tagLesbian SexBrit & Lori Meet The Landlady Ch. 02

Brit & Lori Meet The Landlady Ch. 02


The moans and squeals coming from the room above Melissa's bedroom were doing several things to her: 1. keeping her awake -- which she really wasn't minding -- and 2. making her incredibly horny. The two nymphs, Brittany and Lori, had moved in several weeks ago and every night since they moved in, they were like this. The girls on the second floor were completely insatiable.

Their landlady lay in bed and listened to the pair, lightly massaging her inner thighs, sometimes touching herself when she heard one of the girls moan deeply. God, she thought, to be a fly on the wall in that bedroom. She knew if she saw the pair, naked and writhing on top of each other, her fingers would be extremely busy instead of lightly touching.

The scene above looked much better than it sounded a floor below. The two girls were wrapped in a lustful embrace, their legs sliding between them. Brittany and Lori were rubbing their clits together in a near-sitting position, their sweaty bodies coming in close contact. Their moans were raspy, their breathing ragged. Both were looking deep into the others' eyes, their passion igniting the fires driving them to absolute pleasure. Their bodies rocked, an orgasm building deep in Lori. It released after numerous swipes of their clits.

They had been fucking for the last hour, since they returned from a night out on Lansdowne Street, dancing at Atlas as well as Jillians. Brittany was being her usual dominating self in the bedroom, pulling on Lori's hair at every opportunity. They had been in every position possible, with one to go. Brittany was working her lover to the brink tonight.

It was basically Lori's fault that Brit was acting like this: her lewd dance moves received plenty of attention from the guys, and all of them got the brunette hot and bothered. She wouldn't complain, because when the duo returned home, all of that pent up sexual frustration -- the energy Brittany was holding in while they were dancing -- would be released in a dominating fashion once the pair was naked.

Letting her girlfriend relax for a minute, Brittany walked over to the alcove in her stocking feet. She pulled out the 13-inch dildo Lori loved to use on her roommate, but this time the blonde was going to be pummelled with it. Brittany stepped into it one leg at a time before she strapped it on, and it looked as if she had a very large cock sticking out from underneath her tits. Brit could feel the power she had when she wore this, and her right hand stroked the fake cock from the base to the head.

Brit walked back to the bed and ordered her girlfriend to get on her hands and knees. Lori moaned softly, but she did as she was told. She was a good submissive, Brittany thought, as a good sub cared not about her own weariness, but the pleasure she gave her domme. Looking down at the blonde's extremely sexy ass, she reached out and rubbed it, circling it with her hand before slapping it playfully. Lori squirmed and moaned; she loved it when she was spanked.

Downstairs, Melissa couldn't help but begin to play with her pussy more. She heard the slaps and moans through the vents that connected the two bedrooms, vents the girls thought were only for heating. Melissa was rubbing her clit with the ball of her palm while she had two fingers dug deep inside her. She was careful not to moan, not wanting her secret to get out, the secret that she could hear the girls while they were fucking.

She could hear Lori's breath come faster, the moans growing louder. She wished she had installed a video camera so she could be a witness to the constant nudity that occurred in that bedroom. Her pussy was soaked beyond all belief; it was taking all the strength she could muster not to rush upstairs and join them.

The moaning and quicker breathing was occurring as Brittany was fucking Lori hard with the dildo; it was tearing into Lori's tight cunt, the remnants of cum streaking the sides of the pink phallus. Brittany was behind the blonde, holding onto her hips as she fucked her. She was spanking the sides of Lori's ass as she was pounding her girlfriend's pussy. The vibrations were ripping through Lori's body and Brittany could feel it.

The dildo also had a secondary reason to be used. The butt of the dildo rubbed against the clit of the brunette, giving her as much -- if not more -- stimulation as the blonde received. With every thrust the dildo crushed her clit and when she pulled back, the dildo tore away from her swollen nub. The intense sensation of how it felt when the dildo lay against her pussy drove Brittany wild, so it gave her extra incentive to slide the dildo deep inside Lori yet again.

"Fuck me Brit, make me cum, make me your bitch," Lori said through gritted teeth, as the dildo was ramming her tight pussy. She was already Brittany's bitch, but just the way she said it turned the hot brunette on even more, made her want to fuck the tight blonde faster, harder, and deeper. She loved how her groin bumped on her friends' ass.

The head of the dildo was deep inside Lori's pussy that it couldn't have gone any deeper, unless the cervix disappeared. It was giving the cervix such a beating, demanding to pop through; however the cervix stayed put. Lori was howling.

"OH YES BRIT! FUCK ME HARDER! MAKE ME SCREAM!" she was yelling, her voice going hoarse. But Brittany didn't care, she wanted the blonde to cum hard. The pounding continued, a relentless attack on the blonde's shaven pussy.

"OH! OH! OH!" came the moans from Lori's mouth, almost like she was mewing. This was intensifying Brittany's movements as her own orgasm was building. When Brittany finally slammed the dildo inside the tight wet twat of Lori and holding that position until the shaking stopped, both girls moaned deeply. The cum gushed out of their pussies, coating the entire dildo. Brittany collapsed onto Lori's back, the dildo still lodged inside her, her hard nipples cutting holes deep into the blonde's back. The pair kissed as their orgasms subsided.

A very muffled moan came from the floorboards, and it sounded like the distinct tone of one in the throes of passion.

The girls looked at each other and laughed. Apparently their landlady was getting into the sexual acts just as much as they were.


She was hoping they didn't hear the moaning. Her very own orgasm came quickly and she couldn't stop herself. When she covered her mouth with her cum-filled hand, it had been too late. The low glutteral moan rang throughout her bedroom, and she was sure it travelled to the room above. Was that the reason the girls were laughing?

She was utterly embarrassed to say the least. Her sex life was good, but she didn't need to eavesdrop on her new tenants to get off. Didn't the young stud who delivered her mail that very same afternoon make her cum until she couldn't cum no more? Apparently she had at least one good orgasm left in her; not to mention a 12-hour rest revived her in time to play with her -- by that time -- moist pussy.

The next morning came and went without a sound from upstairs: the girls liked their sleep ins on Saturday and Sunday and Melissa decided not to disturb them. But as she heard a pair of feet walking above her, she couldn't wait any longer.

She was at the girls' door before she knew it. She knocked a few times and waiting briefly before Lori, the sexy blonde, came to the door. Melissa's eyes went wide at Lori's door-answering attire: a spaghetti string white tank top, a pair of blue bikini panties, and a pair of pink fuzzy bunny slippers. Lori had a smirk on her face as she saw Melissa, but she quickly erased it as she opened the door. She started to get damp as she saw her landlady on the opposite side of the glass.

"Morning Melissa, what's up?" Lori asked.

"I just wanted to see how you two were, you know, first time on your own... and I wanted to talk to you two about something," Melissa said, a little edginess in her voice.

"Oh, okay, just come on in. Brit just hopped into the shower, so it's going to be a while. Want some coffee?? Freshly brewed," Lori offered, waving the aroma of the java toward her landlady jokingly. Melissa could never turn down a cup of joe.

As they were sitting at the counter talking about their families and their pasts, Melissa's thoughts were not on Lori's current words, but the words she said minutes earlier: 'Brit just hopped into the shower.' Her pussy started to get damp as she thought about the brunette's features getting drenched by the shower's pulsating warm water -- her hair sticking to her face; her nice, tight ass with little rivulets forming near the top of the crease; her perky breasts topped with little nipples.

She was brought back to the present by the scraping of the bar stool at the counter -- Lori went to get more coffee. She was still embarrassed, she hadn't taken in a word of Lori's past, yet she wanted to talk with the girls about last night so badly that she was forcing herself to keep her ears open.

It was at this moment that Brittany walked in the kitchen. Her hair was wet and she was only in a towel, the top coming to rest just above the brunette's breasts and the bottom stopping at mid thigh. Melissa saw water droplets on her skin and wished secretly that she could be the droplet; she even wished she could lick the droplet off. Brit noticed her staring at her and began to get a little wet.

"Hey boss, what's going on?" Brit asked, leaning on her elbows on top of the counter. She looked into Melissa's eyes and saw into her thoughts: the older woman was thinking of the three of them in erotic positions. The brunette was not surprised by this new revelation: she knew the sexy Melissa wanted the pair of nubile 22 year olds since she first laid eyes on them.

"Well," Melissa started, "I wanted to talk to you two about last night." The two girls tensed slightly. "I heard you two having sex, and I have to admit, I got turned on."

The girls' bodies became more relaxed at her admission, yet a fire of curiousity began to spark inside their heads.

"I may have even got a little loud while I was listening to you, and I want to apologize for intruding in that moment," Melissa said, her eyes showing the apology and the fear that she would alienate her two new tenants.

It was Lori, the adventurous one, who spoke first. "Yeah, we heard you, and yeah, we laughed because of it. We didn't know we had an audience, albeit one in a different room. But for myself, I liked it. I liked knowing you were listening to us."

"Yeah, it's nothing Melissa. We'd feel the same way if we heard you having sex. But you got off, so it doesn't matter. Now if you didn't get off, then we'd have a problem with that," Brit added.

"Yeah, I mean, we're getting pleasure from ourselves, so why can't we share the love with you? If you're listening to us and you're getting off, it's all good and no worries," Lori piped in, winking at Melissa.

Melissa smiled at the sincerity of the girls. She never knew two girls who were so open with their sexuality, especially with a woman who they've only known for three weeks. She didn't know how to respond.

But Brittany broke the ice before she had the chance to open her mouth.

"So. We both know you have looked at us in a sexual way, undressing us with your eyes. You've listened to us having sex. You've masturbated while listening and thinking about us. And you've had an orgasm. I think it's time you experienced us firsthand. What do you think sweetie?" she said, turning her attention toward her roommate.

A sly smile started to form across the sultry features of Lori's face. She didn't answer with words; instead she pulled her tank top off, revealing to Melissa her perfect breasts for the first time. Her blue bikini panties looked perfect against her milky white skin, but as she was stepping out of them, Melissa choked: probably because she didn't remember to keep breathing.

Melissa was mesmerized by Lori's naked form -- minus the pink bunny slippers. She wanted to caress the girl's skin, fondle her breasts, suck on her nipples. There were other things she wanted to do, but her mind was devoid of thought.

A little "tut tut" from her left side attracted Melissa's attention that way; apparently Brit wasn't happy with being ignored. She smiled when Melissa looked at her and made a big show of taking her towel off. It was large enough to wrap around her twice. She untucked it around her left breast and pulled it to her right. With her left hand she kept the inside portion of the towel firm against her body. She then turned around and then extended her left arm so the towel was pulled straight behind her, before she started to dance seductively with the towel. She glanced back at Melissa and then to Lori; both women were staring at the brunette with hunger in their eyes.

She dropped the towel to just above her ass. The sides of her boobs were visible but she didn't care. She knew her ass was her best feature and knew Melissa wanted it. She would tease her until she couldn't stand it anymore.

The two women watching the show were nearing that point. Melissa, still clothed, could feel her pussy begin to get wetter. Lori was beyond soaked, and pussy juice was starting to run down her legs as she watched. Both were beginning to run their hands over their bodies as they watched the young brunette.

Soon, the towel dropped and Melissa gasped: the heart-shaped ass of her recent fantasies was in clear view. Melissa shuddered as a mini-orgasm overtook her.

If her panties were not wet before she saw Brit's bare ass, they were now. As the two younger women escorted Melissa to their bedroom, they ignored the large wet spot that gathered in her pants. They entered a small alcove which led into the bedroom and Melissa couldn't believe her eyes: right in front of her was a virtual sex toy shop, fully stocked with dildos, vibrators, and an item that resembled an egg.

The landlady was shocked -- her tenants were more than insatiable; they were practically nymphomaniacs! They continued to lead her into the room, but her eyes were locked on the toys.

Standing Melissa at the foot of the bed, they began to disrobe her: Lori took her shirt and bra off and immediately began to nurse on Melissa's nipples. A slight moan escaped her lips as Lori's tongue swirled around the stiff nipple, with her hands gently gripping her other breast.

Brit, on the other hand, was busy sliding her wet pants and panties off. Telling her to squat slightly, the nude brunette sat down, turned herself around and tilted her head backward so she could lick her pussy. She took a tentative taste of the 34-year-old. It tasted sweet, and Brit wanted more. Soon, her tongue was swiping at every possible angle, and coupled with Lori's persistant sucking of her nipples, Melissa was moaning louder than the night previous.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, eat me Brittany, suck me Lori, oh God -- this feels incredible!" Melissa exclaimed, throwing her head back, her mouth slightly open. She brought her hands up to the side of her head and began to lightly run her fingers through her hair as she moaned. She had never before been licked and sucked at the same time like this.

And she was loving every second.

Brittany had abandoned the licking and was working on sucking on the dirty blonde's clit while finger fucking her. After five minutes of constant moaning and wailing by Melissa, Brittany took the fingers out of the woman's dripping twat and slid them up to her asshole. Melissa was too into the experience to turn back; she was allowing the two women every courtesy and wanted to be used by them.

Brit's fingers slid into Melissa's ass with ease, as the sweat and juicy fingers made for easy lubrication. Soon her fingers was locked in her ass up to the knuckles, and she began to fuck her tight ass while attempting to suck on her clit. That task was made difficult, as Melissa started to buck hard on the fingers.


The brunette felt Melissa's ass tighten up around her fingers as she was screaming at the top of her lungs. It took a second for Brit to realize Melissa was cumming; she quickly slid her tongue in her pussy and started to wiggle it deep. Her mouth opened and she started to swallow the tasty cum that dribbled out of her tight quim.

After drinking all of Melissa's tasty cum, the two younger girls escorted the wiped out woman to the bed, where they gently laid her down. With all three of them naked, the two younger ones took their places on each side of the older one. They reached over Melissa and began to kiss before they turned their attention to their friend. Each bent down and took a hold of Melissa's breasts and with wicked glints in their eyes, took a tentative lick of her nipples. They smiled and started to circle the nipples.

Melissa couldn't believe it. This was like her dream the day the girls signed the lease: after they left, she ran into her bedroom and proceeded to fuck herself with a vibe. In her dream, the girls were sucking her nipples. But when they started to finger her, she couldn't believe her luck. This was just like her dream!

"Oh yes girls, finger me, do whatever you want to me! Oh God, this feels sooooooooooooo fucking fantastic!" Melissa moaned. Her fingers were laced through each of the girls' hair and she was peering down at them through slitted eyes.

Soon the girls moved from their perches. Lori pulled her hair back -- almost like a ponytail -- and got between Melissa's thighs. Brittany climbed up her body and straddled her face, beginning to ride her face as Melissa's tongue was gyrating uncontrollably over her pussy lips. The older woman started to finger her, and Brit started to play with her nipples. She was pulling on them and she was yelling.

"Eat my pussy bitch! Oh I'll make you pay for looking lustfully at me, you're going to get fucked good by our dildo!" Brittany whimpered, and then she wiggled her midsection over her mouth before bouncing up and down on her face. Lori, meanwhile, was enjoying the licking she was giving her. Her tongue danced through Melissa's folds, circling her clit; she then started to nibble on the inner pelvis of Melissa's pussy.

Melissa's body quivered as Lori's teeth scraped the walls of her pussy. A deeper moan escaped her lips.

But Melissa's tongue was not to be undone. She licked Brittany so hard that when the younger girl announced she was cumming, it came out as a screech. The brunette collapsed after cumming and had a large smile on her face.

Lori got up and went to the alcove, grabbing the smaller of their two strap on dildos. After putting it on, she pounced on her landlady and forcefully shoved the dildo into Melissa's tight twat. She bucked her hips several times to get the 8 inch cock inside her, and with several inches left to spare she began to fuck the woman hard.

"FUCK ME LORI! FUCK ME GOOD, NICE AND HARD! OH GOD! FUCK ME, FUCK ME LIKE THE BITCH I AM!" Melissa screamed as her loins were attacked. She was acting likea slut for these two women and she was enjoying it.

It was several minutes before Brittany moved. After recovering, she got off the bed and walked with unsteady legs to the alcove. She grabbed two items, but Melissa could not tell which ones. Soon she saw the large 13 inch dildo standing straight out of Brit's midsection as well as the egg contraption. Lori forcefully tilted herself and the woman onto their respective sides without breaking stride; that allowed Brit to slide in behind Melissa's backside. She slid the dildo deep into Melissa's ass without warning and at the same time, put the egg at Melissa's clit and turned it on.

The egg was a vibrator and it was taking the pain away from her asshole, replacing it with pleasure. She had never been double penetrated before, and she was absolutely loving it. Both girls were fucking her, and with the vibrating of the egg at her clit, she was ready to cum.

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