tagBDSMBringing Her Along Ch. 06

Bringing Her Along Ch. 06


- well my dear. We should get dressed and get going.

And then to us

- You two. Chauffeur uniform. Slave. Just as you are.

- And boy, go get the cage in the back of the truck.

Tamara and I dashed to our rooms to get into our Chauffeur uniforms. Something we could be seen in the outside world. For me it was shiny black shoes, pressed and tight dress slacks, a tight black t shirt over which I had a blazer. No underwear, of course, and the cockring would keep the bulge in front of the pants prominent.

Tamara also wore a blazer, but her shoes were 4 inch heels, and a short black miniskirt over her bare legs. The crop top under the blazer showed off her toned tummy. And underwear was also forbidden.

While Tamara went to help our Owners with their dressing, and to assist Tiffany understanding on how to do it, I took the keys and put the cage in the back of the Chevy Tahoe and brought it around front.

When it was time to leave, we three slaves were at the front door waiting in line, Tamara and my self standing ready to be inspected in our uniforms, and Tiffany kneeling still with only her chrome accoutrements on.

After a quick inspection, including tweaking Tamara's nipples so they poked out from her crop top, Master took a leash and attached one end to Tiffany's collar and signalled her to rise and then we were out the door.

I opened the back and master indicated Tiffany should crawl into the cage. Which she did after only a moment's hesitation. I put the blanket over top to conceal it from prying vanilla eyes and closed the back and moved to open the door for Master. Tiffany and Mistress were already seated, when I took my place behind the wheel.

With our owners in the back seat, Tamara riding shotgun, Tiffany in the cage in the back, we were off. As I pulled away, Master said

- To The Academy

This caused a shudder from both Tamara and me. The Academy had put us through so much, but had also brought so much out of us. It was a love hate relationship for sure with the building, the staff and the Headmaster in charge.

The Academy was in the country. An old estate still surrounded by stone walls and fences and well away from nay neighbour. The main house was a large imposing gothic building that even still gave no hint of what happens inside.

It took more than an hour to arrive. We pulled up the circular drive in front of the main house as slaves descended on our car. They wore the unique Academy uniform. Large leather collar, cuffs, and a leather thong covering cocks and pussies, and bare chests.

Tamara and I were still at our Owners doors first and helped them alight. When I pulled open the back and removed the blanket, Tiffany seemed to almost shrink back. But Master opened the cage, grabbed the leash and pulled her out until she was standing. Then he attached her chrome cuffs behind her back, tweaked a nipple and strode away taking Mistress's hand in his own as he went. Tiffany had little choice but to follow, as the other slaves swept them up the stone stairs towards the massive front entrance.

We returned to the truck, parked it and entered through the side entrance. The slaves' entrance. Right inside the door was a kind of locker room. We quickly peeled off our uniforms and stored them in a locker. Slaves did not wear clothes at the Academy, not a lot of clothes anyways.

When we were ready we passed through the wooden door to the antechamber where there were a number of house slaves and handlers working at ensuring the evening's activities ran smoothly. We glided to our knees and then put our heads on the floor waiting for the Head Handler to acknowledge us.

- Ah. You two. It's been a while. You must be due for some refresher training here soon?

It was a question, but it required no answer. Our Owners would decide if we required refresher training.

- On your Feet. Inspection. Let's see how things have gone since you were last here.

We rose quickly to our feet and assumed the inspection position with our hands behind our heads, our chests pushed forward, and our toes just touching the line on the floor.

The head Handler moved around us looking at everything. He tweaked nipples, he ran his hand over our crotches looking for stubble, he ran a finger up to our rear holes, he checked to see how tight our collars were. He pinched at sides and legs looking at our conditioning.

- I think you'll be back sooner rather than later. It appears to me that you Owners have been a little slack.

Now Tamara and I didn't flinch. We didn't talk back, but we both tensed ever so slightly. Who was this man in front of us to tell us that your Owners were less than perfect? Our owners had us exactly where they wanted us and they were no slouches. We would gladly return to the Academy, if our Owners desired it, but we served our Owners before ourselves and this man was questioning them!

The Head handler actually noticed the stiffening in both our postures. But, unbeknownst to us, he took it as a measure of our commitment. He did not say anything about it. However,

- Not sure why your nipples are not rouged girl! Haven't we taught you anything? And boy, you should know better than that as well. Over the horse, the two of you. 10 should nicely warm you up.

We moved surely and knowingly to the horse on the far side of the room. We had both spent hours over this horse or others like it at the Academy, having our asses "warmed", or striped, or flogged or smacked or paddled.

There was no need for us to count. That was for bad porn movies. We simply braced ourselves and endured the 10 smacks from the wooden paddle.

And our asses were well and truly warmed when the last one finished and we were told to stand. We had only grunted during the last few as the pain and the heat built up.

The handler quickly attached our cuffs behind our backs, and then a leash to Tamara's collar. He also attached a leash to my collar, then ran it through Tamara's legs and up to her collar, forcing me to bend in half such that my nose was firmly planted in her butt crack. I could feel the heat of her ass cheeks on my own cheeks.

And my ass was glowing red like a caboose on a train as we started following the Handler out of the room and to rejoin our Owners.

My ass stayed very much up and open and my nose very much planted in Tamara's ass throughout the journey through the Academy. And the Academy was a hive of activity. Other Owners were arriving at the front door and being greeted and house slaves and trainees were scurrying hither and fro with drinks, appetizers and jackets to be hung up.

We passed into the main ballroom. A luxurious room with a massive chandelier in the middle and high vaulted ceilings. Today there were more than 50 leather wing backed chairs arranged around a small circular stage. Our Owners occupied two such chairs not far from the stage and Tiffany was on the floor between them.

As we stopped before them and the handler handed the leash over to Master, they both could not help but notice our travel position and our red asses. Only the Academy would dare to correct someone else's slave, but Master could still make his feelings understood.

Without accepting the leash he calmly asked

- How are they to serve us if they are attached in such a fashion with their hands restrained?

This caused the handler to pause, caught by something unusual.

Then he turned and unfastened our cuffs and our leashes that allowed us to take our positions kneeling beside our owners without further looking at him.

He turned back to present the now unattached leash to Master. But he was in conversation with Mistress and was studiously ignoring him. He was forced to wait almost a full minute before Master turned back.

- I don't need that. You may go.

There was a certain amount of inner joy that Master had sorted him out like he had.

Master and Mistress were already supplied with drinks and appetizers, so we had little to do, so we waited. Kneeling. Like the slaves we were.

Master and Mistress chatted and sat comfortably. It wasn't that many years ago, that they had sat here waiting for us to be displayed.

The night was a cross between a graduation and an auction. Those slaves already attached or owned were displayed so that everyone could see what they had become, and to whom they belonged.

Some slaves arrived unowned and today was the day they graduated and were auctioned off.

As we sat we could hear that tonight was the specialty night. The one night a year that specialty slaves were graduated and sold.

And what were the specialties. We would soon see. And it also explained the full house with over 50 Owners scattered around the room, with many, many slaves attending them, not counting the house slaves and trainees.

The band in the corner, a trio actually of two girls and one boy, was interesting enough to look at, given that they were all slaves and played their instruments in a costume that consisted mostly of a bow tie and thong. I guess no one wants drips on an expensive musical instrument.

When they finished their last number and went to their knees, it was apparent that the auction was set to begin.

The lights went down to almost nothing and then there was a parade of sorts that came into the room. Led by a handler, it was 6 very beautiful slaves with larger natural breasts (not every slave was beautiful and not everyone had large tits), who wore long floor length skirts with a large zipper up the front, six inch platform heels, and a solid steel collar on their neck from which a yoke emerged and went out two feet to capture their hands which were holding large lighted candles.

Their naked tits glimmered with oil and sparkles and from each of their nipples hung a glass pendant that caught and reflected the light. They were human chandeliers, and even more so when after they had been placed around the room at equal intervals, a naked male slave lowered the zipper on their skirts to the floor which gave them almost no room to move their feet, even if they had been so inclined.

- Well that's new. But I must say I like it. Perhaps we should be looking for a skirt like that for ours?

- It is a most interesting way to light a room!

With room and mood lighting taken care of, the spotlight on the stage rose and the Headmaster of the Academy strode to the stage. He wore an impeccable tuxedo, and carried himself with an air of grace and authority.

He had been running the Academy for so long no one could exactly point out when he arrived. There were rumours that he had actually gone through as a slave many many years ago.

The Academy was the premier training school for slaves the world over, and it was in no small part due to the Headmaster. His selection, his attention to detail, his all-encompassing training regimes produced nothing but the best and his graduates were highly sought after.

And believe me, Tamara and I knew how encompassing the training was!

There was polite applause as befitted the surroundings and he took a small gentlemen's bow before reaching out his hand.

A small sprite of a girl wearing nothing but a collar fairly flew towards the stage as light on her feet as a ballerina, and presented him with a microphone, before disappearing just as fast and elegantly.

- Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome once again to the Academy and our annual Auction of Specials.

- I do hope you are being well looked after

There was some laughter around the room. The mere thought that any Owner was not being well looked after within the walls of the Academy was approaching ludicrous.

He continued with a smile.

- I'm glad it is so.

- As you can see from your catalog, we have 5 lots for your attention this evening. We will, as always, be using the electronic bidders at your chairs for those that are up for auction.

- And let us begin.

From the entrance door appeared a handler dressed all in black and carrying a leash to a very attractive woman. The leash was attached to a shiny stainless steel solid collar, her skin was bronzed deep in a tan, and her long blond hair was tied up in a tight ponytail near the top of her head that let the blonde tresses flow down the back to her neck. Her makeup was near perfect, outlining her cheekbones and eyes with an expertise that demonstrated the hours the hair and make-up slave crew would have spent to get to this point in the day.

She wore a black satin gown attached with two spaghetti straps over her shoulders with a deep plunge in front and back and slits up the sides that showed her toned and tanned legs as she gracefully followed her handler.

On her hands were dark leather cuffs with chrome hardware.

On her feet, locked on with a small chrome padlock, were 5 inch strappy heels. Black heels to match the remainder of her outfit.

She walked a very peculiar walk. Honed by many hours of practice at the Academy. It was an Academy calling card. Her walk showed confidence. Confidence in what was happening and what she was. But, it was also the walk of a slave. There was no doubt that she was following her master and she was a slave. The walk enticed, it intrigued, it was seduction in movement. Difficult to explain, even more difficult to master, but drilled into every Academy slave.

She crossed the floor and rose onto the stage and then in a graceful and oft practiced move, lowered herself to her knees and then lower still to kiss the feet of the headmaster.

As she returned to her knees, the Headmaster took the leash from his underling and with a slight pull, indicated that she rise to her feet, which she immediately accomplished in yet another graceful move.

- Thank-you my dear

The headmaster was always courteous to everyone, slaves included. This curtesy did not lessen his high standards, his unwavering discipline or the corrections he either ordered or performed!

- This slave came to us voluntarily at the behest of her husband who wanted to better train her to be the wife he wanted. They were only a year into their marriage. She was six weeks into our training program when the difficulties arose.

- Her husband, through some market fluctuations, could no longer afford her training.

Oops. Academy training is not cheap, as to be expected from the premiere facility in the world. Although I do not know how much the training cost for me or what was paid for me. A slave does not need to know such things to be a slave.

- As you all remember, Ladies and Gentlemen, the board of directors of the Academy has strict rules and conditions for training, including prompt and full payment.

I could see, out of the corner of my eye, Master nodding and watching intently. This was an interesting, and perhaps, unprecedented event.

- Expulsion was the only possible course of action.

- But, our fair slave, had really discovered her inner self in those first six weeks. She begged to remain, to be fully trained, to become the slave she now knew that she was.

- There was only one way for that to happen. She would have to enter the auction. Her marriage would be ended. Her husband would have to relinquish his ownership. Only then could the costs be recouped and slavery be fulfilled.

- And it was so.

- She has no past. She relinquished all of it including her name when we took over her ownership. We simply call her "Slave". Her new owner will name her as required.

- And now let us begin with the Auction.

Master leaned over, took Tiffany by her collar and drew her up and to his chair such that she was resting on the arm

- Look little one. She how everything about her is grace and style and slavery. Trained over many weeks. Perfected by many hands. She is now a prized possession. Ready to belong to her Owner.

- You too can be in her place. Trained. Perfected. Owned.

- Watch closely. She is fulfilling her very destiny.

- Ladies and Gentlemen. This first lot of the night, named Slave, is 23 years old, 5 foot 4 inches tall, and weighing 104 lbs. Her breasts are 34D, and are young and firm.

- She has progressed well in the training and only recently passed the final exams.

As he spoke, on the wall behind him, but clearly visible to everyone, including Slave, were some images of her during her training. Strapped to an X and being whipped for some infraction or another. With a large cock in her mouth and her nose touching the bottom, during oral training. Various bondage outfits and other costumes. Various slave poses and positions.

The images were both explicit but properly lit and touched up. Buyers were going to pay great sums of money and were entitled to know everything about what they were going to get.

The headmaster had not misspoken about the exams. There were both written and oral exams, and physical tests over multiple days before the Academy's stamp of approval. They were grueling and both physically and mentally exhausting.

But there is no better day in a slave's life than when the stamp is placed on their file.

The Headmaster was conducting the auction.

- Thank you bidder 12, now who's next. Ah yes, bidder 3, a very nice bid. But there's more for this well trained slave.

The bidding had slowed. The bidders were waiting.

- Well then, let's see if we can interest you bidders some more.

The Headmaster moved to his slave and with a quick movement both spaghetti straps on her shoulders were undone and the dress slid to the floor to show the naked beauty underneath.

She had great tits!

No doubt about it. Not fake, not too large, just great. Great in a dress. Great naked.

And the bidding reflected that with bids coming so fast the headmaster could hardly thank one before the next came.

The slave was positioned with her hands behind her head which showed off her rack of tits and slim body even more. Interestingly, the academy had not gone for the six packs abs with this slave. She was more rounded and feminine. An obvious choice on the Academy's part in an effort to elicit more for her sale.

Master's hands had moved to Tiffany's tits and the show progressed.

- These are nice slave tits too. They would bring a nice price.

Playing with both her tits and her mind!

Over the course of the bidding, the unnamed slave, turned and bent over showing her well formed ass, perfectly shaved rear hole and glistening pussy lips. She stood still as the Headmaster tweaked her nipples and then checked her pussy with is fingers. She dutifully cleaned his finger off when presented to her lips.

And Finally she was sold. No price was announced, just that bidder 13 had been successful.

- Thanks you so much. You may come and claim her here or later in the green room.

He meant to claim her on the stage. After all part of the fun of owning slaves is showing them off.

The finely leather dressed gentlemen with salt and pepper hair strode to the stage, joining the Headmaster.

The slave knelt before him and kissed his right shoe, before returning to the kneeling position waiting for his command. Her new masters first command.

But, he simply took the leash and led her away, still naked. Led her away to her slave destiny.

Unbeknownst to the slave, but noted in the catalog, was the fact that her husband (ex-husband) was tied naked to a cross in the back in the shadows where he observed the whole auction. And the slave assigned kept him hard throughout and brought him to a large cum just as his wife (ex-wife) left the stage. He was then wheeled away and ushered out the side door.

It would only be a few weeks before he would be back, just as the Headmaster had envisioned it. Enrolled in the academy. With the funds paid, but still auctioned off months later to a strict gay couple were he would finally be happy in his own slavery.

The second slave of the auction came on stage as I was fetching drinks for our Owners. She was black. Chocolate brown. And her colour was nicely set off by the white leather collar and cuffs. Her hair was trimmed tight to her head.

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