tagMind ControlBroadway Hollywood Ch. 2

Broadway Hollywood Ch. 2


(Continuing memoirs of a department store 'Floorwalker')

Looking out upon 'Floor' of the world famous Broadway Hollywood I felt like a King surveying his domain. I gave my loyal subject a pinch on the ass and said, "Now go get ready honey, its going to be a hella-va-party. And don't forget to fasten your seatbelt, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

I was amazed and quite shaken after reading the first entry in dad's diary. I still couldn't believe my mild-mannered, quiet father had exercised his position and authority to sexually assault Miss Allison who was Manager of Women's Clothing and Furs. Imagine, my father! And by using his newly acquired promotion of 'Floorwalker' in Hollywood's largest and most famous Department Store? It was truly unbelievable! I wanted to burn this book along with the other two I had found in his locked attic trunk. But the truth is, I was both fascinated and excited with each turning page. My father's tightly scrawled handwriting precisely chronicled how he had carefully crafted a plan with the goal of becoming the sexual 'power-guru' of many women under his direct supervision.

I made a 2nd cup of tea and settled back into dad's leather armchair. Other than these books, his favorite armchair was the only thing I had taken from his West Hollywood residence after his death. The realization that he had probably recorded the very words I was now reading as he sat in this very same chair caused 'goose-bumps' to travel along my arms and up my neck. I once again resumed reading his hand written entries.

'S/E'(Sexual Encounter)#2

While Peggy obtained the sexy clothing I had dictated she was to wear to the party that evening, I decided to walk over to the Brown Derby and talk to my friend Franco. He might be able to fill me in on the famous/infamous Betty _____. I needed something to use as a lever to try and pry her panties off! Maybe Fanco had a key that could provide me a 'high card' in dealing with her friends. Franco was working behind the bar and in his usual good humor.

"What's up Mr. Bill?" Franco always got a smile from his patrons. With a French father and an Island mother, Franco's speech was as colorful as the suspenders he wore.

"Franco, I've been invited to Betty____'s party tonight. She's giving a cast-party for the actors, directors and film crew of her latest 'Warner Bros.' Movie they just finished. I wanted to find out if you had any suggestions for what I should take in the way of a drinker's gift."

"Jeez, Mr. Bill. How'd ya swing an invite to mingle wit all da 'hoity-toity' dat'll be at her joint?"

"Let's just say I caught her and her manager in a 'compromising position' in our Fur Cold Storage Locker a couple of hours ago."

"No shit, Mr. 'B'. Was day doin' da nasty?"

"All the way down to his short-hairs Franco. Betty's got a mouth on her that could put the Holland Tunnel to shame."

"No, shit Mr. 'B'! God, I wudda love ta seen dat. You know… Mr. Ventura our Matre 'D had da ask her to leave just a couple a weeks ago. She was under da table of da big corner booth givin' John ____, her director a knob-job. The two of 'em were pretty stoned ya know. So, when she gets up, she forgets her bra's unsnapped and her dress is now down around her waist. Mr. 'B' dem fat Coconuts of hers were sticking out bigger dan da sign on da top of your buildin'. Nipples the size of my thumbs. That broad's got da best set a Mangos I eva seen inna month a Sunday's."

"Franco, I saw a lot more of her than that. Anyway, what does Betty drink when she comes in here?"

"Mostly Champagne wi da 'swells', but what she really likes when she's drinkin' alone here at my bar, is Tequila. She drinks nuttin but 'Sauza' and she can drink da two a us 'under da table' and dat's a fact, Mr. 'B'."

I thanked Franco for the information and went straight across the street and into our Vine St. Entrance where our 'Gourmet Department' was located. Mr. Barret gift-wrapped a bottle of 'Sauza' for my presentation to Betty and I took the service elevator to see if Peggy was ready.

Peggy had the Millinery items hidden away in one of our shopping bags. "So Miss Allison, why are you not wearing what is in the bag?", I asked.

"Oh, Mr. Henried! I can't wear that bra and blouse here in the store. Everyone will see me!"

"See what, Peggy?"

"My...you know. My breasts and nipples." And with that she dropped her eyes down to the floor.

I was really pissed! Less than 2 & 1/2 hours earlier, I had forced her to kneel and suck my cock in the Fur Cold Storage Locker. I told her she was my Mistress and Slut for sex-on-demand whenever and wherever I decided. The tight-assed little bitch loved my forceful propositions and ended by sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. Then after she swallowed every damn drop of my cum, I made sure she bought the sexy underwear according to my directions. It was time for further training of my new 'acquisition'. Miss Peggy Allison was about to receive her 2nd installment of my plans!

"I am not pleased!", I hissed. I leaned close and whispered into her ear so any passing customers would not hear what I was about to say. "Pick up the god damn bag and hustle your sweet ass with me back to the Fur Locker. Don't say a solitary word or you will be one very sorry little whore. Do you understand me Miss Allison?"

This was one more test of what was to become many for each of my future 'acquisitions'. If my plans were going to work at all, it had to be with the understanding that I must be in complete control. I must have their allegiance at all times and under all circumstances or eventually some stupid little 'twat' would report my ass to management and I'd be burned at the stake!

I led Peggy back to the Fur Cold Storage Locker and closed the door. "Now, my fine feathered slut. Just what is your FUCKING PROBLEM!?"

Peggy started to answer but I cut her off abruptly, "SHUT UP and LISTEN! You're the one that begged me to take you to the famous Betty____'s film party tonight. You're the one who agreed to be my Mistress and Slut! Now your telling me these cloths are a little too FUCKING REVEALING!?"

Peggy started to tremble…but…there was that little telltale sign of a grin in the corner of her mouth. Her eyes were now looking very lovingly into mine and she shyly took my hand and began speaking with that little girl voice she had used during her sexual submission just hours earlier.

This was the sign I was looking for. I planned to never recruit any of my 'acquisitions' without their implied consent. I needed willing participants who would freely hand me the keys and the power to use them for our combined 'mutual sexual gratification'. This was to be sex by means of 'Mind Control'! My 'Mind' controlling their pathetic, uncreative, boring little lives and neglected pussies! By gaining control and placing them in compromising situations, I could be assured that their loyalty would follow. I remembered reading the words of a famous American W.W. II General who said it best when one of his Aid's suggested he was being too harsh on his troops. "Grab them by the balls and their hearts and minds will follow." I intended to follow his admonition!

Yes, I was going to search out and recruit willing partners whom secretly desired to submit to all of the depravities I had in mind. The kind of women who would never do such exciting things on their own as individuals, but never-the-less had hidden desires or fantasies for sexual gratification waiting to be fanned into a flaming reality by someone who knew how to take control and give them a life of sexual fulfillment. Sexual stimuli so powerful that it would guarantee the kind of mind-shattering orgasms that make life worth living and risks worth taking!

I had formulated a plan where-in I might build a 'Stable of Women' (and maybe a few other men who would be willing to assist) who wanted more out of life that just an ordinary daily serving of 'routine, white-bread, mind-numbing', sex. If great sex has it's genesis in that largest sex-organ of the body; The Brain! Then I was going to grab hold of as many willing women's organs as I could get my greedy-needy hands on and milk their starving, tight, little pussy's dry!

It was time to send Mistress Allison's mind on another orgasmic trip! I reached up to the neck of her delicate light-yellow, pleated satin blouse and ripped it wide open exposing her bra. Her eyes flew open wide and her lips parted as if to say something…or perhaps scream.

"Shut up bitch and do as you're told. Remove that stupid little girl's bra and put on the one from your bag. The one I bought for my Mistress!" (Again, the smile). "Wipe that silly grin off your face and give me a sexy slut smile. The same kind you're going to give one of those big-time Hollywood actors while you're lying on your back tonight as you fuck his brains out. Or just maybe I'll give you to Betty. She'd probably love you to suck on her famous wet cunt until her puffy, bug-eyes crossed! One thing's for sure. You're gonna get fucked and used tonight. And you're gonna love it. Aren't you?" (The smile widened, then left her face when she saw the serious look in my eye).

"That's right little Miss Peggy. Your going to fuck, suck or eat the pussy of whomever I give you. You're going to have the sexual indoctrination of your pathetic life tonight and I'm going to use your sweet, innocent little ass whenever and however I decide. Your pussy's mine to use as I please. Do you have any problem with that?"

"No, Bill." There again, was the affirmation I needed. And, without which, I would never have gotten this far. Peggy was mine to use as I wanted and my cock was starting to swell to the match the size of my libido.

Peggy took off her bra. Those beautiful nips of hers were pink, hard and begging to be bitten! I reached out and slowly 'tweaked' each nipple. I took her by the back of the head and pulled her up to my face and kissed her hard. Reaching into her mouth with one finger, I pulled her lips open and pushed my tongue deep inside. She accepted and began sucking on my tongue as if it were a penis to be nurtured to hardness. No word was spoken as I turned her around and unzipped her beige tweed skirt and slipped it to the floor of the storage locker. She was wearing a garter belt over her white silk panties. Those panties should be on the outside, over the garter belt for easy removal without disturbing the 'sexy look' while fucking a woman who's still wearing her long silk stocking and high heeled shoes. God, it was unbelievable how so many woman were so clueless on how to 'set the table' for her lover's feasting eyes.

Allison was not going to understand it all now, but I had plenty of time to teach her later. There was only time for action now! She looked so beautiful in her high heels and black stockings. Long-legged and lean I could see for the first time that her ass was even tighter and firmer than I had imagined. She was a real fine looking first 'acquisition'. With her back still to me, I grabbed onto the waistband of her panties with my right hand. Holding her steady with my left palm against the small of her back, I violently ripped her panties back and down shredding the flimsy material. Then with two more deft tares, her naked pussy was striped of the offending garment. I examined the crotch of her shredded panties. It was soaking wet with a hint of a fresh 'skid-mark' caused by her excitement!

I had such a rush upon the violent removing of her underwear. I had never before done such a thing. The power I felt over this sexy creature was nearly overwhelming! She was shivering in the cold storage locker and the warm breath of our sexually charged bodies was as the rising smoke from a forest fire. I picked out, and then removed a 'Silver-tipped' Mink that was hanging nearby and put it around my beautiful woman who's pussy I had just bared. Lowering my fly, I could see Peggy's spine flinch from the noise of the hissing zipper. I snaked my raging hard-on from it's warm home in my trousers. Taking her right hand and bringing it back behind her, I placed my warm, hard boner in the palm of her hand and motioned for her to stroke it and keep it hard.

Her hand was cold causing my cock to further respond to her stimuli of heat-cold, fear-power, assailant and…Victim! I had been mentally raping her all morning. Now I was going to take her pussy for real…Hard and Nasty! I gently pushed on her shoulders, bending her forward from the waist. Her hand was doing a fine job of 'jacking' my cock in preparation to my final assault. Lifting the hem of the Mink coat, I rolled it up, over her waist and onto her back exposing her ass to view. I slowly took in the hot lurid scene of her naked pussy and pink rose bud punctuating the high cheeks of her tender young ass. The scene before me was a work of feminine pulchritude worthy of the famous Erotic Artist, Vargas! Her beautiful pussy and anus were perfectly framed by the surrounding garter belt, black stockings and fur coat. God, she was exquisite!

Placing my right foot on the inside of her right foot, I tapped my toe against her ankle. Allison got the message and began dutifully spreading her long columned legs. One more tap, another spreading and I had Mistress Allison's pussy and ass completely exposed for my pleasure. The muscles of her milky white thighs angled out from her black silk stockings as they arched to form the 'Mons de Venus' (Mons Veneris) of her swollen pussy. The fine silken curls of her delicate pubic bush were silhouetting the dark ruby lips of her beckoning gash.

Reaching up with my left hand I began tenderly fingering her furry beaver. As my fingers slid over her wet entrance, I could see the pink petals opening. Leaning forward, I put my face down onto her backside. Although her legs were about 2-feet apart and I was just over 6'-1" her ass was at the perfect height for fucking. I was impressed! Peggy was even longer-legged that I first thought. Long-legged, short-waisted and about to get the fucking of her young life! I wanted to see those long legs pointed high in the air and spread wide open. But this would do just fine…for now!

I put my nose further down into the crevasse of her ass and inhaled the sweet fragrance of her womanhood. God, it was heavenly. I brought my fingers, now dripping wet with the syrupy dew from her cunt up to my lips and tasted the honeyed nectar of her moist pussy. Her pungent sweet taste was thick and hot on my tongue. As an exotic African meat-eating plant lures its hapless victim to a painless toxic death; I too felt the lure of Miss Allison's delicious pussy drawing my cock and mind into the center of her inviting warm body! Her smell and taste had permeated and completely saturated the cells of my brain. Our sexual adventures had created a volcano of lust that nearly defied extinguishing. Peggy may be my 'acquisition' but her pussy was beginning to own my cock!

Removing the long delicate fingers that had been milking my cock, I stepped closer to my target. Placing the swollen mushroom head of my dick right up to the pink slit of her vagina, I watched in fascination as my fat cock-head began to pry her pussy open. My white, veiny penis was slowly disappearing inside Miss Allison's tight, sucking snatch!

The feeling was incredible! Such power! The shy Allison had completely given herself to me. Within just a few short hours she had agreed to be my subservient bitch and fuck anyone I assigned. She had given me a satisfying suck job earlier. And now, I was buried inside her hot cunt making ready to slam her ass into oblivion. Moreover she was enjoying my domination and licking it all up like a starved little kitty-kat licking fresh cream from its saucer. I would insure this beautiful pussy before me could feast upon on all the cream her little heart desired!

Peggy was moaning rhythmically as I slowly fucked in and out her hot cunt. Gads she was tight! It felt like my cock was a shoehorn prying some fat bitch's size-6 foot into a size-4 pair of high heels. I detected a small amount of her white cunt-sauce foaming onto the shaft of my cock. Taking her firmly by the hips, I started slamming my balls onto her pussy. The sound of our smacking flesh in the storage locker was awesome! My balls were tattooing her ass as she grunted an ancient chant of a woman getting a good ass pounding.

It only took a minute for Peggy to let out a scream! "Ohhhh…Fuuuuck, you fucker! I'm cummmming. I'm such a fuuuckking little whore. Fuck your little slut you Fucker. I'm such a horny tramp…I love your hard cock William…Mr. Henried…I'm being fucked by a married man and I love it!" Nasty and dirty, just the way we both wanted it! I wandered what slutty gutter trash would next come out of little innocent Allison's mouth.

Jesus, she was really wound up tight and starting to completely let go. I could feel her entire body begin to shake. Her legs and ass were quivering as her orgasms intensified. I could see her anus flexing as her pussy started squeezing my cock. I was transfixed by the 'winking eye' of her rosy anal-ring. It was beckoning. I had never experienced anal sex to this point, but had often thought about it. The exposed positioning of her cute little ass seemed ideal. She was so wet and my cock so hard, I decided to give it a try.

I let a long string of saliva drool lewdly from my mouth onto the ring of her tightly puckered 'brownie'. My aim was true and she squealed when she felt my spittle hit her butt-hole. Slipping my cock out of her beet-red pussy, I slid it up onto her anus. Shit, how does one get such a big fat pecker into such a tightly sealed up little hole? I thought about abandoning the idea; but only for a second. I had to experience the feel of entering Allison's tiny hole. My cock would never be more ready to penetrate such an inviting beautiful passage!

"You've been such a nasty tight-assed bitch, I've decided to loosen up that ass of yours. Relax while Dr. Bill gives your ass a thorough inspection." With that, I placed both hands on the cheeks of her ass. She started to protest and straighten upright. Without even thinking, I slapped her fanny with both palms just as hard as I could and she let out a scream!

"Shut up and bend over. I'm going to fuck this sweet ass and there's nothing left to talk about. Do you understand?"

Again the magic confirmation! "Yes, honey. Go ahead and fuck me in the butt. I've been so bad…for such a long time. Spank me and make me be a good little girl."

I placed each of my thumbs adjacent to her anal opening and began to gently pry her ass apart. As I slowly increased the pressure on the center of her rosebud with my cock, I could feel her resistance. Then more pressure and a small divot formed as her ass began yeilding. Then, as though by command, I felt Allison relax completely and yield up her anus to my intruding fat cock. In just one short, amazing second, my cock slid effortlessly into the tight, slick channel of her rectum.

The feeling was incredible. Her ass was so warm and tight I could feel the ring of her sphincter muscles massaging the base of my cock. Moreover, at the same time, I could feel the tight narrow passageway of her anal tube gently massaging the entire length of my shaft. No wonder guys loved fucking a woman's ass. The feeling was incredible! I felt the seed from my balls begin to make its way up my cock and BANG!…I was ejaculating a complete load of warm sperm into her bowels.

When Peggy felt my cock erupt in her ass it was as though she lost any remaining control. She began pumping backwards against my hips. She was the one now fucking me with her ass. "Oh Billy, I'm cuummming agaaain. Oh…baby…fuck my ass and make me a good girl. I need you so much. I nnnneeed you soooo muuucchhh!"

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