tagIncest/TabooBringing Dad to Life

Bringing Dad to Life


It had been 4 years since the accident. You don't really think it can happen to you. No one expects it, but when it does, you don't realize the devastation.

My sister and I were home when the police showed up. They asked how to contact dad. We gave them the number. We were scared. We didn't know what was going on. Dad was home 20 minutes later. He told us.

At that point in our lives all we could think about was how it affected us. Dad was our rock. He held us together and kept us moving forward. It got easier as time went by. Dad was there when it wasn't. Dad kept the world as normal as it could be.

Neither of us understood the toll it had taken on Dad.

My sister and I are now 19 and 20. I'm Jessica, she's Jennifer. She's older. I'm the pretty one. Ok maybe she's the pretty one. Actually we look a lot alike. People often mistake us for twins. I'm 5'6", 125', brown eyes, brown hair to the middle of my back. Jennifer is 1" taller. We both go to college. Not far away, about an hour. We both wanted the live away experience. Dad supported us, emotionally and financially 100%.

As college kids you relish your independence. You don't call home as much as you should. You're too self involved. When you get home for breaks you spend time with your friends. Jen and I would drop in for some meals, but most of the time we were gone. This summer started out the same way.

We got home in May. Dad was excited to see us. A lot of questions about what we were doing, how we were. We love dad so we answered his questions. Then friends called and we were gone.

Then something happened. It was a small thing, but it started our lives on a slightly different course.

I was shopping at the mall. I looked down the mall and saw someone who looked familiar at a kiosk at the other end of the mall. I couldn't tell who it was. I wasn't really shopping for anything in particular. I was just browsing. So when I saw the person I started heading that way to see who it was.

The person left the Kiosk and walked around the corner. As I turned the corner I ran into one of dad and moms good friends. I could no longer see the person, so I stopped and she and I chatted for a while.

Then she asked, "How's your father."

That struck me as strange. My mom and dad used to see this couple at least 2-3 times a month. I told her he was fine. She said to give him her love. I wondered when the last time she saw dad was.

That night at dinner I told dad I ran into her. He asked how she was. I had to ask.

"Dad, when was the last time you saw her?"

Dad said he didn't remember.

"But you used to be such good friends," I said.

"I know honey, sometimes people just drift apart."

I started asking about other friends. Most he had not seen for quite a while. He said that most of their friends were couple friends. He explained that after mom died they all invited him places for a while. He was always a third wheel. It was often uncomfortable. Eventually they stopped inviting him. He didn't mind. He was uncomfortable going.

That left me something to think about. What did dad do when we weren't home?

I told Jen about my conversation. She said she couldn't remember the last time dad told us he did anything. He volunteered 3 days a week at the homeless shelter, but neither of us could think of anything else.

As kids we loved having dad home. As starting adults we started wondering why he didn't date. Dad was attractive. At 6', 195, and only a slightly receding hairline. He looked good for a 45 year old man. People often guessed he was in his late 30s. More than once, when people found out he was our dad, they were shocked.

Both Jen and I decided to take a bigger interest in what dad did for fun.

Over the next week we found out that dad rarely went out. Work, volunteer, gym, that was it. An occasional drink after work with some coworkers. Other than that not much. All the friends that he and mom had, had drifted away. They still said hi when they saw him. Invited him to parties and weddings and stuff, but they did not just have dinner or see a movie.

At 41 dad found it hard to meet new people. Where does a 41 year old man make friends?

About a year after the accident, some of his friends started setting him up on dates. He went on all of them. He became discouraged. He said that a lot of them were divorced and either angry at their ex, or had resentments about something.

He also said at his age a lot of people were fairly stuck in their lifestyles. People had conflicting obligations. People did not want to relocate, they had jobs, kids. Let's face it, at 45 you really don't want to move into someone else's house or life. Especially if you have kids.

He said he couldn't relate. He was madly in love with mom. They did not have resentments. They were partners who worked together on everything.

That made sense. They were always holding hands and making googly eyes at each other.

Even our friends would say things like, "Your mom and dad are so cute. They act like they just started dating."

Everyone knew mom and dad were happily married.

We decided to create a profile for dad on a dating site. We would see if we could find a good match for him. We created it and corresponded with a lot of nice women but, the reality was, he was right. It was hard to find someone. Everyone had "stuff". Emotional, financial, or other obligations. We had no luck.

Having more empathy for dad's situation we started spending more time at home with him. We'd make him dinner and force him to catch up on movies he'd miss. We'd sit with him on the couch, rest our heads on his shoulders, and watch TV.

He was thrilled to spend time with us. He'd take us out to dinner and make jokes about how jealous every guy is to see him out with 2 such beautiful women. He'd notice some woman pointing at us like it was a disgrace he was out with such young women. That made us all laugh.

That chance encounter with dad's old friend made us realize that dad was human and needed help right now. We knew he was lonely.

The second thing that changed our lives happened about 6 weeks later. It was a little thing, but had a huge affect.

I was in the kitchen getting breakfast. No one else was home. I heard a loud thunk in the study. I went in to see what it was. Dad's iPad had fallen on the floor. When I picked it up it was open.

I guess I should have wondered why it wasn't on the swipe screen. It didn't occur to me.

There was an open email on the screen . I almost swiped past it to close the screen. Then I saw who it was from. It was from mom. It was dated the day before the accident. Dad must have kept it and was rereading it this morning.

I knew I shouldn't pry, but I couldn't help myself. This was probably the last communication any of us had from her. I quickly scanned it. It was long and had attachments. I didn't want to sit here reading it. I quickly forwarded it to myself and then deleted it from the sent mail folder.

I had to get ready for work. I set the iPad down got dressed and headed out. I was hoping I'd have some down time at work to read the email, but it was busy and I didn't get a moment to myself.

I got home late, spent some time with dad and Jen. As soon as I could I excused myself. All day long the email had been on my mind. I was dying to get to my room to read it.

I finally got to my room. I opened my mail. There it was. I opened it. I re-read the from and date again. It seemed unreal that this was from mom, the day before the accident. I just looked at that for a minute and let it sink in.

The subject was: Can't wait to be in your arms.

I let that sink in. Mom had been away on a 10 day business trip. She'd flown home and on the way home from the airport was hit by a drunk driver. It was 4 years ago, but being reminded of it again brought tears to my eyes.

I started to read.

"I know I just spoke to you an hour ago and that I'll see you tomorrow, but I thought I'd send this for you to read in the morning so you will be primed and ready when I come home."

Primed and ready? I thought.

It went on.

"You are the most amazing man I have ever met. I love you more today than the day we met. You've given me everything I could dream of. A wonderful home, 2 of the most wonderful children I could ever imagine, and the freedom to be me.

"All through our marriage I have had the opportunity to hang out with other women. A lot are always complaining about something their husband did or does. They always thought I was weird because I had nothing but praise for you. I love you, and I love our family. You've given me the happiest 17 years of my life."

I stopped reading. I had tears in my eyes. I just let that sink in a bit.

I started again.

"This is the first time we've been away from each other this long and I'm horny as hell."

Uh oh... Did I want to keep on reading? I knew I shouldn't but I did.

"Darling, all I could think about yesterday was getting home and fucking you. That's right, fucking. I am yours. Totally and completely. I am your wife, your lover, your slut. Tomorrow I'm your slut."

Slut? It's hard to imagine mom using that word, but there it was. I knew I should stop now. I didn't.

"Remember the night before I left. God that was great sex. I don't remember how many times I came. What did you cum. 3 times? Once in my mouth, once in my cunt, and once on my face and tits. I loved the way it felt on my body. I loved the way it tasted. I really tried to suck you hard again so you could take my ass too before I left, but I think you were all fucked out. I wanted your cum in all my holes.

"You better rest up. You're going to need it when I get home.

"I was so horny tonight I knew I wouldn't sleep. I went to the bar to get a drink to help me relax. At the bar was a cute girl about 25. She and I chatted. I kept thinking, I bet I could get her up to my room.

"I know, I've never been with a woman before, but I was horny as hell. I thought you probably wouldn't mind if it was a girl. Then I thought, when I finally do a girl, I want you there. I know it's one of our fantasies and I promise I will make it come true for you.

"Here's a picture of us. See what we missed."

There was a selfie of mom and a cute girl. She kind of looked like me and Jen. It was followed by a 2nd picture of them kissing. Nothing outrageous.

It continued.

"See honey. See what we missed? Next time we're out, I promise, we are going to take a girl home. I'm going to eat her till she's dripping wet and then hold her legs open for you to fuck her. You deserve it. You deserve every fantasy you have. I'm going to give them to you. I know a woman who'd love to join us. I've told her all about you. I know you'll love her. She's coming to join us for our anniversary.

Ok, mom telling dad they are going to have a 3some. I felt both uncomfortable and strangely turned on.

"I can't wait to go out for our anniversary next weekend. Have I got an outfit you're going to love. Now that they're older I'm not sure how we'll sneak it past the girls. How many times have we done that?

"I love that you love to show me off. I love dressing so sexy and hanging on your arm. I see all those men looking at me, wanting me. It makes me hot, wet. I know it turns you on too.

"You always like being seen with your girls. People look at our family and envy you, envy us, but when it's just the two of us. You like that they know what they're missing.

"This week at one of the work sessions I was sitting across the room from a guy I don't know. I was feeling naughty so I flashed him my panties a few times. I know you love to see their faces when I do. If you were here I would have taken them off and did it again. He of course could only see the crotch, but I know how you love to see me in pretty panties. These were the pink leopard print thong with the ruffles. I love them. They're so trashy. I know you love them too.

"Remember that time I was wearing them in that hotel. We were in and elevator, heading to our room, my back to the door. You were kissing me and pulled my skirt up to grab my ass. Just then those 2 young guys got on. Remember? Neither of us adjusted my skirt. When we reached our floor we just got off the elevator with my skirt around my waist. I was so hot I think I made you fuck me against the door. You loved showing me off in panties."

I remembered something I'd forgotten. We were at a summer BBQ. mom and dad were off somewhere. I looked around to see where. I finally saw them across the yard. They had 3 or 4 of the guys with them. I knew where the were. I went back to what I was doing. I didnt remember it then, but now I distinctly remember dad had moms dress around her waist.

It went on.

"Why am I reminding you of all this? Because I want to fuck and you better be ready when I get home.

"Remember when we first met? You'd bend me over the couch in my apartment, pull my jeans and panties around my thighs and fuck me from behind. Damn, how hot it was to start doing that again after the girls went off to college.

"I'm your's. You can fuck my ass, my mouth, my pussy. They're yours. You want to fuck another girl? I'll help you. I'm yours. You want to show me off. You can undress me anytime you want. Don't worry. I will leave some for your anniversary present.

"By the way, I bought some new panties for tomorrow. I know how much you love cute panties."

She had taken a picture of her holding them. She must have used the timer. They were at weird angles.

They were cute panties. A pink, see through, string bikini style that tied on the side. The reality is we all loved cute panties. We probably got it from her. We've all seen her laundry. We may have some younger stuff that would look silly on her. But it's cute stuff.

Then the email went on.

"So baby. Here is what you're missing tonight. I know how much you enjoy watching a woman undress.

It was a series of selfies of mom undressing. She was in a skirt, jacket, white blouse, and heels. Again they were awkward, mom must have set the timer then tried to jump in the picture. The pictures were in order.

Mom taking off her jacket.

Mom with jacket off.

Mom unzipping skirt

2 of her pushing it down over her hips.

Next mom standing with the skirt on the floor around her ankles.

Mom pulling up her blouse to show off her panties.

Mom turning around for a back view of her ass.

A few of her unbuttoning her blouse.

One of her taking it off.

Next it's on the floor and she's there in matching bra and panties.

Next the bra is off, she's covering her tits with her arm and dangling the bra in her other hand.

This one is from behind. 3 shots of her sliding her panties off.

Last shot, facing the camera, blowing a kiss, covering her nipples with one arm and her pussy with her other hand.

I've got to admit. It was a hot series.

She finished the email.

"I love you. You are my world. I am yours completely. See you tomorrow."

Mom never came home.

I felt dirty that I'd invaded their private space. The email was both tender and fucking sexy as hell. I felt bad, but I also felt good. I felt closer to both of them. I felt I could see their relationship better. I could feel their love for each other and their love for us.

They were lovers. Passionate ones. Not just our parents. That was new to me. I thought about it. About 10 years ago they had a master bedroom suite built over the garage on the other side of the house. They had put in insulated doors. The walls were already insulated because it was attic space. We never thought anything of it. Now I realized that the room was private and virtually soundproof.

I also understood why dad was single. Who could compete with what he had.

I sat and pondered it a bit. I cried a bit. I still missed mom. I cried for dad's loss.

I heard Jen come in and go to her room. I picked up my iPad and knocked on her door.

She told me to come in and said, "What's up?"

I told her how I found the email and that I'd read it. She just looked at me. I hadn't told her what was in it yet. Just that it was an email to dad on the day before the accident.

She then asked, "Do I want to read it?"

I didn't know. I told her it was very intimate. It described their love for each other, their love for us, and, in great detail, their sex life.

"Is it gross," she asked.

I said, "Of course! It's our parents." She laughed.

"No it's not gross," I said. "They weren't doing weird stuff, but they were aggressive and adventurous."

Jen told me to send it to her.

As I left the room she said, "I had a dream about mom the other night. I don't remember what it was about. She was trying to get me to fix something."

About an hour later Jen came into my room. She was crying. She sat on my bed and said, "That is the sweetest, sexiest, grossest, thing I've ever read.

We laughed. It's gross learning intimate details of your parents sex life. On the other hand we both felt closer to mom.

Jen said, "I miss mom."

"Me too," I said.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" Jen asked.

We hadn't shared a bed since the accident. There was a while there neither one of us wanted to be alone.

I moved over and held out my arms. Jen climbed into bed and put her head on my shoulder. Her arms around me felt good. I admit the email had made me a little horny.

Jen moved her head and looked at men. I kissed her. I kissed her on the lips. No tongue or anything, but more than we'd ever kissed before. She sighed. We fell asleep.

Saturday was mom and dad's anniversary. We still celebrated it. It was our way of remembering mom. Dad was taking us to a fancy restaurant in the city.

As usual, Jen came in my room and asked what I was wearing.

I thought for a moment and said, "Something a little slutty."

"Slutty? With Dad?"

"Yeah, why not. The email said that dad loved to go out with mom when she was dressed a little slutty. He liked seeing guys check her out. He liked when women got upset. He liked being seen with her," I said. "Who do you know that would make better eye candy than us?"

Jen laughed. "How slutty?"

I pulled out a black dress. It was a bustier style and showed off lots of cleavage. I couldn't wear a bra with it. The top fit my body like a second skin. It flared out at the hips into a loose skirt. It came to a little less than mid thigh.

"This should do," I said. "I'll wear a small black shrug with it to cover my shoulders. Something I can take off while people watch. That was in the email also. Undressing."

"Look," I went on. "Dad is proud of us. He loved it when mom dressed slutty. Maybe it will cheer him up to be out with two hot women"

"Ok," laughed Jen. "A little slutty it is."

"Don't forget cute panties," I said.

"Dad's not going to see my panties!" she said.

I replied, "Didn't you read about the flashing."

She laughed and went to get dressed.

I put on the dress. It showed lots of cleavage. I looked hot. I looked in my panty drawer. Black dress. If someone's going to notice them there has to be contrast. I pulled out a little pink thong and put it on. I felt naughty. I also felt hot.

Jen was downstairs when I got there. She was wearing a tight red dress, It was open on either side to the hip and held together with criss cross laces on both sides.

Dad gave us the once over. He didn't complain. He just said, "Don't you two look hot. What's the occasion?"

I jumped in. "We're having dinner with a very handsome man tonight and we need to show other women that we have the goods to keep him."

Dad laughed. "Well I'm pretty sure you will succeed. Let's go."

Jen jumped in the back of the car. I jumped in the front. The car was low and as I climbed in my dress rode up. An inch more you'd see pink panties. I moved a bit. They showed a bit. I noticed dad look. He was smiling. That made me happy.

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