tagIncest/TabooBring Your Daughter to Work Day

Bring Your Daughter to Work Day


Daddy worked in a big office downtown and Jessica was very excited when she woke up the day after her 18th birthday, to get ready to go with him to his job. He was going to show her a tour of the office and the boardroom, where Daddy makes all kinds of important decisions.

Jessica saw that Daddy had picked out her clothes for the trip. A frilly summer dress, sheer with light green and pink flowers, white Britney sandals, and a light sweater were lying on her bed when she came out of the shower dressed in a towel. Daddy wanted to help dress her, so Jessica watched as he rolled up the stockings to her upper thighs, and softly lifted her feet into the shiny shoes as though she were Cinderella. Feeling his cool hand upon Jessica's ass as he slowly pulled her thin panties up, rubbing his finger softly up and down the crack of her ass, She felt waves of tingles going to the center of her tight pussy. It felt a little wet coming out. Jessica opened her mouth to breath deep because she didn't want Daddy to see how much she liked his sweet yet firm caresses.

"Here is a late birthday gift for my sweet little girl," said Daddy.

He handed Jessica a fancy paper bag overflowing with tissue paper. She smiled into his eyes and pulled out a little designer purse inside.

"Oh Daddy, it is so pretty! I just love it."

"Good, and today you will use it. I want you to do daddy a favor," he said with a semi-serious tone.

"Whatever you say, Daddy!" she said and threw her arms around his shoulders, pressing her perky firm breasts to his business suit, while giving him a bird peck kiss. "I'll do anything for you."

"Well my sweet one, you will need to hold a couple of extra things in it for our trip today. And you will do as I say without any questions, and know that it is all for your best good. Later, you will find out what these items will be used for; okay baby girl?"

"Yes, of course, Daddy!" She hugged him from the side of his leg and pressed hard to feel him against her clit. She wanted to ask if they could play cowgirl, so she could ride his leg. She always wanted to play wth him in ways that excited and embarressed her at the same time.

"Yes, I will do as you say. Anything for you Daddy! Anything!" she said it with such bliss and dedication.

Daddy was so glad to hear this, as he grabbed her new gift, and filled it with some necessary items. Today would begin the first day of her training to become daddy's little whore, and she would grow up to enjoy the unlimitless boundaries of submission. Into the purse went a teenage makeup kit with all bright shades of lipstick and eyeshadow, a super soft toothbrush and some toothpaste, extra strong and minty, a small roll of silk rope, and a tiny orange dildo, perfect for beginners. Then a small Victorian bra with matching lace g-string. Last but not least, some massage oil, the scent of jasmine, and some soft cuffs with velcro fitting.

Little did Jessica know that she was in for an executive erotic and high class transition from innocence to slavery.

Daddy opened the big car door of the silver Mercedes for Jessica to climb into the passenger side. As she did this Daddy carressed her lower back and bottom, helping her to scoot in. He placed the seatbelt firmly in place, and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Are you ready to have some fun, sweetie?"

'Yes, Daddy, I am. I can't wait to see where you go every day!"

Daddy drove slowly into work, with the heat on high, so his baby girl would stay nice and warm in the spring rain. He looked over and saw how his little girl had grown up how her budding sexuality was coming out in many ways, ready for blossoming and harvest.

When they got there, they made their way from the parking lot to the elevator that took them into the main lobby for check in. The place was enormous to Jessica as she soaked in the sight of shiny marbled floors, erotic statues and huge floral arrangements.

"This place looks like a garden, not an office," she giggled.

Daddy placed his hand on her head and nussled her hair lovingly in silence. After signing in, he took her hand and they went to the 9th floor.

Daddy introduced Jessica to his secretary and collegues, board members all dressed in business attire and all smiling at her, some eyes seemed that they could see past her frilly dress and could see her naked body underneath. This made Jessica both uncomfortable and excited.

"Daddy, can I see your office now... please?" Jessica begged, and he watched her little nipples getting hard underneath the frilly dress.

"Actually, we'll be coming back up to the board meeting first. But let's get you something to drink from the cafeteria. You will need it for later. Do you want Gatorade or a soda?" Daddy asked as they walked into the office cafe.

"Gaterade, purple," she responded as she grabbed the bottle. "Can I also have one of these?" she said pointing to a corkscrew-like rainbow-colored lollipop about 6 inches long.

"Yes, why not." Daddy laughed as he poured himself a cup of coffee and went to pay.

Up to the 9th floor, they entered the board room together. "Daddy wants to get you used to being around lots of men, so here is a room full of them around a table for you to meet, and become friends with," he told his daughter as he took her purse from her. "They are very nice people, as you will soon see."

"Everyone, this is my daughter Jessica. She is here for her first day of training in which all of you will play an essential role. As you can see, she is beautiful and unmarked, perfect complextion, soft skin, budding breasts, firm ass, and innocent yet wanton eyes."

Then he turned to his daughter and told her, "I've brought you here becuase I want to give you all the most deepest and darkest pleasures this world has to offer and begin to teach you how to receive those good feelings by using your body, and letting others use your body too."

Jessica was a little surprised. As she heard her father, the secretary was behind her, rubbing her ass and feeling her breasts ever so tenderly. It felt so good that Jessica did not want it to stop.

"Jessica, I want you to take off your clothes for Daddy. We want to show off how beautiful you are in front of these rich and powerful men. If you feel shy, just keep your eyes locked with mine, and you will know that you are always safe."

Little Jessica just stood there, like a deer in headlights, not sure what to do. She was scared and shy with all the men in suits smiling at her from around the table.

"I only want to show myself to you, Daddy. I've dreamed of you touching me at night, in the dark, because I love you so much. But it's daylight and the sun is out and I'm feeling shy in front of them," Jessica explained.

"Okay, then let's play a game. I will put this scarf over your eyes so it will feel dark, and you will pretend it is only me and you in the room. I will make all your fantasies come alive, my sweet girl. You will enjoy this and you must always trust your loving Daddy."

She took a sip of her Gaterade and looked around the room. The faces did not seem so scary anymore. They looked friendly, in fact.

"Ok," she said softly.

Daddy took her to the front of the boardroom and tied a dark purple scarf over his little baby girl's eyes. She felt his lips touching hers and felt tingles when she felt the sensation of his tongue gentle parting her lips open, dancing inside her mouth. He unbuttoned her dress and it fell gently to the floor. Jessica felt the cool draft of being naked. It excited her but she did not want anyone to know.

Daddy took his baby girl's arms and used one of the velcro cuffs to pull her hands behind her back and wrap it tightly around both, causing her chest to lift and her young nipples to protrude. He told her to walk up some stairs, onto a little platform. Now all could view this charming young doll, still wearing thigh high stockings and Britney heals.

"Daddy sees your nipples are hard, my love. Why do you think that is?" he asked her.

"Because I'm naked and I am feeling some tingling in my body. I don't know why," Jessica replied as honestly as she could.

"The first thing we want to do, is to make you feel even better, get your nipples even harder, to see how excited you can become. Are you ready?"

Before she could answer, she was led to lie down on a blanket directly on the table. Her nipples pointed to the ceiling. "How does this feel, honey?"

And with this, Daddy took his toungue and just gently brushed the very tip of her already hardening nipple. Jessica moaned like a grown bitch in heat. Daddy swirled his tongue and nibbled on it ever so slightly, while at the same time massaging her other breast.

"Ummmm...daddy...that feels wonderful!"

Daddy saw how naturally her thighs opened, just like any good slut's would.

His colleugues gathered around and took their turn lightly twisting and suckling on the young woman's nipples. Cupping her fresh young breasts and watching her naked pussy begin to glisten with the pouring sunlight from the windows, wetness collecting on the edges of her pussy lips and from the center of her little button clit.

Jessica felt like she was in a heaven, never feeling anything like this before, her head spinning with so many hands on her chest, and not being able to see who. She felt her father holding her head and unclasping her wrists so he could hold her hands. Suddenly, all hands left her body, her nipples now like small pebbles.

"Now you will feel a little flood of pain, to get to the good feeling. It will make the good feelings, feel even better," Dadddy said.

"No, I'm scared, please don't hurt me."

"Jessica, this is for your own good. Trust me. You will enjoy it. Daddy knows what's best for his sweet girl."

Jessica was riding on his every word. She did not like the sound of pain included in a sentence. But if it did make her feel even better than she just did---I guess she was willing to give it a try.

She was led through a door into another room and gently placed on a bed. She heard ice clanking together.

"Daddy is going to tie you up so you won't move and so you can feel everything. Don't be scared. You will like it. It's nice and soft."

She did like the feeling of the rope as it wrapped around her shoulders and neck then both her breasts so that they were really sticking out funny---she felt like a big girl with big boobies as she felt them. Then two different hands tied her with the soft wrist restraints to the frame of the bed and her legs tied spread eagle.

Daddy kissed her, giving her comfort. "Are you ready to become Daddy's little slut?"

"Yes Daddy. I'll do anything for you Daddy; you know that," Jessica replied.

Daddy took an icecube to his baby girls left nipple and watched her body shake and shiver from the cold. The nipple numbed and shriveled hard. Daddy quickly took a small colored cloth pin and pinched it in. As he did this he thought---this is the first step in making my beautiful daughter into a pain slut. She will be soon begging for it.

He looked down and saw that one of the board members was giving her a foot massage with the jasmine massage oil, relaxing Jessica as much as possible during this indoctrination into the world where pain meets with pleasure. He knew that getting her at a young age, would mean she would be set up for life and would enjoy an uninhibbited lifestyle of cock worshiping, submission, and following the orders of her master. He was already proud of his baby girl as he watched her on the bed.

More ice on second nipple, another clothes pin. A grunt from his baby. Now down to her beautiful pussy and ass. He took some toothpaste and smeared it into her asshole to let it burn a little bit before wiping it out. he watched as her hole opened up. she groaned---"what is that daddy?"

"Don't worry, honey---it's just to heat and cool things off."

He put a little dollop on the soft toothbrush and began to softly brush her clit ever so slighly. he watched how engorged it got. then he went down and cleaned it out, sucking her small petite little clitoris, nibbling lightly.

"Oh Daddy, that feels so good."

His boss, the CEO---had lubed up the small dildo. He was tall dark and handsome, and loved a fresh ass---Jessica's soft one he found irresistable. He loosened the ropes slightly, turned her to the side and spead her cheeks and began licking away in cicles. Little circles then big circles. He got a small icecube between his teeth and began to fuck her ass with it. Jessica didn't know what to do as her body felt it ws on total fire. The attack on her ass continued with one finger gliding in and out, then two, then something different----that was slick. The CEO began to work in the dildo with little resistance. Her father still licking her pussy and little clamps stuck to her small budding breasts.

It was a lot for a little girl to handle---as she had only had a few naughty thoughts go through her head in the past.

Her mind went blank and she felt her body churning into a fuckable piece of art. The sensations were opening her up and her little button that daddy was sucking on was giving way, like a dam holding back.

Suddenly she was thrown into convulsions, screaming, the electricity from her ass and her pussy and nipples converged and waves of intense pleasure took over her. At that time her father released the blindfold, and began untying her. She saw six men rapidly rubbing their hard cocks up and down. Three of the men cried out and their cocks sprayed warm liquid all over Jessica's pussy and breasts. Jessica never saw anything like this before, but thought it felt nice, and rubbed it into her body.

Daddy went over to her and took off the clothes pins followed by an instant sharp pain in her breasts. Jessica cried out.

Daddy said firmly, "Turn around."

She did what he said and then she felt more warm liquid hitting her firm little ass, as the dildo still moved in and out of her.

"Turn around again," said Daddy.

And she did. Sitting on her knees. This time Daddy's cock was very hard and he told her to open wide and he put his cock deep inside her mouth. She licked it like a candy pole, all ten inches of it. His hands still moving up and down on it.

"Get ready, sweety, to drink your daddy's love."

And with that, her mouth was suddenly filled with warm cum, bursts of it, and she swallowed it to no end as she herself was covered in so much cum including her own.

Daddy stopped cumming, and told his staff to get her cleaned up---to prepare for a facial, a full body massage and body wrap from the 5-star hotel that shared the same building. He wanted to treat his baby girl with whom he was so proud, and let her pleasures sink in before taking the training to the next level.


Jessica felt the soft caresses of an ayrvedic masseuse--anointing her skin from top to bottom, back to front, with oils scented by fresh flowers. The disorientation of the over-sexual stimulation was transforming into a welcoming heat within her cells, as memories and sensations flashed before her your eyes and small spasms would frequently come over her uncontrollably.

She liked the smell of the woman holding her and kneading her naked body ever so lightly, so much that little Jessica wanted to reach out and kiss her and touch her breast with her own.

After the massage was done, along with the other treatments, she was led into a very modern steam room that smelled slightly of fresh orange peel. She breathed in the moist air. She was very relaxed lying naked on her towel, her small young nipples pointed to the ceiling, as erect as a penis.

The door opened and cool air moved in. A statuesque naked woman with an hourglass figure and alabaster skin sat down near Jessica's head, where the scent of this woman's pussy gave off an "I've been freshly fucked" scent.

"Wonderful treatments, aren't they?" asked the woman.

"Yes," Jessica said with politeness.

"Are you ready for more training, my darling girl? Your father is waiting for you in a hotel suite. I am to bring you to him. It would be best to dry off and put on one of those magenta chinese robes folded near the towels."

"Ok," Jessica said in her state of relaxation, and slipped out of the steam room, dried off and found a robe that fit perfectly. She felt elegant and sexy in the exotic robe that had intricate embroidery of dragons and statues of slaves on the sleeves.

She drank a glass of lemon water and was lead up into the elevator to the 21st floor.


"Wait, I almost forgot," said the woman, who tied a dark silk scarf over little Jessica's eyes, took off her robe, leaving her naked.

"Now lift you arms high."

Jessica obeyed. The sound of rope entwining in and through her fingers and wrists followed by a secure knot and another tug were the last sounds Jessica remembers before going in.

The woman holding her arms with a grip, also knocked at the thick wooden hotel door. It was answered and she recognized the voice of her father. "My most deepest and darkest beloved slut in training has arrived," he said to Jessica, as he massaged her shoulders and kissed her petite button nose. "Ready for your next stage of training?"

"Yes, Daddy, but can you tell me what exactly will be going on?" asked Jessica.

"You must place all your trust in your dear daddy, my love. For I will be the one to light your body on fire, ignite your most erotic dreams and set them free into reality like a group of wild horses.Can you give yourself fully to me? This skin..." as he rubbed his hands across his stomach.

"This heart and this lovely ass," Daddy said as he spread her cheeks and erotically felt her heart beating with his other hand.

"Yes, Daddy. I've always wanted this," as her clit began to stiffen and become rosy, her head dissy with adrenalyn.

"We are having a cocktail party and you are in many ways, going to be the cocktail hostess, along with the serving platter. You will obey my every word no matter what, or there will be consequences, such as this."

Martha, his assistant, lifted one of her legs far up into the air and Daddy slapped her inner thigh with a hearty smack.

"Ouch!" Jessica squeeled.

"And from now on you address me as Master Daddy. Is that clear?"

"Yes Master Daddy."

She was quickly taken to a hard steardy table and placed on her back, fully nude with her hands tied above her head. A knock at the door and many people entered the room with carts to prepare the feast to be served on her body. Dipps, imported cheeses, crackers, breads, cavier at her navel, fresh fruit and sweet creams pumped into her pussy through a piping baker's tube. All kinds of fancy little appetizers, hummus, baklavah and honey sauce covering her face, her toes. She was an international smorgasborg about to be eaten by the board of directors and guests at tonight's training session.

She felt one of the caterer's spray each nipple and cover her entire breats with blueberries and rasberries, figs piled high around her armpits, her hands tied together above her head holding handfuls of toothpicks and mints.

She heard the clanking of glasses being arranged and bottles of wine. Carts left the room. Her body was already craving the touch of strangers, and the heat in her pussy felt like it was melting everything that was piped into her, leaving a goey sticky sensation. Here she was about to be used as a platter.

Before the guests arrived, Daddy came over to his sweet Jessica and dipped his fingers quickly into her pussy then into her mouth. "You taste delightful, don't you?"

And with this he swirled them around in cricles and Jessica licked and sucked his fingers clean. His fingers went deeper into her mouth as he kissed her deeply with his experienced tongue. "I want you to see all guests and meet them with your eyes only," he told her as he removed the blindfold. "They have been directed not to speak with you during the appetizers. You are to seduce them and speak to them with your eyes only. Do you understand?"

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