tagErotic CouplingsBringing In a Marine

Bringing In a Marine


Waiting at the airport, Monica searches for the gate.

"B-12, B-12, where the heck is gate B-12?!"Looking up and down the corridors of the BWI airport, she finally spies the B-12 gate, and waits impatiently.

Her thoughts travel back to the day where she first met Chris. It was in one of those chat rooms in Hotmail. She had just entered and looked at the words roll by, the disgust of the immaturity flooded the screen. But then, a second screen popped up, and this charming boy began this interesting conversation. They had shared the same interests, music, and age. They were both fresh out of High School, and going their separate ways. When they were about to leave the room, they traded e-mail addresses.

Each day their conversation became more bold. More provocative, more love, passion, and even more lust, until they couldn't wait to get on-line to talk to each other. Those phone conversations over the net were just heaven for them both. Finally, one day they decided to meet over winter break, and hole up at Monica's apartment for the rest of the week.

As the intercom reported that the B-12 flight would be arriving any second, she pulled out a wallet sized picture of him modeling for her. She smiled as she looked over his well sculpted body, tanned skin, auburn hair, and the intense green eyes. She waited for him in her seat.

Chris just landing in BWI, pulled out his picture of her, and smiled. She was beautiful. Her face golden tanned, her hair jet black, and her eyes like melting pools of chocolate. She was the most gorgeous asian he had ever seen. Her tall dancer frame, and her long legs just seemed to go on forever. However, truthfully she was only 5'4" but her beauty, just took it all away. He squirmed impatiently, waiting for this plane to stop at the gate.

As he walked into the corridor of the airport, he saw her waiting on the side. Her teeth gleamed, as her wonderful smile and dimples lit her face. He rushed to her, and she to him. They embraced each other, and kissed their first kiss. Time had stopped, and the noisy airport dimmed away. When they finally withdrew, he moaned.

"God, you're beautiful." She smiled, and pulled him close. This was the moment she was waiting for. They headed to the baggage claim, and picked up his suitcase. He wrapped his large coat around her, and she led him to her car. As she opened the door, she glanced in his direction, his ears and nose had turned pink from the cold. On the way home, she pointed out the sites of Maryland, as she neared her apartment in Baltimore, she suggested that they stop for a bite to eat. They both bought a sandwich and strolled along the harbor watching the gulls soar. He held her close, her long hair, blowing in the wind. A balloon vender stood nearby, holding multi-colored hearts.

They went back to the car, and went back onto the road. The city thinned, and the country rolled on. Finally arriving at her apartment, she led him up the stairs and into the room. Warmth enveloped them, and she took his coat, and put them away. The apartment was large, and well decorated. Unusual furniture was scattered around her dark green carpet. He picked one up, and looked at her in question. She looked up, and smiled.

"It's part of my work. I sculpt different things, and exotic furniture is just my way of living." He nodded, and put it back. She pulled him close, and kissed him dearly. She's waited forever for him. First the marine corps, then the training op in Guam, she wanted him, now. Their legs led them to the couch, and they sat down, still in tight embrace. Her kisses were like sweet nectar, and his were like musky pine from Oregon. Her hands trailed along his neck, and his around her waist, pulling her closer. Her sweater heaved up and down, and her chest pushing against his muscular one. The room, suddenly became too hot for their clothing and they hastily removed them from each other. The white lace, around her breasts and pussy were too much for his cock. His boxers quickly made a tent, and he blushed in embarrassment. He laid her down on the wide sofa, and his body covered hers, keeping the heat in within themselves. Her lips were soft and sweet, and he hungered for the taste of her. His fingers caressing her face, and hers, entangling themselves in his hair. Her breasts push against his chest, begging to be released. Eager to comply, he unsnapped the buckle in the valley between her breasts, and let them flow out. The creamy mounds were like heaven to his eyes and he quickly sucked and massaged them. His lips were like fire upon her skin, and she moaned softly.

His straining cock pressing upon her pussy was like pure torture despite the ecstasy they were both experiencing. Her fingers slid down to the elastic, and guided his beautiful cock out. Massaging and caressing his member, he groaned. His shorts slid easily off his body and her panties also. He slowly got up, and surveyed her body. It was beautiful. Curves in all the right places, and her pussy was like a haven waiting to be excavated by his tongue. He bent her legs, and his tongue flicked the insides. The wetness helped him ease his tongue in. His fingers pulled away the sides and allowed easier access. He licked her clit, and sucked expertly on her love button. She moaned and groaned loudly, an orgasm already surfacing. Her sides contracted around his tongue. and her body twitched with the power of it. He enjoyed the feeling provoking it to come again. This time the result of her cum, pouring in his mouth. He licked his lips, and enjoyed the peachy flavor, licking the sides, searching for more.

She pulled his head up to hers and kisses him. Her tongue tangoing with his. Her hands, reach down to his long shaft. Rubbing from the base to the tip, she guessed that it was a good 8 inches. She got up, and let her tongue travel down his muscular chest to the tip of his cock. Seeing it now, she realizes it must be a gigantic 9 inches, the width as big as her wrist. She gasps, the want in her chest grows stronger, and she quickly takes it in her mouth. Slowly pumping and sucking. Fitting all 9 inches in her mouth, she deep throats him. Her long fingers massage his balls, turning and twisting. This feeling was too much too bear for Chris and pre- cum oozed a bit down her throat. She licked the tip trying to probe the cum out, enjoying it pouring. One hand still holding the humongous cock, the other slides down into her pussy. The window reflecting her motions, causes Chris to moan. The intrigue caused him to stir and expand even more. She took it out of her mouth and gasped that it become half an inch larger. Her fingers still going in and out of her pussy, causes her rough nature to explode out. She sucked voraciously, and pumped up and down faster. Both feeling and seeing this happening, he lets out his cum, and it explodes in her mouth. Taking it all in, she gulps it all down, enjoying the taste. All finished, she licks the rest off, and hardens him once again.

Lying there panting, he sees that her fingers still going. He pulls her down, maneuvers himself so he's on top, and removes her fingers. He licks her juices off her fingers, and runs his tongue up her body, stopping at her neck, where he kisses it lovingly. His cock, twitching at her entrance. Her hips lift up to him, and plunges it into her, still nuzzling her neck. He pumps up and down quickly, her walls stretching to fit him in. She groans with the bittersweet pain coursing through her veins. Her walls clamp onto his cock numerous times, sending both of them over and over the edge, until they just climax together, both cumming more and more. Still pumping and grinding, the sloshing of the cum rubbing the sides, he pulls out and licks it clean. He takes some on his tongue and kisses her. Tasting the mixture on his tongue, she pulls him over her, lying on top of her. She leans over his shoulder, whispers in his ear, "I love you." and nuzzles her face into his neck, and he in hers. Like that, they fall into slumber, tired from today's activity.

Upon waking up, Monica's eyelashes fluttered, brushing them upon Chris' ear. Opening them, she looked around. Chris still sound asleep, his intense eyes shut, and muscular chest moving in and out. The clock had read 10 o clock in the morning. She eased herself away from his wonderfully warm body, giving a small kiss to Chris on the lips. Heading towards the shower, she brings her towel and an over sized T-shirt.

A minute later, Chris awakens, and finds that his lover is not there. He hears the shower switch on, and smiles. He stands up, stretches, and puts on his shorts and button down shirt. Walking towards the kitchen, he searches the pantry and cupboards for breakfast.

10 minutes later, Monica steps out of the shower, refreshed. She deposits her towel on a chair, and sniffs the air. The aroma of warm pancakes filled the air. She tiptoes into the kitchen and wraps her arms around his waist. He turns around, smiles and gives her a long and passionate kiss. He pulls away to flip a pancake, and scolds her playfully.

"You left cold on the couch." She smiles nonchalantly, as she prepares the coffee, and sets the table, she replies,"Well, one of us had to get up sooner or later. And I'd rather it be you."He glared mockingly, nuzzled her neck, and murmured, "I'll just have to show you how it feels to be left alone all cold." She glared at him. "You wouldn't!"

"Oh, getting defensive now eh," he grinned, picked her up and kissed her. "Don't worry, I would never do that to my lover." She smiled, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him passionately. Secretly she worried, but his sweet kisses pushed it out of her mind.

After breakfast, Monica cleaned up, while Chris took his shower. Almost finished, he waltzed back into the kitchen, his brown hair slicked back from the water, and towel around his waist, he looked wonderful. He gave her a kiss on the cheek, and propped himself onto the counter.

"What do you feel like doing today?" he inquires, a sly grin playing about his face. A twinkle in her eye, and smile portrayed her face.

"Oh, nothing much. Maybe a little ice skating or a little bit of bedroom action . . . " her eye winked, and she resumed to the dishes. He chuckled. He loved her playfulness and subtle nature. She wiped her hands on the dish towel, and turns toward him.

"Well? What do you think?" He smiles, jumping from the counter, and pulls her into his embrace. "Well, not exactly bedroom action, we can move to there later after some kitchen action." His smile was coy, and playful. He pulls off her shirt, and tosses it into the living room. He started wrapping the towel around them both. His cock already hard, pushed against her wet pussy. The entrance was too inviting, but he managed to take control, and ward off the feeling. He pulls her up onto the counter, and strokes her sides, worshiping her like a goddess. His fingers move down her body, stopping at her clit. She shivers, as his thumb pulls the lips away, and his tongue snakes in, licking up all the wetness. Fingers probing her cunt, and his tongue going deeper into her clit, she moaned. Her pussy throbbed from all the attention he was giving her. Then, the walls clamped upon his tongue, and her body convulsed in pleasure. Cum dripped down her walls and onto his awaiting tongue. He licked them up eagerly. His cock was throbbing for her tight little pussy, but he wanted to take his time. He kissed the pussy again, and slowly made it upward. Stopping at her breasts, he slowly licked and sucked on her nipples. His tongue applied more pressure, and he sucked harder. She moaned at such pleasure, and slid her fingers into his slick hair, guiding him. His hands caress her sides, and massage her breasts lovingly. Her back arched and a groan escaped from both of their lips.

His hands wrapped around her body, and slowly lifted her onto his cock. As it slowly entered her, she whimpered silently, as she kissed his lips. Hands still around her waist, he pumped her up and down, grinding her against him. Her legs wrap around his waist, and she aids him by rotating her hips, in sync with his thrusts. He groaned at her maneuverability, and thrust her faster. The walls expanding within her, she began to feel her walls contract onto his gigantic cock. Her juices oozed over his big shaft, and his cock expanded even more. She flinched, a bit, but he stroked her back to the serene state of mind. He stared into her chocolatey pools, and was entranced. Their lips touched again, and they melted into one. His thrusts into her were still insistent, and was pure ecstasy for her. He moved them into the bedroom, and laid her down, with her legs still around his waist. He stroked her body softly, and kisses her neck, still pushing himself in. She rolls him over onto his back. His cock still in her, she elevates her knees so she grinds him into her. Her body glistening with perspiration, and her breasts bobbing up and down with motion. His hands catch onto them, and massages them. Her hands explore his chest eagerly, as she goes faster and faster. She could feel him tightening, stirring with release. She pulls him out, and starts sucking his cock. Pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, she provokes the cum. Sucking, and her tongue twirling around it, she goes faster and faster until his first load of cum shoots out. His groans become louder as she is still pumping. She swallows spurt after spurt of his milky liquid. Not spilling a drop, she licks the remainder from his cock, and lies next to him. He slowly strokes the wisps of hair from her face, and kisses her nose.

"You were great." She smiles, and returns the kiss. "You weren't too bad yourself." He looks into her eyes, and says, "Look what you do to me. I'll have to take another shower." He grins, and pulls her close. "Maybe you could join me this time," he murmured into her ear. She smiles, and snuggles next to him. "A little later OK?" He smiles, and replies, "Of course." With that, he kisses her eyes shut, and watches her sleep.

An hour later, she awakens, seeing his eyes staring into hers, she smiles widely. "Now how about that shower?" he asks. She grinned and nodded. Following him into the shower, she turns on the water. As the first splash hits their face, he takes her in his arms, and kisses her deeply. Taking the bar of soap, he works it into a lather, and wipes it all over her body and his. His hair in his face, she brushes it out of the way, and stares into his emerald green eyes, the soap rinsing from their skin. They scramble out of the shower, pulling a towel around them both and they get dressed.

Out the door at 2:30, they head for the car, and start the aimless drive along the country road. Bringing along a thick blanket, they set out watching the snow fall lightly on the forest. Stopping at a dirt path, they leave the car and bundle themselves up in the blanket. Watching the wilderness scramble for shelter, beside the car. Their bodies hugging each other beneath the blanket. After awhile, they get back into the car, and start the drive home. Conversation about how the year had gone on was plentiful. Chris, had passed his training, and the op with flying colors, and Monica's artwork was really selling. Before no time, they arrived back at home. Now 7 o clock, they made a simple dinner. Snuggling up to each other on the couch, they watched an old classic until they fell asleep. Awakened by the soft buzz of the television, Chris stretches his arms, careful not to wake Monica. Wrapping his arms around her lithe body, he kisses her forehead, and nuzzles her neck. Her eyes flutter open, awakened by her prince, she smiles and pulls his arms around her tighter, feeling safe and secure. She turns to him, and smiles, kissing him lovingly. He returns the kiss with passion, and love. She savors his taste, knowing he will be leaving in a couple of days, and holds him closer. They simultaneously get up, and head to the bathroom, to freshen up.

Changing out of her clothes into a navy blue T-shirt, she bends over the sink, washing her face. Blinded by the soap, she's unaware of Chris' stealthy movements behind her. He lifts up her shirt, and to his delight, no panties. His cock in position, thrusts into her tight ass, fast and hard. Monica, surprised by the sudden thrust, lets out a squeal. She grabs for her shirt to wipe off the water off her face, when she's met by another powerful thrust. She groans loudly, and holds onto the edge of the sink for balance. His hands travel into her shirt, where he uses her breasts as handles, in turn massaging them. Her pussy trickles a bit of wetness down her thigh, and her hand starts to feed the need for attention.

The mirror adds to the effect, and sends Monica over the edge, her body spasming and squirting out her juices all over the place. She braces herself against the impact, and pushes back in time to his cock. He groans, and thrusts harder into her tight ass, enjoying the snug feeling. Both panting heavily, he thrusts his hardest again, and his cum, pours into her. Withdrawing herself quickly, she takes his cock into her mouth and sucks the rest of it out. He groans, as she sucks his voluminous cock dry. Still half hard, she starts to give it a hand-job, stroking and rubbing it until it reaches his maximum height of 10 inches. He moaned as his cock thickened and elongated. How this incredible woman did that to him, he didn't know.

He pulled her up, her pussy brushing along his cock for a brief moment, and he led her to the bedroom, where he sat down on reclining chair. His cock, was erect, and poised, ready for action. She straddles him, and takes in all of his 10 inches. She slowly rode him, getting accustomed to this position. It wasn't long until she was bouncing up and down the length of his shaft, forcing her walls to clamp onto his cock. His cock pulsating within her, sends her over the edge once more, and her juice coating his cock. All the while his hands were caressing her breasts, massaging and rubbing her heavenly mounds. His cock thickens once more, to prepare for his release. She goes faster now, wanting him to fill his essence within her. Finally, he thrusts up powerfully, when she came down. His groan signaled his release. As the last drop comes out, she rests upon his lap once more, and kisses him tenderly, her tongue intertwining with his. Her sweat trickles down her face. He licks it away, enjoying her taste. They lay like that for a moment, their energy spent on their activities.

After half an hour of intense kissing, and resting up, they rise out of the chair, and head to the shower to clean up the mess on their bodies. Monica lathers up the soap, and starts to smooth it around both of their bodies. The soap drops out of her hands, and onto the floor. Chris bends down to pick it up, his nose brushes by her pussy, and he runs a tongue along the clean lips. She shivers, despite the hot water pelting down on her, when his thoughts abandon the soap and focuses on her lovely snatch. His hands stray to her lips, and part them to give himself better access. As his tongue excavates deeper within her clit, her knees wobble like Jell-O, her hands bracing the walls for support. His tongue works expertly inside her, touching around her release button. Her shy whimpers urged him to touch it. To worship that one part, to give her the release she wanted so badly. Nevertheless, he was insistent, and patient, and wanted to give her the most intense orgasm she's ever had. His lips, sucking on her lips, and slowly working their way up. She cries out, when he finally brushes over it with his tongue. Her screams rang throughout the room, when he sucked on it intensely. Her body spasmed, and her walls clung to his tongue as a great wave of her essence washed over his face. Licking it all away, he gives it one last kiss, and picks up the soap as if nothing had happened. Her chest was heaving with such an intense orgasm. She kissed him once more, enjoying her taste upon his lips.

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