tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBritney Learns Her Lesson

Britney Learns Her Lesson


It had been a long day getting set up for an evening concert and nothing had gone right. Britney Spears was in a foul mood and no one was escaping her wrath. From the stage manager to the soundman, all were feeling the lash of the teen stars tongue. The last straw came during the sound check. The bass player, a guy named Kevin missed an entry and Britney blew up at him.

“You stupid fucking son of a bitch, how in the world did a dumb piece of shit like you end up playing in my back up band.” The blonde star raged. “You’d better get your shit together you dumb mother fucker or I will have your ass replaced by a trained monkey, do you fucking understand me?”

Kevin could only nod and try to apologize, which was of course ignored. The crew looked on quietly, not wanting to have the temperamental singer notice them. It wasn’t the first time Kevin had suffered Britney’s wrath and it wouldn’t be the last, and most of them figured better him than me.

As with many things in life, rehearsals that go bad end up spawning performances that go very well and that night’s concert was no exception. Everything went off without a hitch and the audience got every bit of their money’s worth. Britney knew by the wet feeling between her legs that the concert was a success. When things went well it always made her horny. Unfortunately she couldn’t go right to her dressing room and relieve her tension. Once the concert was over she had to meet with some reporters and fans. It was almost an hour after the concert was over before Britney finally was able to lock the door to her dressing room and relax.

She walked into the bathroom and began to slowly take off the skintight costume she had ended the show in. The top hit the floor freeing her large firm breast, the cool air of the room causing her pink nipples to harden instantly. Britney ran her hands over the breasts, pinching her nipples, causing a wonderful combination of pain and pleasure in her breasts and her clit. She slipped her hands into the waste band of the low cut pants and slipped them off, as her hand rubbed her hairless slit, one finger penetrating the depths of her pussy while the other rubbed her swollen clit. No doubt about it, America’s sweetheart was horny as hell and ready to soak in a hot bathtub and finger her cunt until the lust in her body was satiated.

As Britney bent over to start the water, she was grabbed from behind. Her hands were pulled behind her back and bound, and a gag replaced the hand that covered her mouth.

“Okay bitch now your going to learn a lesson about embarrassing people in public.”

Britney’s eyes got wide with fear as a hand reached between her legs and discovered the aroused state of her pussy.

“So the little virgin queen is all worked up and no one to take care of her.”

Britney moaned slightly as the hand exploring her swollen womanhood found her clit and began to rub it. She was scared and revolted at the thought of what might happen to her, but her body was betraying her.

“You want to get fucked don’t you bitch?” the still unseen assailant said.

Britney shook her head no, although her pussy was aching for a cock. She had long since given herself to her boyfriend Justin, but kept up the front of being a virgin.

Before she could protest any farther she was being forced out of the bathroom and into the main part of the dressing room. Her eye’s widened in fear when she saw the couch in the dressing room pulled out from the wall and ropes leading around one of the arms. She put her feet out to try and stop the man behind her from pushing her further into the room, but to no avail. He picked her up and carried her to the couch, pushing her head down into the cushions, and tying her hands so she could not move.

“I’ll give you a choice cunt, either you can suck my cock, or I’ll fuck your virgin twat,” the stranger said as he reached for the gag. “If you scream I’ll fuck you and then cut your throat, understand?”

She nodded her head and he removed the gag.

“Which is it bitch, suck my cock or get fucked?”

“I’ll suck your cock.” Came the whispered response.

“What did you say bitch,” her attacker asked. “You didn’t have any trouble being heard when you were yelling at people this afternoon. Now tell me which you are going to do and you’d better beg for it or I’m going to do what ever I want to your little body.”

“Please let me suck your cock.” She said trying not to cry. “Please, I’ll suck it good, I want to taste your cum in my mouth.”

The unseen stranger moved in front of her so his cock was near her mouth.

“Remember bitch if you bit me, I’ll gut you.”

She nodded, and opened her mouth slightly. The stranger pushed his cock against her mouth forcing her lips open, and filling her mouth with his cock. Britney had a hard time taking his cock into her mouth at first, but began to warm to the task, enjoying, almost against her will, the feeling of the hard cock against her tongue. She began to lick the cock as it slid in and out of her mouth. When she had gone down on Justin it had been with her in control, taking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could without being uncomfortable. This time she had no control and the stranger in front of her was fucking her mouth. Moving his cock in and out of her mouth, shoving it as deep as it would go. Every time the stranger thrust his cock into her mouth Britney felt like she was gagging, but he that only seemed to make him thrust harder. Finally the thick cock was removed from her mouth.

“You dumb little cunt, that is the worst blowjob I have ever had in my life. You couldn’t suck a cock to save your life.”

With that he got up and moved behind her. Britney felt his cock rubbing against her sopping pussy.

“Please, don’t, let me try again, I’ll suck your cock better, I promise.” She begged.

“Too late for that.” She heard the stranger say.

He continued to rub his cock up and down her wet opening, coating the head with her juices getting it nice and slick.

“Ready to get fucked bitch.” He said.

She new that she was about to have her pussy penetrated by another cock, and she knew that he would find out she wasn’t a virgin. But as she prepared for the cock to enter her, she suddenly felt a stabbing pain in her anus. “Oh my God,” she thought, he’s fucking my ass. She screamed in pain as the hard cock shoved into her tight opening, stretching it beyond belief before the head of the strangers cock broke through and her asshole tightened around the shaft of his cock.

“Oweeeeeee, god your killing me, it hurts take it out please god I can’t take it don’t.” She begged.

The stranger fucking her ass didn’t move. Slowly the muscles of her anus relaxed and the pain lessened. Britney was surprised and ashamed to discover that the feeling in her ass as gone from pain to pleasure. She moved her ass a little against the fleshy invader.

“Ready for it now aren’t you.” He growled and shoved his cock all the way into her backside.

Britney felt his balls slapping against her pussy as her unseen lover began to fuck her ass.

“Oh Yes,” she heard herself moan as the cock in her ass began to move back and forth.

A hand reached up and untied her hand and she reached between her legs and started to rub her clit. In her mind she knew that she shouldn’t be enjoying this, but her body needed the release of orgasm.

“Oh yes fuck my ass you big prick, fuck me.” She moaned as the cock inside her began to move faster and faster.

“Oh yea bitch take my cock in your ass, you love it don’t you slut?”

“Oh yes, fuck my ass, you bastard I love it. Make me your ass whore. Fuck me. Cum in my ass, let me feel your cum in my ass you prick.”

Britney felt the stranger plunge into her one more time as her fingers brought her to a huge orgasm.

“Yess I’m cumming, oh yesssssssssss.” She screamed as the stranger pumped his cum into her tight ass.

“Yessss.” He growled, his cock pumping cum into the singer’s ass, as her tight little ring squeezed his cock again and again.

Britney felt the cock in her ass pull out as hands reached around and untied her. She got up and turned around to face the man who has just fucked her ass.

“Thanks Kevin I really needed that.”

She said as she wraps her arms around the bass players neck kissing him.

“Your welcome baby.” He said as he pulled away from her. “Just let me know the next time you want me to come see you again.” He grinned. “Chew me out in the afternoon” he started.

“And get my brains fucked out that night.” She laughed and led her lover to the shower.

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