tagGroup SexBritney's Adventure Ch. 2

Britney's Adventure Ch. 2


She awoke to the sound of a bullhorn, and realized that she had slept through the two hours, and had only gotten 1 bracelet, which would mean she assuredly lost at the game, her stomach began turning, worried about what she would receive for losing. She sheepishly walked back into the large living room toward the back of the house, realizing that she was not going to be able to leave this situation. She looked around at the other women there, and saw that they all had five or six bracelets apiece, she felt so terrible, and a lump appeared in her stomach. Seymour got up on the couch with the bullhorn “OK ladies, the two hours are over, do any ladies have more than five bracelets?” he asked, trying to get the loud response. A number of women yelled and held their hands in the air. “OK ladies, do any have six bracelets?” About five women yelled and rose their hands, and then Seymour had them all say how many they had, the winner had eight, she was wearing a Victorian dress, showing a lot of cleavage, and she had the breasts to wear it also. She went up to the front by Seymour, to a large applause and cheers from the crowd. Seymour got onto the bullhorn again “OK, you have won the contest, now your reward is that you get to pick anyone from the party tonight, and they will be your love slave for the rest of the night.

“I will take the man dressed as the cowboy” she said, pointing to him. He moved up through the crowd over to her, Seymour gave her a collar and a leash, which she put around his neck, and then he picked her up, and carried her to a different room. Seymour then got back onto the bullhorn and getting back to the rest of the guests.

“Now do any women have three or fewer bracelets?” he asked, and Britney raised her hand, all the other girls had three, she was the only person with a single bracelet. Seymour noticed this, and called her up to the stage. “Now Britney, you are the woman with the fewest bracelets, and now you get the punishment for doing that” he said, with a smile on his face, a man behind him gave him a belt, as two men picked her up and spread her legs out, Seymour then put the belt on her, it covered her pussy, and her ass. “This is your chastity belt, and now we will put you into your position for the rest of the night.” He said, having the men carry her over by a chair. In front of the chair was a ring protruding from the floor, and a chain that was threaded through it. She was put down by the ring, and her arms were pinned down behind her back with handcuffs, and they put the chain back through a ring on the cuffs, then tightened the length of the chair so that she couldn’t move out of the position that she was currently in. Then for good measure, the cuffed her ankles together too. “Her punishment is that while the rest of us will be in a wild orgy downstairs, she will only be allowed to please us, and not receive any pleasure of her own. So let the fun begin.” And with that Seymour slapped her ass and leaned down to her eye level. “Now remember, you had the fewest bracelets, if you refuse to do this, you will not be invited back to a party like this again, and the guards will escort you out, if you do an unsatisfactory job, you ass will not be very happy with it,” while he said that he lightly spanked her ass, giving her a hint of what he could do. “I’m sure you will do fine though, and if you do a good enough job, we may let you free.” With that he stood up and began moving around the room.

She could look around a little bit, seeing people pairing off and getting to it on the couches around the room. She saw Tarzan getting head from a girl who was dressed as Catholic School girl, her head bobbing up and down quickly. Her ogling of them was halted when a man dressed as a police man sat down on the chair, his 6” cock already out of his pants. Britney looked at him, looking into his eyes, they were blue, and she stared into them, still thinking about what to do. With that she moved her head up, and kissed the head of his cock before spreading her lips around it, and moving her tongue back and forth over the top of it. She could feel his hands on the back of her head, keeping her nose up against his skin, his cock filling her mouth, her tongue swirling around it. His grip increased against her head, holding her down as his hips pushed forward into her. His hands moved down her head onto her ears, and it muffled her from hearing his loud scream as he came into her throat. It caught her off guard, but she still managed to swallow it, as he slowly pumped a few more times, making sure that she got a full load. Britney was tied down, unable to move, as this scene was repeated four more times, to a male cheerleader, a farmer, a vampire, and a man in a tuxedo, who she thought was supposed to be James Bond.
After he left, the man dressed as Tarzan came and sat in front of her, she smiled up at him, remembering how his cock felt in her mouth earlier.

Then a woman dressed as a cheerleader came over to him, and sat in his lap, rubbing his chest, and kissing his neck. She was a little taller than Britney, and was very curvy, with a smooth round ass, which could be seen since she had on no panties. The cheerleader then straddled his legs, and moved the loincloth out of the way, his manhood straight up at attention. She lowered her pussy onto his cock, she moaned as it impaled her. Britney was watching, seeing his ball, and her pussy juices dripping over them. She moved as far forward as was possible due to her position, and began licking and sucking on his balls. Tasting the cheerleader’s juices on them, she wanted more of it, she began licking her pussy, and in doing so she licked Tarzan’s cock., she could hear their moans as they moved up and down, when she heard them both scream very loudly, and the cheerleader’s pussy dripped down faster. She moved up, off of Tarzan, and turned around, and grabbed Britney’s hair, and pushed her face into her pussy. She tasted the same juices she had lapped at the entire time, but now they were mixed with the cum that she had enjoyed earlier in the bedroom. She could feel the juices beginning to run down her chin, and then the pussy she was enjoying so much was pulled away from her. The cheerleader smiled at her, and leaned down and kissed her on the mouth, and left, skipping off.

Tarzan remained there, looked at her, pointed to his groin and simply stated “You clean.” With that she moved forward and took his cock in her mouth again. She was enjoying herself greatly, when she was pulled off of his cock by her hair, which caused great discomfort. She looked up at who it was, displeased at their actions, and then she realized that it was Seymour, and one of the men who had put her in that position to begin with. He grabbed her by the shoulder, and picked her up, and led her to another room.

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