tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBritney's Caterer Ch. 01

Britney's Caterer Ch. 01


I started writing this with the intention of submitting just one story. However, the potential for subsequent chapters is high. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. This is in no way meant to defame Britney Spears' name or her character. It's a complete fantasy, based slightly on my life.


When I was hired into the catering staff at the local arena, I was completely unaware of the perks that came with the job. It turns out that once you have gained a few months of experience, you are able to cater for the celebrities when their concerts roll through town. Now, I'm not one to brag about this aspect of my job, because so far I've only worked with the likes of Good Charlotte and New Found Glory. Not until recently have I had cause to really discuss the goings-on of the backstage area.

My second-ever concert catering gig happened to be for Britney Spears. I'm sure many of us have had some fleeting sexual thought over the pop singer at one time or another, but my passion for the star had been over the top since I saw her sexy cover for Rolling Stone magazine, clad only in her underpants. This had inadvertently stirred feelings inside myself that I had never really taken notice to, since I had solely focused on gaining the attention of boys, as do all college girls. I was confused by these new feelings, and yet I knew exactly what I wanted.

Despite my utter excitement at getting to wait on Britney Spears hand and foot, catering to her every whim, I was actually heartbroken. I am meant to be a professional at my job, which translates as "don't talk to the stars unless they talk to you and don't bother them for picture or autographs, they're there to relax before the concert." And with that thought in mind, I headed out from my dorm and across town to the arena.

After passing through the obligatory security check at the back gate and having my ID checked twice for validity, I finally got into the arena's backstage area. I find my boss, get my official "working" backstage pass and get sent to the catering room to clear tables while the crew of the show has their supper. It was about two hours until show time when Britney herself showed up for dinner after the crew cleared out to do final preparations for the show. Of course, I blended into the walls, as I am to do unless I need to clear a plate or fetch a soda. To my surprise, once Britney had helped herself to the buffet and sat down, she acknowledged my presence with a polite, "Hello," to which I blushed and managed to nod in return.

This was much to her amusement as she laughed and said, "What's your name? Amber?" she says after glancing at my nametag. "Well Amber, no need to be so professional and just-so about everything, I'm not planning on turning in any complaints about you not doing everything perfectly."

"Thank you Ms. Spears," I replied cautiously.

She set down her fork and laughed again, slipping into that sweet Southern drawl. "I thought I told you to drop the formalities? Just call me Britney."

A bit amused myself, as well as relieved that I wasn't going to be walking on eggshells all night around this pop star, I graciously thanked her.

"Please, have a seat, I'm sure you've been on your feet all day," she said, gesturing towards the seat across from her. Even though I had only been at work for an hour and my feet were quite all right, I accepted the offer, excited to have the chance to maybe get to know her.

"So," she began, noticing my uneasiness about starting a conversation, "Tell me Amber, how old are you?"

"21," I answered, starting to relax a bit, knowing she, too, was 21 and this could turn into some sort of common ground for a conversation. "You're 21, too, right?" I ventured.

"Indeed I am. Was your birthday all it's cracked up to be?" she asked me.

"Well if going to Applebee's with your parents and grandmother for supper is how 21st birthdays are meant to be, then yes!" This apparently struck her funny bone, as she started cracking up.

"Sounds like you really partied it up then! That's ok though, partying isn't really that big of a deal anyway, as I'm sure you know by now." Indeed I did know by then, I never have had much taste for alcohol or smoke-filled clubs. I liked how she seemed to be reading me like a book, sort of like she could read my thoughts. Hopefully she couldn't read all of them.

Our age was definitely a great jumping off point for us to become acquainted. Not only were our partying days behind us already, but we were both striking out equally in the dating field; me from focusing so much on college, she from never being in one place for more than a week at a time. To my shock, she also disclosed to me that it had been months since she'd been close to anyone in any way. I did hope she didn't notice my ears turn red.

She was also fascinated about my stories about my college professors and the often-amusing activities that happen in a classroom if you pay attention to other students instead of the professor. Apparently, she missed not having the experience of going to college like other people our age. After telling me she was going to spend the week in town to relax before flying to her next show, she asked if she could tag along to one of my classes. What is a girl to do when Britney Spears wants to follow her around for a day? I definitely did NOT reject her request.

The conversation eventually fell into an uncomfortable silence and Britney checked her watch. "Shit! I need to hit wardrobe, I'm on stage in 30!"

The sudden outburst shaking me out of my serene little bubble, I stammered to reply, managing to say, "OK nice chatting with you, good luck!"

"Thanks, great meeting you! I'll find you after the show, don't disappear!" she said as she rushed out the door. And with that, she jogged out the door and around the corner to get back to her dressing room.

After waking myself fully from my dream world, questioning if I'd really just had a girl-to-girl chat with THE Britney Spears, I managed to clear away her dishes without dropping a single fork – that is, until someone ran past the catering room, shouting, "Thanks again for the girl talk, Amber!" It startled me so much that I dropped the two plates and glass that I was carrying, dropping it with a loud clatter to the floor. I spun around, having not really heard what was yelled, expecting to get to release some tension by yelling at a new non-catering employee that hadn't yet learned not to be boisterous backstage. However, when I did turn around, prepared to launch into a verbal attack, it was in fact Britney, who had stopped at the door once she realized she'd made me drop the dishes. Instead of a verbal assault, I managed to smile and pretend like I'd meant to drop them.

"Oh! Oh I'm sorry Amber I didn't mean to scare you, I guess I should have realized you'd be cleaning up and wouldn't expect someone to run past like that yelling at you," Britney apologized as she rushed in to help me pick up the broken pieces of china. We both ducked down to start picking up, but unfortunately we timed it just right and we ended up head butting each other at full speed, setting both of us on our asses and into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, both of us holding our heads.

"Ooooh…damn…my bad, I sure seem to be bad luck for you tonight, making you drop your dishes and head butting you like I'm Dennis Rodman or something."

"Don't worry about it Britney, don't worry we have 2000 more plates in the kitchen. I don't know about my head though! I can't really replace it!" By now my previous inhibitions about being myself around Britney had gone by the wayside, and my sarcastic comments set her laughing all over again. "Don't you need to be on stage like…now?" I reminded her.

"Oh shit, yes! Thanks!" With that, she hopped back to her feet and offered her hand out to help me up, which I happily accepted. She pulled me back up and held onto my hand for what seemed like a second longer than one normally would, and I felt a fingernail scratch the underside of my wrist ever so slightly. Was that a wink? No, she didn't wink, must have a piece of glitter in her eye. Both of us noticing the sudden silence and tension, we dropped our hands and bid each other hasty goodbyes just as I heard the music volume rising to an earsplitting level and she sprinted off. Minutes later I heard the crowd erupt into a roar. It made me shiver, remembering that odd moment we had just shared, and knowing that she was now in front of 20,000 screaming fans that wanted to be near her – and I was the one that got to be closest.

I've worked many a boring, endless night at wedding receptions and corporate banquets, but never had a night passed so slowly. Once the concert starts and everyone is busy keeping the show running, the catering staff has nothing to do, allowing me to use the access keys and my backstage pass to watch the concert from the side of the stage (another perk of the job!).

Watching Britney dancing, gyrating, and tossing her hair was getting to me so badly that I had to sit down on the cool concrete floor to let myself clear my head and calm down. I glanced back up when the music to the current song ended and caught her looking straight down at me. She'd jumped offstage for a wardrobe change and five-minute break while her dancers took over. I know I broke into the stupidest silly grin when I saw her, but Hell I didn't care. I couldn't help but notice she had broken out in a sweat all over her body and was panting from her heavy dance performance.

"Hey, enjoying the show?" She asked, once again offering her hand to me to pull me up to my feet.

"Yes absolutely, it's great, you're an incredible dancer," I managed, truthfully wanting to tell her how incredibly sexy she looked up there in her belly-baring halter top and torn up jeans. But instead she was standing in front of me, looking incredibly sexy in her belly-baring halter top and torn up jeans. Again, I couldn't hold back my grin.

I noticed she was still holding my hand. She noticed this time, too, but this time we didn't let go and laugh nervously. Our eyes locked, and we just stared at each other, neither of us knowing what to make of it. I knew we both felt it, I could see it in her eyes – we both felt the same rush of electricity when our hands met. I squeezed her hand slightly, and she smiled in response. Yes, she had felt it, too. "Oh no! I've distracted you again, I'm going to make you late on stage tonight if it kills me!" I said when I snapped out of our moment, hidden from the mass of screaming teenagers by a thin curtain. She laughed and scampered off to her wardrobe change.

"God," I said to myself as I pulled a couple chairs in from the hall to watch the remainder of the show, "what the hell is happening?" I sat down and propped my feet up on the extra chair, half daydreaming and half watching the brilliant performance in front of me.

Finally, the show came to an end, and I was relieved when she only gave one encore. I felt I couldn't wait a moment longer to get to talk to Britney again. I stood up when I saw her walking down the stage stairs – she was making a beeline straight for me.

"Awesome," I said. "Just fucking awesome, Britney."

"Thanks, all in a night's work, right?" she replied jokingly. "Hey I'm going to take a quick shower and get into some normal clothes. I know you said you're not much into the partying scene, but I'd like to take you out for a drink to make up for that headache you probably have, right? I've had one all night." I hadn't even noticed. My head was indeed throbbing slightly where we had crushed our skulls together earlier that evening.

"What? Oh! Yeah sure, that'd be fun. I need to finish my shift and have a shower myself. I refuse to hit a club wearing this penguin suit of a uniform."

"You don't want to go out in that? Oh but you look so cute that way!" she said as she straightened my bowtie. I hoped she was joking. At the same time, I wanted so badly for her to be telling the truth.

In any case, I shrugged it off. "OK, I'm on the clock until 11:00, find me when you're ready to go, I'll be…around," I said, perhaps a bit too flirtatiously as I turned to get back to work. I wanted her to be the one to be left wanting more this time.

Surprisingly, 11:00 rolled around quickly as I had plenty to keep me busy. At 11:00 on the dot, I felt a tap on my shoulder while I was punching out. Signing my name to the employee sheet just a tad slower than necessary, making myself wait to lay eyes on what was sure to be an amazing site.

After I crossed the final T, I turned around, finding myself unexpectedly close to Britney. She smelled of Herbal Essence and peppermint. She had her still-wet hair pulled into a ponytail and was wearing glasses, something that added even more sexiness to her, if that's even possible. She was wearing a light pink baby-T that was probably smaller than even a baby-T is meant to be – so tight that I could see the slight outline of her bra running across her breasts. Did she see me look? No…no she didn't. If she did, she didn't say anything. She'd also slipped herself into a pair of white capris that hugged every curve of her incredible body. Heavenly.

"Hey, you ready to go?" she asked.

"Yep. I still need to shower and change though. Is it OK if we stop by my dorm first?"

"Yeah that's cool, I've never been in a real college dorm anyway."

"Well dear you're not missing much!"

It wasn't until we were in the parking lot that we realized we hadn't decided just how we were getting anywhere. Suspecting she didn't have any form of private transportation available, I spoke up so she didn't have to. "It's not a Mercedes, but it gets me from point A to point B!" I said as we approached my car.

"Oh don't worry about it, a car's a car, right?" she said. I got in and reached over, unlocking her door. I couldn't help but watch out of the corner of my eye as she sat down, catching a glimpse of a light pink border along the top of her white panties that peeked out when her pants slid down a bit. I think she caught me looking that time, as I noticed her blush just a tad and pull up the back of her pants once she sat down.

The entire drive through campus she was asking questions about what that building was for and what were my classes like. I pulled into the parking lot and we grabbed the elevator to head up to my room. When we got to there, my roommate was thankfully nowhere to be seen.

"Go ahead and have a seat. My computer is on if you need to check your e-mail or anything," I said as I stepped directly into my bathroom, eager to hit the town with my new pop star acquaintance. Nothing ever feels better than a shower after a long night running around at work, and I was torn between enjoying a nice long shower or rushing it.

I settled on the former, realizing I hadn't shaved my legs that morning and I did not particularly want to feel like sandpaper if the situation called for silky-smooth legs. "That's a big "if," I thought to myself. Halfway through my shower I realized that Britney was at my desk, probably using my computer. I remembered that my copy of Rolling Stone with Britney on the cover was lying out, and the current desktop background was indeed of Britney in various stages of undress. "Shit," I said out loud as I rushed the rest of my shower and dried off quickly, throwing a towel around myself as I stepped out of the bathroom in hopes of perhaps distracting her attention before she noticed. Unfortunately, I was not in time.

"So you got the magazine, huh?" she asked rhetorically, holding up my copy of Rolling Stone.

"Yeah you know, I read it for the articles," I said, making a reference to the common excuse for people buying Playboy magazine.

"Haha, yeah I'm sure you do. Tell me Amber. I did happen to check my e-mail, and I couldn't help but notice your background there. Are you like some hugely obsessed fan?" She eyed me a bit worriedly, her fingers resting on her cell phone.

"What? Oh! Oh, no, no no not like that at all. Sure, I enjoy your music; I like most kinds of music. That's all." I stammered, trying desperately to not say something wrong.

"Oh, I see. And your desktop?"

"Britney, we kind of know each other now, can I be honest with you?" I asked, deciding now is a good a time as ever.

"Yes, of course." She sounded less concerned, but I still heard an edge to her voice.

"I just really think you're gorgeous and I liked the pictures and wanted to be able to see them whenever. That's all." I knew I had blurted it out like an imbecile, and I felt my face flush red. I braced myself for a slap in the face.

"Really?" she said, almost sounding a bit breathless. "I'm flattered; no one has ever said that to me when I felt they really meant it. Thank you." With that, she stood up and crossed the room to me, as I realized I was only wearing my bath towel. She didn't seem to take much notice; her eyes didn't leave mine for a moment. And in that moment, without any pause for warning, she leaned into me slightly and placed the softest, feather-light kiss on my lips.

I was completely taken aback. Never had I expected something to happen between us. I had hoped, but never expected! Then again, it was just a kiss, right? Maybe she kisses all her friends like that. God, I hope that wasn't the case. She smiled as she pulled away and I felt her fingers tug lightly at my towel. I grabbed it instinctively and she laughed. "Shouldn't you be getting dressed so we can get out of here?"

I snapped back to reality. "Oh! Yes, yes you're right, we should get going!" I grabbed a pair of jeans and a top out of my closet and the new sheer black bra and panty set I'd been waiting to wear for the perfect occasion. I think tonight more than called for it. I got dressed hurriedly in the bathroom and ran some gel through my hair so I wouldn't have to waste time drying it. Finally satisfied with how I looked, I stepped out of the bathroom. "Alright I'm ready, let's go!" I grabbed my purse and Britney and I headed back downstairs to my car.

I pulled up to the parking lot exit and stopped. "Why'd we stop?" Britney asked me, looking a bit confused.

"Well, where are we going? You're buying, so you're choosing," I reminded her.

"That's right, it's my treat. How about we go toooo….Applebee's?"

I laughed at the fact that she remembered my preference of quieter bar & grills to smoke-filled clubs. "Alrighty then, to Applebee's!"

Luckily, most of the dinner crowd had dispersed by the time we got there; we didn't have to wait for a table. The hostess did a double take when Britney and I walked in, but she didn't say anything. Typical small town mentality, not believing a celebrity would hang around town long. I smiled slightly and nudged Britney, to which she responded with an equal jab. I saw the same look pass over many of the customers as we walked to the back of the restaurant to our table.

We made small talk over our drinks until our mozzarella sticks arrived, which we both enjoyed happily. She hadn't eaten since before the concert, and I'd missed dinner altogether. We fell silent while we worked on not making a complete mess of ourselves with the melting cheese and marinara sauce, but unfortunately, she fell victim to it first. She didn't seem to notice that she had a tiny dot of sauce at the corner of her mouth. Seizing this very open opportunity, I reached across the table to dab it off with my fingertip. She stopped chewing when I touched her, a mixture of surprise and curiosity flashed through her eyes. I froze, too, when she turned her head slightly, her lips brushing the tip of my forefinger before parting slightly. I felt a shiver run down my spine when her tongue flickered across my skin. I pulled my hand away slowly, holding her gaze. For that moment, it felt like we were the only two people in the room.

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