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Britney & Melissa Joan Hart


Britney couldn't wait to get home. It had been a long, hard day at the dance studio learning the routines for her next video and all she wanted was to have a nice shower and get into some clean clothes. Of course, this was the secondary reason for her rushing. The main one was that she was going to see her best friend, Melissa Joan Hart, for the first time in ages.

They had been friends for years and had shared most things together, but with both of them working in showbusiness nowadays seeing each other had become nearly impossible. The last time had been during the shooting of one of Britney's videos, where both she and Melissa had been dressed up as waitresses. Britney had been extremely lucky to get Melissa for the video even though she specifically asked for her. Her reasoning for the request simply being that they were friends and she wanted her, which was true, but not in the way they thought.

You see, Britney was a lesbian. She had discovered this a while ago whilst she was surfing the internet for porn, as all teenagers do at one time or another. She had come across many sites that interested her, but one particularly stood out. This site was a lesbian site, containing hundreds of pictures of beautiful women doing all sorts of things to each other.

Britney spent hours at that site, going through all the pictures, imagining herself in the place of one of the women. She imagined herself laying on a bed, licking another women's pussy as she straddled her face, grinding her cunt into Britney's sweet mouth. She imagined herself being the one having her pussy licked, and the feelings she would get from it, feeling her pussy getting wet as this other women licked and sucked her clit and cunt into heaven.

Although these pictures turned her on, it was some of the others that really did it for her. She found an area of the site devoted to lesbians dressed in all kinds of fetish-wear. There were women dressed in rubber dresses, tight leather tops and various kinds of PVC clothing everywhere, with most of them showing their pussies off to the camera.

By the time Britney had reached this part of the site she had taken of her cotton panties and was rubbing her clit like mad. Her mind began to race, conjuring up images that she had never before even considered. She imagined herself dressed like the women, wearing a tight black rubber dress and white rubber boots in contrast, laying on the floor with another women's head buried between her legs, sucking on her snatch as it poured her juices out onto the other women's face and hair.

Then she imagined herself spreading her legs as wide as they could go, exposing her virgin pussy to the women, who had put a strap-on dildo on as Britney did this. Britney's fingers were plunging in and out of her pussy by this point as she pictured the women burying her fake cock into Britney's pussy for the first time, thinking that her own fingers were this women's cock.

Britney felt herself getting closer and closer to orgasm and began to rub faster. Whilst she had masturbated before, she had never felt this intense a feeling and wanted the orgasm as soon as she could. Her finger's shoved themselves deep into Britney's tight pussy as far as they could go before pulling out almost completely and thrusting back in. This movement didn't take too long to do the trick and within a minute Britney's entire body exploded into spasm as her orgasm peaked.

It was also at this point that Britney discovered that she had the unusual ability of being able to ejaculate. This was discovered when suddenly during her orgasm jet after jet of clear girl cum shot out of her pussy, splattering onto the table and floor around her. After that evening Britney never really looked at men, she only wanted women. After all, if they would do that to her, then why would she need anything else.

Britney had always felt very close to Melissa, but since that evening her feelings had changed. All she wanted was to see her naked and run her hands over body. She also wanted to see Melissa dressed up in many different uniforms, another of Britney's little fetishes. This was why she had been so adamant in getting Melissa for the video.

The video actually took almost twice as long to shoot as it should have done, because Britney was "feeling ill". In actual fact she had to constantly disappear off to her dressing room to relieve some of the intense feelings she was getting from seeing Melissa dressed up as a waitress. Regardless of how many times she came, her pussy was dripping wet again almost immediately. By the end of that shoot she knew she would have to have Melissa at some point, but up until today she hadn't had the chance.

Britney arrived home and looked at her watch; 6:30, she had an hour and a half before Melissa came round. She stripped her sweaty clothes off of her firm body and admired herself in the full length mirror. She had always been pleased with her body, but recent changes to certain parts of her had made her feel even better about it. Britney climbed into the shower and turned the water on.

As the water cascaded down her body between her pert breasts she began to feel a familiar feeling building between her legs. Instinctively her hands moved down her body, one stopping at her breast, gently squeezing and caressing it, whilst the other continued down to her cunt. Britney began rubbing her already erect clit frantically, already as horny as ever. As she squeezed her breast harder, her finger found its way to her pussy and pushed slowly inside, spreading her puffy cunt lips ever so slightly as her finger began its journey.

Britney continued this for several minutes, imagining that Melissa was with her. One finger began two, and tow became three, as her masturbating increased. Britney felt the pleasure building within her loins and lowered herself onto the shower floor, raising her legs high into the air, her hand still pumping itself rapidly into her soaking wet cunt. She continued to raise her legs up, using the shower wall as leverage, until she was almost vertical. Her frantic wanking continued until Britney finally felt her pussy begin to contract around her fingers, a sure sign of the forthcoming orgasm.

Britney relaxed her body, preparing to let the orgasm wash over her completely, when something unusual happened, she began to pee. Her relaxing had stopped the mental block on her bladder and suddenly her pussy was spraying it's golden liquid high into the air, splashing down onto Britney's naked body and face.

The shock of her pissing sent Britney over the edge, and she came with a scream, opening her mouth as more of her piss landed on her face. For the first time ever Britney tasted her own piss. She had never before considered water-sports but the dirtiness of the whole thing got the better of her, and she gulped down her piss as she finger-fucked herself through her orgasm and onto her next, all the while her pussy still spraying piss everywhere.

Britney came a second time, and by this point her pussy had stopped urinating. She lay on the shower floor, amazed by what she had just done, still as horny as hell. She stood and washed herself off, removing the urine from her body, and climbed out of the shower.

For the rest of the time before Melissa was due to arrive Britney sat, thinking about what she had just done. Her initial thoughts were of disgust; how could she have drank her own piss, it just wasn't right. However, the more she thought about it, the more she realised that it had really turned her on, and she wanted to do it again. More specifically, she wanted to do it with Melissa.

Britney was unsure whether or not to progress with this train of thought, since she didn't even know whether Melissa was interested in her or not, let alone up for something as kinky as that. Never the less, Britney decided to see how things went, and began to prepare for the evening.

Firstly, she put several bottles of wine into coolers; nothing like wine to loosen someone up. Secondly, she laid her little trap for Melissa. Over the years Britney had amassed quite an array of sex toys; dildos, vibrators, butt plugs. You name it, she had it. She put all of these into her bedside drawer, along with the only bottle opener in the room, but only after she had opened the first two bottles of wine.

Her plan was obvious, she just hoped that the discovery Melissa would certainly make would excite her. Finally, she got dressed, sort of. She put on an almost sheer black teddy and covered it with a matching gown. She stared at herself in the mirror, hoping that Melissa found the form as sexy as she herself did. Then she waited...

Time seemed to stand still, but eventually there was a knock at the door. Britney leapt up and ran to the door. Regaining her composure see reached for the door knob, opened it, and nearly came on the spot. For standing in front of her was Melissa Joan Hart, her best friend, wearing a black rubber dress. The dress was so tight that Britney could plainly see the fact that her friend wasn't wearing any panties; the rubber clinging to her pussy lips, showing them off to everyone that happened to look that way, along with her pert breasts and rounded ass.

Most of Melissa body was covered in the black rubber, save for her lower legs and feet, which were standing on heels at least five inches tall. The only other part of her pretty little body that wasn't covered was her navel, which was exposed through a smallish hole in the dress, showing off her piercing that she was so proud of. Britney, completely taken aback by the sight of her friend simply stood and stared, her open mouth obviously watering at the sight.

"Well B, aren't you going to invite me in?" said Melissa, a slight grin appearing on her face as she said so.

"Uh, um, yeah. Do you want to come in?"

"I'd love to. I see you like my dress, I just bought it on the way over, cool isn't it. I love how it feels on my body. You should try it on later."

Any sort of plan Britney had had in mind had been completely blown out of the water, all she could think about was how horny she was getting at the sight of her friend dressed like that. She could feel her pussy getting wet, her juices wetting the insides of her thighs underneath the gown that she was wearing. Britney snapped herself out of it. She knew that Melissa had always been the sort to show off, and this sort of attire was just her thing.

Britney also knew that underneath the cool image she gave out was a shy little girl, who had had even less experience of sex than she herself had. She was fairly certain that Mel had no idea of her feelings for her, and decided to continue with the seduction as she had planned to.

"Mel, how about a glass of wine, it's very good".

"I'd love to B, we've got so much to talk about, we haven't spoken in such a long time."

As with most girls, as the wine went down, the talk became more and more centred on sex. They began to discuss past conquests; what had happened, were they any good in bed, the usual. Britney was trying to decide whether or not to tell Melissa about her sexuality when her prayers were answered.

"B, answer me a question. Why haven't you been with anyone for a while. I mean, I know that you've got a busy schedule, but surely you're missing a nice, think, juicy cock to suck on, I know I can't get enough of them."

"Um, well, you know..."

"You're a lesbian aren't you?"


"You are, I can see it. So, what do you think of this then..."

And with that Melissa reached down and pulled her dress up to her waist, exposing her pussy to Britney. Britney visibly began to shake with excitement, a small trail of saliva escaping her mouth as it began to water in anticipation.

"So B, what do you want to do then? You wanna lick my pussy, shove your tongue inside and eat my cunt out, tasting me, tasting my sweet pussy juice on your tongue or perhaps it's my ass you want, is it?"

Melissa as she turned around in front of Britney, bending over, exposing her asshole to her best friend.

"See B, I may be straight, but I'm the most kinky bitch in the world, I'll do anything to get off, so you're in luck. I've seen you, watching me during filming, staring at my pussy, longing for it on your mouth. Do you think I didn't realised why you kept disappearing off? I even watched you one time through your trailer window, knickers around your ankles, your fingers frigging your pussy like nobody's business, yourself off because of me. I'd already decided that I'd have you this week before you invited me over. What were you planning, to seduce me. I bet you've got all your sex toys placed somewhere I'd find them, haven't you?"

Amazed that her best friend had seen completely through her plan, and incredibly horny from what she was saying, Britney could only reply with three words,

"Bed-side drawer..."

"Ah," said Melissa as she rummaged through the toys, looking at each one intently.

"So B, planning on using this?" showing her a thick strap-on dildo before she took it in her mouth, sucking it like a real cock, then stepped into it, securing it around her waist.

"B, suck my cock. Come on slut, I know you want to"

Britney crawled across the floor towards Melissa, never taking her eyes off the fake cock strapped around her friends waist.

"Come on slut, I don't have all day. My cock needs a good seeing to, and if you do it well enough, I might reward you"

Britney opened her lips and took the entire length of the cock in her mouth in one go. As soon as she felt the fake balls at the end of the cock bang against her chin, she pulled back, coating the cock with her saliva before downing it again, giving it the best blow job she could.

She knew this was getting her even more horny since she could now feel her thighs wet from her pussy. She continued sucking Melissa's cock as she reached down and moving her teddy out of the way so that her fingers could invade her wet cunt. She moaned around the cock as she pushed two fingers into her snatch.

"NO!" shouted Melissa as she swiftly smacked Britney's ass.

"How dare you play with yourself. I am in charge here missy, and you don't touch yourself unless I tell you to!"

"I'm sorry" mumbled Britney around the cock still buried deep in her mouth.

"I'm sorry what?" replied Melissa as she roughly pulled the cock out of her best friends mouth.

"I'm sorry Melissa".

"No Britney, not Melissa", returned Melissa as she turned Britney around, bending her over in front of her new cock, all slick from Britney's blowing, "MISTRESS" shouted Melissa as she thrusted the cock into Britney's unprepared asshole.

"Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhh, oh god Mistress, please don't, you're splitting me in two, I can't take anymore, please stop, I'll do anything for you. I'll eat your pussy, I'll lick your asshole, I'll be your toilet, letting you piss in my mouth if you want, but please just stop, it hurts so much."

"No slave, I won't stop, in fact I'll fuck you harder, you'll learn to enjoy this, because I love it. I love fucking a tight, dry asshole, feeling the resistance as the muscles fight against me. You will learn to love it Britney, you'll learn to cum from me fucking your ass like this, you'll be begging me for it soon enough. How does it feel at the moment slave, does it still hurt? I bet it does, but I also bet it hurts good."

The pain was still intense for Britney, her ass feeling completely full up as Melissa roughly fucked her with Britney's own strap-on. She had never felt quite like this; the pleasure/pain barrier no longer existed, everything felt good. She wanted more, more cock in her ass.

"Oh god, please Mistress, I need more" said Britney.

"More what slave?"

"More in my ass, fuck me harder, fuck me like a whore, a slut. Fuck my ass until it's red raw. God it feels so good, I can't imagine my ass could take anything bigger that your cock Mistress."

This last comment acted like a dare to Melissa, leading her to reach down to Britney's ass and push a finger into it above the already pumping cock.

"No Mistress, not more, I can't take it, please..."

Another finger was added, and another, and another, until Britney's ass contained not only a huge dildo but four fingers as well, all pumping in and out of her ass as her pussy dripped juices onto the bed beneath her.

"Oh god Mistress, fill me, fill my ass. it feels so good, I can't take much more, please let me cum Mistress, I need to cum. I'll do anything if you let me cum."



"Okay slave, you may cum, but be warned"

"Yes, yes, oh god, I'm going to explode, I...I...I'm...I'm CUUUUUUMMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Britney collapsed, falling limp, suspended from the huge dildo still buried deep in her ass. Melissa looked down at the prone form of her best friend and smiled. She was in complete control now, and she knew that Britney would do anything she wanted her to do.

"Britney, my darling, are you still awake?"

"Ummm, yes Mel, I am"

"I've already told you slave, it's MISTRESS!!" and with that Britney jumped up as Melissa slapped her ass as hard as she could, feeling the dildo pull out of her as she did, causing her to scream out.

"Slave, do you remember what you just said to me, that you'd do anything if I let you cum? Well, it's time for you to pay me back. Lie down on the bed my little slut, and close your eyes"

Britney did as she was told, still recovering from the intense orgasm she'd experienced minutes before, closing her eyes as she watched her friend standing over her. Moments later she heard Melissa moving around her room, but resisted opening her eyes to see what she was doing, knowing that she would be in trouble if she did. She laid there for minutes, waiting for something to happen, when suddenly she felt a coldness on her wrists. Before she knew what was going on, she was handcuffed to the head of her bed, unable to move.

"What are you doing?" she shouted as she opened her eyes, staring at the now completely naked body of her friend.

"Anything I want slut. Remember what you said, I can do anything my kinky little heart desires, and that involves you being tied up for me. After all, I'm sure you had similar plans for me, right?"

Britney knew she was right, she had had the same idea, but she never expected anything like this to happen. She just lay there, knowing that whatever Melissa wanted, she would have to give, and there was nothing she could do about it. And that's what was making her excited. She could feel her pussy beginning to get wet again, even though she had only just come down from the greatest orgasm she had ever had. She was imagining what was going to happen next, and completely didn't notice Melissa getting another two pairs of handcuffs out of her bag and moving towards her again.

"Now my little slut, I'm going to cuff your ankles next, so you are completely open to me. I want to be able to see your cunt lips spread open for me, waiting." Within seconds Britney's legs were spread as wide as they could go as her ankles were cuffed to the bed posts, rendering her completely helpless. Melissa climbed up onto the bed, standing over her best friends bound form and reached down to her own pussy, rubbing gently against her clit, exciting herself just a little.

"Slave, do you want to know what I'm going to do to you, how I'm going to use you to pleasure me?" By now Britney had completely surrendered to Melissa's control, accepting the fact that she was going to be used, and she may as well enjoy herself in the process.

"Please Mistress, tell me, I'll do anything. Let me pleasure you, please..."

"Okay Britney, this is what's going to happen, actually, no, I'm not going to tell you, I'm just going to do it."

With that Melissa climbed off the bed and went over to Britney's drawer, examining all her sex toys, deciding which ones to use. She selected a very large vibrator, at least 12 inches long and 2 inches thick and a set of vibrating anal beads and returned to the bed.

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