tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBroke Oak: Saturday Dance

Broke Oak: Saturday Dance


{Note: All the names are fictitious and some characters are composite of more than one person.}


My first autumn at Broke Oak was memorable for many reasons. Over the spring and summer, I had joined 'the Posse', joined a smoothie shaving team, hosted my cousin, joined the resort massage crew, and begun a friends-with-benefits relationship. Much had happened.

Unless your leg was broken, and sometimes even if, everyone went to the Saturday evening potluck, dance, karaoke, bullshit, and general tease-athon held in the clubhouse/café. I would never want you to misunderstand. The socialization at Broke Oak is always on the up and up publicly. But, there is a very well hidden sensual, sometimes sexual, undercurrent in public and depending on the participants; it can become very open in private groups.

On Saturdays, I had developed a bit of a routine. The potluck hostess always came to my home to cook the main dish because my kitchen was so well equipped. After just a few of these, she and I started adding mutual masturbation to our waiting periods and that progressed eventually to each of us masturbating the other, but went no further than that physically. However, once wee had gotten physical at all, we also got to where we talked more intimately and we are excellent friends.

Of course, everyone goes to the potluck. You have to or Saturday night gets real boring. Lately, I have been going with a group, Hank and Kacey, my smoothie partners, and Faye, my massage partner.

One typical Saturday after supper, the four of us were early to the dance because Faye and Kacey wanted 'good seats where it would be dark' and Hank and I try to get along with the ladies.

"Let's pick this table" Faye suggested, setting her towel on one of the chairs. Hank and Kacey took the two far chairs and I took the one between Faye and them.

"Want to get in the hot tub while we wait?" Kacey asked. Hank's reply was "only if we can bring our wine." So we grabbed the wine, some cups, and headed out to the huge deck where the hot tub sat calling our names.

We nestled into the hot water and got our wine passed around. We sat with Hank and I on the ends and the ladies between us. You need to understand that in the daytime, nudists are publicly pretty puritanical. But in private, or at night, or out of the public eye we are just like anyone else and we can get very sensuous, sometimes naughty. Let's say we were out of the public eye for the next hour or so...

"I want this before you go home tonight." Faye told me as she placed her hand on my penis. "You can pick a hole, any hole, but I want this inside me."

Of course I was growing a hard-on from this treatment, but I was a little shy wondering what Hank and Kacey would be thinking. I looked at them just as Hank was reaching into Kacey's neck and nibbling on her. His hand cupped her breast and although I knew that they had heard us talking, I could see they weren't at all bothered.

"I'll give you the best I can muster, Babe" I responded, "but it is a shame the dance hasn't started yet. That means we just need to wait that much longer. You stroking me feels so good, we might not make the dance."

Kacey's leg brushed the hand I had placed on Faye's thigh. I looked and she had opened her legs wide enough for Hank's hand to move from her breast to her pussy. He was gently stroking her and she was laying her head back with her eyes half closed.

"I don't think any of us will want to stop for the dance, will we?" I asked. There was no answer, but Faye did relax pumping on my cock and was now just holding it still. We wound down a bit to save ourselves for the dance and what followed.

Eventually the wine was gone and we went around-about to my place to pick up another bottle and get in place for the dance. We were just in time before the music started and more importantly just before some folks were going to move our towels and take our seats!

We visited, drank wine, danced, laughed at the open mike jokes, and generally had a great time. Faye and Kacey had talked before hand and had chosen our seats for the darkness and extra privacy. They each kept their hand on our penis as much as they could get away with; they had determined to keep us fluffed-but-not-hard all night. We all knew that after the dance we were going to visit Hank and Kacey's place for an after-party. We danced with our partners and with each other's partner and were very much buzzed.

At one point, I started to dance with Kacey and the way she partly turned and stepped into me, the head of my penis got held between her upper thighs and her vulva. I know she knew what she had done because she whispered "Gus, I will never cheat on Hank. But if I was tempted to, it would be with you."

"I'm flattered," I answered "but I also understand. And I will never put you in a position to have to choose." I also didn't make her move away from the intimate grasp her body had on me.

"Faye and I talked and we plan to all go to our house after the dance. Hank is too shy to tell you, but we plan to all 'party' together -- Hank with me and Faye with you. Hank and I used to do that from time to time when we were younger, and we miss it. Will you be ok with that?" Kacey went on whispering in my ear.

"It will be a first for me in a very long, long time as well. Faye and I are fairly new at being sexual together, as far as that goes anyway, but one of her favorite ways to do it is in her front room with the front door open, so I think we'll adjust." I responded. "But right now, we have a problem. You have gotten me very hard with this slow dance and how you 'trapped' my cock. Is there a side way out so I can't be seen and I end up getting us kicked out?"

Kacey laughed, took my hand, and said "Stay on my left and behind me" as she guided me out through shadows and around obstacles, then through the back door.

When we got out, she looked down and giggled saying "You do get pretty hard for a man your age." To which I teased "You do make a man hard for a woman your age." Of course we had both seen each other excited and helped each other cum with hand jobs during almost every one of our smoothie sessions, so we are very body-comfortable, but it was still highly erotic.

After I regained a state of softness, we went back in and gathered our 'dates' to head for our friends' house and what followed.

We got to Hank and Kacey's, went in, and sat down. Just as Kacey had, Faye comfortably announced that the ladies 'had talked' and that we had plans for the evening. But, before we began, we had to all promise to be open and honest and if things got uncomfortable, anyone was supposed to speak up. We all agreed, although Hank and I both claimed to be pretty ignorant of the whole situation.

Faye and Kacey listened to none of that and each stood and took their man's hand and led him to the master bedroom. Kacey was quite a homemaker and she had truly created a retreat of their bedroom. The king-size bed had been turned back and soft music played. We went to the left side of the bed, Kacey led Hank to the right side and we blew kisses to them and lay down to embrace while they did the same.

Each couple lay at a slight angle across the bed, creating the situation where each couple's genitals were about eye level of the other. Hank and I are not fools and we, of course, immediately began to rise to this occasion!

I kissed Faye deeply and then broke the kiss to whisper "I thought you liked the idea of being watched or seen." "Oh, you noticed the open-door thingy?" she responded. I pressed my hard-on onto her thigh and said "I noticed."

Hank was stifling a chuckle and Kacey was giggling. We looked at them and saw that they were both using hands and fingers on each other, and sneaking peeks toward us. I urged Faye's legs open and began to caress her pussy while I watched our friends' faces. They fixed on the movement and as Faye's breath came in a gasp, I noticed a flush cover Kacey's breast and rise up her neck. At that same time, my cock twitched and felt as if it grew in girth.

Faye dug one hand firmly into my butt and with the other she tightened her grip on my cock. As she pulled me on top of her, I heard Hank growl to Kacey "Now?" "Yes, now, dammit, now" Kacey returned.

But as Hank mounted Kacey, I was already easing into Faye with my cock head. It was parting her lips with that slight in-and-out motion that spreads moisture. Faye and I looked to our side as I penetrated her and we witnessed Hank's cock pressing into Kacey, disappearing inch at a time. All this as they watched our merging.

"Oh, my fucking gawd ..." Kacey started. But, my "Oh fuck, yes" finished for her.

Kacey was the noisiest lover on the bed and was full of a constant flow of imperatives -- "Now!" "Yes!" and "Fuck me!". But Faye was possessed, I think she held her breath more than anyone I have seen, followed by rapid gasping and moans. Hank and I both had our hands full staying mounted, I think.

I was quickly getting to the point of no return and Faye eased her hand between us to massage her clit. That made me a goner and I shot cum as deep as I could into Faye. Maybe ten seconds after I came, she started her own orgasm. Her moaning and shaking brought our friends off together and they squeezed each others shoulders and ground their sexes together as they came.

Faye and I both watched the sexy moment when Hank withdrew from Kacey and their combined juices covered their pubic areas and continued to link them even after he was out of her.

Both women lay with their legs wide open, both Hank and I had our penis laying wet with sex juices on our partner's thigh. What a grand way to be. Hank chuckled first, and then Faye and I laughed. Kacey looked around wondering what was up, and then she began to laugh and we all looked at each other with such joy, laughing in the pure pleasure of the evening.

I wish I could say that we were quickly ready to go again, but we are all over 60, and for this level of pleasure we were satisfied. Soon Hank and I both turned end for end and both couples got into a little 69 session, not for more sex, but to clean our partner and enjoy a bit of creamy dessert. Then, again, we lay back and snuggled.

New ground had definitely been broken. I wondered just how much of this we, or should I say 'I,' could take? Well, I am not getting any younger, so I'll take what I can and smile.

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