Broadway Hollywood Ch. 3


George freed his cock and proudly presented it before Peggy's greedy eyes. She looked at his big hard black dick with the swollen dark purple head starting to peek out of his foreskin. Looking at me she softly said, "Bill, it's so big. Can I touch it?"

"Honey, you're going to do much more than touch it. You're going to suck it! Now show us those tiny firm titties of yours and slide your panties off so George and I can get a look at your hot little body."

Peggy opened her bra and slithered out of her panties daintily dropping them on the floor. She reached forward and gently touched George's hard cock. Then, as if she were a five-dollar hooker in Tijuana giving blow jobs to San Diego black sailor's every single day of the year; she wrapped her tiny right hand around it and smiled. George reached out and began rubbing and squeezing Peggy's small uplifted breasts. His ebony fingers against her white alabaster skin was a visual contrast that stimulated my senses. As he touched and fondled them she slid closer to George and began stroking his cock getting the feel of all 10 fully grown inches. I noticed her nipples were hard erect nubs as she took my cock in her left hand and began stroking it as well. With her skirt around her waist and her blouse wide open she was now completely into the scene. Her pink tongue licked all around her lips and I could see a rising ring of small tiny bumps encircling her pink hard nipple as she began getting hotter and hotter from the prospects of what was coming.

"Now that we're all one big happy family, I think it's time that you took a taste of the cocks your holding…don't you?" Peggy nodded and smiled at George and I. Leaning forward she licked my cock between the seats. There was just enough room between the backrests of the split front seats for her to take it completely into her mouth and she did a marvelous job on the head and shaft with her long tongue. "Make it wet baby so you can jack me off with your hand while you suck that big black cock of George's into your mouth."

George didn't say a thing until Peggy bent forward and placed the head of his fat cock gingerly into her mouth. At first she simply tasted the skin of his Black cock. Satisfied that it was no different that mine, she sucked him inside her warm, wet mouth and began swirling her tongue under the cock-head. He said, "God damn baby, you're sucking my cock so good. That's right…now put your little hand under my nuts and start playing with 'em. Yeah baby…that's it. Oh, fuck yeah!"

Peggy never lost a stroke on my cock. She was pulling my slickened dick perfectly as she started bobbing her head up and down George's huge pecker, all the while cupping his balls in her right hand. This little cunt was getting real good at becoming a full-fledged cock sucker! Every couple of minutes she would switch from George to me making sure both of her men were serviced completely.

In about five minutes George arched his back and said, "Baby, I'm gonna bust a nut soon in that fine sweet mouth of yours!" Peggy answered with a guttural groan from deep inside her throat.

"Then take it out right now, George! I want you to slip that cock into little Miss Peggy's pussy before you cum."

George immediately pulled his cock from Peggy's mouth and she slurped a popping sound as his cock cleared her sucking lips. Peggy's eyes were again two narrow slits and rolled way back into their sockets as if in a trance. She obviously enjoyed sucking such a long, fat black man's firm dick! This was a girl whom at earlier admitted to me that she had no real sexual experience with men. Now here she was in total submission to two men (one of them a Negro) in broad daylight inside a car sucking their cocks like a depraved slut.

"Peggy, turn around and give George your backside." She let go of my cock and smiled. Turning around she put both knees on the back seat and leaned forward like the obedient good little girl I was training her to be. With her beautiful tight ass extended and back arched, I reached over the front seat and lifted her skirt up over her waist. As though setting a table of succulent food before George, I had now presented him with her firm little white ass. Her furry wet pussy was drenched in the 'dew of love' from her dripping hot cunny.

"What do you think George? Will you be able to pry open that tight twat of little Miss Peggy with that big fat cock of yours?"

"Why no problem at all Mr. Henried. It might hurt her just a tiny bit at first, but if I take it real slow like; ol' George's big dick will fit in that little white snatch of hers real nice and sweet. Do you want me to cum inside of her?"

"No George, when you get ready to shoot your wad then give Miss Peggy lots of warning. I have plans for your and my jizz! Now maybe you and I should loosen Miss Peggy's pussy before sliding that big black rod up her pussy."

With that said, I reached over and started fingering Peggy's waiting pussy. George then joined me with his fat extended black forefinger. Man, it was so hot watching our black and white fingers side-by-side gently sliding into Peggy's wide-open pussy. Peggy responded by beginning to moan rhythmically to our probing fingers. She dropped her right leg off the seat onto the floor of my car so as to widen her cunt opening to our onslaught. God, her legs were gorgeous. White, creamy, long and lean they were pillars of leggy beauty. One of them kneeling in submission and the other straight and long…spread out and extending all the way back waiting for George's hard cock to penetrate her young vulnerable pussy!

"George can you smell that pussy of hers?" The odor Peggy was emitting was strong, sweet, and very heady. She may have been very close to her period. I made a mental note to find out that important detail. The smell alone was causing my cock to nearly burst. I was beating my meat with my right hand and nearing an ejaculation of my own. It was time to watch that big hard cock of George's in action.

"Mr. Henried, she smells like a piece of heaven. Ol' George's pecker can't wait much longer!"

"Alright George, slip that big pipe up her tight hot pussy…slowly!"

George slid closer and gently placed his hard black cock at the gate of Peggy's wet slit. I was getting so turned on; I had never seen such a sight and found myself also entranced by his huge cock. I needed to become even more a part of Peggy's first fucking by this marvelous Negro's cock. I felt like a father inducting his children into a right of passage!

"George, I'm going to help you open Miss Allison's pussy with that fine cock of yours."

Reaching over once again, I gently placed my left hand on George's long black pole and began rubbing his pre-cum slickened cock-head up and down Peggy's wet slit combining their love juices into one wet slippery mass. I marveled at the giant swelling of his rod. It felt so weird and yet wonderful feeling another man's turgid prick in my hand. I had never felt (and was not now feeling) any sign of a homosexual nature. It was more an overwhelming feeling of oneness with the two of them. All of us were blending into one being of sexuality. It was a marvelous moment for me and George must have felt the same for he also did not shrink from my touch nor did he indicate any intimidation with my joining in.

Taking a firmer grip of George's rock hard cock, I began pushing his shiny pink cock-head into Peggy's pussy. Her pussy began to open. Then slowly it began to swallow the fat bulb inside as if a hungry mouth were opening wide to take in a delicious morsel of a large fat pastry of Cream Puff; only George's 'Puff' was chocolate and creamy! Inch by teasingly slow inch I held George back as if reining in a large black stallion from running too fast. George was dead silent while Peggy was grunting a low guttural noise like a total whore in heat as he slid slowly inside until his cock was buried all the way to the hilt!

"Oh God, please…he's splitting me wide open. I can't take any more. Oh, God yes. Yes, William… please let him fuck me. George…uhhh…uhhh…shit…fuck…oh, shit yes! Goddamn it fuck my pussy! I'm such a little slutty whore William! I need his big black cock all the way inside me. Fuck me hard George…fuck your little white bitch!"

I couldn't believe little Miss Peggy's total transformation. She was begging for his cock just as she had begged me earlier in the Broadway Hollywood Department Store's fur and cold storage locker. I was finding out just how depraved one becomes when under the control of another. By yielding to my control, Peggy had become the perfect slut I had setout to make her. She was mine and I now knew for sure that she would do any and everything asked of her.

George was really getting into the fucking of Miss Allison's pussy. His big hands were gripping her narrow waist as he began slamming all ten plus inches of his fat black pecker into Peggy's pussy. He was so fat, her tight pussy looked like a pink ring of flesh clinching his cock. As wet as she was and as wet as his cock was, her clinging pussy-ring was bellowing in-and-out (with just some minor sliding) as he continued fucking her hard. George's balls were slapping Peggy's clit and the car was getting very warm indeed as it rocked to their fucking and my jacking-off! It was only a matter of seconds before Peggy's grunting would turn into a scream.

I was not disappointed. Peggy started a crescendo of squealing sobs which soon ended in a loud scream; "Jesus Christ, I'm cuming. Oh shit, it feels so good. I'm cummmmming! I'm cummming…cuming, fuck! And then Peggy just relaxed in a languid look of total satisfaction while George kept slamming her ass with his hips.

George said, "I'm there Mr. Henried. I'm gonna bust my nut real soon."

"Take it out George…you and I are going to give Miss Peggy Allison a 'Cum Cocktail'."

As George slowly and gingerly removed his cum-filled tool from Peggy's cunt, I continued. "Peggy, George and I are going to fill this cup with our seed. I want you to drink it as if this were a ritual sign of our mutual bonding in a silent code of sex."

I had already removed a small dixie-cup from my glove compartment and now began jacking-off my cum into the container in front of George and Peggy. As I erupted I spurted several thick gobs of cream into the bottom of the cup. When I was drained I handed it to George and he let out a grunt and began shooting his white cream into it as well. I looked at Peggy's face and was amazed at her transformation. Her eyes had an intense, wild, animal look. They were wide open and gleaming as if on fire! Yes, little prim Peggy had changed into something quite different than before. Her life was no longer mundane. She was alive. She was a woman possessed!

As George's jizz mixed in the cup with mine I swirled the contents together and said, "With this drink, we will be sealed and dedicated to the prospect of bringing only worthy and trusted others into our clan. Only members approved prior by me may drink from our cup of sexual friendship. Anyone not prepared to meet our demands should not drink. Any person who declines will be subject to a punishment by us; the likes of which she…or he cannot even begin to fathom. For our punishment will be slow and painfully delicious to the damning of their souls."

I had no idea until that statement of what their reactions might be. I looked first into Peggy' and then George's eyes. They were both filled with a combined lust and amazement. I handed the cup to George. He couldn't believe what I was asking him to do! In order to ease the task of asking a man to take a taste of cum (I was not too eager myself), I added this phrase as I took it back in order to demonstrate my dedication to this new proposition of sexual clanship. "I take the first taste as 'Master of the Clan."

I took a very hesitant and small taste…never the less it was a taste. Never before tasting my cum, more or less another's, I was quite surprised. It was warm and somewhat salty. It had a pungent odor as I lifted it to my mouth. It had the texture not unlike that of a thick sauce. As the thought came into my mind, I handed it back to George who, being led by example, was much less hesitant this time.

As he slowly lifted the cup to his lips (and now knowing that he only need take a small taste) I said, "Let this sauce become the essence of our pact…may it's essence be absorbed into our bodies and minds that we may become one in sexual joy and happiness. Let our small beginning grow as we add others of our same desires into a clan of sexual friendship."

George now took a small sampling and tasted our combined cum. I took the cup and handed the remaining contents to Peggy Allison. She had been so innocent just hours earlier but I knew she was about to become a cum drinking slut! I knew she would have no trouble drinking its entire content. As she lifted the cup to her lips she smiled a very knowing and wicked smile at both of us. She was totally into what was happening. It was as if I had given her life a real meaning and purpose. She was becoming the 'First Mistress of the Clan'.

Once again the moment created another thought and another phrase as I said, "This is the 'First Mistress of our Clan. She will be honored as such as long as she is obedient to her Master. And you, George shall be known as 'First Deacon of the Clan.' I put my hand on his warm sweaty shoulder as if I were 'Knighting' him. George smiled and nodded his acceptance. Peggy slowly began downing the contents of the cup. I was beginning to understand how sex, lust, and ritual could all be combined to create more than just a moment of lust. These three key elements were working in concert to a bonding of purpose. Using this last key of knowledge I finished with these newly thought words; "This rite-of-passage sealing our dedication to 'The Clan' will only take place as each new member is accepted into our sexual clan of friendship. And now we are finished!"

I had timed the above sentence to Peggy's final draining of the cup. It took several swallows for her to take both of our loads down her throat. It was so sexy to see her swallow it all and then lustily lick her lips. Peggy's eyes were shinning in pride of her making both her lovers cum and then swallowing our entire essence. We were now bonded as a small group and I knew I had two very loyal followers to assist in doing my bidding.

Looking into Peggy's eyes I smiled for the first time during our little ritual and said; "Now Mistress Peggy, give George a kiss worthy of your appreciation of his manhood and the fluid of his essence which you first created and then drank."

I was not sure what kind of kiss she would deliver but true to her new calling it was a complete and total giving. She placed her mouth sweetly on his lips and extended her tongue into his mouth in complete surrender. George touched and fondled her firm breasts and nipples during the kiss and I could see his flaccid cock once again becoming erect (as was mine)!

"Now suck his cock clean in honor of his standing in the 'Clan'." (I nearly blew the solemnity of the occasion by laughing because his cock was really beginning to 'stand in the Clan').

Peggy was entranced and obviously getting into her new role. She said, "As the 'First Mistress of the Clan' I suck your cock in obedience to you and my Master." (God, this was all too weird and perfect).

Miss Peggy Allison was center stage with her newfound ability and willingness to add to our impromptu ritual. She leaned over and gave me a kiss worthy of her new calling. She placed her lips softly on mine and slithered her salty tongue into my mouth as if to explore my sole with her lingering kiss. Then she breathed a warm sigh into me filling my lungs with the breath of her sexual surrender to all that had just occurred. As she broke our kiss she reverently whispered, "As 'First Mistress of the Clan' I also suck your cock in obedience to you as my Master and the 'Head of our Clan'."

Upon that utterance, she took my hardening cock into her mouth and began sucking me slowly and deeply. I had masturbated into the cup but still lusted for a real release of a second wave of cum that I felt was building. Peggy's warm sucking and stroking of my cock would provide me with the perfect ending to our session. As she continued sucking my cock, I saw George masturbating his thick dark cock toward a second cum of his own.

Peggy also saw George's quickening strokes. Placing her right hand lovingly under his scrotums she began tenderly massaging them while sucking me off. I felt as though I were being eaten alive by her warm, wet greedy mouth. She first began swirling the rough surface of her tongue all around my hard prick and I could feel the sensations from my balls begin traveling up my spine and into my brain. I was about to empty another load into Miss Allison's talented mouth.

Peggy must have sensed my balls tightening because she took my cock all the way into her mouth until I could feel the head of my penis touching the back of her throat. Her nose buried deep in my pubic hairs; I could feel her warm breath exhaling onto my loins. Then she extended her tongue from her mouth slithering it under the rippled edges of my tightening nutsack. The sensation of her wet tongue licking and sucking some of my balls into her hot mouth was fantastic. Watching her dimpled cheeks created by the pressure of her constant sucking made the total sensation both exquisite and overwhelming!

I let out a loud yell, "Oh shit, now I'm cuming baby! Oh, Peggy suck it all out of me…aaaahhhaa!"

I grabbed the back of Miss Allison's head as she clamped down even harder with her lips creating a perfect seal with her mouth and began swallowing my seed down her throat. She was amazing! She swallowed two or three gulps then stopped. Taking a slow deep breath of air she completely swallowed the rest of my warm seed as my body shook to her ministrations.

Peggy's performance triggered George as he then groaned and spurted a thick stream of jizzim onto the back seat floor of my car. As quick as a wink, Peggy slid her hand from George's balls and onto his cock stuffing it quickly into her mouth so as to swallow his remaining copious load as well. This little girl was full of sperm. She seemingly couldn't get enough!

When finished she took a couple of deep breaths. Then looking from George to me she brightly announced; "I know why don't we take George to Betty ____'s Party? I bet she or one of the other ladies there would like some of his marvelous black cock…if that's all right with you Master."

What a fucking great idea! I could see George would have no trouble in joining our little party after his shift for he was flashing that handsome white-toothed grin of his at Peggy's suggestion. I nodded in agreement and the die was cast.

Watch out Hollywood and as Betty would say, "Fasten your seatbelts, its going to be a bumpy ride!"

Note from the Author: This story is best read as a series. If you like the writing style you may enjoy 'Director of Personnel' in the NonConsent category. These stories come from many personal experiences. If you would like more, please contact me and let me know. -Frenchman-

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