tagMind ControlBringing out Audry

Bringing out Audry

byTim Smith©

I sat nervously watching the clock as my wife Audry readied her self in our hotel bathroom.

It didn’t usually take this long but tonight was different. Tonight she would meet a man we had met before several times only tonight it would be on his terms. He had promised to set up the whole weekend for the both of us. She was to do what ever she was told for the next seven or so hours, no matter what.

As my mind started to drift about with the possibilities I was brought back to reality by my wife’s voice, “well babe how do I look?”

I paused without words as I scanned my wife Audry’s beautiful 40-year-old frame displayed in the tight cocktail dress suited best for evenings at home with a lover rather than in any public place.

Audry stood 5 feet 6 inches and weighed in around 130 lbs. plus or minus. Her breasts were a proud 36 c cup and stood out proud while inviting the male mind to wonder a bit. Audry had an especially beautiful bubble shaped ass as well, rounding out the 40 year old hot wife package she had became.

Her eyes never left mine as I took in her loveliness as if waiting for my approval as well as arousal in her outfit for the evening. “ You look beautiful tonight Hun” as I smiled my brightest gleam for her.

John had asked we meet him at a lounge on the other side of town and was sending his car and driver to pick us up at 7pm in front of our Hotel.

Neither Audry nor I would have ever thought that our explorations in sex would have led us this far and I think both of us at times had to blink of pinch ourselves to make sure it was not a dream.

John was an answer to our dreams for the most part anyway. We had met online, Him offering counseling to couples considering an alternative lifestyle and us bouncing from situation to situation.

John took an immediate liking to Audry and asked early on if he could have a friend hypnotize her in one of our sessions and find out what she really wanted. It sounded great to me and that is where the whole thing really began for us. Finding Audry’s real Kink was a real eye opener for me that day and I will never forget it.

John and the hypnotist, an older gentleman by the name of Dr. Parsons had been with my wife Audry in the other room for about an hour when I have to admit I was ready to go insane from listening to the odd noises coming from the room. Finally the door opened and my wife emerged looking a bit pale and disheveled never making eye contact with me for the first few minutes.

Dr. Parsons asked for another session alone with Audry and John, assuring me after that we would be able to make good headway as a group. Key word I later found out was “group”. The good doctor and our therapist had unlocked a hidden treasure deep inside Audry and even back then were making plans.

Audry wouldn’t talk of the session and appeared to me to be ashamed but not sure herself why.

At the next session I tensed in torment while waiting outside the room as the good Doctor and our therapist John sealed the deal for my wife’s submission using a mild drug, hypnosis and physical stimuli that I later learned was there trademark in mind control.

The room got silent and Dr. Parsons emerged to ask I come in with them. I’ll never forget the site as I entered the room as if entering another world and married to another woman. Nothing could have prepared me for the site of my wife Audry perched on all fours in the center of Dr. Parson’s desk with only her panties, “a thong of all things” in a clump around her left knee and her bra conveniently unclasped in the front, spilling her breasts out in plain site. I’ll never forget the blank stare on her face and the way she held her knees far apart while supporting her upper body on only her elbow’s and forearms keeping her ass high in the air. The doctor asked I watch as he demonstrated Audry’s true nature as I stood in shock.

Dr. Parsons nodded briefly at the therapist John as each approached opposite ends of my wife’s small frame poised on the large wood desk. The doctor first touched her lip as she responded immediately by opening her mouth and taking his finger to the last digit never breaking her stare ahead. As I watched entranced in the lewd display before me Audry moaned out loud and widened her knees even wider as my attention was drawn to her up turned ass. John had by then inserted two fingers of one hand deep in her pussy while pushing one from the other hand in her ass. My mouth dropped as my wife Audry began to rock back and forth on their hands in a lewd hypnotic dance of a woman possessed. I had experienced some light swinging with Audry but this display in an uptown office was the beginning of a whole new chapter for her and I.

I reached for the first chair, never removing my eyes from what was happening in front of me and nervously sat down as if asked in some silent way to do so. The two men took my sitting down as a sign to proceed and gathered their attention back to my wife’s position, continuing to tease her from both ends relentlessly as she now gripped each edge of the desk with white knuckles to each side of her.

The Doctor then reached between Audry’s wide spread arms, his elbows tight against her head on either side and began to pull straight down on her nipples, elongating her full breasts as moans began to escape her lips.

The office held an Eire silence as the only sounds emanated from my wife as low pitched grunts accompanied by high pitched whines as the Doctor pulled even harder on her nipples now forcing an arch in her back. I then noticed a rippling effect on my wife’s side coming from her upturned ass and working its way foreword as my attention was drawn to the abuse that John had began on her pussy and ass now.

John’s arms were a blur of activity now slamming in and out of both openings with hard force at the end of each stroke. As I sat and watched becoming more and more aroused the two men brought my wife to orgasm after orgasm eventually causing her to spray a lewd mixture of what I am not sure all over the desk as tears streamed down her face.

Well? “well what I said” as my attention was brought back to Audry standing in front of me with a question on her face. “well do you think he will be ok with it?” “Yes of course” I replied smiling back at her.

At 7 PM we were greeted with a nice car and taken on a 30 minute drive to a parking lot behind a building were John emerged from a back door then entered the car and greeted us.

John said he wanted to have Audry meet someone before we left and they would only be a minute and then exited the car with her in tow. I watched as they walked away noticing Audry’s ass shaking free of the light material covering only one half of it or so. I was taken with the conflict between her soft body only slightly covered and the hard cool concrete, asphalt and building she was now going into as the large steel door closed behind them. The driver then asked if I would get out for a minute and I complied, wondering what was up. The driver then rolled down his window and handed me a envelope, smiled and drove off.

Floored by the incident, thinking perhaps someone had not paid his or her bill I opened the envelope and began to read, “ ok the adventure begins now for you and your wife as promised. Proceed to the front door of this building and enter, then ask for mistress M.”

In disbelief I wondered to the front door entered only to find a large black man reading a newspaper.

The man looked me up and down then said, “talk boy”.

I explained I was to ask for Mistress M, he then smiled and led me through another door to a room with a couch and table and asked I wait here. I was somewhat relieved that I was still in the same building as my wife Audry but nervous never the less of her whereabouts. My attention was drawn to a beautiful woman entering the room displaying a large smile as well as tons of cleavage. She introduced herself as Mistress M and I should follow her now. Not saying a word I stumbled nervously behind her as she walked down a long hall in front of me then began to speak, “Your wife has been brought to us for a very special treatment, you may watch and only participate when asked, do you understand?” Yes I retorted back as we rounded a corner and entered a large room filled with perhaps 10 other men and women.

I was led to a chair separate from the others near a raised platform at the front of the room.

Dr. Parsons entered first and began to speak, “You all know why we are here this evening and we would like to introduce first of all our new subjects husband’ pointing in my direction.

Next of course our new subject whom will remain nameless this evening. Off to the side John escorted my wife Audry onto the platform by her hand as I noticed immediately she had been fitted with a blindfold, wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs. The Doctor escorted my wife to the center of the platform and asked she do as she was told from here on and not to protest any thing she was asked. Audry nodded her head and stood silent as the men and women whispered in the crowd. John now passed out a hat and asked that all couples take one paper out. Then he announced the first winners. Winners! I thought to myself, what was going to happen to my wife Audry? The first couple was a tall attractive couple that stood and asked if they could include another couple as well. John smiled and said, “yes”.

Another couple stood smiling dressed quite bizarre. The man was wearing a leather suit and the woman was wearing a very risqué leather jump suit with her ample breasts all but pushed out the top.

The four of them took my wife and entered a room off to the side with several windows, as it became apparent what the windows would be for. John spoke up and asked, “open or closed”.

The couples looked only at the large man dressed in leather and awaited his response. The man spoke saying, “open to start then closed when we desire such”.

I was clueless to what was being said until I noticed the curtains that could be drawn closed on both windows. I was a bit alarmed as I noticed as well both couples carrying nap sacks, the leather clad couples being the largest. John escorted me to my window explaining I would watch alone while the others would share the other window together. I can’t explain the shock of watching my wife Audry being led into the room by the two couples as well as the click of the door being locked behind them.

I noticed right off the bat the walls were very thin as if to always allow hearing what was going on even if the windows were closed. As the two women and tall hansom man pawed at my wife’s body, they asked she kneel on her knees on the mattress in the center of the room. The large leather wearing man approached the window, slid it open just part way and asked if I knew what they were going to do to her with an alarming smile on his face. I said, "no I was not told of any of this”. He then told me they would use my wife together for their entertainment and pleasure as I watched. I stood silent as he walked away, back to the others and my wife. I remained in shock as all four removed what little clothing my wife was wearing, while sampling all her assets along the way while Audry shook uncontrollably from the sensations.

The large man then opened his nap sack and removed some rope and other items while the other three were bringing my wife to a screaming orgasm using their hands and mouths. The large man now attached the ropes to Audry’s wrist cuffs, and then led her by her hair to the window where I stood, pushing her up against the wall directly in front of me. My wife now stood panting through the opening in the window as the large man reached above the window hooking both ropes to something overhead, then pulling them tight as Audry’s arms were raised high above the window’s top. He then proceeded to close the curtain to just wide enough for my wife’s head, pulling the curtain closed behind her neck then attaching some sort of clip on it to keep it closed. The curtain below remained open as I watched her lower half being drawn back and legs pulled wide apart, thus limiting my view now to just her face, bobbing tits and ass cheeks being flared out to the sides. Moments later the party began for the lucky people in the room as both women’s mouths appeared from below and clamped hard over each of my wife’s tits while at the same time the two men could be seen just slightly behind her ass doing something causing my wife to moan and whine as the skin on her ass began to move with a rhythm. It was obvious at this point that the two men were having their way with her most private of areas as they began to lewdly discuss their actions and how wet she was.

The large man walked away just briefly disappearing from site then returned to behind my wife while handing something to the other man and saying, “this is for her pussy, I’ll take care of her ass”.

I was floored with the thought of both men now having items that I could only imagine of what nature to be used on my wife’s pussy and ass while bound to submit in that position.

Moments after both men knelt behind her Audry’s mouth dropped and she began to breathe in short pants while ever so often mumbling a swear word or two. The large man now slapped my wife’s ass cheek hard and told her to say she was a slut and ask for more. Audry hesitated a moment then with a long whine slipped the words quietly from her mouth only to be told to say it louder. This went on for quite a while as the two men’s assault on my wife’s pussy and asshole became more profound. I could now see her body shake and her ass cheeks flare outward with their thrusting of whatever implements had been chosen for her attack from behind. Moments later the women attached a clamp to each of my wife’s nipples, each one with a small weight attached at its end. I became infatuated with the effect the weights were having on her breasts almost immediately, as both breasts now danced in all directions ever so often slapping against each other with a light slapping noise now and then. Audry was now out of her mind with another orgasm only to have the men lay down what I could now see as one large eight-inch rubber cock and one small hard white plastic vibrator. I immediately lost it in my pants when I realized what had been going in and out of my wife the last ten minutes or so.

The men now took turns at her from behind slamming in and out of her as hard as they wished while the others took their liberties with pushing a toy in here or there, fingering her clit or abusing her breasts.

One woman was especially cruel with her assault on my wife’s body, asking that she be laid on her back and then straddling Audry’s face while all the time reaching behind and forcing the large dildo in and out with abandon, forcing Audry to eat her pussy as she came several times on my wife’s face.

Audry was then untied as the rest of the people entered the room as I stood watching from the window.

Nothing could match my surprise as the curtain was drawn in front of me leaving me only with the sounds that would emanate from the room from there on.

The woman that had so assaulted Audry just moments ago now stood behind me pulling my head around to her lips and planting a long kiss with the familiar taste of Audry’s most private area.

The room soon grew in volume as the woman now knelt in front of me taking my again swollen member into her mouth, careful to only transfer the heat of her body and the circle of her lips to my cock as not to bring me off so soon again.

I stood confused between the sounds of my wife gasping and cussing and the sensation of control the woman now held over me as she held me in that frozen position.

The curtain was drawn by a man that asked I see what my slut was doing now as my eyes were drawn to the spectacle of Audry flailing about sandwiched between two men as a woman held her arms high above her head while kissing her in a long open mouth kiss.

I could still hear Audry screaming into the woman’s mouth as the men pounded away, much it appeared to the woman’s delight.

The curtain again was drawn yet again leaving me with the realization of my own situation as my cock began to swell in the woman’s mouth. Shortly there after I was pumping my cock into the woman as she drew my seed deep into her throat, my knees feeling as if they would buckle at any moment.

The rest is a blur as people began to exit the room, mostly men while a low hum of what had to be more than three vibrators came to life in the room accompanied by the sounds of all women talking, moaning and the distinctive sound of my wife saying things like, “no please not that many, Oh FUCK shit please, I can’t any more Eeeeee, I’m coming againnnnnnn, Eeeeeee”.

That evening Audry and I were driven back to our Hotel only to find the Doctor and John waiting there for us in our room. Audry had told me of an agreement made with them while avoiding eye contact during the ride back. They would be allowed to hypnotize her in our motel room in front of me one last time before their time with her was up at midnight.

Moments after we had arrived my wife Audry was standing again with no cloths in front of John and the Doctor in a dry stare as moisture dripped down her inner thigh. Both men were seated on the couch as Audry was told to approach them. The men then ordered Audry to turn towards me and tell me what a slut she was while bending lewdly in front of the men with her legs wide apart. I can’t tell in words what it is like to have your wife stare in your eyes and struggle to talk as two men explore her openings with their hands as she bends in front of them. Next she was asked to bring herself off in that position with one hand while the men spanked her ass together. When she had came fully the men asked her to sit on my cock while servicing both, one after the other. Both men came deep in her throat as they held her head by the hair while my cock pulsated in her sopping pussy.

She was then told to turn towards me and re straddle my cock while the men filled her ass with their fingers.

Audry wailed out loud as her sore ass was invaded by an unknown number of digits as the men again spanked her ass while twisting their fingers inside her most private opening.

I came hard with Audry as the fingers as well massaged my cock through the thin membrane of skin separating her pussy and ass while holding her mouth to mine exchanging animal like noises forth and back into each others lungs.

We slept the whole next day, ignoring the room service’s advancements to bring us our breakfast and lunch.

As Audry bathed that afternoon we talked of what had happened, finding that Audry could only recount bits and pieces of the adventure and when prodded to remember became very agitated.

I now three months later realize the Pandora’s box that has been opened with in my wife, as she finds odd excuses to go out of town with her work and spends hours on the Internet.

In defense I have been drug back into the twisted game by contacting John to see what was really going on.

It seems tomorrow I will find out what is happening when I arrive at a house across town without Audry knowing I will be their.

I can’t wait!

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