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Britney & The Tentacle Monster


This was her sanctuary, her home away from everyone and everything. This is where she went when she couldn't take anymore from her fans, her representatives, her friends, or even her family. None of them knew where she had her hideaway and that was the way that she wanted to keep it. She didn't come here that often, but when she did she needed to get away from it all as bad as possible.

It seemed like everyone wanted a piece of Britney lately. Her albums weren't selling as well as they used to, the sales for each one was down from the last, but she felt like she was as popular as she ever was. Her teen girl fans were constantly after her for autographs, her older male fans were constantly trying to get her naked, and the press just wouldn't stop trying to get another interview out of her about her love life, her look, or whatever else was bothering them about her that month. She needed a break and she needed it now. She was just off of her latest tour and rest and relaxation were the only two things on the menu.

Her sanctuary was a cabin out in the woods. It wasn't just some rustic log cabin though, it was a modern house with all of the trimmings inside. It was fully wired, with indoor plumbing, cable, satellite, and any other conveniences that anyone could ask for. But its real selling point was how secluded it was. It was on a few square miles of land with a small lake entirely enclosed on the property. It was up in some mountains and really secluded. It was the perfect place for keeping away from prying eyes. It was a home away from the world, and did its job about as well as it could be done.

She arrived at the cabin a little bit before noon that day. She opened the door, turned on a few of the lights, and chucked some supplies in the fridge in the kitchen. Next she went up to the bedrooms and chucked her stuff into the master sweet. After that she headed down into the media room to relax away the long drive out there from the airport. It took her three hours to drive all the way out here, but it was well worth it to keep away from prying eyes.

She flipped through the channels on cable a few times, and then through the channels on satellite, still finding nothing to watch. She flipped over to the DVD player to see if anything was in there only to find a copy of her movie. She wasn't proud of that part of her life. She was also a little concerned that she hadn't been up here since she made that movie. It was a few years ago that she finished shooting it, and it had been in and out of theaters and rental stores since. Heck, she had been on two tours since then. It felt like forever ago.

Britney got up off of the couch and went to the kitchen to get a light snack to eat. She rummaged around through the things that she had bought before, and put together a small sandwich. She went back into the media room and searched through her DVDs to find something decent to watch while she digested her food. After selecting a nice love story she plopped down on the couch again started eating her sandwich.

It was a cheap romantic comedy, but it was just what the young woman needed. It was something to uplift her spirits and distract her from her life outside of her fortress. She slumped down in the middle of the couch as she watch her movie and ate her sandwich. When she was finished eating she got really comfortable and just took up the entire thing as she stretched out and lay down. "This is just what the doctor ordered," she thought to herself as she drifted off to sleep about halfway through the movie she was watching.

When she awoke, the sun was a bit lower in the sky, but there was still plenty of daytime left. The movie was back on the title screen, and she had missed quite a bit of it, but it didn't really matter to her as she had seen it the entire way through several times. She got up off the couch refreshed and cleaned up the mess that she made with her lunch. After that she walked around through the house and all of its rooms as she reminisced about her past trips here. She wished that she could tell someone else about this place so that she could have a different kind of fun here, but that would defeat the purpose of having a place like this to run to.

Maybe someday she could have people up here once the media finds out about it. "It'll only be a matter of time until they do," she thought again as she walked out onto the back deck. She raised her arms up into he sun and looked down the hill towards the lake out back. She let out a moan as she felt it warm her body, and stood there relaxed and content. "I think I'll go for a swim," she said aloud before bouncing back into the house to grab a towel. She also grabbed a robe while she was there. Not so much for modesty, as she was surrounded by wilderness and not a single person for miles, but more just incase it cooled off while she was away from the house.

Britney stripped off her jeans and tank top before slipping into a pair of sandals and the robe that she chose. It was short terry cloth robe that was warm and fuzzy against her skin. She grabbed the towel and pranced out into the back yard and down the hill towards to small lake about a quarter mile walk away. It really wasn't much more than a large pond, not much more than a square mile, but to Britney it was lake, and the greatest lake in the world.

She was giddy as she walked the path through the tall grass between the house and the lake. She hadn't been swimming for a long time. She didn't use the pools at most of the hotels that she stayed at. She didn't have the time, and they were always so crowded with fans, her fans. No, this was the place where she could come when she needed to and do what she wanted to do when she wanted to. Hell, she had masturbated herself to orgasm quite a few times in the clearing up ahead. Something about the air and the sun out here just made her horny sometimes. After her swim she might just have to indulge herself in that activity again.

As she cleared the grass and stepped onto the beach, she tripped and nearly fell over as she dropped her towel to the ground. "Stupid vines," she called out as she pulled her foot back to clear the obstruction. Her heal met with resistance though, and she reached down to try to unwrap the twisted vine from her ankle. When she touched it though, it didn't feel right. It didn't feel like any plant that she had ever touched before. It was smooth, and almost slimy to the touch, but it was also as strong as anything she had ever encountered. It was wrapped tight around her ankle, and was inching its way up her leg as she struggled to try to free herself from it.

"Oh no... Oh no..." she cried as it moved up passed the back of her knee. "Oh fuck! This can't be happening..." she whimpered as she tried to muscle it off her leg. But her efforts were in vein as the protrusion from the ground made its way around her thigh, and had a more than firm grip on her limb. "What the fuck? Let go of me!" she screamed as it pushed its way up higher and higher. "What the fuck is going on here!" she screamed again, unable to stop the tentacle from doing what ever it pleased.

It pushed its way up between her legs, then back up under her butt cheek, and around her waist before pushing back down again. The tip made its way down her belly and between her legs where it rubbed itself up against her vaginal lips. It found the moisture that was already there from her previous thoughts of the past and spread it around her nether regions as well as around itself.

Britney was obviously feeling very abused as the creature pushed itself inside of her. She cried as she was hoisted off of the ground by the pure strength of her attacker. She couldn't believe that this was really happening to her. This kind of thing wasn't supposed to be real. This is the type of thing that only happens in really bad movies like Evil Dead. It's not supposed to be happening to her like this, or at all, ever...

At first the invader didn't do much as it pulsed inside of her. It had achieved its goal of penetration, and it waited for its victim to be ready for the next stage of the game. The young woman could feel it throbbing within her pussy. She had tried so hard and desperately to keep this from happening, but she was just too weak to do anything about it. She slumped there in tears and hung limp at the waist wishing that this encounter was over and she could get out of here already. She wanted to be home with her family again. She would even prefer to be mobbed by fans than to be here with this thing poking at her.

It had been a good minute or two since the thing had pushed itself inside of Britney and lifted her up off of the ground and into the air. It hadn't really moved at all except for what seemed like a thumping in its veins. It gave Britney a lot of time to think, and fear for what was going to happen next. As she thought about friends and family, she started to relax a little. She hadn't fully come to terms with her situation, but she had stopped crying, at least for now.

That was what the tentacle was waiting for. It was waiting for her to relax. When she did, it took that opportunity to push in a little bit further into her. Until now it had only pushed about three or four inches of itself inside of Britney's warm and wet crevasse, but now it was pushing more and more of its length up into her until it was over ten inches in and pressing against her cervix.

She cried out again as it filled her vaginal cavity, unsure of exactly why it was doing this to her. As it filled her up she started to feel very ill. But it wasn't done with her yet. Once it had her filled as far as she could take it, it waited again. Not quite as long as before, but long enough for her to get used to its presence. She felt queasy, and she wanted to vomit. She felt as full as she had ever been, until she felt it expand inside of her. It was actually growing in girth within her! She looked down and saw the fluid pumping through the tentacles veins. It didn't make the rest of its length any bigger, it only seemed to affect the head of the phallus, but it was definitely trying to push her to her limits.

When it had grown to its fullest size it waited again for a few more moments. Again, it didn't wait as long as it had before, but it gave her time to adjust nonetheless. When it felt her relax to a certain degree it started to withdraw from her. She started hoping that maybe the ordeal was over and she could run away now, but deep within her she knew that this was just the beginning of what was to come. It pulled out to its original depth of about three inches, working its way out slowly and deliberately, and then, just as slowly, it pushed right back into her again.

It waited inside her a moment again, and pulled out to three inches as it had before. It was just hair faster this time, but it was enough of a difference for Britney to notice. "Maybe this thing will be a minute man," she thought to herself with a smirk as it pushed back inside of her. But the push back in wasn't any faster. It pushed back in at the same slow pace every time. It would pull out faster and faster, but it would always push back in with the same drawn out slow speed as before.

Britney could feel herself getting excited now as her assailant ravaged her from below. She was slightly wet when this had all started, but she was near dripping now. She hated to admit it, but this thing was starting to get her off. It's inward thrusts were starting to speed up as well now that its outward pulls had reached their maximum velocity, and it was working its shaft up against Britney's clit with every stroke in both directions.

"Oh my god! Oh god this feels so good..." she cooed as it thrust in and out of her at an ever growing pace. "Oh fuck! I can't believe I'm letting this happen to me..." she called out as she felt her insides warm up as she built up towards an orgasm. Not that she could stop it at this point or any other. She had tried to fight it in the beginning, but now she was giving in to it as if it was natural to let a tentacle protruding out of the ground fuck her pussy raw. "Oh fuck this is so fucking unbelievable!"

She was getting into it now. She wished that she were down on the ground so that she could hump it back. She could feel it pushing even deeper into her now than it had been initially and she loved every bit of it. She was groaning with every move made by the meaty vine that was pounding into her cunt so well. She cried out with curses and talked dirty to the creature as if royally fucked the hell out of her. She thought that maybe it was from hell, and was therefore fucking the hell into her, but that wasn't important as she tensed up and felt an orgasm wash over her entire body while the tentacle continued to pummel her insides with its bulbous head.

Feeling a little tender down there now, she began to whimper a little as her tormenter continued its assault. Yes, she had just cum from it, but it was still going as hard and strong as ever. It went on like this for another few minutes, and she began to get turned on again from it. That was when it slowed down its strokes and pulled out of her completely.

Britney thought that the encounter might finally be over as it slid its way across her back and around her butt, but she realized it was far from over when it pressed up against her sphincter and up into her from the other side now from before. It was thinner now than it was when it was in her pussy though. It seemed to know that she couldn't handle such a large intrusion in her ass. It could meter and gauge just how much a person could take before it reached the breaking point. Regardless of all of that though, it was pushing up into her ass, and she had never been fucked there by anybody, let alone a tentacle plant down by the lake!

It slid in easily though, as it was thinner than before, and had been lubricated by fucking her for so long before. It also seemed to be adding its own lube from the slime that it was naturally covered in. It pushed farther and faster into her butt than it had with her pussy though, which just seemed odd that it was willing to take such liberties. Before it was more kind, but now it was more controlling. It was about five inches inside of her when it stopped pushing and waited for her to grow accustomed to it. After a half a minute it pushed in another five inches where it stopped.

Even though it was less than an inch think at this point she still felt like she had a baseball bat up inside of her ass. The only thing getting her through this so calmly was that the rest of its length was still rubbing up against her clit on its way back to her back side. It was still pulsing and throbbing as it sat there in her butt, waiting for her to grow accustomed to having something piercing her sphincter. Britney was all of a sudden wishing that she had let that one dancer fuck her ass like he had wanted to last year. She would have had a little practice for now. Her dancer was well hung with and eight-inch cock, but he was nowhere near as big as this thing. The experience would have been good for her, even if she didn't know it at the time.

The tube started to pull out of her as it had with her pussy just minutes ago, but it didn't pull out as far as it had with that orifice. It only pulled out an inch or two at most, and then slowly pushed back in. It repeated this movement a few times before pulling out a little bit farther than it had been, and increasing the length of each stoke just a little bit with each pull out. When it started to get a good rhythm going, and using almost its entire length, it crammed itself all the way in again, and then stopped moving completely.

That's when it expanded inside her. It grew about fifty percent larger than it had been so that it was nearly the same thickness that it was when it had fucked her pussy. Britney was expecting it to cum inside her, and be finished with this thing already, but that was hardly the case. After it was done expanding it resumed its thrusting pattern inside her anal cavity, and began pounding her so hard that it shook her entire body with the end of its stroke.

Britney was being jostled about as the tentacle fucked her ass mercilessly. Her tits were shaking all over the place, her legs were dangling about beneath her, her hair was all in her face as she hung her head low with shame from enjoying this fucking that she was getting from an inhuman partner. She shook and trembled with near continuous orgasms as the creature tortured her butt and teased her clit. After a few minutes she started to groan and scream with the pleasures of being ravaged. She had been trying to hold it in but she couldn't take it anymore. She had to let it all out, and she did in a crescendo of sexual noises. She even started talking dirty to her invader as it pummeled her from below.

"Oh fuck, yeah! Fuck me, you ungodly piece of fuck meat! Fuck me harder! Harder! Fuck! Fuck... Cock... Thing! Oh god that feels so good..." she called out as she was wracked with orgasm after orgasm. "So fucking good..."

She started wishing that there were more and more of them around to give all of her body as much attention as her privates were getting. She wanted one for her pussy, her ass, her tits, her mouth, and every bit of flesh that she had. She wanted to be fully used and abused by this creature. She wanted more. She craved more. She felt like she needed more.

And that was when the shaft of the creature started to ripple and vibrate. It grew in diameter again and pulsed with fluid. Now Britney knew that it was going to ejaculate inside of her as it throbbed and started leaking fluid into her rosy, punished asshole. But it wasn't just being forced inside of her. The fluid was excreting from every pore of its flesh as it oozed cream all over Britney's legs and waist. It oozed more fluid than Britney had ever seen come out of any creature ever. It was more than she had seen in that Horse porn that one of her other dancers was fascinated by.

As the protrusion from the ground really was finished this time, and had spent all of its energy on the beautiful young woman, it slowly lowered her down so that her feet touched the ground again. As she had more and more of her weight put back onto her legs though, she realized that she didn't have the strength to hold herself up right now, and fell to her knees as the creature retreated into the dirt, and away from her for good. She sat there on the ground just a few yards away from the lake as the sun started going behind the trees off in the distance.

It must have been a couple of hours since the ordeal had started, she thought to herself. There was no way that the sun was so close to setting when this had all started. That thing had fucked her for hours, she thought to herself. That was when it sank in, that a tentacle that popped up out of the ground just a short distance from where she was now sitting had raped the hell out of her.

Britney quickly grabbed up her robe, which she hadn't even noticed being taken off of her body, and her towel and ran as fast as she could manage back up to the house. She quickly showered and got dressed before grabbing her bags and getting into her car to drive away from there, and hopefully never see that thing again.

She knew that one day she would have to sell that place, when it wasn't suitable for her needs anymore, but she had always thought that it would be the media that would find out where it was and make living there a living hell with helicopters flying over at all times of the day and night. It had never crossed her mind that she would be driven out by a tentacle monster popping up out of the ground and raping her like that.

As she drove off to the airport she made some calls to the very few people who knew that she had the place, even if they didn't know where it was exactly, and tried to find out what it would take to sell it off. And during the flight to LA to meet some people for a barrage of business meetings, she drifted off to sleep, and dreamt about being used by the tentacle creature again. When she woke up at her destination, she didn't seem to mind the experience so much. She wasn't even sure if it had really happened anymore. She definitely wasn't going to be selling her house though. Not now. Maybe not even ever...

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