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Broadening Horizons


Too often, in the newness of the swinging lifestyle, we see husbands or wives with dissimilar interests in continuing beyond the initial excitement. I was fortunate. My wife had found that it was just as exciting with a total stranger as it had been with her first lovers. All I had to do was encourage her.


We had barely gotten settled in our new location before we both realized that what we had experienced up until now was not only the most interesting times of our married life together, but ultimately the most exciting, sexually. I couldn't wait to continue, and - judging from the signals I was getting from Linda, she couldn't either. I really hadn't expected it to work out as well as it was, but since it had, I was already preparing for a continuation of the fun we'd experienced up to now, carefully because of Linda's lack of experience, but steadily..

Mel was one of several who answered an ad I had placed in a national swinger's magazine. We averaged about six couples per a small ad without pictures each time I sent it in for publication. I screened them as carefully as I could, trying to make certain that Linda's next partner would stir her interest (and give her the satisfaction the first four had.. He and his wife Mary were close to where we lived. We concentrated on those closest to us first.

I didn't want to get my hopes up too high, realizing at least in the back of my mind how much I was becoming addicted to the fact that other men were fucking my wife and I was enjoying it as much as she, perhaps even more. I met Mel at a coffee shop. He was a little over six feet tall, a big, raw-boned kind of guy with sandy colored hair, and blue eyes that I knew would melt my wife as soon as she looked into them. We talked generally at first. I wasn't too sure how this would go, but soon I realized that I was being foolish. If he didn't know what we wanted to do, he had been reading the wrong magazines. Both of us were a little nervous though, obviously Mel hadn't been at this too long either. We laughed together as we realized that both of us were reaching for our wallets to show pictures to each other of our wives. Once out, we traded. Mel had some delightful ones of Mary who, from the pictures, looked to be a rather shy but good looking woman, with a nice figure. The smile looked a little strained, and I suspected she wasn't any more comfortable having her husband carry nude pictures of her as Linda was when she found out that I had taken some of her less than fully dressed and carried them with me. While they weren't as revealing as Mel's pictures of his wife, they still showed my wife's 40DD's pushing up high and proud on her chest, and the long, firm legs that tapered perfectly down to slim ankles in high heels. Mel's only comment was a low whistle.

"I think we're both pretty lucky, don't you?" I asked. Mel gave me a nod of agreement as he studied Linda's picture like he was trying to memorize it. He looked up and laughed softly.

"Are these for real?" he asked, his thumb right under my wife's breasts in the photo. It was my turn to laugh now.

"Very much so, and so sensitive that if a man touches them her nipples get hard as rocks. No man has ever had to push very hard to get her into the sack once he's got those lovelies stirred up. She loves to have them sucked and played with."

"Wow!!" he said, still grinning. We exchanged wallets again. His face turned serious. "I thought Mary had a nice set, but those are fantastic. My first wife had such a tiny set they looked like lemons, and she didn't like men to play with hers. She just wanted straight fucking, and then only occasionally. When we split the sheets, I think she stopped fucking around completely." He shook his head sorrowfully. "What a waste. She was damn good at giving head." Slowly his smile came back. "But Mary is even better, and if I can get her into swinging like my ex, she's going to be a fantastic screw!"

"Then she doesn't swing now?" I asked, disappointed.

"No, not yet, but she said she was willing to give it a go since I was so adamant about it. I really think that she's ready, just doesn't want to admit it to herself yet. She reads that swingers magazine and darn near drools at some of the ads in there. Once we start screwing, she goes ape, telling me how she wanted this one and that one to fuck her, but she damn near fell out of her tree when I told her about you two."

"So we've got two darned near novices going at this together. Man! This could get to be rough."

Mel's answer as we walked out to our cars was what I wanted to hear. "Maybe so," he grinned, "but I don't think either one of us will regret it if we try it."

When the weekend came, it was a relief. Mel and I had agreed that we would meet late on Saturday morning and, if everything went well, let it play out as it would. So, when we rolled into their yard at eleven, I wasn't surprised to see only Mel coming toward the car.

He waved as he came toward us, smiling and telling us to "Get out, come on in." He reached for the handle on Linda's side and opened the door wide, smiling from ear to ear. Taking her hand, he helped her from the car, paying not attention to me at all. Linda swung around on the seat and let Mel help her, standing and facing him with a smile of her own as I got out. They preceded me on the short walk to the house where now a smiling Mary opened the door and beckoned us in.

The girls hugged and began talking immediately, with Mary offering us some iced tea. She headed toward the kitchen without so much as more than a glance at me while Mel steered Linda to a couch that faced another one just like it, separated only by a long, low coffee table.

Mary served the tea and seeing how the seating arrangement had come about sat down with me a short distance away, on the couch.

Mel made himself at home right away, putting his arm over Linda's shoulders and pulling her close. I could see that she already felt somewhat comfortable with him and didn't mind the proximity at all. In the time that followed, almost an hour, we discussed the usual innocuous subjects that strangers meeting for the first time will discuss between them. Finally, Mary got up and beckoned to me.

"Let me show you around," she said softly, smiling. "Mel will keep Linda amused." She glanced at her husband, who nodded.

We went through the back door together to a corral where three horses stood close to the bars, looking expectantly at us, obviously expecting Mary to rub their soft noses and give them a treat.

"My babies," she explained, fishing a carrot for each out of a pail next to the fence. "And they're just a little spoiled." She was smiling widely, obviously at home with this. I joined her next to the fence as we talked. "I'm so nervous," she said softly, her face softening. "This is the first time that we've done anything like this and I just don't know what to do."

"I thought....." I started.

She waved her hand, silencing me. "Let me just talk for a minute, I've got to get over this..." She took a deep breath and began, leaning against the fence for support, visibly shaking. "Mel is an old hand at doing this. His first wife was as thrilled with it as he is. He told me some of the stories about what they did together and, although it made our sex life very exciting, I just couldn't see getting into it. He's the only man who has ever touched me," she continued, eyes begging for understanding. She dropped her head, looking to the ground and finished. "When I had refused several times, he began going out, telling me that if I wouldn't, then he would just have to do it on his own. Several times he came back and I could smell the scent of another woman on him. It made me mad, but at the same time it was kind of exciting."

I started to say something again with the same result. She cut me off with a raised hand. Lifting her eyes, she looked at me directly. "He finally convinced me that, if I didn't, this marriage wouldn't last. I love him, Earl, and I can't stand the thought of losing him, so I went along with this." Tears were close to the surface.

I put my arm over her shoulders and pulled her close to me. I was almost whispering as I told her how it had taken years for Linda to reach the point she was today and how we were both nervous about meeting new couples. I lifted her chin and smiled at her. "We'll get through this," I promised, "and we aren't going to do a thing until you're ready."

Her eyes thanked me. I could see that she was much more at ease as we drifted back toward the house. We stopped on the porch, and sat down together on a wide wooden swing that overlooked the pasture. A big wide window was behind us, the shade pulled half way down until only the three or four feet of it permitted a view into their living room. Only the horses could see anything but our legs, and they were busy with their own pursuits. I put my arm on the back of the swing and saw Mary slowly move closer as she became more comfortable with me. We talked for over an hour as I explained how Linda had gotten into the swinging life, and the fun we had enjoyed together since without elaborating much on my own interests.

She turned her body toward me and casually, probably without thought, put her hand on my thigh. I could feel its warmth and the stirring of my cock that resulted. "But don't you mind that she is with another man?"

I smiled at her. "Not at all, in fact I think it's a compliment to me that I made such a good choice and other men find her as exciting and interesting as I do." I laughed, "And it certainly has pepped up our sex life. Linda is a marvelous woman and we enjoy being together even more than before. All the bars are down, we can talk about anything and admit to each other that we were in a rut before." I let my arm slide down and over her shoulders without any objection from her.

She sat back now without moving her hand from my thigh, looking out over the green fields and murmured, "What a relief that is. I thought that I was the only one who had second thoughts about it. Mel has been telling me that he feels the same way and I just couldn't believe it." She turned her head toward me and almost whispered, "Are you sure?"

I couldn't resist. I leaned toward her and let my lips touch hers. They were warm and wet, inviting. Her eyes closed and I heard a little whimper come from her throat as our kiss deepened. I opened my mouth and let my tongue touch her lips, moving slowly from side to side until I felt hers open beneath mine. I licked her lips and let our tongues touch as my other hand moved to her breast and touched it softly. Her back arched, forcing her breast into my hand. I could feel the nipple growing beneath my hand even through her bra.

Her hand touched mine as I unfastened the first snap on her shirt, then moved down slowly over my arm as I reached for the second. She didn't resist, although I heard another slight whimper as the third and fourth followed and my hand slipped between the facings to cup the warmth of her breast beneath the bra cup. Our lips were open wide now, tongues dueling for supremacy. Mary moved slightly away and then leaned back in a semi-reclining position against thick pillow covering the arm of the swing. She pulled one leg up and braced it against the back of the swing, the other remaining on the floor.

I leaned forward until we touched from mouth to belly, letting the heat of our bodies merge. I was acutely aware of the throbbing of my cock as we continued. I pushed my hand up beneath the cup of her bra, levering it up until her breast was free. I closed my hand over the orange-sized mound, feeling the nipple digging into my palm as it responded. Letting my kisses trail their way down her chin, over her throat, I closed my lips over that nipple and began sucking slowly and gently, pulling almost the entirety of it into my mouth with suction, and using my tongue to rasp the aureole and swirl around the swollen nipple.

Mary's breast was almost as sensitive as my wife's. I had no sooner began sucking it than her hand came up between us and cupped it from beneath, holding it higher for my pleasure. Her eyes were closed, her breath coming in short gasps.

I rolled slightly, freeing my cock from its prodding of the swing and reached down to unzip my fly. As it fell free, I pulled it completely out of my trousers and reached between us once more to begin sliding my hand up the inside of Mary's thigh. I had expected some resistance, but none came. My hand moved slowly upward as my kisses and pleasuring of her breast continued until I felt the thin, wet tricot band that covered her superheated pussy. Her thighs opened wider at my touch. Her body jerked when I covered her mound and slowly began massaging it until I could slip my hand beneath the delicate fabric. My thumb stroked the softness of her pubic pelt. My fingers stroked lips that slowly parted with the touch of my fingers. We remained like that for almost a half hour, kissing her breasts, her mouth, her throat, her hair, her closed eyes and exploring her body with both hands, letting her become accustomed to my touch.

Mary's vulva was opening wide, welcoming the slow, gentle movements of my fingers up and down the slippery slot of her sex, gently probing and pressing. I found her clit and brushed my thumb over it, earning another jerk from her and a slight pressure up against the pressure of my thumb.

It was time. I raised myself partially, unbuttoned the flap of my trousers and letting them fall to my knees. I had worn no underwear for the occasion and now I was glad I hadn't. I rolled Mary's panties down her thighs until I reached her knees. She raised her legs, giving me a splendid view of that warm, chestnut colored pelt and the swollen lips that now were widely spread, as I took her panties from her and dropped them to the deck of the porch.

I'm sure that she expected me to enter her right away, but I saw something which intrigued me even more and lay down between her thighs once more. Kissing my way up the inside of her thigh, I reached that warm, musky smelling mound and kissed it, letting my tongue slide up and down the channel between the swollen pussy lips, tasting her readiness. Pulling both her legs over my head and letting her heels rest on my back, I put both hands on that warm, firm ass and pulled her pussy closer until I could cover it completely with my mouth.

Mary gasped as my upper lip touched her clit and began mouthing it while my tongue slipped up and down the slippery slot of her sex. Realizing how this was affecting her, I let my lips close over her now swollen clit and began gently sucking it in and out like a miniature cock. Her gasps of pleasure continued until I felt her jerking body spasm once more and tasted the sweetness of her juices in my mouth.

"Oh, my god, that was beautiful!" she gasped as I slid higher on her body and began fondling her breasts again as we kissed. "No one has ever made me do that before like that," she panted. I could feel her hips still slowly pumping, pressing upward against my crotch, reliving her first oral orgasm. Her cunt was perfectly situated to rub against the head of my dick, leaving little trails of pre-cum in her pussy pelt. Her clit had tried to return beneath it's hood after that first explosion of lust, but the sensation of my cockhead had it swollen and exposed again, enjoying the sensations the mingling wetness stirred.

Her eyes widened and I felt her hands tighten on my upper arms when one slight retreat of her hips put the opening to her vagina in line with my cockhead and she felt it press between the warm wet lips, just short of the ring of muscle that protected her sexual core. Voluntarily or not, her hips jerked upward once more, driving the first couple of inches of my dick into her. I felt that tight muscle close behind the head and the heat of her hungry pussy consoling my throbbing cock. "I thought this was what you wanted to do to me," she almost whispered. "I never expected you to do that, or I would have cleaned it out. Mel did it to me just before you came."

"I couldn't have enjoyed it more," I told her pressing slightly forward and then retreating, gently working my way deeper into her. "I like eating a woman who has just had sex. Linda will tell you that I'm always pestering her until she gives it to me after she's been with another man." Mary made a face, but I could see that she wouldn't mind that experience again - and I knew I would provide her the opportunity.

"You're so big," she hissed, pressing upward again. "It feels wonderful." I could see her thinking then, and she softly added, "I can't believe that I'm letting you do this to me while Mel is in the living room with your wife, just a few feet away."

She reminded me of what we had came for, and I looked through the big window which was just at the right height now to have a full view of their living room.

My wife was on her back, on the thickly padded rug covering the center of the floor, her eyes closed her mouth open wide, gasping with pleasure. Both sides of her blouse had been peeled back to expose her 40DD's to Mel. Her bra was beneath her, both ends lying loose, the cups looking like cantaloupe-sized additions beneath her arms. Mel was making full use of her. His cock was buried in her to the hilt. His crotched smacked against her wet beaver as he thrust hard into her, gazing in delight at breasts that even in their heaviness bounced with each thrust, swelled magnificently from her chest, wet and white from his attentions to them. Linda's hips jerked upward as she matched his thrust trying to impale herself on Mel's cock. Her legs were around his waist, her ankles crossed behind his back, urging him deeper, her hands clawing at his biceps as he tried to spread my wife's fertile cunt wider.

Mel must have sensed my eyes on him and looked toward the window. He could see us plainly and winked at me as he thrust forward, driving his dick forcefully into Linda's welcoming cunt. She grunted and clutched him tighter, her legs jerking his lower torso downward into her crotch, welcoming the feeling of his thickness both filling her and working its way in and out of her juicy cunt.. Already she had the circular pattern of whiteness around the point where he entered her. Mel had made her cum at least once before, and was well on his way to doing it again, based on the length he was putting in her. His cock glistened with their combined juices.

"Oh, I don't think Mel would mind," I laughed softly. "Look."

Mary's head turned, giving her the same view I had. She stared for long minutes, then a slow smile came across her face as their eyes met. Mel pulled my wife's hips off the floor and spread her legs wide to display his dick driven into Linda's cunt and the swelling lips of her pussy. He continued fucking my wife as they watched each other. I made certain Mel could see that I was up to my balls in the scintillating Mary. I pushed my arms between her warm thighs and lifted them until her legs were over my shoulder. I felt the previously almost passive muscles surrounding my cock begin gripping me tightly, literally milking my dick as she watched her husband fuck my wife and felt her own pussy being reamed to the very end.

"Oh, god," she moaned, "that makes me so hot watching him fuck her. He told me that it would, if I ever saw him fuck another woman," she hastily added, "but I didn't believe him. Not until now. Look at him! He's fucking your wife!"

"I know. Isn't it a beautiful sight?" I said, looking down instead at the point where our bodies connected and thrilling to the feeling of this woman’s hot core surrounding my worshiping cock. "I love watching another man do her. Mel probably feels the same way. Is he still watching us?"

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