tagLesbian SexBrittany's Unusual Facial

Brittany's Unusual Facial


This is a story of forced lesbian sex; if this offends you in any way do not continue. Also, this is of a VERY Sexual and graphic nature, and NOT to be viewed by anyone under 18 years old.


Brittany hadn't had her nails done in a very long time and was in the mood to be pampered. Her roommate Monica told her to go to Caramel Complexion, a swanky spa in LA ran by her cousins. Brittany had met Monica's cousins before; 3 gorgeous Latina women in their late 20's named Isabel, Marisol, and Lucia. "Thanks for telling me Monica, I haven't gotten my hair or nails done since I moved here." Brittany called and made an appointment for the next day. She was so excited, she decided to get a pedicure and also splurge for a facial; she moved to LA from Kansas and didn't realize how stressful the city was going to be.

Brittany got to her appointment right on time and was greeted by a beautiful receptionist. "Hi Brittany, I'm Monique, welcome to Caramel Complexions. Isabel let me know she's going to work on you herself, she'll be right out, go ahead and have a seat." Brittany grabbed a Cosmo magazine and checked out the salon, she realized that she was the only white girl in the whole place, actually the only non-Latina. She thought that was a little weird but not too unusual, she knew a lot of Monica's friends were Hispanic and they all came here. She started reading an article in Cosmo about the different kinds of orgasms when she heard her name, she looked up and saw Isabel. "Hi Brittany, it is so great to see you again! We're so excited that Monica referred you; hopefully we'll see you here on a regular basis. Come with me, let's start with your pedicure." She led her to the back of the front room, where all the massage chairs were located, and Brittany realized that she had chosen the wrong outfit to wear. She was dressed in a short jean skirt that showed her long tanned legs and a tank top that revealed quite a bit of her 34 C chest, which would be shown at a very awkward angle in this high pedicure chair. But she stepped up and into the chair and tried to cross her legs in the most modest way possible, hoping Isabel wouldn't be offended or uncomfortable.

Isabel showed no signs of even noticing the short skirt and began scrubbing Brittany's legs and feet, and Brittany was too relaxed to care about it anymore. It made her care even less that Isabel was wearing a skirt and you could actually see the red panties she was wearing! But it is a spa, and there were only girls there so it wasn't a huge deal. Before Brittany knew it Isabel was finishing up with the lotion on her feet and legs, and it must've been her imagination but her hands were going a lot higher on her legs than they needed to in a pedicure. It felt so good but also made her feel uncomfortable in her short skirt again. Finally Isabel let her know that the pedicure was finished. "Do you like the color? It's one of our favorites here; it's called luscious lips pink. So Marisol is going to prep you for your facial, and then either Lucia or I will finish up on you."

This time Brittany was led through a hallway and up stairs to the 2nd floor of the spa, and into a private room. Marisol was sitting on a stool with what looked like facial instruments on the counter and when she saw Brittany she got up and gave her a hug. Marisol was a very sexy woman with full D boobs, a tiny waist, and very large hips with a big butt to match. She held Brittany in what seemed like a very long hug and squeezed her so tight that Brittany could feel every curve pressing against her. She finally let her go and directed her to lie on the massage table while she steamed the facial cloths. Isabel excused herself and told Marisol to give her the "special treatment". Marisol took the steam cloths and laid them over Brittany's face, neck, and arms and stood by Brittany's head. She leaned over Brittany and rubbed her arms up and down through the cloths, as she leaned farther over Brittany felt something pressing into her face. It took her a second to realize that the pressure was Marisol's breasts resting on her face! She was so mortified she couldn't speak, she even forgot to breath; she was so nervous about the situation and the embarrassment that would follow once Marisol realized what happened. She thought Marisol must've realized what happened when she made a throaty sound and the weight from her breasts disappeared, along with the touch on her arms. Brittany waited for a moment, considered saying something to reassure Marisol that she wasn't mad, and then she felt the cloths being lifted. The last to come off was the one covering her face and as soon as she had taken one breath the weight was there again! But this time, it was bare skin, Brittany opened her eyes and saw that Marisol had taken her shirt off and had pressed her nipple to Brittany's mouth. Brittany was so shocked her mouth popped open, "OH!", and Marisol slid her nipple into Brittany's open mouth.

"Oh yeah Brittany, we knew you were a little slut the first time we met you, I'm so glad you came in today. C'mon, lick that nipple. Don't be dumb bitch, you know you want to suck on these tit's you look at them every time you see me!" Marisol lifted her breast to hear Brittany's reply on why she wasn't doing anything and Brittany said "Oh my gosh Marisol I'm not gay, please, stop! I don't know what you're talking about; I've never liked or been with girls!" That was all she got out because Marisol pressed both of her breasts back down on her face, and squeezed them together.

"Look bitch, I don't know if I believe you but you know what? I don't really care either way; because you're going to pleasure us anyways, and we were going to get you off too but since you don't like girls we don't need to. Now open your mouth and lick and suck on these beautiful tits I'm offering you, because me and my cousins have been waiting for you. You come in here in that short fuckin skirt tryin to tease us, now you're gonna get what you were asking for; all of the attention! Now lick it cunt!" Brittany was so scared and shocked that she did what the curvy Latina told her, and started licking and sucking the large breast that was pressing against her mouth.

Marisol was loving the treatment her right breast was getting and her nipple was rock hard at that point so she switched and fed the scared girl her other breast. "Oh fuck, you're getting me sooo wet. Uhhmmmmm. Now look Brittany, hmmm, damn you're good, you just do what we say, lick what we tell you to, and everything will be fine. Believe it or not, ooohhh, I'm the nice one, and my cousins will use you and abuse you, especially if you say you don't, uunnghh, want them. We never hear that, and they won't like it. Especially Monica, she tells us all the time, ahhh fuck yes, how she wants to watch you squirm in between her legs while she presses her pussy down on your face. She even masturbates on your pillow so that you're smelling, ahhh yes suck it, her pussy when you sleep. I know you thought she was straight but really, she can't wait to fuck you and make you eat her. Now you have got me soaking and you're going to get me off." Marisol moved away and Brittany could hear her unzipping her pants, she tried to plea with the sexy woman.

"Please Marisol, don't make me do this, I can't do anything to a girl, I've never even given a guy head. I wouldn't be any good even, please just let me leave."

Marisol laughed, walked to the side of the table and grabbed Brittany's hand and shoved it into her panties and left it there. At this point she was only wearing a white thong, which was visibly soaked. "I'm tired of your begging slut, you're going to eat this soaking cunt, and then I'm going to bring the next girl in here, and we're going to keep going till your hair is soaked with all of our girl juice and your tongue can't move." She placed one leg on that side of the table and swung her other leg over the scared girl on the table. "Now look at this pussy while I take off my panties, think about how you're going to make me cum on your face slut." She leaned back and sat on the girls chest and removed her thong from her dripping pussy. Then she got back and her knees and moved so her wet slit was right over Brittany's mouth, and slowly lowered until they were 'kissing'.

"Stick your tongue up and into my cootchie, hmmm, feel all that juice running down your face? Lick it up, now feel that? That's my clit, suck it, suck that clit you stupid cunt. Now stop. Stick your tongue out, you're just toilet paper, I'm going to wipe my pussy with your face slut." Marisol was moving back and forth, rubbing herself into Brittany's face from the top of her clit to the folds between her pussy and asshole. Brittany was completely inside Marisol's pussy and her nose and tongue kept getting stuck up her hole as Marisol was humping her face. "Alright suck my clit again, yes, ahh fuck suck it, your such a good pussy licker. You were born to eat cunt; you already have me so close. Now you're gonna get me off in my favorite way." Marisol lifted herself from the sticky face she had been seated on and moved forward. The whole time she had been rubbing her clit and she knew she would come soon. She sat down again with no warning, grabbed Brittany's head and pulled up.

"Your nose is in my cunt bitch, smell it, now lick my asshole. Stick your tongue between my ass cheeks, find my asshole, and eat it! Ah fuck yeah, you found it, lick it, now eat it! Stick your tongue all the way inside, yes, like that, ahhhh you slutty ass licker. Yes I'm gonna cum all over your face... uungghhh..." Marisol was moaning, writhing, and humping all over the smothered face beneath her. She came for what seemed like 2 minutes and Brittany could barely breathe, she was trying to breathe the air from the pussy that surrounded her face. Finally Marisol lifted up and sat on her chest, just panting from the amazing orgasm she had.

"You were a very good girl, my cousins are going to love riding you. Don't worry, I'll give you a little rest, we don't want to wear our little pussy slave out, cuz we've got some plans for you." Brittany could only begin to imagine what those plans would be, but she was more scared than ever.

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