tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBri's Next Chance

Bri's Next Chance


After the welcome party in her new house, things settled down for a while. Bri was still not used to having so much free time. She had left a great job and good money to move to this small town with Ken. Now she needed to find a way to fill in the time she had alone at home.

She went to a local gym to see what equipment it had and get enrolled. The place was not as well equiped as the one she had previously been in. She guessed she would just have to make due. The young man taking her application eyed her up. He could not have been older than eighteen, she noted.

She had dressed somewhat casually, not intending to attract any unwanted attention. Her loose fitting sweats and over large football jersey should have been deterrent enough for the locals. Plus she had not bothered with make-up and knew her hair was a mess. Just how not to look good, she laughed at herself.

After filling out the forms and getting a locker, Bri headed for the dressing room. She had put on her shorts and sports bra on under the sweats and jersey to save time. She had only noticed one or two people in the gym and they were dressed for working out.

She put herself through a vigorous workout, something she had craved to do since arriving here. After her little party, she figured she should probably get into shape for the next little get together. Ken had promised that there would be more to follow. She knew he meant it!

After about an hour or so, Bri decided not to push it too hard her first day here. She headed for the showers and decided on spending some time in the steam room. She put on one of the over large towels and headed into the fog filled room. Not noticing anyone else there, Bri decided the towel was just too heavy and took it off. She placed it next to her within easy reach in case someone came in.

The heat and the steam felt very relaxing to her, and her tired muscles needed the release only steam could provide. She soon found herself drifting into a quasi-dream state. The muscles in her body seemed to relax and her skin had broken into a well deserved sweat.

From the recesses of her mind she felt someone touching her back, and begin to massage her. At first she didn't realize where she was or what was going on, only that it felt wonderful. The hands were strong and very talented at finding all her tight sore places. She was beginning to relax under the strangers hands, and could feel more than just her skin reacting to the strangers touch.

It was about this time her mind cleared and she realized what was happening. She quickly reached for her towel. To her shock she found it was no longer anywhere to be found! The thick steam kept her from seeing the owner of those hands, but she knew she was already too far gone to try to escape.

From the depth of the fog a deep smooth voice said, "I believe you need to relax, I'll not harm you as long as you do as your told!"

She could not remember what direction the door was, and she began to panic. What had she gotten herself into, she thought. She tried to remember her steps into the steam room, and from which direction she had come. She thought that someone had to be in the gym that would help her. She began to get up, thinking she could find the door.

The voice just started to chuckle, "I believe you'll find the door is locked." He was almost smug in his arrogance.

"Grab her boys, she is going to have one hell of a good time today!" She felt hands grabbing her from out of the mist.

She became acutely aware of just how much trouble she was now in. Yet somehow the thought of being locked in a room with an unknown number of men excited her as well. She could feel goosebumps of excitement, as well as sheer terror rising within her.

The fog was too thick for her to see anything, but the hands now restraining her arms. They were entirely too strong for her to attempt any escape. She knew she was going to have to do what ever these men wanted in order to get away. She could only hope she could handle them as easily as she did Ken's friends.

The next thing she knew she was being blindfolded and lead to the deeper recesses of the room. She could only imagine, to hide what was to happen from any other members knowing what was happening in here. She could feel her body getting excited all the same.

The hands forced her to her knees and she felt a broad cock head being pushed into her mouth. Her arms were pulled behind her, leaving her no choice but to do what he wanted. She opened her mouth and let the cock slide easily into her mouth. She figured, why not enjoy this as best she could. She was feeling a little "bad" anyway from her workout.

The man's cock was not all that hard to suck and she soon found herself easily taking it into her mouth and throat. She felt her arms being released as she took up a steady rhythm sucking him off. The taste of his pre-cum now wetting her tongue. She was getting into it now and grabbed him by the ass, pulling him hard to her, gulping him all the way down.

She felt another penis being pressed against her ass. She wasn't sure she was ready for that just yet but assumed she really didn't have a choice. She tried to relax as the cock was slowly pushed into her tight asshole. She relaxed her anus allowing him to fully penetrate her. It felt almost like being skewered by a baseball bat. This guy must be at least nine inches, she thought!

He began to slowly thrust into her ass as the the man in her mouth tried to match his movements. She was being pummeled now at both ends and her body was beginning to react. She could feel the tell tale signs of an oncoming orgasm. She decided to make it worth it and began pushing back onto the intruding cock.

Just as she was about to reach an incredible orgasm, she was unceremoniously rolled over onto the man in her ass. This left her, now pulsing pussy, exposed to the last man. The cock in her mouth could now also be deep throated with ease, she noted. She knew what was next and awaited it eagerly.

She felt yet another eager cock pushing against her wet opening. She knew she was about to be triple teamed and wanted it badly now. The new entry was a monster. She felt the enormous head splitting her pussy open without any mercy. He had to be as wide as her wrist she thought. The man in her ass had stopped long enough for the other to ease his battering ram all the way in.

For what seemed an eternity, the third man just kept seeming to push that cock into her. He had to be over ten inches long and she knew it. He finally hit bottom, touching her cervix. They remained motionless for a few moments, as if giving her time to adjust to all three cocks at once. Then she heard that voice again.

"OK boys give it to her hard and don't stop until she screams uncle!" he said almost laughingly.

They began at once to slam into every one of her holes. Not taking any notice to her choking or screams of pleasure at being used so. They seemed bent on making her scream in agony! She was in fact enjoying this entirely to much. The feel of three monster cocks ravaging her simultaniously was just what the doctor ordered.

She was in heaven, she lost count of how many times she had cum. She didn't even care anymore, so long as it continued. For what seemed hours, these three men kept up the pace and slammed her senseless. The steam provided an excellent way to keep her overworked muscles from cramping.

Finally she could feel the telltale signs that all three were an the brink of exploding. She pushed back at them in a frenzy to make it happen together. They began to pick up the pace to an almost unhuman speed. She felt her mind on the brink of an orgasm like she had never felt before! The world was spinning and she knew it would not be long now.

The man holding her head drove his cock completely down her throat, his stomach pressed onto her nose told her that. The others sank their monsters into her fully, and she could feel them growing larger as they readied to dump their loads. Just at the last moment she reached her own mind blowing orgasm and felt all three cocks pump in massive cum loads. She was barely able to swallow it all, and felt her ass and pussy overflowing with white hot cum.

They pumped everything they had into her, she quivered from the effort of trying to milk them all dry. She had never felt such an intense orgasm as this before.

Finally they all pulled out of her, leaving her empty for the first time in hours. She slumped to the tiled floor exhausted. She could not have moved now if she wanted to. Her body shook from her subsiding orgasms. She was only dimly aware as the door to the steam room opened, and the three unknown men made their escape. She didn't care, it had been well worth it, she thought.

After about twenty minutes she finally made her way into the showers, and then got dressed. As she walked through the gym she noted that only the young man at the counter was present. She did not ask if he had seen anything, she knew what his answer would be.

On her ride home she thought to herself, that she couldn't wait for her next workout! If the gym was this good, she would have to come back more often, she laughed! She couldn't wait to tell Ken about her little adventure.

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