tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBritney & Justin's First Time Ch. 2

Britney & Justin's First Time Ch. 2


Ms. Spears awakened from her deep sleep in her hotel room. Her skin has been covered with dried cum and as she opened her eyes, she glanced over to the clock and sees that it is 3:00 AM. She then glances over at her naked lover, Justin Timberlake, sprawled out in a deep sleep beside her. Their sticky love juices still dampened the bed sheets and this entire site brings a devious smile to the teen pop star's pretty face.

She enjoyed the sex with the hot Justin Timberlake. She even lied about it being her first time to make it come quicker. Hell Justin probably lied to her too, she thought. She didn't care. All that she knew, as she watched his hot, cute, tight sleeping body, is that she wanted more. She felt her pussy begin to get wet from the simple sight of Justin's now limp penis, and the hairy bush of pubes at it's base. She needed more hot sex. And although sex with Justin was incredible, she felt something deep with in her desires that she wanted more then just Timberlake's hot body. She wanted not one hot teen pop star body to have to suck and fuck, she wanted five! Joey, Lance, J.C, Chris! She moaned just thinking about what sex with all of them at once would be like.

And with that thought in her now aroused mind, she had to have it. She needed to put a small plan into works. All that she needed to do was get Justin in the right mood, and he wouldn't be able to refuse what she wanted. She quietly moved her perfect naked body over to Justin and brought her mouth down to the musky smell of his cock. Still giving the sent of their love making from hours before. Ms. Spears opened her sexy mouth and took Justin's cock into one of her hands, stuffing it; in it's entire dilapidated state, into her mouth. She began her skilled sucking, as she stroked his growing member, as he still slept. As it grew harder Justin began to moan in his sleep. Britney began picking up the pace of her blow job. Britney bobbed her head up and down as she slurped Timberlake's fully grown purple headed soldier into her mouth and sucked it good. Then Justin began to stir. Britney didn't bother to stop mouth fucking him as he woke up and looked down, giving a boyish smile to Britney, who's mouth was still wrapped around his dick.

"Well good mourning beautiful!" Justin stated. Britney didn't answer with words. Instead she swirled her tongue over the head of Justin's cock, causing him to throw his head back and moan loudly. "That’s a girl! You know how to make me cum!" Britney worked her magic for a little longer until Justin began panting hard. "Oh take it all down your throat bitch! I'm cumming!" He badmouthed her in complete ecstasy. Then with a popping sound she pulled her mouth off of his fat hog. He looked devastated!

"Come on I got to cum Brit!" He pleaded! "First I need to ask you something...." She innocently replied. "What!? Anything! Just make me shoot my load!" He demanded!

"Alright then. I was thinking how awesome it would be if I got to fuck not just you, but all of N Sync at one time! It would feel so good Justin! Can we!?" She asked sweetly. "Alright alright, whatever! Just finish me off!"

With that Britney smiled wickedly and then engulfed Justin's entire penis down her throat! She pumped her head up and down quickly, until she felt him tighten and shutter, as he groaned, and a hard stream of hot juice shot back into her throat. Stream after jet stream came from Justin's piss hole right down Britney's waiting throat. She gulped it all down, and smiled again at the thought that she would now have all 5 Hot N Sync Members to her own!


Justin and Britney arrived at the hotel that N Sync was staying at for their next big show and Britney eagerly followed Justin to the Room, as they came in, they found J.C, Lance, Chris, and Joey sitting on a large sofa watching a large screen TV. They came in and without a word, sat down on a couch beside the rest of N Sync.

"Oh hey there Brit!" Chris greeted her in his goofy voice. The rest of the N Sync Member's followed in their greeting and then went back to watching the television. Then Justin and Britney's plan was put into motion. Britney quietly removed her shirt, and had no bra under it. She then slipped off her shorts and panties, and watched as Justin removed his shirt and pants. They began rubbing their hot naked bodies together as their hand's explored each other and their tongues danced in their mouths. Joey noticed first.

"Holy shit! Thanks for the warning you two!!!" Joey said in surprise, as the other 3 members turned to see as well. Instead of leaving in disgust shock, they all stared at their entangled nude bodies, bumping and grinding each other. Britney pulled her lips from Justin's and glanced over at the awestruck N Syncer's

"Why don't you guys take off those clothes and join us!" Without a word said by them, Britney's plan worked as she thought! J.C, Joey, Lance, and Chris stood up and pulled every stitch of clothes from their bodies. J.C was the most muscular of the four, his now hard cock measured a thick 6 inches. Joey, had the hairiest body, and his cock was a very thick hog indeed, and was at least 6 and a half. Lance had a boyishly hairless body, but he did have a nice 7-inch dick and some nice pecks. Chris, had a long thin 8 incher. Britney's eyes grew wide with sexual arousal as she stared at 4 beautiful bodies, and had one currently grinding against her.

With no words said Justin climbed off Britney and moved down to her very went dripped pussy. His mouth buried deep into her hair and began slurping and licking up the juices. Britney moaned in delight as her hand moved down to rub her swollen clit. Lance and J.C Moved over to Britney, Lance took position on the couch above her head, aiming his cock right for her mouth, where she took it in until his pubs touched her upper lip and his balls slapped her chin as she let him fuck her mouth hard. Then J.C was straddling her waist, sticking his thick 6 incher right in-between her perfect C cup breasts. She used her hands to squeeze them together letting J.C rub her hard nipples with his exploring hands as he tit fucked her hard, jutting his hips in and out , his penis sliding from between her nice tits.

Joey and Chris stood back and began masturbating furiously to the sight of their band members fucking the hot Britney Spears. Arousal got the best of the two, and Chris and Joey began jacking each other off now, giving them more pleasure at the forbidden act of sexually pleasing a fellow band member!

Britney began to pant as Justin's tongue fucking to her cunt began to get faster and harder. "That's right Timberlake! You lick my cunt!" She demanded in deep passion. This fueled Lance to jam his cock back down her throat and fuck her mouth harder. She took it all like a pro as J.C's tit fuck began to grow faster as well.

Meanwhile, Joey and Chris got into a 69 position on the floor and began to orally please each other, deep throating their large cocks! Seeing this made Britney go over the edge and she quickly came! Flushing her cunt juices all over Justin as she screamed in ecstasy. This drove J.C wild, and he suddenly let a load of hot cum shoot out all over Britney's tits and stomach. He groaned in satisfaction rolling off of Britney

"Fuck my pussy and ass!" She demanded! Lance took her up on her offer and he and Justin rolled her onto her side. Lance inserted his throbbing cock between her pussy lips and plunged deep into her wetness. Britney yelled in excitement. and then yelped in surprise as Justin's cock came in through the back door. He pushed with all his strength, slowly pushing his entire engorged penis into her tight asshole. The pain turned to pleasure as she realized she was now being fucked her in both holes by Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass.

Joey and Chris's 69 session began to heat up and to avoid cumming already they pulled away and noticed Britney was screaming loudly as Lance and Justin were pumping their hips hard in both holes. Chris and Joey jumped up onto the couch and threw their aching cocks in Brit's face, where she took them both into her mouth at the same time. Twirling her tongue around them and sucking both Chris and Joey off. As she began to shake violently from faster fucking by Justin and Lance Chris and Joey could not control themselves and they let their man juice erupt in Ms. Spear's mouth! She swallowed it all down and Chris and Joey rolled off of her in satisfaction as they panted hard.

Britney then began to buck her hips wildly as the fucking grew too intense and she came again and again, in strong waves! Almost causing a blackout! As she trembled through a giant orgasm Justin and Lance could no longer hold out. "Oh shit I'm gonna cum up her ass!!" Justin announced! "I'm shooting it in her pussy!" Lance exclaimed as they both released at the same time, causing a triple orgasm and causing the couch to shake. They all screamed in unison, and then fell silent in a wet sticky Teen Pop sensation heap. Britney realized, as her body oozed with N Sync's cum, that she had just fucked the five hottest Men in America...

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