tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBritney Spears Meets Rachel Stevens Ch. 2

Britney Spears Meets Rachel Stevens Ch. 2


Chapter 2: Forceful Pleasure

The Porsche pulled up to the building that afternoon and Britney got out. It was a vast, modern mansion with hundreds of windows facing her. She walked up to the gate and before she could press the intercom, the gates opened automatically. Britney jumped back in surprise, but quickly regained her cool and strolled up to the front door of the house. She knocked on the front door, and Rachel appeared wearing a red, silk dressing gown with red high-heeled shoes on her feet. Britney was taken aback at first by the immense sexiness of the girl standing in front of her, and instantly felt herself become aroused.

Rachel greeted her and invited her in. She came in and removed her long coat, revealing her astoundingly sexy outfit. Underneath a thin, see through, black shirt, she was wearing a black, lacy bikini top that pushed her large breasts together, giving her an astounding cleavage. She also wore a pair of tight, black, leather shorts held up by a matching leather belt.

"Wow, babe, you look stunning! I can't wait to get started on you. Kick off those shoes and follow me…" and with that she led Britney upstairs into a large bedroom. It was a very appealing room, with a lot of purple and violet things around the room, including the walls, the curtains and the silky bed covers. The bed was huge, at least a king size, probably bigger. There was a walk in closet in the corner, and a few chests of drawers as well. Rachel had also, it seemed, put up quite a number of posters of sexy and beautiful celebrities on the wall, including Christina Aguilera, Sarah Michelle Gellar and even Britney herself. Seeing herself on the wall of her new partner's room made Britney blush, wondering if Rachel ever masturbated in front of her picture. Britney also noticed a large mirror attached to the ceiling above the bed so that anyone lying on the bed would be perfectly able to see themselves.

"This is my room" Rachel explained "Our band all share this house, but the others are out on the town at the moment. They'll be a few hours minimum with Hannah with them!!" She then took Britney by the hand and lay her down on the bed. Britney submitted and let Rachel lead her, make all her movements for her.

Rachel proceeded to lift Britney's silky shirt off over her head and then moved down to undo the belt she was wearing, sliding it off and throwing it carelessly to the other side of the room. She then began kissing Britney around her belly button, gradually moving up her body, burying her face in her cleavage, nibbling at her neck and ending up gently caressing her lips with her own, feeling Britney's hot, rapid breath in her own mouth.

While they kissed passionately, Rachel's hand moved down Britney curvy body to her shorts. She undid the button at the top and pulled down the zip, freeing the garment. She pulled away from the kiss and pulled the shorts down and off, revealing a pair of thin, black, lacy panties to match the bra, the only two things left on her body.

Britney thought she knew what was coming now. She thought Rachel would begin to lick Britney out like she had the other day, so she closed her eyes in anticipation. Rachel, however, had other plans. When she saw Britney's eyes were closed, she reached under the bed and pulled out four pairs of handcuffs. Before Britney had noticed they were there, Rachel had bound her left wrist to the top of the bed. Britney began to panic. She wriggled and writhed, but Rachel overpowered her and, one by one, fastened each of her limbs to the bed frame, leaving Britney in a spread eagle position.

It was then Britney realised how stupid she had been. She had come to the house of someone she had met only once, and had, in a sense, raped her! She realised that there was no escape now, as nobody knew she was there and she was tied to a bed wearing nothing but a skimpy bra and panties looking up at her reflection in the ceiling. She realised she was at the mercy of the girl sitting on top of her semi naked body! She was now very frightened!

Rachel got up and walked over to a chest of drawers. She pulled a drawer open, removed a small, Cat o' nine tails whip, closed it, and stood next to Britney. She spoke up:

"Britney, Britney, Britney. It was quite rude what you did to me the other day! I gave you two orgasms, and you didn't even offer to give me one in return! That was naughty. Very naughty. I think that you deserve a punishment for that!" And she began whipping Britney's bare stomach with a moderate amount of force, making Britney struggle to free herself and cry out in desperation.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!!!" She cried, "I didn't mean it!!! I'll never do it again!!! Please, stop!! Aah!! Please!! I'll do anything…" Rachel, to Britney's relief, stopped whipping her.

"Ok. I'll give you a chance. You can pay me back for the other day by eating me out. Is that fair"

"Yes, yes, okay. Just don't hurt me anymore"

"Fine, but it had better be the best damn sex I've ever had in my life, or I'll punish you some more!" And with that, she pulled the cord that was holding her dressing gown together and let the robe fall to the floor in a heap to reveal her naked body in it's full glory, her beautiful, shapely breasts, her neatly trimmed pussy and her long, sexy legs. Britney gasped at the mesmerising sight, and her sense of fear faded momentarily as she gazed admiringly at the attractive figure in front of her. She began to feel quite horny, and she felt herself becoming wet downstairs.

Rachel turned on some very sexy music in the background before she moved towards Britney, climbed onto the bed and knelt on the bed with her pussy positioned directly above Britney's face. She then lowered it onto her awaiting mouth and gave Britney the order to start. Britney did not hesitate. First she circled her tongue around the moist slit and flicked it over her bulging red clit a few times, making Rachel gasp and moan. Then she moved her lips around the hole and began repeatedly to force her tongue into the young woman's vagina, tasting the sweet juices and causing her partner to shout out with joy as she grabbed and squeezed her breasts and bobbed up and down in time with Britney's tongue action, enhancing the pleasurable effect no end. Whenever Britney sensed that Rachel was close to climax, however she stopped the thrusting of her tongue and began sucking on her inner thighs before resuming the insertion, thereby prolonging the feeling for Rachel. Rachel felt as if she was on cloud nine. She was covered in sweat from the heat of the event and she was screaming out at the top of her voice in ecstasy.

Soon Rachel could take no more. Britney gave one last suck on the clitoris and Rachel was thrown into the best orgasm of her life. She came into Britney's mouth, but it was so powerful that a lot of it spilled onto her face. Rachel took a few seconds to recover and then spoke again.

"God almighty! Where did you learn to do that? That was amazing!! I thought you were a virgin!"

"I am, but I did a little research before I came here!" She gave a cheeky smile. She had forgotten her fear by now. She had realised that this was all a kinky game Rachel was playing with her, and had begun to play along, appreciating how sexy it really was and getting really horny. She was a slave to one of the sexiest women alive who was forcing her to have sex with her, and the whole idea really turned Britney on, as it did Rachel.

"I have an idea." Rachel said, "I'm gonna really turn you on. And I mean REALLY turn you on. Just watch…" She walked over to the chest of drawers again and pulled out an enormous 12-inch dildo. She then came back over to Britney and began seducing her, kissing her, running the dildo across Britney's sweaty skin and fiddling with her erect nipples, making Britney sweat with anticipation. But, suddenly, Rachel stopped. She rolled onto the bed next to Britney facing the ceiling and began to masturbate herself with the dildo. Britney was really excited at that point, and begged Rachel to finish her off.

"Sorry Britney, but it's my turn now!" said Rachel as she plunged the dildo into her pussy, engulfing 9 inches of it. Britney could do nothing but watch in the mirror as the girl next to her pleasured herself. It really turned her on, hearing Rachel moan, smelling the sweet aroma of Rachel's pussy in the air, feeling the heat of her body next to hers and watching the rhythmic pounding of her vagina by the massive cock. Britney felt like she was going to explode if she wasn't relieved. She tried to move her hand down to her pussy to finger herself, but the handcuffs meant that she could only struggle in vain. There was nothing she could do but watch the agonisingly sexy show being put on for her.

Rachel, meanwhile, was having a great time. She was coming close to orgasm for the second time of the day and it felt amazing. She was also really turned on by the sight of Britney breathing so hard and so fast, sweating like a pig and moaning with anguish for not being able to finish herself off. She loved it. She kept working with the dildo, and when Britney expected her to climax, she removed it and put it under Britney's nose so she could smell the juice that was spread all over it and then she would lick it all off herself and swallow it up, making Britney even hotter. Eventually she reached her orgasm, screaming with joy and spilling hot fluid all over her hand and onto the bed.

"Please, Rachel! Take me now! I'm so hot! Please!" Britney cried out urgently. Rachel then took the dildo over to Britney and ran it over her lips, down her neck, round her nipples, down around her belly button and down to her panties. She then began to push it into her pussy through the silky underwear. It would only go two or three inches into Britney's hole, which made Britney really horny but didn't satisfy her.

"Please, more, MORE" She called out, but Rachel still only gave her three inches. Britney was boiling hot now and urgently wanted to climax. She wriggled and bucked but her bindings restrained her. Rachel kept teasing her, every so often sucking on her clitoris to give her a taste of the pleasure to come, but then denying it to her, while at the same time fingering herself and coming close to a third orgasm.

Rachel kept driving the dildo into her pussy through the panties harder and harder until finally, to Britney's joy, they split and the whole 12 inches was plunged deep into her vagina.

"YYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!! YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!" Screamed Britney as loud as she could, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!" She was unable to control herself as the orgasm flowed through her body and she sprayed Rachel with cum which had been itching to come out. Rachel was drenched in it and she also came with a forceful orgasm.

The two girls were exhausted. They lay in each other's arms all evening and all night. They embraced each other and wondered what their next encounter would bring...

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