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Britney Spears & Chris


"Oh Britney your so lucky today I was looking over your schedule for you after your concert tonight and the famed photographer Chris is going to be shooting you tonight during your encore and after your concert tonight. He is the best in the world, he has people begging him to photograph them and your publicity people somehow lined him up to shoot you tonight" Mary who was one of Britney's best friends was telling the famed teenage idol.

"Oh really that is kinda neat. I'll have to give my publicity people a little extra bonus this week" Britney said as she was stretching getting ready for her big concert that night.

"But there is one thing about him I must tell you. He is drop dead gorgeous. He is about 6 foot 220 and arms to die for. God his chest is enormous, but I have read where lots of ladies have tried seducing him and not one even got as much as past a hug with him.

"Oh really" Britney said as she turned around to face her friend.

"Yup and don't even think of flirting with him cause it will get you nowhere" Mary teased.

Mary and Britney had known each other for over 10 years and each one was always trying to outdo the other.

"I bet I can seduce him" Britney teased.

"Oh yeah...wanna bet on it" Mary teased.

Britney and Mary were always making bets and Mary usually lost, but this was one bet she thought she could win.

"Sure I am always up for a challenge. What do you want to bet? Britney asked as she stretched out and moved from side to side.

"Oh if I win I want a threesome with your boyfriend Justin and if you win I will do whatever you want for a week" Mary said as she folded her arms across her chest not expecting Britney to say yes to the bet.

"Your on" Britney said loud as she got up and did a few jumping jacks getting the blood pumping in her body.

Mary was flabbergasted as she never expected Britney to say, but here she did.

"Ok prepare to lose best friend" Mary said as she got up and left the room.

Britney then sat down for a second and realized what she had done. She thought to herself that she had bitten off way more than she could chew. And when she and a friend make a bet there is no backing down.

Suddenly a knock on the door interrupted her train of thought.

One of her publicity people slightly opened the door.

"Britney I just wanted to let you know that Chris the photo shoot guy will be popping in for a few to speak with you ok" the voice said.

"Oh ok great" Brintey said as the door shut.

Britney began to think. She had to find out what made this man tick and she had to do it fast.

Brintey began to pace back and forth when there was another knock on the door.

"Come on in" Brintey said as in he walked. All 220 pounds of him. Mary wasn't kidding Britney thought as she eyed him up and down. He had on a tight white shirt that revealed his bulging biceps and broad shoulders. His chest was sticking out as she just wanted to go over and run her fingers up and down it.

"Hi Britney I am Chris, very pleased to meet you and be shooting you tonight" Chris said as she gave Britney's hand a firm shake.

"I just wanted to go over a few things really quick about tonight. I want to take about 50 photos of you after the concert and I hope one can make the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. I have to make a phone call I'll be right back ok" Chris said as she pulled out his cell phone and quietly left the room.

Britney got a nice view of his butt in his tight jeans as he left the room. Britney saw one of his photo bags and went next to the door and heard Chris walking away from the door so she quietly and quickly went over to one of his bags and began to go through it. She didn't find anything until she came across a thin brown envelope and she quickly opened it.

She began to go through all the pictures of all the models. One common theme was that all the models were barefoot and in every pose the soles of their feet were exposed.

Britney didn't notice it at first then she came across an article about Mandy Moore. She was about to go past it when she saw something was circled in it. Curious she read the part that was circled. In it Mandy talked about always performing barefoot.

Then it hit Britney. Chris has a foot fetish. She quickly put back his stuff and put it back in his bag and then waited for him to come back. She decided to start off a little teasing by removing her sneakers, but leaving on her socks.

Chris came back into the room a few minutes later as Britney innocently had her feet hanging over the edge of the couch with her socks on.

"Ok everything is set Britney I'll see you later on tonight" Chris said as he saw Britney's feet in socks and took in a few quick peeks and it was a move that Britney saw as well.

"Looking forward to seeing you in the photo pit tonight Chris" Britney said as the two shook hands and Chris left her dressing room.

Britney Spears Concert: Encore Time

Britney just finished the last song of her regular set and was taking in the crowd which was quite loud when she was on the side of the stage and she saw Chris going into the photographer's pit at the front of the stage.

"I'll be right back I have to go get some of my Gatorade I left in my dressing room" Britney said as she ran down the steps and bent over and undid her sneakers. Britney purposely did not wear socks under her sneakers tonight and with a quick fling here and a quick fling there she sneakers were off and in bare feet she was.

As the large crowd was cheering "Britney...Britney" she made her way back up the stairs and walked out on the stage as the first notes of "Opps...I Did it Again" began to play.

Britney slide her bare feet across the stage as she moved and did all her dance moves as the photographers took shot after shot. Britney then saw where Chris was and then when a break part in the song came where she didn't have to sing, Britney then slithered on hand and knees and then slide on her stomach as she inched her way from the back where the drums were all the way to the front all the while moaning into the mic as she kept one eye on Chris as a big smile came across his face and he began snapping away pictures like a madman.

Britney smacked her two feet together as in one swift move kicked herself back up and gave Chris a nice quick shot of her butt in her silver jumpsuit as she got back in line and danced and sang the rest of the song.

Britney's adrenaline was flowing big time as she saw how Chris reacted to her performing barefoot. She smiled to herself as she took in a deep breath and prepared to perform her last song "I am a Slave for U." Britney looked down at her toes and then the first bars hit and into the song she went. She slithered and moaned into the mic as she sang the words with more passion than she ever did.

Her dancers had their hands all over her during the song as she was getting quite wet as she sang the words. Fingers slide all over body as she was wishing it was somebody else's hands.

As the last notes of the song played out and a big fireworks explosion followed, Britney gave one last big jump and the last final explosion hit and the concert was over. Britney walked to the front of the stage and thanked everybody for coming. She looked over and saw where Chris was at and then moved over and sat on one of the big speakers as she waved to the crowd. She began to swing her legs a bit hoping Chris would see that she was doing and sure enough he was. He also began to take some more pictures of her as she smiled and was waving at the fans that were waving at her.

30 Minutes Later

As the last of the crowd was gone Britney went back up on stage one last time and found a bottle of water and began to sip from it. She looked around at the inside of the concert hall as saw Chris on the floor checking out his equipment. Britney then walked to the side and off the stage and onto the floor and went over to Chris.

"Well, how did you like the show tonight? She asked Chris as he looked up at her.

"Oh it was fantastic. You put on quite a show. I loved the encores and the explosions near the end. A nice touch, he said as pulled out his camera.

"Here look at what I shot so far" Chris said as he handed Britney the camera and she began to walk around a bit as she checked out the pictures Chris took. Sure enough almost in each shot her bare feet were exposed.

"You got some nice shots" Britney said as she handed Chris back his camera.

"So where do you want to take more pictures at?" she asked.

"Well, since we are right here why not right here a few and maybe a few on the stage." Chris suggested.

Britney then began to pose and Chris took shot after shot of her. After about 10 minutes Chris said he had room for one more shot and he wanted it to be in her dressing room.

So the two went to her dressing room and Britney had left strict instructions not to be disturbed.

Upon entering the room Chris put his stuff down and Britney fell down onto the couch.

"What sort of pose do you want?" she asked.

"I want a very natural look pose. How about you like you are on the couch." Chris asked.

"Ok. And how about I do this Britney said as she swung her legs over the edge of the couch and exposed her feet.

"Oh yessss that is perfect" Chris said as she quickly like a charging bull swung in front of her and she let out a big smile and Chris snapped the pic. Oh wait I got one more pic and Chris quickly snapped that as well.

"I'll be right back Britney" Chris said as he put down the camera and when to find the bathroom.

Britney quickly checked out each picture he took and the very last shot was a close up of her 2 feet hanging over the edge of the couch.

Wow he really is into feet Britney thought to herself as she put the camera down and waited for him to come back. Chris came back in the room.

"I found the contract you need to sign to give me permission to post these pictures" Chris said he sat on the couch as Britney drank the rest of her water and layed down on the floor next to him. She then sat in the chair and propped her feet right up next to the contract he was looking over. As she did this she noticed his hands shaking a bit.

"Wanna give me a foot massage they hurt from the concert tonight?" Britney asked as Chris practically threw the contract on the floor as he said "sure" as he took her feet and placed them in his lap.

"Sorry they kinda got dirty" Britney said as Chris began to run her toes and sides.

"Ah that is ok" Chris said as she was looking down at 2 very dirty soles and he was rubbing Britney's feet like it was the last thing he was gonna do on earth.

He cradled her feet in his lap like a kid as he began to gently rub each toes and the soles as Britney just layed back and enjoyed the foot rub. Chris started to get a bit bolder as she then layed on the couch and had Britney's feet on his chest as she was rubbing them like no tomorrow. God he wanted to stick them in his mouth sooooo bad, but he couldn't for fear of Britney telling the whole world about his foot fetish.

"Ohhhhh Chris you have wonderful hands, don't stop it feels so good" Britney said as it was feeling mighty good and she then noticed Chris had placed her feet on his chest.

Britney got more bold as she moved her legs a bit and inched them up closer to his face as he continued to massage both feet at the same time. The massage continued for a good 30 minutes when Chris said he had to stop due to his hands being tired.

He leaned up and gave each of Britney's feet a quick kiss and then leaned back and closed his eyes.

"Been a long day whew I am tired been up since 5am" Chris said as he gently rubbed Britney's ankles.

"Wow your did a great job on my feet. They have never been massaged so good in my life, but you know what I liked the last thing you did best. Britney said as she leaned up and Chris did at the same time.

Not a word was said as Britney slide up more and put her feet right in front of his mouth and he opened his mouth and in Britney slide a foot. Chris's tongue slide out and began to lick and suck at her dirty foot as Britney slide her hands up to peel off her shirt. Brintey looked on as Chris slide his tongue across each toe and licked off the dirt. He lapped at each toe like a dog as Britney just watched on and began to get more wet with each lick.

She began to play with her now exposed nipples as Chris drove in all 5 toes in his mouth and began to foot fuck his mouth with her feet. In and out he drove his tongue and lips across her sort of now clean soles.

Sliding a foot out he went over to the foot with dirt all over it and began to suck and lick at the sole as his tongue began to turn black as the dirt went off her foot onto his tongue.

Britney slide her hands down and unzipped her silver spandex pants as she pushed them down and the had Chris stop for a second as she kicked the away and spread her legs as he got busy on a foot and she got busy playing with her soaked pussy.

Britney stuck a well manicured finger right deep in her pussy as she moaned loud as Chris worked his way over her feet. He didn't miss an inch of spot of dirt as he licked and sucked like a man on his last meal as he cleaned her little foot. (want a pic of Britney's barefeet? Email me and say send Britney's feet-chris)

He licked up and down as Britney found her clit and began furiously playing with it as she watched the bull of a man lick her feet clean.

"Suck em. Lick em clean. I performed barefoot just for you. Britney purred and as Chris heard that he went crazy on her feet sending Britney into overdrive as she let loose with on orgasm that rocked the house and almost had her left foot all the way in Chris's mouth.

When she calmed down from her orgasm Britney slide her foot out of Chris's mouth and then turned over and offered her ass to Chris.

"Rim my ass loverboy" Britney said as she rubbed her ass with her fingers as Chris went over and put a finger in her mouth as she slide it back out and began to rub her pussy as Chris kissed her ass and worked his way to her puckered asshole. The asshole was dripping with sweat and pussy juice and Chris went right in and lapped and swallowed it right down his throat like a long lost friend.

"Oh my god...yess lick my ass" Britney said as she plunged 2 fingers in her pussy and began to orgasms again as Chris slide hit tongue right against her hole and began to dart it in and out of her asshole as it opened for his tongue. Pushing his tip in the skin gave way as the tongue explored the inside of her asshole. Beads of sweat pored off of Chris as he rimmed and licked clean her asshole as Britney had one orgasm after another.

In and out like a small cock did his tongue go as he licked Britney's asshole like there was no tomorrow. Finally she could take no more as she turned around and told Chris she wanted his cock in her asshole!

"Are you sure?" Chris asked as he ripped off his clothes in record time as Britney leaned over and deep throated his cock a few times to get it wet and ready.

"Oh I'm sure I want it in there bad" Britney moaned as she got on all fours giving Chris the view of a lifetime as he leaned against her and they kissed as he guided his cock against her hole.

He moved away as he pushed the head of his cock gently against her hole and he moved down and got some pussy juice on the head and then pressed again as Britney moaned as the head forced her asshole to open and accept it. He pushed with force as the asshole opened and in the head popped inside he asshole as Britney screamed.

"Yes, deeper..go deeper." Britney demanded and Chris did just that as he pushed in more and more the asshole accepted the visitor. 4 inches were buried in deep as he thrust in and out as the asshole was fully open and in he plunged the final 4 inches so that 8 inches of his cock were in Britney's little ass.

Britney's fingers were working overtime as she was having orgasm after orgasm as Chris now began to fuck her little ass good and hard. In and out his cock went with no problem as Britney threw back her head and told Chris how wonderful he was for cleaning her feet.

Chris heard the word feet and began to fuck her harder and faster as the cum began to build up in his balls and was soon preparing to exit from his cockhead.

"Oh gonna cum soon...oh yessss" Chris cried as he began to fuck her ass nice and fast.

Britney slide her fingers out from her under her pussy.

"Let me know when your gonna cum" she said as Chris said "yes" as he continued to pump her ass good.

He slowed down for a few seconds and then with each thrust began to go faster and faster preparing for the final countdown. Finally he whipped into overdrive and hit 3 fast thrusts as he cried "Ahhhhh I'm gonna cum" as he pulled out of Britney's ass.

With one quick thrust Britney whipped herself around and had her face and mouth right under Chris's cock as she watched the first blast fly in the air and land on the floor. She grabbed his cock and aimed it at her open mouth and the 2nd blast of hot sticky cum sprayed all in her mouth hitting all four corners with force. Wave after wave of hot cum spewed out of the cockhead and into her mouth as Chris looked on.

Britney mounted the cockhead as she drained out the last few spurts and drops from his cock as she removed her mouth from his cock and with a gulp swallowed all his cum.

She continued to jerk getting a few more drops on her tongue as she also deposited that down her throat.

Looking down she saw the first splash that landed on the floor. Leaning over she dipped her foot on it and scraped it off the floor with still dirty barefoot and watched as Chris ran over and licked his cum off her foot and then they both fell to the floor in complete exhaustion.

2 hours later

Britney woke up and saw Mary in the room.

"That was quite a show. Wow so that is his weakness. Feet. Mary giggled as she had watched the whole show from a hidden camera.

"Looks like I lose the bet. What do you want me to do first? Mary asked mad that she had lost.

"I got one thing for you to do tomorrow" Britney said as she grabbed a phone and dialed a number.

"Chris this is Britney. Listen I want you to come to the show tomorrow night. I am gonna perform barefoot all night and I also have a new dancer Mary just for tomorrow and she is gonna dance barefoot all night as well. We will need some things cleaned ok. See ya then. Britney smiled as she winked over at Mary.

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