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Bro Ray's Counseling


For the purpose of reporting his story, you can call me Brother Ray. A few years ago I came across a website for an organization offering free ordination instantly online. I registered and printed out my own ordination certificate. I then printed up some business cards offering counseling and the results have been astounding. The following is a partial recounting of my “Religious” experiences as Brother Ray. I do not charge a fee for counseling, but receive other compensation. This is my first attempt at writing erotica.

I received a call from a young lady named Jean who told me that a friend had given her my card after they had a “girl talk” discussion about their sex lives. She made an appointment to meet me in my office (in my day job I am a freelance consulting engineer).

Jean arrived right on time, dressed very modestly in a mid calf brown full skirt, white blouse with a brown vest and brown loafers. I thought she looked nice, but a little too reserved. I offered her my visitors’ chair next to me and noticed that she pulled her skirt above her knees when she sat.

I asked her to start at the beginning and she told me how she had met Roland (her husband) at a church camp meeting and they seemed to be made for each other and refrained from sex until they were married. They were both very active in their church (devout fundamentalists) but Roland had felt condemned about having sex and refused to have relations with her after only one time on their wedding night a year before.

Going on with her story she said she was warm and removed her vest. I immediately noticed that her nipples were like pencil erasers under her blouse, unencumbered by a bra. Leaning forward her cleavage (marvelous about a 34C) drew my eyes like a magnet. I saw that she noticed my attention to it and her face reddened considerably. I didn’t know if she was embarrassed or excited but there was a definite effect. Speaking of effect I had an obvious one of my own.

When she noticed the bulge in my pants she crossed her legs causing her skirt to slide up her thigh a few more inches, adding to the size of my bulge.

We both looked up at the same time and it was, no mistake, desire and lust in both sets of eyes. Tears filled her eyes as she told me that she had only had sex the one time on her wedding night and she was ashamed of the thoughts and needs coursing through her mind and body.

I said God made our minds and bodies and it was not our place to question His thinking or to censure ourselves for being what He made us. You are not an evil person for wanting or needing satisfaction and no one on Earth has the right to judge her for it.

By this time her skirt had risen to the point where I could see her white cotton panties wet spot and all. My cock was straining in my pants and I needed some relief myself. I reached over to take her hand in mine and an electric spark arced at least 6 inches. It shocked us both literally and we were instantly kissing and tearing at each other’s clothes.

Jean was gorgeous 34C-22-34 at 5’1”, her breasts a work of art begging to be fondled, kissed, sucked and worshiped, so I did. At 23 years old she was flawless, her flat tummy, round bubble shaped ass and sweet little pussy with just a little bush above it.

The contrast to my 56 year old 5’-8”, thinning gray hair, average build and hair all over me like a fur coat seemed extreme, but she didn’t think so and my 8” cock fascinated her.

I laid her down on my office couch and worked my way down her body, lightly caressing every inch of this perfection with my hands and my mouth. Reaching that wonderful sweet prize where her magnificent legs met her body was a delicious religious experience in itself. Only invaded by one dick (a poor specimen according to her) and never by a tongue, my expertise had her cumming every few seconds for a half hour. Softly, then harder I would nibble her clit, then thrust my tongue deep into her pussy feeling her entire body shudder each time. She was so weak with ecstasy she couldn’t move for another half hour during which I gently massaged her entire body, she went on and on about pleasure and satisfaction she had never even imagined.

When her strength returned enough for her to move again, she wanted to experience everything she had been missing.

Mine was only the second grown cock she had ever seen, her husband wouldn’t let her touch his (it was dedicated to God and I don’t think God wanted it) and she wanted it every way she could get it.

We started her lesson with sucking, it had been over an hour since I started eating her pussy and everything I had done was for her satisfaction so my cock was as hard as it ever had been, maybe more so. I started by rubbing the head on her pussy and across her body to her mmmm titties where those pencil eraser nipples were like heaven on earth, so soft so silky.

I then asked her to trade places with me and I lay on the couch. She copied my massage and fondling technique, cupping my scrotum in her soft little hand and licking the precum off of my cockhead every once in a while. She stopped the massage and kissed me deeply searching every nook in my mouth with her tongue before moving her mouth to my cock.

I almost came when her sweet lips slipped over my cockhead. The combination of the visual and contact stimulation was indescribable. She would pull off and ask me questions about how this and that felt. A quick learner she was deep throating me in no time. Taking my cock into her throat, with no gag reflex and swallowing for more sensation, a natural born cocksucker! I had to keep stopping her so I wouldn’t come!

Running her tongue up and down, licking my balls on each downstroke, you would have thought she had been doing it for years. I had to get her to give me a moment before we continued.

Jean straddled my hips and positioned her pussy over my cock with her pussy lips just touching my cockhead, so I reached down and teased her clit with it until she flooded my cock with her pussy juice and I slid into that warm wet tunnel for the first time. When her fine ass sat down on my balls and legs with my cock so tightly encased she came again and I would have if I had let myself, but I couldn’t end this so soon after my entry! I managed to hold out for 15 minutes before shooting a load of hot come deep into that unbelievable pussy. When I pulled my softening dick out she turned and took it in her hand and look lovingly at it before sucking it back into her mouth to clean it off then down to the ball sac on to the crack of my ass to get her come off too.

She told me how much she loved the feel and taste of my cock and come, and how much my “counseling” had done for her. She now felt she could go on with her life but may need follow-up sessions to keep her sanity.

We had been together for over two hours and her husband would be home from work soon, expecting her to go to church with him. I walked her to the door and we stopped to kiss she opened the door to the waiting room where her girlfriend Amy (who gave her the card) was waiting and had been listening the whole time.

As she went out, Amy came to me, gave me a hug and asked for an appointment tomorrow.

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