tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBritney & Justin's First Time Ch. 1

Britney & Justin's First Time Ch. 1


Britney Spears & Justin Timberlakes First Time

Britney Spears sat in her hotel room near by to the arena that she was set to perform in the next day. She was watching some television waiting for him to show up. This would be the night, she thought. The night we finally do it! Of course, she was talking about her Teen heart throb boyfriend, Mr. Justin Timberlake, who had told her he would be in town and would stop by her room to stay the night. They had been in love for a long time, and announced their relationship almost a year ago. Seeing as they were two of the busiest people in the world, they didn't have much time alone together; as a result the two had never been able to have sex before. Both of them could think of nothing but this by now, and Britney knew Justin wanted her, and she wanted him.

Down in the lobby of the large hotel, Justin Timberlake, in a large black trench coat, hat, and sunglasses, was able to sneak in. He showed his identity to the man behind the desk. "Can I get Britney's room number?" He asked. "Why of course Mr. Timberlake." The man replied, as he told him the number and Justin head over to the elevator. In a daze he hit the button to get to the right floor, all the while thinking of what it would be like to stick his rod into Hot Miss. Spear's dripping pussy. He made sure no one noticed who he was as he came to her door and knocked three times.

In the room Britney jumped at the sound of the door, and rushed over to open the door, Justin rushed in, his hormones raging already, and as he pushed the door closed behind him he latched onto Britney and tackled her to the bed. His lips came to hers, and she opened her mouth, inviting the tongue that he inserted into her mouth. She then returned the favor and their tongues explored each other's hot mouths. Both Teen Pop Stars let their hands roam each other's bodies as their lips locked in the long wet embrace. Justin pushed free, to some protest from Miss Spears. His body was pressed against her; he pushed off his glasses, hat, and coat. And their eyes locked.

"I want tonight to be the night Brit." He explained. Britney's eye's widened, as she smiled, and answered in a seductive Voice. "So do I, Mr. Timberlake." These words made Justin's already hardening cock get even stiffer in his baggy jeans, aching to be released from his tight boxer briefs. Britney felt his rod pushing through his clothing onto her crotch area, which was covered by the tight leather pants she was wearing. Their lips passionately locked again and Justin let his hands cup around her perfect C-cup breasts through her tight shirt. To his surprise he could feel that she was not wearing a bra. They continued to swap spit as Justin let his wondering hand explore further down and then back up, under her shirt. His hand met paradise as he now cupped her naked breasts from under her shirt. Britney's lips unlocked with Justin's temporarily to let out a soft moan. Then they continued to make out, as Justin squeezed and teased her now erect nipples.

As this continued Britney's hands that were on Justin's back slowly began to traverse down the small of his back, where they then came to the top of his rim of his jeans. She quickly slipped her hand under his jeans and jockey shorts, where she began rubbing her boyfriends perfect firm hairless ass cheeks. As they continued to massage and rub each other's ass and chests Justin could feel his cock getting unbearably hard and Britney felt the wetness that began to soak her white silk panties.

They finally released from their passionate kiss and, staying atop the sexy pop star, Justin came to a straddling position on the bed over Miss Spear's small waist. Justin then slipped his hands out from under Britney's shirt, so that he could slip off his baby blue T-shirt and white tank top under shirt, exposing his nice hairless hard chest, his pecks were surprisingly nice, and he showed a beautiful six pack. Britney grinned sexily and reached up to rub her hands over his hard body. Timberlake felt himself get more horny then he'd ever been before as he watched the sexy pop princess play with his chest and smile wickedly.

Justin made her roaming hands stop temporarily so that he could pull off her tight shirt, finally releasing her perfect tits, as they bounced about, Justin began rubbing them hard, to some pleasure filled moans from Britney. They rubbed each other's nicely toned upper-bodies for a few moments, until Britney stopped and quickly moved her hands to unbutton Justin's jeans.

"Are you sure that you are ready Britney?" He asked, hoping to the heavens above that she said yes. "More then I've ever been, I want you to fuck me Justin!" She screamed back, ripping at his pants to try to pull them off. Justin un-straddled her for a moment so she could slip off his pants and boxers, letting his hard 7 ½ inch cock bounce free as he mounted her on the bed again. Britney's smile widened as she saw the size of her boyfriend's erect soldier. Her eyes traveled down farther where she could see his large hanging balls and the thatch of dark blond hair at the base of his dick.

Without a word Britney Spears pulled herself off of Justin and sat him at the edge of the bed, where she could kneel down onto the floor in front of him, and kiss the purple head of his engorged penis. She began licking the head as Justin gasped and moaned lightly. Then she began to lick the shaft of the '7 and a half incher' as Justin reached down to play with her perky nipples. "Ahhhhh, come on Britney, take my whole fucking cock in your hot mouth!" Justin demanded in the midst of his pleasure. Britney was happy to oblige and opened wide to take his entire stiff dick into her mouth. Mr. Timberlake's hands left Britney's wonderful breasts to take position on her head so he could guide her down onto his prick.

Britney began moving her head up and down as she licked his cock, sucking like a pro! Justin began pushing her head all the way down around his long cock, making it touch the back of her throat! But Britney didn't mind and was beginning to pick up her pace, as Justin talked dirty to her.

"That's right you slut! Suck it!!! Suck my big dick!" This made Britney even hotter, and she began moving even faster! For fear their first night of fucking would be ruined by cuming too quick Justin pulled free as he felt his seed ready to rise.

"Was I doing it wrong?" Britney asked looking hurt. "No, that's the point, I would have blew my load in your mouth! I want to fuck your cut first Brit." Justin explained, which was all the coaching she needed for her to stand up, and slip off her pants and underwear, Justin watched in awe as he saw a totally nude Britney Spears standing before him, her cunt perfectly shaved and already visibly wet. He took in her smell, and it made him act on instinct. He reached up and swung her down onto the bed, he then took the position that Britney was just in, as she laid back on the edge of the bed. Justin couldn't help it anymore and he sunk his mouth down into her thatch of hair, licking and sucking on her starlet cunt.

"YES!!!! Oooooh!" Britney moaned as her eyes closed and her hot N Sync boyfriend eat her out to perfection. Justin began moving his tongue faster and faster over Britney's cunt and over her clit, driving her strait over the edge and into a long orgasm! Justin felt his mouth being flushed in her pussy juices as she convulsed and shrieked in pure pleasure. When the orgasm had subsided she flipped over on the bed, sticking her ass strait in the air as Justin jacked off his own hard penis, which was dripping with Britney's spit and his pre-cum.

"Stick that big boy right in my pussy Justin!" She commanded! And Justin leaped at her on the bed, positioning himself behind her, Doggy style! Both of their organs exploded in sexual heat as he brought the head of his cock to her pussy lips! She eagerly spread her legs to let his hot member slip right into her dripping wet vagina. "Your so hot and wet Miss Spears" Justin proclaimed as he felt her pussy lips clamp around his dick. "FUCK ME NOW!" Britney screamed, driving Justin forward as he began pumping her pussy as fast as he could! They both could not hold back their giant screams of pleasure any longer as the entire bed rocked! Justin's pace quickened to a blurring speed and Britney was now bucking her hips in motion with Justin's fucking. The two teen pop icons were having the ride of their lives as they fucked wildly on Britney's bed.

Britney's cunt dripped its sweet juices down onto the bed as Justin's balls slapped hard off her has ass as he took it to her doggy style! Justin Timberlake felt his cock begin to convulse and grow even harder as his balls tightened and his seed rose. Britney was already moaning and bucking her body back and forth in the midst of her second orgasm as Justin shouted "FUCK!! OHHH FUCK IM CUMMING!"

"ME TOO!" Britney shouted as her orgasm continued and Justin felt his whole body explode as he hot sperm shot jet streams strait into the depths of Miss. Spear's hot cunt. Justin continued to scream and shake in ecstasy for a few moments until both their eruptions subsided and they collapsed in a heap on the bed and fell into a deep sticky sleep, Justin's now shrinking cock still inserted in his hot Starlet girlfriends lovely delicious vagina.

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