tagBDSMBringing Her Along Ch. 03

Bringing Her Along Ch. 03


We were released from our binds on Monday morning and went immediately into the morning routine.

In the afternoon, Tamara met Tiffany at the front door as usual. Another week of travel for Anthony and another week of exploration for Tiffany.

She removed her dress without a thought. Or more accurately thinking that this is what has to happen when I arrive. There were no panties and this time no bra either. Before they moved, Tamara, encircled Tiffany's neck with a collar the same as hers, and snapped it shut.

- Mistress believes you should wear this when you are here.

With that done, she turned and led her to the bedroom as before. Once inside the bedroom, she knelt down and waited for Tiffany to follow suit.

Then Tamara proceeded to instruct her on how to kneel. She corrected almost everything about her stance until it was correct and she could rise and do it again.

Then I came in.

There was the pre-action blowjob as before, only this time starting from a proper slave kneeling position.

Then onto the bed she went, although this time I had positioned a pillow to keep her chest a little higher on the bed.

I entered her pussy with little difficulty given how wet it was and once again, when she opened her eyes, Tamara and her pussy were right in front of her.

Only this time even closer. Tamara lifted her head using her hair and told her

- lick!

Tiffany started to bring her hands around to the front. Whether it was to assist or resist, it didn't matter, as I easily grabbed them and held them behind her back.

I also stopped thrusting. And I waited while it sunk in what had to happen and Tamara instructed her again.

- lick my pussy. Eat my pussy.

It was not loud, but it was demanding. It brooked no dissent.

And it was only when she started taking those first licks that I returned to thrusting into her from my position behind her.

The more she licked and sucked the harder I pounded her. Using her captured hands as leverage to ensure I was getting right to the bottom.

- Don't forget to ask

As I sensed her climbing towards her climax.

- Please. Please May I?

- May I what?

- Please may I cum? Please!

- Keep licking and yes you may.

My deep thrusts were pushing her face into Tamara's wet and wonderful pussy and she was licking with wild abandon now.

Then the train started. Tamara, who had worked on herself before to ensure she was ready, stiffened and came right on Tiffany's face. This combined with the full fucking she was receiving from me pushed her over the edge to another one of her toe curling cums, and together that was enough to put me over the edge as I rammed as deep as I could and unloaded shot after shot of cum deep inside her.

We all rested for a few moments, gathering our wits and our strength. I pulled out with a plop and stepped back.

When Tiffany didn't move, I guided her to her knees, and Tamara told her

- kneel

She did, properly, after a couple of seconds for everything to register, and I presented my cock for her to clean. Which she did with no hesitation.

When I was glistening clean, she kneeled back and looked up at me. I smiled and left the room to again report to Mistress everything that had happened.

Tamara rose and connected a chain leash to the collar around Tiffany's neck and with a gentle pull brought her to her feet and then proceeded to lead her out to the front door. She removed the collar and leash and hung them on a prominent hook just beside the door. Tiffany replaced her dress and headed off.

Tuesday Tiffany was back. There was no way she could stay away. Mistress had effectively awakened something that would always keep her coming back. And it just wasn't the sex and amazing orgasms either.

The routine was pretty much the same. Collar and leash at the door. Led to the bedroom, and this time they went over the Present position and the kneeling position.

She licked Tamara to an orgasm as I pounded into her, holding her hands behind her back, and she cleaned me up after it was all over.

As she pulled back from cleaning me, and I also stepped back, I quietly instructed

- Stand, Present

It took a second to react, but then she realized what I had said and what it meant and she rose fairly gracefully (still some more practice needed) and got into the Present position. I made her hold it as I walked around her and used my hands to fondle a tit, and ass, draw a finger across her wet and dripping pussy. She was getting used to it, even if it was another slave, as naked as she was, doing it.

I left and Tamara used the leash to get her to the front door and she was away again.

Wednesday included the Down position. Ass up, head down, everything displayed.

And after another good cum for all of us, I put her through the positions before Tamara took her away and out again.

On Thursday, at the door, Tamara also placed perfectly fitting cuffs to Tiffany's wrists, connected them behind her back and brought her to the bedroom. Her hands remained behind her back for all parts for the usual manhandle, bang and clean session.

Tamara only released her hands when they returned to the front door.

Friday was different.

Friday morning as we were going through our normal routine, Mistress stepped out of the shower accompanied by Tamara and as she was wrapped in the big fluffy towel previously warmed for this moment, she turned to Master and told him

- We're going to the next step today.

Master was shaving. His cock was in my mouth as he carefully scraped away the cream and whiskers and I carefully kept his cock warm and semi-excited.

- Well that should be interesting. Good luck.

Later in the afternoon, Tiffany arrived as usual. The cuffs, collar and leash were affixed after she stripped, and Tamara took the leash and led her away.

But this time she took her to the living room where I waited as well. We all three stood there until Mistress entered and then we all kneed.

Mistress seated herself on the couch and called for Tiffany to come and join her. Which was not exactly easy given her hands were cuffed behind her back, but she was learning this, as everything, quickly. As before, that meant on the floor at her feet, not on the couch.

- Sometimes we just need to be direct. And I am going to be direct. Tiffany, your service skills are not up to my standard

There was a pause, as Tiffany did not know exactly what that meant. Mistress leaned down a bit and looked her in the eye while cupping her chin

- Your blow job skills. They're not up to my standard.

A pause for this to settle in

- We need to make you a better cock sucker.

While Tiffany didn't balk or reject the assessment, she did begin to blush a bit. Afterall, in all her life no one had complained about her skills. Not that she had done too much, but still ..

¬- you will practice now. You will listen to Tamara. You will learn and you will get better.

- You may begin.

I rose to my feet, and both Tamara and Tiffany took their kneeling places before me. And yes my cock was at full wood. I knew what was coming and I was excited.

Tiffany looked at my cock, glanced sideways at both Tamara and Mistress, then with a gulp, decided to get it over, raised herself up and opened her mouth to take it all in.

Tamara began whispering instructions in her ear. Instructions that she had learned from her (our) time at the Academy.

- Don't take it all in at first. Lick the head, lick the shaft, and tongue his balls. Take your time to get to the main event.

And Tiffany listened. For several minutes, while Tamara watched and coached, and Mistress observed, she licked, fluttered and kissed her way around my cock and balls.

She was literally getting better by the minute.

Then came time for the main event. She rose up again, opened her mouth and took my now achingly hard cock as deep as she could.

- Keep your tongue out so that the cock rests on it as you take him deep. Try to get more. Now work it up and down while swirling your tongue. That's it.

Tamara was rubbing her ass as she talked and coached her. Petting her like a prized pet. And Tiffany was reacting like a prized pet would. She was trying even harder.

Mistress rose from the couch then, patted Tiffany on the head and left the room.

Now, this caused some confusion for a second. It was such an unusual position for Tiffany. On her knees, hands behind her back, sucking on a slave's cock while being instructed and observed, ordered to improve, and now the observer has left the room.

But she continued.

I had other concerns once Mistress left. Tiffany was getting good and I was getting close. Yet, I couldn't come without permission and I couldn't get permission if Mistress wasn't here. Time to buckle down and resist the improving skills being demonstrated on my cock.

Mistress returned in a few butt clenching minutes.

- Now Tiffany, cum is going to be a huge part of your life. You must get used to it. You must appreciate it. You must desire it. Today you will keep the cum in your mouth and you will show it to me. Then you will swallow. You will always swallow cum. You will not spill a drop or waste it.

Tamara, still whispering instructions, had now taken to rubbing Tiffany fine tits. Well, the one closest to her anyways, still talking to her like a pet, still urging her on while tweaking a nipple.

- Slave, you may cum when ready.

Wow. I didn't have to ask, and no response was needed and it only took a few more seconds until I exploded in her mouth. My knees shook and I shot for or five good spurts into her mouth.

Tiffany had tensed at the first shot, but she kept her lips sealed around my cock as her mouth filled with cum.

When I was finished, she carefully removed herself from my cock and obediently turned to mistress with an open mouth to show her all the cum I had deposited there.

Mistress leaned over her, and took both her nipples in her hands and tweaked and rolled them while looking directly in the eye

- Good girl. Taste it. Love it!

- Now swallow it. And clean him up.

Back on familiar ground, she cleaned me up quickly.

- Tiffany, you are improving. So let's do that again.

- Boy! Come here.

Raul, a Latin slave about my height and well proportioned, walked into the room from the bedroom. Naked as me. Cuffs and collar like me. Proud, but looking down as a good slave should.

Tiffany was a bit stunned. Up till now, it had been a close, almost personal exploration, but now it was being expanded.

- all right. Let's do it again.

And Raul presented his cock, and with only the slightest hesitation, Tiffany started again, with Tamara right by her side rubbing her ass, and her tits, offering advice, encouragement and incentive.

About thirty minutes later, Tiffany was again showing Mistress a big mouthful of cum, and Mistress was again stroking her tits and nipples, and instructing her on cum and her future, before letting her swallow.

- A good start. Now under the table.

It was over two hours later, after Tiffany had practiced performing under the table and taking pants off in the cramped quarters that Mistress finally called a halt to the practice. She had swallowed two more mouthfuls of cum after showing Mistress each one, and had definitely improved her skills, aided by Tamara at her side.

- ok everyone into the living room. Boys, pants back off.

We all hustled to get naked again and to get to or positions in the living room. On our knees facing Mistress.

- Tiffany. Here.

And Tiffany moved to beside Mistress on the floor. Mistress dropped her hand until it was just at Tiffany's closest tit and gently stroked as she contemplated what she would say.

- I am very pleased with your progress Tiffany. Very pleased.

- And I am very pleased with all of your work today. Tamara, you may take these two boys and enjoy two orgasms. Off you go.

Raul and I followed Tamara, and two hours later she had achieved her two orgasms and we all rested on the mattress in the slaves' room.

Back in the living room.

- Tiffany. I am having a dinner party tomorrow night and even though I have Raul for the evening I am still one short to help serve. Please arrive by 5:00 to be ready to serve.

- But Anthony is home tomorrow.

- Yes he is. But I know that he is going out to the game with the boys tomorrow and you are therefore free.

- And another thing. No cumming between now and then. No masturbation and no sex with Anthony. You may blow him for practice, as long as he keeps his pants on and you have him seated.

- Do you understand?

- uhm. Yes.

- Great. You may see yourself out. I'll just keep this leash and you can leave your collar on until tomorrow night.

And she returned to the front door, replaced her dress, left the collar on for the first time, and left for home, confused, horny, excited, dreading and anticipating the next day.

The next day was a blur of preparations. Raul was with us for the whole day having been lent to us by his Mistress who would also be attending this evening's dinner party. Four couples were expected, and that was one reason why Mistress wished for Tiffany to help out.

Tiffany arrived as expected. We didn't know, but she waited a full ten minutes outside the door before knocking shyly at exactly 5:00. But knock she did. And in she came.

Tamara immediately took charge and grabbing her hand, whisked her off to the slaves' bathroom to get themselves ready.

Raul and I were already dressed. Bow tie over our new form fitting shiny stainless steel collar and cuffs at each wrist and ankle. We also wore tuxedo shorts. Tight fitting to show off our asses and packages. As my owners have said on more than one occasion, what is the point of owning it if you can't show it off.

The girls were working on makeup and hair. Mistress wanted demure makeup, and an up do hairstyle so that the leather lined, shiny stainless steel collars stood out. The one large grommet at the front for the leash drew everyone's eyes.

Their outfits left little to the imagination and were the epitome of sexy French maid. The white laced, black skirt rode high on the back so that almost their entire ass was visible, and slightly lower in front such that the pussy was barely hidden. There was no underwear of course, and the corset middle covered just enough of their tits to hide their nipples while showing tremendous cleavage. While Raul and I were barefoot, they girls wore six inch shiny black stilettos such that they were almost as tall as we were.

Soon we were all lined up for inspection by our owners. All four of us standing tall, hands behind or heads.

Our owners moved around us inspecting every bit of us to ensure perfection. They were having three couple over tonight and wanted everything to go exactly as planned. Their plans. We didn't know all their plans but had to be ready for them.

As Mistress circled around me she asked about the dinner and its cooking.

- Mistress, it is coming along nicely, I expect everything to be ready and cooked to perfection on time.

- And the dessert

- Mistress, it is ready to go into the oven and will be hot and ready at dessert time

Mistress was listening to my report, but she was also fondling my ass. Rubbing it this way and that. Not a tease kind of rub, a definite ownership kind of rub. When she moved to my front package, my cock strained to expand in its restrictive pocket. Mistress smiled at my inner turmoil.

She moved over to Raul and performed much the same inspection without asking him any questions.

Master was also busy. His hands were working the exposed asses of both Tamara and Tiffany. He was both asserting his power and also teasing them. His finger occasionally dipped lower into their slits where he gauged their arousal. And they were aroused. He removed his hands and went around front to expertly manipulate their tits while outwardly pretending to shift their costume to just the right position.

- Looking good. Off you go. Let's have a good party tonight.

We all scurried off for the last minute jobs and to prepare for the arrival of our guests.

Tonight's guests knew our Owners well and would not be surprised at the slaves serving them dinner. They would enjoy it. In fact, Raul's Owners would be partaking of the evening.

The dress code for the night was refined elegance. Not quite black tie, but close. Mistress looked stunning in her black dress with pearls and hair done nicely, and Master was in his best black suit. I had laid it out and brushed it for him earlier.

In the kitchen there were some last minute whispers about upcoming jobs.

- Tiffany. Remember to stay focused on your job. Do NOT let distraction actually distract you!

The doorbell rang and we scampered off to our places. I returned to the kitchen to make the final touches, while the girls went to the door to welcome our guests and Raul prepared the drinks at the small bar in the living room.

Tiffany and Tamara remained standing as they opened the door and received the guests. It would have been awkward to try and receive coats and scarves and lead the guests to Mistress and Master while constantly shifting from kneeling to standing.

Tiffany was helping the incoming lady with her scarf when she couldn't help but notice Tamara. She had taken the gentleman's coat and as she turned to hang it in the closet he began fondling her ass. She remained still in order to give him access but continued her task of getting the coat on the hangar and ready to put away.

After a good fondle and a subtle repositioning of his own package he let his hand fall away and Tamara opened the door and quickly hung of the jacket as well as the scarf and jacket that Tiffany handed her.

Tiffany could not help notice that the gentleman, this new Master was now looking her over intently. She blushed, lowered her eyes and couldn't help the tingling between her legs and her nipples nearly popping through her miniscule maid outfit.

Tamara led the couple who, arm in arm, admired her fine ass as they moved to the living room.

- The new girl is really something

Raul took charge of getting drinks as the guests mingled with our Owners. He too, had his ass handled, and a brief exploration of his unclothed chest when he delivered the white wine to our visiting Mistress.

The next couple arrived and were greeted, and escorted to the living room with the others. Tamara had once again had her ass fully explored by the newly arrived Master.

The third couple was slightly different.

They arrived, had their coats taken, took full liberty of Tamara's ass, then swung their attention to Tiffany.

- oh my, the new one is delectable.

- Present! Both of you.

Tamara placed herself in front of the newly arrived Master and Mistress, placed her high heeled shoes shoulder width apart and brought her hands up behind her head. Her ass naturally jutted out in back and her tits did the same in the front. Tiffany paused only a second to see what was happening before she took the same stance right beside her.

Although the new Master trailed his hand over Tamara's ass as he walked behind her it was apparent he was more interested in Tiffany at the moment, stopping immediately behind her.

He paused, which only drove Tiffany's suspense higher as he admired the view. Tiffany jumped only slightly when his hand came down to fondle her ass, but she kept her hands up, her tits out and feet locked in placed.

- Yes, this new one is remarkable. And this attention is getting to her.

This was said as his finger dipped down her crevice to feel the moisture that had begun to accumulate there from her excitement. Tiffany kept composed. Focused on what she must do. The master kept fondling and enjoying her ass.

- Dear you should see her nipples. They are trying to burst from their top!

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