tagBDSMBringing Her Along Ch. 02

Bringing Her Along Ch. 02


It was no surprise to anyone that Tiffany was back the next day.

What was perhaps a surprise to Tiffany, was that Mistress was not there. Well, actually she was there, but she had gone to her bedroom and left us to fulfil her plans for the day.

Tamara opened the door. Tamara was naked as usual, save for her collar and cuffs, but today was wearing little bells on her nipples. They made a nice jingling sound when she walked. I had a set too, but they were still in their drawer today.

- Ma'am. I must apologize, but Mistress is indisposed.

- oh, But I was just speaking to her on the phone.

- Yes, Ma'am. If you'll follow me. Tamara walked away leaving Tiffany little choice but to follow the tinkling of Tamara and her tit bells. She was leading her to the bedroom wherein I waited. And since I too could hear the bells I was getting excited too.

When they got to the door of the bedroom, Tamara turned to Tiffany.

- You should remove your clothes here. And stuck out her hand to take her clothes.

Tiffany paused. A bit unsure, but, then pulled the sundress of her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She bent and picked it up and handed it to Tamara who folded it over her arm and smoothed it out.

- Ma'am, you will not need panties in this house. And the panties were removed and placed on top of the dress.

Tamara stood back and allowed Tiffany to pass into the bedroom where I was waiting. And she looked good as she came into the room and stopped before me. And while she was naked, I was wearing boxer briefs along with my collar and cuffs. I was dressed!

She stood close in front of me, suddenly unsure again, and only when she lowered her gaze to my cock behind the black shorts, did I reach out and start my tit mauling that she so obviously enjoyed.

As before I manhandled her while she kept her arms at her side and just moaned. I again went for the nipples after some time and I could see her fidgeting and rubbing her legs together and getting wetter by the minute.

I stopped playing with her nipple ad tits and just let her stand and regain her breathe. I didn't push her to her knees this time, I just waited. I had been told what to do and I was doing it. I waited and she eventually got her heart rate under control and opened her eyes to see me just looking at her.

Slowly, but like some force was driving her, she went to her knees and was again at eye level with my cock. But this time my cock was hidden, but bulging.

Eventually she could wait no more and she reached with her hands to lower my briefs and expose my cock. It sprang free and pointed up when she did and she began to lower her head, when I stopped her by saying

- All the way off.

She went back to work on my briefs and pulled them all the way down to my feet. I stepped out of one leg and then the other and she carefully folded them and places them on the nightstand beside her.

- Good

She rose up on her knees then so she could get my cock in her mouth without using her hands and began another earnest blowjob. Bobbing up and down, trying to keep her teeth covered and her hair falling down around her head. There's a reason that slaves tend to have short hair or lots of ponytails. I didn't let it go as long this time.

Gently but firmly using her hair as a handle, I brought her up from kneeling. My cock slipped out of her mouth with a plop, and I turned her around so she was still standing but was leaning over the bed.

Then using both hands on her hips I bent my knees to get the right angle and I thrust forward smoothly entering her wet pussy and proceeded all the way till by balls slapped her clit and I was fully inside, practically lifting her off her feet on that first thrust.

She gasped then and I started the fucking. Just as mistress had instructed. I built up to a pretty good pace, all the while ensuring that she was bent over, but not resting on the bed. She had to keep her hands down. Her tits swaying back and forth and her moans as I rammed forward as far as I could into her before pulling almost all the way out to ram forward again.

Looking down at her as I gripped her hips even hard, she was one sexy sight. She continued to moan and shake and basically be my sex doll as I pounded her.

And it wasn't too long until I could tell she was heading for a rip roaring orgasm. Her head came up and her body stiffened and I could feel her pussy grabbing at my cock and she let out one long moan. Yup, another good cum for her.

I only let her rest for a couple of seconds before I started my rhythm today. There were a couple of lessons in today's workbook, and number one was that it wasn't all about her.

But I needed to watch my timing carefully.

I got back into some serious banging. And boy, even though she was really wet now, it was still a great ride. I even reached around to grab her tits some and work her nipples as I worked to bring her back to another orgasm.

And it didn't seem to take long. The moaning and the thrusting back on me showed me that she was getting there.

But so was I. For the first time actually. And with a few last pumps, and with the pre-authorization of Mistress, I grabbed her hips, thrust right to the bottom and blasted her pussy with cum. It was my turn to shake a moan and orgasm.

I had beaten her to the punch for her second cum, as was directed.

I'm not sure if she was expecting me to do something to get her over that line to which she was so close, but I wasn't going to help her. I was going to leave her on the edge. It would help make the next step easier.

And the next step was to grab her by the hair again, gently but firmly, and pull her off the bed and back to her knees looking at my cum covered cock. Her cum. My cum, all there and starting to drip.

I pulled her head towards my cock. It was cleanup time. Slaves always cleaned up. After themselves and after others.

She hesitated, but only slightly and then she was on my cock. Slurping and sucking as it slowly deflated, although it would never fully deflate.

After a minute on my cock I used her hair to direct her to my balls. There was definitely lots of pussy juice there from slapping at her as I banged away.

Again, she seemed to take to it like a duck to water. She lapped away and worked over my entire ball area, even after I let go of her hair.

When I judged that she had been at it enough, I simply stepped back. She looked up at me after my balls had cleared her face. I smiled, reached down to grab her tits, then her nipples and used them as leverage to bring her to her feet. Her nipples, were still hard.

Then I simply turned and walked out of the door. She had little alternative but to follow. While I went to our slave room to clean up for the remainder of the day, Tamara met her with her dress and led her to the front door, still naked, where she gave her the dress to don and depart.

We both then returned to the main living room and knelt before Mistress and related exactly what had happened.

We didn't see Tiffany the next day or for the weekend. Anthony was back in town.

On Sunday, as Master watched the football game and Mistress played with her smartphone, she coyly asked him,

- How was your golf with Anthony yesterday?

Now, as she asked this, Tamara was busy slowly bobbing up and down on Master's cock. I mean was there any other way to enjoy a football game?

I was laying over Mistress's lap. She liked to trap my cock between her legs and then rub my ass. After all she had bought it and then sculpted it just how she wanted. And the rubbing was for her pleasure, not mine.

- You little minx. You don't care at all about the golf. You want to know if he said anything about Tiffany.

Mistress did nothing but smile.

- well, he did tell me over our second beer at the clubhouse, that she has banged him like a drum ever since he got back, and he is wondering what next weekend is going to be like as he is away again all this week. He even whispered that she cleaned him up.

- You had better save some of that for me for later

- Absolutely. Ok, you two, off and get supper ready.

Later on, at bedtime, our owners took part in what could only be called a ferocious fuck, while we listened and waited for our cues. We went to our slave bed incredible turned on but unable to satisfy ourselves.

Monday came and so did Tiffany. And Tuesday and Wednesday. The routine as pretty much the same. Met at the door by Tamara. Escorted to the bedroom where she took off her dress before going inside. She didn't bother with panties anymore, they just got ripped or confiscated. She would enter the room, where I would manhandle her tits, get a blow job that was improving daily (practice does make perfect), then I would fuck her like a man possessed. Either on her back or doggy. She would cum. I would cum. She would clean and then she would be escorted out. Mistress always claimed to be somewhere else during these times.

It was a tough job, but Mistress had demanded it. What could I do?

On Thursday it got changed a little. Tamara suggested that Tiffany remove her dress at the front door right after entering. And she did, after only a slight pause. Tiffany then led her through the house into the bedroom. But I wasn't there.

Tiffany stopped inside the bedroom, slightly confused and horny. When she turned towards Tamara, Tiffany reached out and manhandled her tits much like I had been doing for days now. When she tried to raise her hands to stop it, Tamara simply grabbed them and put then down at her sides, and continues her manipulation of those luscious breasts. As with me, Tiffany could little resist. She was getting wetter by the moment and beginning to moan when I walked in.

Tamara fell to her knees in front of my cock and Tiffany followed suit a little bit slower. Tamara grabbed my fairly hard cock and directed it into Tiffany's mouth where she seemed to find her stride and began blowing as best she could. Then Tamara eased her off the cock and put it in her own mouth and used all of her skills while only inches from Tiffany's face.

I grabbed Tiffany by the hair (not too hard) and drew her to her feet even as Tamara continued the awesome blow job. I gently spun her into the doggy position and Tamara let my cock slip out of her mouth and I almost immediately plunged it into a very wet and accommodating pussy.

Tiffany moaned as I went right to the bottom, and when she opened her eyes, immediately in front of her was Tamara playing with her own pussy. Playing with her pussy and looking Tiffany right in the eye. Tiffany would be licking that pussy soon enough. There were plans.

Given the prep session of the two women, and the hot scene in front of me, it wasn't taking me too long to get to the finish line. And I could tell Tiffany was getting there too.

So I stopped. I stopped thrusting and just sat there.

Tamara lifted her head and looked at her.

- Ask to cum

- What ... What do you mean

- You're going to cum, aren't you? You have to ask before you do.

I started thrusting again. And she was getting close.

I stopped. Tiffany again,

- Ask to cum.

- Its so close. I need to come

- Then ask!

- Please. May I cum

- yes, you certainly may

And I thrust into her with a frenzied passion that very quickly brought her to a toes squirming orgasm, and I followed slightly after, making sure I was into her right to the hilt. Right to the balls.

We rested a minute. And then I pulled out and Tiffany, now knowing her place, turned around, lowered herself to her knees and took my slightly softened cock in her mouth to clean me off. And my balls. She lapped my balls as well. Tamara came and stood beside her and we looked down until I stepped back after ensuring she had spent an adequate time cleaning me up.

She followed Tamara to the front door where she replaced her dress and departed.

Friday was a repeat. Naked at the front door. Warmed up by Tamara. Pre fuck blowjob by the two of them, and a demand to seek permission to cum. Which she did.

And she came big. Like always. A very orgasmic woman was Tiffany. I did not.

After cleanup, the two women made to leave as usual. But Tamara walked towards the living room, and out of habit, Tiffany followed her.

When she walked into the living room, Mistress was seated on the couch and looked up

- Tiffany, there you are. Nice to see you. Come sit by me.

Tiffany slowed to a stop. She had not expected and was not prepared for this. She was completely naked and still reeking of sex. But mistress would have none of the delay

- Come on. Over here by me. Quickly now

And she did move, although slowly, towards mistress. Tamara had taken her place on the other side on mistress on her knees and Tiffany moved to sit beside mistress on the couch.

- No, no Tiffany. We don't want to leave a mess on the couch. Here on the floor beside me.

And because there didn't seem to be anything else to do, given her current state, she let herself down to the floor. Mistress began stroking her hair as she talked to her.

- Tiffany, We're having a dinner party tomorrow, night and we would like you and Anthony to come. I just won't take no for an answer. So we'll see you tomorrow night. Ok?

- That would be nice

- My, my, look at him over there. He seems rather hard. Did he not cum. Did you not let him finish?

Tiffany had no answer. What could she say. Every other time I had banged her I had cum, but not today. And truth be told, she was always just enjoying her own climax and not worried about mine.

- Well, we can't leave the poor slave like that. Go over and finish him off. After all, he did give you a good ride, based on what I could hear out here.

This caused yet another blush from Tiffany. And confusion. Surely she wasn't expected to do anything with me, a slave, right here, right now?

But again, Mistress did not brook delays or refusals.

- Come, Come, get over there and get him off.

Tamara moved and took her arm gently and they both shuffled the few steps on their knees until they were both looking at my turgid cock in the eye.

Tiffany slowly reached for my cock with her hand, but just as slowly, Tamara took her hand and put it behind her back, and quietly said

- Just like in the bedroom.

She looked at Tamara, she looked at Mistress and then she looked at my cock. She hesitated and then rising up on her knees, she took my cock between those luscious lips and began blowing me.

She closed her eyes and got into it. And then to help her along, while holding her hands behind her hands behind her back with one hand, Tamara used her other hand to play with Tiffany's tits. They sprung up hard and proud immediately and she moaned around my cock.

Mistress sat there and smiled. It was all coming along fine.

And the whole thing was working for me. Even with all the training, even with all the use, this still got me excited and I was getting to the end.

- Please, Mistress, may I cum

- Yes, slave, of course you may come. No messes over there.

I didn't need any more encouragement, and I spurted one big one into Tiffany's mouth that caused her to jerk in response. But I also held her head, so that she couldn't get far away, and then spurt after spurt of gooey cum coated her mouth.

When I let her head go, she slowly backed of my cock, until with a pop it sprang free.

She really had no choice but to swallow. And swallow she did. Once, twice and even a third time.

Tamara, then grabbed her and kissed her straight on the mouth. Pushing her tongue into her mouth and leaving little resistance in her wake. She broke the kiss and then cleaned me up, but Tiffany had taken most of the cum with her and there was very little too clean up.

We all turned towards Mistress when I had taken my place beside them on my knees.

- Very good. Now off you go. See you tomorrow night.

And with that mistress rose gracefully from the couch and retired to her bedroom. Tamara and I had lowered our head to the floor as per our protocol and raised them when she had departed.

Tiffany was there still kneeling with a good taste of cum in her mouth and a slightly confused look. We both rose, and so did Tiffany and Tamara left for the front door with Tiffany following. She replaced her dress there and then left.

The next day's dinner party was small. In fact it was only our Owners and Tiffany and Anthony. Tamara and I were busy all afternoon preparing for the dinner under Mistress's strict supervision. I am accomplished cook, both by nature and by training. And it is amazing how a riding crop on a bare ass can focus you on the small details of preparing a fine dining meal.

At 7 o'clock, Tiffany and Anthony rang the doorbell. Tamara opened the door. She was wearing the tiniest little French maid outfit that showed off oh so much of her great rack and covered only the top part of her ass and barely kept her shaved pussy covered. She wore towering 6 inch shiny black leather heels to round out the uniform for the night.

Anthony was appreciative of the sight as they came through the door. Tamara ushered them towards the living room where our Owners were relaxing. She took their drink orders (Scotch and White wine) and returned to the kitchen where I was just getting the Yorkshire puddings into the oven.

She managed the drinks while I worked on the presentation of the food. It was to be family style tonight, with dishes on the table, and I was getting everything ready.

I was wearing a bow tie attached to my collar, my usual cuffs on wrists and ankles and a pair of tight shorts made from tuxedo cloth. Hidden snaps allowed Mistress to bare my cock or my ass or both. She had carefully selected and sculpted them, so she often felt the need to show them off.

I placed the food on the table and Tamara called in our owners and their guests to the dinner.

We were kept busy during dinner, keeping the dishes full, replenishing wine glasses and just generally being available. When we weren't doing anything we stood just behind our Master's chair, ready to leap into action.

After we cleared the main course, I prepared the dessert while Tamara asked about drinks. She came into the kitchen to help me bring out the simple apple crumble with whipped cream I had prepared.

Before returning to the dining room, though, we both removed what little clothes we had so that only our cuffs and collars remained. Then we carried in the dessert.

Tiffany's eyes went wide and then she looked away from me as I placed her dessert before her. Anthony was admiring Tamara as she placed his dessert before him. Before she could leave, Master called out to Anthony.

- yes she is a good looking one. We're lucky to have gotten her into our service. Have a good feel, if you like.

And with little hesitation, even with his wife sitting across from him, he reached down to fondle tiffany's magnificent ass. Tiffany remained in place letting it happen, as we always did, waiting to be able to deliver her second dessert.

- my, my that is quite the piece you have there.

He might be inexperienced in this slave thing, but he was taking to it like a duck to water. Which caused Mistress to smile.

- Why don't you try that slave, Tiffany? I've worked very hard to make that ass as firm as it is!

I thought to myself that I had done most of the work there, but my ass, as with everything else, did belong to my mistress.

Tiffany, to her credit, did reach behind me as I stood beside her chair and began to fondle my ass. The last time she had felt that, she also had my cock in her mouth and was using it as leverage to bury more down her throat. And I'm sure that was going through her mind too, as her face flushed a little.

- yes. Very nice. Congratulations.

- ok, enough fun time, I'm hungry for my dessert.

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