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Broadway Video Club


Mike and Cindy had been living in the Broadway Apartments for about a year. In the 1940's the buildings in the complex had been a hotel. With three buildings, each with three floors, and a beautiful courtyard in the middle of the U-shaped layout of the buildings, the complex was unique when compared to the cookie-cutter complexes of today. Mike and Cindy are an attractive couple in their early thirties, both with light brown hair. Cindy had a tight little body that accentuated her 34C breasts. Mike was athletically built, but not "ripped," just in good shape, with an average sized cock. They had gotten to know a few of the couples that live in the apartments pretty well in the time they had been living there.

The couples would get together for potluck dinners and invariably one of them would throw a party when a major sporting event rolled around. Mike and Cindy really felt at home. It was almost like a big family living in the same building. After a while, though, Mike and Cindy began noticing some strange behavior from their friends. There seemed to be coy looks passed amongst the others at times and it almost seemed like they were in on some inside joke that Mike and Cindy were unaware of.

One day Mike finally cornered Bill, their neighbor from across the hall, and he asked him what the deal was. Bill hesitated at first but then decided he could fill Mike in on the other couples' little secret. He told Mike that some of the neighbors had started up a "video club" of sorts. They would swap videotapes and everyone really got into it. The thing was, these were no ordinary videotapes. The tapes were homemade erotic tapes that each of the couples had shot of themselves making love.

Each couple had one tape that was their own. The owner's name was written on the top of the tape and only a list of apartment numbers was written on the spine. The apartment numbers on the spine were listed in the order of the couples' scenes that were on the tape. Once the tape had made its way around through all the apartment numbers the owner would get it back. One couple would be filming scenes for the other couples' tapes as their tape was getting passed around and recorded on. When the cycle was complete, each couple had one scene from each of the other couples.

The only rules laid down were:

1. When you pass a tape on to another couple to film their scene you must have it cued up to the spot after your scene. This was done so the couples didn't have to find the blank spot on the tape.(No one was allowed to look at the scenes on another couples' tape)

2. No dubbing other couples' tapes.(This goes along with not being able to watch other couples' tapes)

3. If you move away, you got to keep your tape but you were not to show it to anyone else or sell it to one of those "Amateur XXX Home Video" companies.

Bill said everyone had pretty much stayed within the rules to the best of his knowledge. No one wanted to risk getting caught and miss out on the hot sex scenes that would get recorded on their tape. Lust can be a powerful motivator. Bill gave Mike his videotape, which in truth broke the club rules, but he had started the club and wanted to give Mike and Cindy some examples of what they were in for if they joined the club. Bill's tape was the only one that had the owners of it doing a scene on it. It was the tape he used to show prospective members what they were in for if they joined. He told Mike if it seemed like something he and Cindy could get into they could join the club. If not, they were to keep the club a secret and not tell the other club members that they had seen the tape.

That night Mike told Cindy about the discussion he had with Bill earlier. "That explains the odd behavior we've noticed," replied Cindy. "This is too weird. I never would have dreamed this was the reason." "We might as well look at the tape," Mike responded, "It couldn't do any harm. We aren't obligated to join, we can just watch the tape. Who knows, it might be fun." "I guess so," answered Cindy. "It just seems like it will be strange seeing our friends again after we watch them having sex on the tape."

After dinner Mike changed into a t-shirt and boxers and Cindy put on a sheer teddy with matching panties. They popped the tape into their VCR and got ready for the action. The first image that appeared on the TV screen was Janet, Bill's wife. Janet was a redhead in her early forties with a full figure and large breasts. Bill, also in his early forties, had brown hair, a little bit of a gut. Janet was doing a strip tease for the camera as Bill held it. Mike and Cindy could hear Bill making comments and directing Janet as she slowly took off each piece of clothing. Mike's eyes are glued to Janet's ripe breasts as they sway with her every movement.

After Janet is completely nude Bill tells her to move to the bed. The camera follows Janet as she slides up onto the bed and Bill sets up at the foot of the bed. Bill tells Janet to spread her legs as he focuses in on the scarlet triangle of hair between her legs. Janet complies and sensually runs her hand over her breasts, then down between her legs. She strokes her inner thighs and flashes a sexy look to the camera. Janet begins running a finger up and down her pink slit and Bill voices his appreciation and coaxes her along. "Ohhh I'm getting so hot," she purrs as she plays with her clit. While she worked her clit with one hand she took her other and slid a finger in and out of her wet pussy. Bill pans the camera down to his rock hard cock as he strokes it. "See how hard you're getting me, baby?" he says as he strokes the length of his tool. Bill's cock is of average length but it is very thick, and fills his hand quite nicely.

The scene abruptly switches and the camera is set up beside the bed. Mike jokes, "Nice editing job, Bill," as he looks on. Cindy looks down and sees Mike's stiff cock making a pup tent out of his boxers. Cindy wraps her hand around the bulge in Mike's shorts and says, "He doesn't seem to mind."

Cindy continues to rub Mike's bulge as their attention moves back to the video. Bill comes into view of the camera and he joins Janet on the bed. He moves on top of her and begins sucking her nipples. Bill kisses his way down Janet's body and buries his face in her pussy. He laps at the soft folds of skin and flicks Janet's hard clit with his tongue. Mike looks out of the corner of his eye and notices that Cindy is shifting around on the couch a bit. He slips his hand inside the front of her panties and notices just how much she has been enjoying the tape. Her pussy is dripping wet. "What was that you were saying to me?" Mike chided. Cindy spread her legs a little to give Mike better access to her wet slit and the two of them continued to watch the tape as they masturbated each other.

By the time Bill was pounding his dick into Janet's pussy while she furiously rubbed her clit, Mike and Cindy were really going at it on the couch. They madly peeled off each other's clothes and Cindy laid down on her back as Mike got between her legs. Mike's throbbing tool slipped easily into Cindy's well-lubed slit and he pistoned in and out of her slowly. The two peeked at the tape while they fucked. By now on the tape Janet was on top of Bill, bucking up and down on his pole, and moaning like crazy. Janet's vocalizing as she was getting fucked on the TV screen was too much for Mike and he quickly picked up the pace of his thrusting. It wasn't long before he shot his cum deep inside Cindy's hot box.

Bill and Janet came almost immediately after Mike did. Mike and Cindy both gave each other a sort of "wow" look and they slumped back onto the couch, ready to watch the next scene as they caught their breath. The next couple on the tape was Paul and Denise, who are in their late twenties, and live right above Mike and Cindy. Paul is an athletically built brown-haired man with washboard abs and an average sized cock. Denise is a raven-haired Hispanic with very firm, medium-sized tits. Her skin is dark brown skin from laying in a tanning bed on a regular basis. She would always wear her bikini when she tanned because Paul loves the contrast of her dark skin against the lighter covered area. In other words, he digs tan lines.

As Mike and Cindy watched Paul and Denise's scene unfold they could feel themselves getting aroused again. Mike's dick was again standing at attention. Cindy leaned over and took Mike's stiff member in her mouth and began to suck it. She pumped the shaft with her hand as she swallowed as much of Mike's cock as she could. Mike was in heaven as he watched Paul stroke Denise's creamy breasts. He could see what Paul liked so much about the tan lines. It was like Denise was wearing a flesh-colored bikini and Denise looked very hot. Cindy continued her work on Mike as he watched the tape and felt himself build to orgasm again. "I'm gonna cum," he blurted out as he watched the rythmic fucking on the TV. With that he came in Cindy's mouth and she swallowed every drop, milking his cock dry.

After the scene was over, the next scene that came on involved Steve and Patti. Patti is Oriental with striking green eyes, small perky breasts, and a small amount of neatly trimmed pubic hair just above her pussy. Steve is a blue-eyed blond that looked like he belonged on a beach in California. He had a long, slender dick to match his tall, slender frame. Cindy watched the scene as Mike moved onto the floor in front of her and spread her legs. "Your turn," he said as he ran his tongue up and down her slit. Mike sucked, nibbled, and flicked Cindy's clit with his mouth as she watched Steve slide his long rod into Patti's tight opening.

Just the voyeuristic pleasure of watching the video and Mike's expert tonguing had Cindy writhing with pleasure in no time. She built slowly and steadily towards her peak as she watched the scene and enjoyed Mike's actions. When Cindy was about to cum she raised her hips, grabbed the back of Mike's head, and ground his face into her crotch. She came with earth-shattering force and collapsed back onto the couch.

After Mike and Cindy caught their breath and watched a couple more scenes on the tape Mike said, "Well, what do you think?" She replied, "I don't know. It still seems so weird to me. These people are our neighbors. We pass them in the hallway evey day. I don't think I can look at them again without thinking about the videos. And to think that they would be watching us do that kind of stuff. I just don't think I can do it." "But look at how hot it got us. Can you imagine other people getting off on watching us just like we did when we were watching them? Doesn't it kind of turn you on? It gets me hot just thinking about it. And it would add a bit of excitement to out love life, not that there's anything wrong with it. It's like seeing something or doing something that's forbidden. I think it would be fun but I don't want to force you to do anything you're not comfortable with." "I'll think about it," replied Cindy, "But I can't promise you anything." With that they went off to bed.

Cindy thought about the club throughout the week and the more she thought about it the more she thought it would be fun to join the club. She would find herself drifting off in her mind while at work and she could feel herself getting wet just thinking about it. Different scenarios and ideas for scenes started popping into her head. One night after she and Mike had made love she blurted out, "Why not?" "Why not what?" Mike asked. "Why not join the club? I think we can do it. Maybe we could start this weekend." "Sounds great, honey. I'll get Bill's camcorder and we'll decide what to do in our first scene," Mike responded enthusiastically.

After getting Bill's videocamera and adding their apartment number to it Mike and Cindy bounced ideas off each other for their first scene. They decided to do a scene in the shower for their first one. The weekend rolled around and Mike and Cindy had a couple of drinks to help with their nerves and loosen them up. When they were ready, Mike set up the camera in the bathroom and turned it on. Cindy enters the scene in a cotton robe with her hair pinned up. She opens the sliding glass door to the bathtub/shower and turns the water on(not too hot or the lens will fog up).

Cindy then stands and pulls out the clips that are holding her hair. She shakes her head slowly, sexily letting her mane fall onto her shoulders. As she turns to face the camera she unties the belt on her robe and peels it off over her shoulders. The robe falls to the ground, exposing Cindy's fully nude form to the camera. A slight chill runs through her body and her nipples stand erect as she steps into the shower, leaving the door open for the best view. Cindy stands under the showerhead, letting the luke-warm water run down her body. She grabs the soap and slowly works up lather over her body. As she rinses off Mike enters the picture and says, "Mmm...mind if I join you?" "Come on in big boy," she purrs as she looks down at Mike's already rock hard dick. Mutual lathering and various carnal acts ensue before the camera before they are both spent and the scene ends.

Later that night Cindy and Mike watch their scene in bed and make love again. It seems that watching themselves on the screen got them just as excited as watching their neighbors. The next day Mike gave Bill his tape back and received their "schedule" of performances. They were to get Steve and Patti's tape next, followed by Scott and Alicia's, then Paul and Denise's. Mike went right to Steve and Patti's apartment once he got the list. Spurred on by the excitement of making the first one, he wanted to do another scene that night. While Mike and Cindy were fulfilling their obligation to the club the other couples were making the tape that would belong to them.

Mike and Cindy had done all the scenes for the others' tapes within the next couple weeks and they received their tape from Bill. In the process of making the tapes Mike and Cindy actually had discovered a great way to spice up their sex lives, not that there was anything wrong with it. Making the videos just seemed to open new doors to experimentation that required thought and planning, not just screwing when you feel horny. The anticipation of the next scene that they would shoot would make the experience that much more enjoyable once it transpired. By the time Mike and Cindy's tape was going around for a second time they were comfortable with the idea of the club. It was something that was openly discussed from time to time between the neighbors. Compliments were passed, along with ideas for making the scenes better.

Mike and Cindy would watch every scene they had just shot and would talk about how they could have done something better. In this way they would learn from their mistakes. This was the norm. All the couples would see certain things that were done in others' scenes and incorporate them into their future scenes. Both Mike and Cindy agreed that the one solution to all their problems would be to have someone else film their scenes while they acted them out but that was not about to happen.

After watching the tape that was made for them, Mike and Cindy realized there were certain couples' scenes they looked forward to more than others. Sometimes when Cindy wasn't around Mike would put the tape in the VCR and rewind it to Bill and Janet's scenes. He liked to masturbate while watching them. Janet's firey red hair and full figure had always turned him on but she was also very vocal and wild when she was shooting her scenes.

Cindy found herself drawn to a particular scene that Scott and Alicia had done. They were a very attractive couple, both good looking, very fit, and both were blondes. The real attraction for Cindy was that Scott had the biggest cock she had ever seen. It was truly a sight to behold. Cindy was drawn to a scene where Scott and Alicia massaged oil over each other and, of course, ended with them making love. Neither Mike nor Cindy had told the other about their fantasies. After all, nothing was going to come of them, right? Well, one must be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

About a month after joining the club, Mike had to leave town for some work-related training. Everyone in the group knew Mike was out of town so they would invite Cindy over for dinner or drop by to keep her company. Cindy ran into Alicia at the mailbox on Friday afternoon and she invited Cindy up for drinks later that night. They set a time and the two went their separate ways. That night Cindy went up to their apartment and they all sat around and drank margaritas while they chatted. As the night wore on and the drinks flowed, the conversation turned to the video club. It turns out Alicia had the same reservations Cindy had prior to joining. They discussed who made the most creative scenes and such, and Cindy commented on how much she had enjoyed the massage oil scene Scott and Alicia had shot.

Cindy was a bit tipsy by now, as were her hosts, and she didn't realize she started to ramble on a bit about Scott and Alicia's scene. She said it really looked like they really got into it and it appeared they had fun making it. Scott shot Alicia a sly glance and said, "Well, if you liked it that much we could recreate it for you," and then chuckled. They all laughed as Alicia went to get another round of drinks from the kitchen. After a couple of sips of their new margaritas, Alicia said, "Why not? We could even make a video of it. We have a blank tape. I think it would be fun." Cindy did not answer. She was hesitant but intrigued with the idea of living out the fantasies she had conjured up while watching Scott and Alicia's scene. Before Cindy could answer either way, Scott got up and said he'd get the camera set up while Alicia took care of the rest. Alicia followed Scott down the hall and out of Cindy's sight. She sat there feeling a combination of nervousness and excitement.

Alicia soon emerged with a sheet and some massage oils with Scott right behind her, carrying the videocamera and tripod. Cindy took another drink of her margarita as she watched Alicia spread out the sheet while Scott lined up the camera for the best angle. As Scott turned on the camera Alicia went over to Cindy, took her by the hand, and led her to the middle of the sheet. Scott and Alicia converged on Cindy, Alicia in front and Scott behind, and they began taking her clothes off. Scott pulled her shirt off over her head while Alicia undid Cindy's jeans. Scott then undid her bra as Alicia slid Cindy's jeans and panties down to her ankles. Cindy stepped out of her pants and they had her lay down on her stomach on the sheet. Scott and Alicia then took their clothes off and they each took a position on either side of Cindy.

They poured oil out over Cindy's back and down her legs as they began to knead her supple skin. Cindy moaned softly as Scott's strong hands made their way down her waist and over her naked butt. Scott concentrated on her behind as Alicia worked her upper back. Scott's hands made their way down to Cindy's thighs as Alicia followed him down. They met at Cindy's calves and their hands glided easily over her legs. Cindy spread her legs apart slightly as Scott and Alicia worked up to her inner thighs. She felt Alicia's slender fingers slide between her legs as she ran her hand up and down Cindy's wet slit.

This was the first time another woman had touched Cindy like that and she was in heaven. What a strange rush of sensations she was feeling. As Alicia worked her way back up to Cindy's back her fingers were replaced with Scott's thick, strong fingers. He ran his slick middle finger up and down Cindy's slick pussy as he kneaded her butt with his other hand. After a couple more minutes of working Cindy's back they had her roll over and began to work on her front. Cindy was lost in the moment and her body was enjoying the attention.

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