tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBritney Spears Meets Rachel Stevens Ch. 1

Britney Spears Meets Rachel Stevens Ch. 1


Britney was exhausted. She had just performed one of her most energetic routines on Top Of The Pops, singing her new single, "Overprotected". She was wearing an especially sexy outfit, a light brown, skin tight, all in one cat suit with a large opening in the front to expose her incredible cleavage. Unfortunately, this costume made her feel really hot and whenever she wore it she sweated wildly.

Britney exited the stage thorough the side door and entered her dressing room alone. She slumped down on the couch, worn out, took a bottle of water, pressed it to her lips and swallowed a few, large gulps of cool water. She lay there, just staring at the ceiling of the room, for a minute or two. Then she started untying the lace at the back of her suit. But before she had untied the bow, there came a soft knock on the door.

"Come in!" called Britney, quickly fastening the lace again. The door opened slowly, and a young girl walked in.

"Hi. I'm Rachel, from S Club 7," she said, closing and locking the door behind her, "I saw you dancing earlier on, and I just thought I'd let you know how brilliant I think you are." Britney was quite surprised at this: she had not expected to be disturbed at all, let alone be praised for her earlier performance.

"Thanks," she replied, not entirely sure how to react, "I saw your band perform, too. You're really talented, I just love British music." Rachel, on hearing this, moved closer to Britney and gazed deeply into her eyes. "Erm, is there anything I can do for you, Rachel? An autograph, perhaps?"

"No thanks, I just wanted to meet you in person, maybe have a little chat or something."

"Uh, sure, okay. Take a seat over here," said Britney, gesturing to the couch next to her. Rachel obeyed and took a seat next to her. Britney was still steaming hot and dripping wet and was dying to get out of her clothes and have a cool shower. This was not helped by the fact that Rachel had placed her warm body right next to her.

"You look really hot, Britney," uttered Rachel to the young woman next to her. Britney, not fully understanding what was said due to the sweltering heat she was feeling, replied:

"Yeah, I'm really hot. This outfit is making me all moist and sweaty." Rachel seized this opportunity, whispering softly:

"Ooh, you're soaked through. Here, let me help you take those off…"

"NO, err, no… It's okay, Rachel, I can do it myself, thanks!"

"Oh, don't be shy, Britney. Just relax, there's nothing there that'll surprise me, is there?"

"Well, I guess not…" she replied, hesitantly.

"Okay then," and with that Rachel untied the bow on Britney's back and slowly slackened off the laces, loosening the top of the suit. Rachel then placed her hands on Britney's moist shoulders, and began to gently massage them. Britney, who was feeling wholly relaxed, started to let out low moans of pleasure.

Rachel slid her hands down Britney's arms, allowing the sleeves of Britney's outfit to slide down her arms and reveal her curved, shapely breasts. Britney was shocked at this, but was too tranquil to retaliate and let her carry on. Rachel then began to gently caress Britney's neck with her soft lips. She slipped her hands over Britney's breasts, and tenderly squeezed them. Britney was thoroughly enjoying this, she was sweating even more and her moans were growing louder and more frequent.

Rachel carried on stroking and caressing her breasts for a little longer before she got up, moved in front of Britney, sat on her lap, and kissed her. Britney felt really hot now, and kissed back passionately. Rachel then lay Britney down on the sofa, grasped Britney's hands and kissed her deeply.

She then sat up and pulled Britney's suit down, first revealing her smooth tummy and then exposing her wet navel, before she removed the suit completely, baring her long, sexy legs and perfect feet. She kissed Britney once more, and then passed her tongue down her body, curling round her erect nipples and winding around her belly button. She ran her tongue down past her vagina, down the inside of her left leg, down to her foot. She sucked on her toes, before moving back up to Britney's shaven pussy. She stroked Britney's swollen clitoris lightly with her tongue, making her sigh with pleasure.

Britney was feeling intensely horny now, and urged Rachel to finish her off:

"Please… Rachel… now…" cried Britney desperately, taking hold of Rachel's head and thrusting it between her legs. Rachel took the hint, and began to drive her tongue powerfully into the virgin's clean, dripping pussy. Britney yelled out in joy every time the tongue tickled the inside of her vagina, her entire body feeling electric with passion.

Rachel plunged her long tongue into Britney again and again and again. She was enjoying this almost as much as Britney herself, the taste of her juices really exciting her.

Finally the sensations became too much for Britney and she let out a scream as the orgasm rushed over her body, engulfing her from head to toe in ecstasy. Her juices flowed over Rachel's face and Rachel swallowed them up hungrily. Britney felt like she was in heaven as Rachel continued to pound her with her tongue.

Eventually the orgasm subsided, but still Rachel went on. She was now sitting up on top of Britney's wet, slippery body and inserting a finger into Britney's cum soaked pussy. She fidgeted with the inside of Britney's vagina, making Britney writhe in excitement. Soon Britney was on her way to a second orgasm, which came with a loud scream from Britney, who had never experienced anything close to this. At this, Rachel was satisfied, and she licked the cum from her fingers and kissed Britney, who was struggling for breath.

The two of them lay there in each other's arms for a few minutes, Britney breathing heavily and gazing lovingly into Rachel's beautiful eyes. Every so often they gave one another a peck on the lips leading to a longer, more passionate kiss. Finally Britney said:

"That was amazing! I've never felt that good before! I never knew how incredible an orgasm could be" Rachel smiled at her, then reached into her pocket and pulled out a small rectangular card. On the card was written an address and a mobile number. Rachel gave the card to Britney and said:

"Call me if you ever feel lonely!" And she flicked her finger into Britney's pussy once more before leaving the room quietly and cautiously. Britney stood up, walked to the shower, and jumped in, feeling really enchanted from the whole experience. She wondered when to phone Rachel back and arrange a second meeting...

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