tagErotic CouplingsBritnee’s Trailer Park Adventures Ch. 03

Britnee’s Trailer Park Adventures Ch. 03


Author's Note

All Characters in this story are above the age of 18.

When in Rome, Be Friendly


Leonid Kosomov, aka "Leo", sat at his desk in the back room of the run down, empty laundromat that he used as both a cover for his illegal business interests and an escape from the annoyances of life in small town America. The room was large and contained crates and boxes of various sizes and shapes stacked neatly along the walls. It looked more like a small warehouse than an office except for a small tv on one wall, a large couch, a few easy chairs and Leo's desk.

Leo was on his phone, or rather, was listening to his phone. The man on the line was Leo's uncle Yuri. Yuri was head of the family business and he was berating his nephew for a small drop in the weekly cash haul for the past few weeks. All Leo could do was say "Da" and "Nyet" every few moments as he tried to explain the losses. He couldn't tell his uncle that a teenage girl had tricked him into giving up a cut of the take so, he sat and took his uncle's abuse with Russian stoicism.

How did I get into this mess, he thought to himself. Leo had spent several years in the Soviet prison system along with most of his family and would probably have died there if not for the Soviet collapse in the late 80's and early 90's. He had been a loyal foot soldier in the crime wars that swept through Russia after the fall. His uncle had risen quickly to the top of the heap and controlled several oil companies and shipping interests. He also owned a large portion of the drug and prostitution rackets gambling interests and Leo had expected to rise with him.

Instead, Uncle Yuri had sent him off to America to build up the business in a place named.Cleveland. Leo liked Cleveland. It was a city built for crime and in a few short years, Leo had carved out a territory for himself that rivaled the Italians and Blacks and had done so without too much bloodshed and murder.

Then things started going bad as the Government had stepped up its organized crime efforts and Leo got caught up in a sting operation that sent him to prison for several more years. Compared to the Lubyanka, American prison was a vacation for Leo. He had enough money and influence to live in relative luxury. His new lawyers, after his old lawyers mysteriously disappeared, were even able to get him an early parole. Uncle Yuri however, was not happy and sent Leo to Dayton where he was supposed to keep a low profile. He soon found Hootertonville, about 50 miles south of Dayton and set up his base of operations.

"Da! Da! Yes, Uncle Yuri, everything is good! Just a small mix up with the surcharges! ...Nyet, this is for sure no problem...," He said, wondering how a stupid American girl could give him so much grief.

Just then, Britnee walked into his office, typing on her phone, ignoring him. "I must go now, Uncle... Da! Da, for sure it is done!"

Leo put his phone down and studied the vision of porn standing in front of him. She was dressed in a halter top that barely reached her midriff and there was a light sheen of sweat on her bronzed skin. Her toned thighs and huge ripe tits that almost burst out of her top made his cock stir. I should sell her to the Arabs, he thought, too much trouble she is...

Britnee looked up just then and grinned, "Hey, Leo ol' buddy! What's shakin'"

"You, when I bounce you on my cock, little girl. What brings you here today?"

"Well," Britnee replied, pulling a water bottle out of her purse as she leaned forward a bit, "Damn, it's a hot one today!" She took a long drink of water, allowing some to spill out of her mouth onto her tits, "As I was sayin', I needs a favor."

The 19 year old sex fiend placed both hands on Leo's desk and leaned in, giving the Russian thug a clear view of her deep cleavage. Leo felt the blood flowing into his 8-inch cock as he rubbed the scar over his face, waiting to hear the rest. "And, What favor you want Leo to do for you, little slut?"

"Ok, see... Ima tryin' to get this job down at Stripper Sluts? Ya know that strip club over by the highway? My landlord keeps bitchin' 'bout the rent n I'm needin' to work some what to pay him!"

"So why you don't get job? Big tits and pussy you got should get you job no problem," Leo replied.

"Well, ya see... there's this bitch what does the hiring n she hates me without even knowin' me! She took one look at me an' I could tell she was just jealous of what I gots, her bein' all skinny n hook nosed n all an' I said, 'Bitch, Please! Y'all know Ima the best fuckin' slut in this run down whore house...' An' that's when she..."

Leon listened politely as Britnee explained the situation like a guest on "Jerry Springer" while thinking about how deep he wanted to stuff his cock up the tiny girl's hot cunt.

"... and so I said to myself, if there's one guy that can get things done it's that ugly old motherfucker Leo! And that's why I'm here! Maybe you could use your influence n help me out, " Britnee finally concluded, almost out of breath. She took another long pull on her water bottle and grinned shyly at the older man.

Leo rubbed his face and sighed, "If I do you favor, what favor you do for Leo?"

Britnee walked slowly around the desk, stopping in front of Leo and slowly pulled her halter top up, over tits, and dropped it on the floor.

"I think we can work somethin' out, big Daddy. I know you love my ass, Doncha wanna try out the rest of me? C'mon, Daddy! It's almost noon an' I hasn't had any hard cock in me since breakfast!"

Britnee massaged her fat tits and pinched her nipples while gazing at the tent in Leo's pants. Moaning softly, she stroked her hands up and down her belly and slowly unbuttoned her cargo shorts and slipped a hand inside.

"Please help me out, Daddy Bear," she whispered seductively. "Please, I'm so wet for you!"

Leo was enjoying the show. He rubbed his erect cock through his pants and unzipped, "This is what you want, little American whore?" He pulled his fat cock out, stroking its length, "You want big, Russian cock?"

Britnee looked down at the thick slab of meat. It was big, alright. Not as big as Jayden's or Jed's but, definitely big. It was much thicker than either of her friends' cocks with a large plum like head that begged to be licked!

"Oh, big Daddy, is this for me," she cooed, running her fingers up and down the warm fleshy shaft. "Mmm, I want to taste it!"

The young nympho knelt before Leo and slowly licked around the cockhead, savoring the little drops of precum that welled up from the hole. She licked up and down the shaft feeling the big dick throb as she got it wet. Leo leaned back in his chair and relaxed as he watched Britnee work his cock like a pro.

"Yes, little whore, suck on Leo's cock! Show me what your American mouth can do for Leon," he groaned.

Britnee felt her pussy leaking onto her panties as her lust grew. She kissed the tip of his fat prick and teased it by slipping it between her lips and back out, tonguing the sensitive flesh underneath. A small moan escaped her lips as she started to suck more of the head into her mouth. She was afraid it might be too big as it stretched her lips wide! Finally, she worked the entire cockhead inside and stopped for a moment, breathing deeply before taking more into her mouth. She took her time working the fat dick it was so thick. Spit drooled from her lips as she tried to breathe around it.

Leo grunted his approval as Britnee's nose brushed his coarse pubic hair. He could feel her throat massaging his cock like a pussy, making him even harder! "Yes, little slut! Take it deep," he commanded.

Britnee responded by pulling the rock hard cock from her mouth. A large glob of drool and precum dripped from her chin and Leon's cock and she used it to lube his fat prick as she gasped for air.

"That's a nice prick you got, Leo! You gonna help me out, now," Britnee asked, tugging and stroking his cock hard.

"Leo grabbed a fistful of her hair and forced the horny teen slut back onto his cock, pushing her all the way down to his pubes. "I not one of your, eh, little boys you play with. Leo is man," his voice boomed out! "Now suck!"

Having such a large cock shoved down her throat without warning caused Britnee to gag and cough, but being manhandled like that really got her juices flowing and she slipped a hand down her shorts and rubbed her slick cunt as she sucked hard on Leo's turgid meat! She groaned on the hot cock as a mini orgasm rippled through her.

Bobbing her head up and down, she sucked on the 8-inch monster like it was candy! In and out of her throat, she sucked, harder and deeper each time! Leo gripped her head in both hands and pumped his hips, fucking her young face! His crotch was a puddle of spit and he felt his balls tightening as Britnee's slurps and groans vibrated his throbbing prick! He pulled her off his meat and slapped her across the face with it before pulling her face down to his heavy balls which the horny tramp assaulted with her tongue!

The pungent scent of Leo's crotch drove Britnee insane with lust and she sucked first one then the other testicle into her hungry mouth, savoring the taste and twisting her tongue around them as Leon jerked his cock!

"Yes," he cried! "Suck Balls!!"

Britnee kept sucking and squeezed a finger between his ass cheeks, teasing his anus! The big Russian crook roared and released her head. Britnee licked her way back up his pulsing cock shaft and sucked on the tip of the head, tonguing the pisshole! That was it for the older man!

"AHHHHHRRRRLLL," He grunted as the first shot of liquid spunk erupted into Britnee's eager mouth!

She pumped his fat prick as he blasted more cum in her mouth and throat! She sucked and sucked, milking every last drop from the bloated cock! She let the last few jerks drool down his shaft and then slowly licked them up again, gazing innocently up at Leon as his orgasm subsided.

Wiping her mouth with her hand, Britnee stood and smiled, "Now it's my turn, daddy!"

Licking her fingers, she turned towards the desk and peeled her shorts and soaked thong off and bent over the desktop.

"Eat me, you commie fuckin' bastard! Lick my ass and pussy the way I like it," she commanded!

Leo stood and wrapped one arm around the tiny teen's waist and lifted her high in the air! Britnee yelped in surprise as the massive Russian held her tight to his chest and stuffed his still hard cock into her cunt!

"Like I say before, Leo is man, not little boy!"

With just the one arm around her, Leon began bouncing her up and down, impaling her on his prick! Britnee came in just seconds, her arms flailing as she cried out with lust and pain the cock was so fat! Cunt juice squirted out soaked his heavy balls!

Britnee's orgasm helped open her horny pussy up and soon she was giving as good as she was taking, massaging the huge tool as it drilled up into her! She absolutely loved the way Leo was using her like a fuck toy and she cried out with every hard thrust!

"Fuck it! Fuck it hard, you commie prick! Tear my pussy up! YesYesYesYesYes!! Do it!"

"I do it to you, dirty whore! I fuck you better you ever have," Leo grunted! He twisted his hips and pushed Britnee down over his desk, grabbing her hips and driving his fat prick all the way in!

"YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS," Britnee screamed at the top of her lungs! "Fuck me! Fuck me like a dog! Ahhn Ahhn Ahhn Fuck Meee! I'm a filthy cunt and I need to be Fucked!!"

Leo pounded her cunt harder and faster! He pulled Britnee's arms back, pinning them behind her. He could feel another cum load building as his balls slapped her clit. Holding her wrists in one hand, he wrapped the other around her throat and pulled the petite strumpet back to him. "I fuck you good," he grunted. "I fuck you best you have!"

Britnee didn't care who fucked her best, she was too busy cumming again and again! Orgasms ripped through her and her cunt spasmed uncontrollably as The Russian's fat cock stretched her to the limit!

"Cum for me Daddy. "She cried! "Cum for me! Give it to me, daddy!"

Leo gave in to her demands and shoved Britnee back onto the desk as his prick exploded between her ass cheeks!, He grabbed his cock and shot hot ropes of jizz all over her ass and back! The big Russian gangster swore in his native tongue as he hosed the young girl down!

"Da! Da," he groaned. "That is good pussy!" Good girl! You make Leo very happy!"

Britnee lay face down on the desk, twitching. Trembling as her orgasm ran its course. She was a sweaty, sticky mess and she loved it! She was born to be a fuck toy and, she just couldn't get enough!

Leo moved behind her, "Look at mess. I hate mess. Stay, I get you towel."

As Britnee came to her senses, she noticed Leo's laptop open on the desk. A spreadsheet was visible on the screen and, without a second thought, Britnee grabbed her phone and snapped a picture of it. She took pictures of all the documents on the desk as well before putting the phone away just before Leo walked into the room.

"Here," he muttered. "Clean up. You for sure are very sticky and dirty."


Merle sat at his kitchen table watching the video he had shot of Britnee on a laptop computer he'd picked up at the pawn shop. Brandee had taken the car to the grocery and he was alone. He had had to spend a bit of money to put up the website the video was on but, over the course of a week, the preview had generated over a million hits and over 1000 losers had forked over the subscription fee of $29.99 to watch "Peeping Thomas Sexy Vids".Many subscribers commented, asking who the girl was, where she lived, and when were there going to be updates.

Merle was already planning his next shoot, He had ordered some spy cams off the internet and was planning to install them in Britnee's trailer as soon as he could sneak in and out without her killing him.

"Yeah, buddy," he muttered, taking a bite of his bologna sandwich and smearing his fingers on his greasy t-shirt. "Soon, evarbody know what a nasty, little slut you are! You gwine gets what's a comin' ya, that's fer sure!"

No matter how much Merle hated Britnee, he couldn't stop feeling horny every time he saw her. Today was no exception. Even though his wife had drained his balls of cum twice before she left to run errands, Merle still felt an erection growing! He began fisting his hard prick as he watched the video for the 9th or 10th time that week.

Merle was a lot of things, but, coordinated wasn't one of them. When the phone rang, he dropped his sandwich, knocked over the cheap beer he'd been chugging and, banged his hard cock on the kitchen table as he jerked up out of his seat.

"What the- Hello? Who? Oh, Clem! Yeah, that's right. That's what I tol' ya. Next week. Just be here! No, I ain't got forty dollars. No. No... Just git yer dumb ass over here next week. Yeah, I'll have somethin' to eat. Yep. Yep.I'm hanging up now... You have a nice day too!"

Merle swore as he put the phone down. He turned towards the fridge, not noticing the half eaten bologna or the spilled beer on the floor and slipped, hitting his head on the edge of the table as he went down. He was out like a light!


Britnee knocked on the office door before stepping into the small, cluttered room. The man sitting behind the desk was dressed casually in an old t-shirt and jeans and looked about 30. He was also very handsome, Britnee thought, "I might just like workin' here," she said to herself. "I'm the girl Leo sent over," she said out loud.

The man looked up from his desk and smiled, "Rob. What's your name?"

"Britnee. Britnee Lain."

You ever dance before,"?

"Oh, I dance all the time! I love dancin'"

"No, I mean professionally. Like in a club."

"Well, no, but I practice lots with videos on the youtube." Britnee was getting annoyed.

Rob pressed a button on his desk which piped the music from the club's main room into the small office, "Okay then... you have two minutes. Show me what you got and make me want to give you my money!"

Rob stood and moved to a chair opposite the desk, "Treat me like a customer and you're onstage."

Rob was tall and well built. The kind of man that turned Britnee on. The bulge in his tight jeans didn't hurt either.

Britnee had dressed rather conservatively for this audition, a simple skirt and blouse that would have been rather loose if not for her big tits straining to break the fabric. She started swaying to the music while looking Rob straight in the eye. Slowly undoing the buttons on the blouse, she spun and bent at the waist giving him a view of her round backside before spinning again as she pulled the shirt open, revealing her massive juggs encased in a scarlet red, half cup bra. Leaning forward, she massaged and cupped her tits in her hands and blew Rob a kiss.

Gyrating her hips, Britnee slid her hands down her belly and unzipped her skirt about half way before turning again and, after arching her back with her feet together, slowly, slowly slid the skirt down over her ample butt cheeks. Stepping out of the skirt, She began twerking like her life depended on it.

As the music grew in intensity, Britnee dropped to her knees, leaned back till her head almost touched the floor and started humping her pelvis at the man in the chair. Just as the music reached its peak, she unsnapped her bra and tore it off, displaying the set of tits that made men drool and women scowl with envy!

"Very nice! You're hired," Rob exclaimed, rising from his seat.

Britnee giggled as she stood and made a silly show of tripping into Rob, bracing herself by falling against him, feeling his hard chest and six pack abdominal muscles. The rock hard bulge in his crotch pressed against her belly and made her wet. "Oh, Thank you, Rob. Ima be the best stripper you ever had in this here place!"

Rob chuckled and went to his desk, pressing a button on the intercom, "Yeah, can you send Lara in? Great!"

Shortly, as Britnee was buttoning her shirt, the door opened and a tall, thin, raven haired girl in Goth makeup stepped in.

"Yes, boss? Britnee," she exclaimed, her eyes wide with surprise!

"Lara," Britne replied, equally surprised! "What are you doin' here?"

"I work here as a waitress," Lara replied, grinning.

"You two know each other," Rob asked, not caring.


Yeah," Britnee giggled, "We was in um, school, yeah, school together!"

"That's nice," Rob stated. "Lara, show Britnee around and get her set up with a locker and what not."


"Merle, honey! Look who I met at the Slurp n Shop," Brandee hollered as she walked into their trailer! "It's Cloris's boy, Frank! He's all growed up n workin' there n he was just so helpful as to which him helped me git these groceries ho-! Oh... not again..."

Brandee was followed by a tall, nerdish, young man about 20 years old wearing khakis and a blue oxford shirt with an apron tied around his waist. He was balancing several grocery bags in his arms as he and the older woman looked at Merle's unconscious body on the floor.

"Um, Ma'am? Is he okay," Frank asked, his eyes wide in fear and shock!

"Awww...," replied Brandee. " 't aint nothin' what don't happen 3 times a week or so. My Merle's none too bright and, he's a bit clumsy, but, I loves him still. Now... How abouts you put them bags down so I can thank you proper like!"

Brandee was dressed in a simple, open blouse over a leopard print spandex bodysuit with a sleeveless, strapless corset top that barely contained her big, full tits and hugged her body like a glove, leaving nothing to the imagination. Frank was practically sweating as he tried not to stare her ample cleavage and cameltoe crotch!

Brandee mixed some drinks and led Frank over to the sofa. "Let's relax and have a drink so I can say thank you for all the help you've given me today, My, how you've grown! Why I 'member when youz was a lil' youngun n nows you am is a man," she said, smiling seductively and downing half her drink.

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