Brigit Pt. 02


'Feeling inadequate, are you? Not man enough for even one woman? OK, I'll help.'

It seemed as if my prick was suddenly numb. I could still feel Deirdre's frantic efforts but at least I had some control. I worked hard at her pussy and was rewarded by a shudder that clamped her legs tight around me. As her legs relaxed my tongue pressed in again and again. Three times more Deirdre shuddered above me before Brigit removed the numbness and I too climaxed. I lay shrouded inside Deirdre's skirt hearing her swallow several times. Her hands stroked my swathed head.

"Are you OK down there, Raymond?"

I nodded. That was a mistake. That pushed my face against her damp pussy. We both flinched. Deirdre pulled her skirt up letting the air reach my sweaty head. I lifted myself. She slid her skirt down again and I rested my head in her lap. Her hands stroked my hair. Both of us were wringing with sweat from our exertions.

"Anyone for coffee?"

Deirdre jumped. I turned my head. Brigit entered the room with three cups of coffee on a tray. I looked up at Deirdre. She had gone white again.

"Deirdre," I said. "Meet Brigit. Brigit, this is Deirdre."

"I know who she is. She knows who I am," said Brigit. "She is here because I asked her to be here. Coffee?"

"Yes please," I said, sitting up. I stood up and then sat beside Deirdre. I noticed that our old coffee cups had gone. Brigit is a tidy goddess.

Brigit sat in the chair Deirdre had occupied. She was in the form she had been in before, like a sister that my wife never had. This time she was wearing a dark green dress trimmed with gold.

"I am pleased with you two," she said. "I didn't have to do much to get you together. Left to yourselves today you might have taken a week. With my help it took less than an hour."

"Why?" I asked. I knew that Deirdre was still too shocked to speak.

"Because. You'll find out later. Trust me. You do, don't you, Raymond?"



Deirdre nodded.

Brigit sighed.

"Deirdre, you don't have to be frightened of me. I'm a woman's goddess. I don't hurt women. Please come here."

Deirdre walked nervously to Brigit and knelt before her. Brigit kissed Deirdre on her forehead. Deirdre's face brightened instantly. Brigit's arms swung around her and hugged her tight. Deirdre relaxed into Brigit's arms. I felt jealous. I loved those arms. Brigit mouthed 'Later' at me. My jealousy vanished as if it had never been.

"I don't want my coffee wasted," Brigit said as if she was an impatient mother with two reluctant children. Deirdre came back to sit beside me and meekly accepted her coffee.

"This time it is different," Brigit said. "I used my own milk, not Raymond's."

I knew exactly what Brigit meant. I gulped the coffee and felt the impact of Brigit's milk flowing through my body. I felt on top of the world. Deirdre drank her coffee slowly as I watched with impatience. I saw the change growing and her realisation that something was happening to her. Her free hand grasped mine and squeezed. I squeezed back.

"Yes, Deirdre, it's my breast milk. Raymond can tell you what it does even if you can't feel it already."

"I can feel it, Brigit," Deirdre said slowly.

"Good. I thought you had lost your voice. That's not like you, is it Deirdre?"

Deirdre laughed.

"No. I'm not usually quiet."

"Especially not when making love..." Brigit teased.

"How did you?" Deirdre asked.

"Goddesses don't explain. It spoils the mystique. But it did shut you up, didn't it?"

"Yes. I enjoyed that."

"I thought you would. Raymond enjoyed it too, almost too much. He had to beg me for help."

Brigit laughed at my confusion. Deirdre kissed me. Brigit kissed me as well. My coffee cup had gone. Deirdre was on one of my knees and Brigit on the other.

"Now for a bit more trickery..." Brigit said. Deirdre and I gasped as we found ourselves naked in my shower. Brigit was soaping us thoroughly. Deirdre squealed as Brigit tickled. I jumped as two right hands met on my erection. Another jump and all three of us were dry on the sheet of my large bed.

"Now Raymond will demonstrate how to summon me, while you, Deirdre, show what to do with that..." Brigit pointed at my erection as I lay on my back between them.

Deirdre covered my erection. I just saw her beginning to engulf it as Brigit's pussy covered my lips. They were facing each other. My hands reached up for their breasts to find that Brigit's hands had claimed Deirdre's and Deirdre had claimed Brigit's. They rocked on me as a platform for their mutual lovemaking. I might have resented it but I was too involved. My hands dropped to Deirdre's hips and pulled her hard against me. Every few seconds Brigit raised herself enough to let me gasp a breath before I was plunged deep between her thighs again.

The lovemaking went on longer than I thought I was capable of enduring. Either it was the effect of Brigit's milk or she was enhancing me. I came into Deirdre but they continued as if nothing had happened. I seemed to sink into a comfortable sleep under their rocking bodies. When I came to I was erect again but Deirdre and Brigit had swapped ends. Brigit was engulfing me and I was worshipping Deirdre. I came into Brigit with a despairing shudder. Brigit's hand dropped between her legs and I was erect again. Would they never stop? Sleep claimed me again...

I woke to find myself wrapped in Deirdre's arms, my head pillowed against her breasts. She looked down at me, almost pityingly. There was a faint smile on her lips. I tried to speak but she pushed a breast against my lips.

"Not yet, Raymond," she said. I went to sleep again.

Next time I came to I was groggy but determined to stay awake. I was sure Brigit was responsible for all the sleeping of the last few hours. Why?

'Because you needed it, Raymond,' Brigit's voice sounded in my head.

"You aren't fit enough to satisfy Deirdre, let alone Deirdre and me. I pushed you as far as I could and then made you rest while we went on together. Someday soon you might manage to satisfy Deirdre. You'll never be man enough for me but then no man is. If you let Deirdre help she make you fit enough for her. You do want her, don't you?"

"Yes," was my instinctive response.

"Then you'll have to do what she says... won't he, Deirdre?"

I hadn't noticed that Brigit had switched from thinking at me to speaking aloud. Only then was I aware that I was sandwiched between Deirdre and Brigit with my lips in Deirdre's very pleasant cleavage. I peered up at her. She pulled my head deeper between her breasts, smothering me briefly before pushing me back between Brigit's breasts. I could get to like this, I thought.

"You have said you want me, Raymond," Deirdre said. "I want you too, but I want a Raymond who is fit enough to be my lover without falling asleep in the middle of a passionate embrace. Will you let me help you to become fit enough?"

I nodded. That wasn't a great idea. I was buried between Deirdre's breasts again and Brigit's were pressing from behind. They squeezed me with their bodies until I was running out of air. Deirdre relented and pulled away.

"See!" she teased. "You can't even hold your breath."

I struggled to get out from between them but I couldn't. I still think Brigit cheated but those two held me helpless and smothered me repeatedly until I begged for mercy.

From then on I was Deirdre's. She took me in hand. I was dragging behind her on long walks, on the lower hills at first but later higher and longer. We went swimming, riding, and cycling. There were times when I nearly hated Deirdre as her legs strode ahead of me up one more bloody hill but Brigit was always there to make sure that Deirdre pushed me as far as I could take and not a step more.

Sometimes I fell into bed so exhausted that I felt I'd never get up again. On those nights I might find a goddess's breast easing its nipple between my lips to give me a refreshing drink. It didn't happen every time. Brigit didn't want to make it too easy for me and she is a woman's goddess after all. I was what Deirdre wanted. Brigit would make sure Deirdre got me. What I felt about it was irrelevant. I'm being unfair. Brigit treated me well and I feel like a new man -- with a new woman beside me. Whenever I feel that Deirdre has pushed me too far all I have to do is worship Brigit. They both like that.

So do I.

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by Anonymous11/12/18

Great job

I love the way you bring out some of the aspect of the Goddess Brigit out and some of the motives behind the ancient goddess. I being a older male also enjoyed the story and you made me think of the triple-goddessmore...

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