deirdre made me promise to be at home to her on the following Saturday. I was.

On Saturday Deirdre walked back into my house looking happier than I had ever seen her. She was wearing the same jacket and skirt but she looked more beautiful than she had done when I had invited her in to drink Brigit's cup of coffee. Over yet another cup of coffee Deirdre smiled at me. I could feel my instant response. 'Thank you, Brigit,' I thought.

"I can feel Brigit's presence here," Deirdre announced. "She's been here more than once, hasn't she?"


"In the flesh?"

I blushed. Deirdre's eyes opened wide. She stared at me as if she'd seen a ghost. She put her empty cup down on the table beside her and fainted. I caught her as she toppled forward. Her dead weight pushed me back to the settee. I was holding a live desirable woman who was completely unconscious.

I tried to roll her off. Brigit's voice hissed in my brain.

"Don't be stupid, Raymond! You've got a woman in your arms. Don't waste the opportunity."

I hauled Deirdre up from her knees to my lap, settled her head against my shoulder and held her. She stirred.

"Brigit?" she murmured. I squeezed Deirdre gently. She opened her eyes and looked warily at me.

"How?" she whispered, snuggling closer to me. I'd been expecting her to leap off me.

"You fainted and fell against me," I said apologetically.

"And landed like this?" Deirdre's eyebrow raised.

"Well, no. This was Brigit's idea."

Deirdre's face paled again. I hugged her. She was a nice armful. Apart from Brigit she was the only armful I'd held in years.

"She spoke to you?"

"Not exactly spoke. I hear her in my head when she wants to talk."

"I don't understand. I've been praying to Brigit and she's never spoken to me that clearly."

"Maybe you didn't ask her in the right way?"

"And how is that?"

"She told me..." I blushed bright red.

"Ah. I sense a mystery. You don't want to tell me, Raymond. It's embarrassing. I'm not surprised. Brigit does embarrass men. But surely you can tell a woman who is snuggled into your arms..."

"Why did you faint?"

It was a desperate attempt to change the subject. Brigit had promised a co-operative woman and Deirdre had been at my house within minutes. Now Deirdre and I had won a battle together. Could I 'worship' Brigit with a woman I barely knew? Why had Deirdre been sent? What did Brigit want from both of us? I knew enough about Brigit to know what I didn't know. My brain was whirling frantically, trying to get away from the thought of burying my head between Deirdre's thighs. Her thighs seemed very attractive even though I'd never seen them. I was very aware as her legs moved slightly on my lap.

Deirdre seemed to feel my distress and moved her legs more, raising her skirt to her knees. My eyes dropped down to the dark tunnel made by her skirt.

"I fainted because..."

I hardly heard what Deirdre was saying. With an effort I lifted my eyes up her body only to see that her jacket had fallen open and her white blouse was straining at its buttons. She noticed that too. She stopped speaking and her lips covered mine. She kissed me. I kissed her back. She shed her jacket, pushed me back against the settee and straddled me. I looked up at her despairingly before her lips came down again and her dark brown hair caressed both sides of my face.

My arms clasped around her, pulling her against me. I was too aware of her legs around me as her tongue fought mine. How could I be doing this with a woman I had meet so infrequently? Brigit answered my thought:

'Because I wanted both of you, Raymond. Now get on with it and stop fighting me.'

I gave up. I slid my face down and kissed Deirdre's neck. I moved lower still, nuzzling her still covered breasts as I moved. She arched her back and moved up, lifting her skirt to allow her legs to spread further apart. Finally I was where Brigit wanted me to be, between Deirdre's thighs. I moved up into the warm darkness under her skirt and my lips made contact with Deirdre's naked pussy. As I extended my tongue my brain cried out to Brigit whether in protest or ecstasy I don't know. Brigit was there instantly, calming my fears, setting aside all my misgivings about such intimate contact with a stranger, and filling me with love.

Brigit showed me exactly how to arouse Deirdre, directing my tongue to the right places at the right time, with just enough pressure. I could feel Deirdre writhing above me and she was yelling and screaming for more. If my house hadn't been so far from a neighbour the police would have been called. It sounded as if someone was murdering Deirdre. I was concentrating hard on giving Deirdre as much pleasure as I could when Brigit said conversationally:

'She is noisy, isn't she? I'll show you a trick that will shut her up.'

Suddenly I felt Deirdre's mouth around my prick. Her screaming stopped dead and her lips sucked greedily. I didn't understand how she could be sucking me when her head was above me. I just accepted the gift but now I was in trouble. I knew Brigit wanted me to arouse Deirdre to several climaxes yet now I was being aroused as well. It would take more will power than I had to resist Deirdre's mouth long enough. I begged Brigit for help. She laughed at me.

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