He smiled as he watched her lay there. She was exhausted and had a right to be so but he felt no compassion for her. Roughly he shook her. 'Get up now whore or else! you remember what happened yesterday'. She groaned and shuffled herself upright, the chains around her ankles and wrists dug in to her white flesh leaving red marks.

Two days ago she had been a pretty college girl walking home from school in the rain, now all that had changed, here she was shackled to floor and gasping for breath as the collar strained at her throat.

Who was this man who kept her captive; she still couldn't see his face. He had treated her cruelly yesterday and her ass and pussy still felt the presence of his cock. Her ass stung from the blows the crop had given her when she hadn't obeyed him.

He re-entered and all her nerves snapped in to overdrive. He sat down on the only chair in the room and beckoned her over. She didn't move she wasn't going to break that easily. He got up, walked over, she started to tremble, it excited him even more. Quickly he grabbed her hair and knocked her feet from under her. Still holding on to her hair he undid his pants, immediately his cock sprang free.

Gruffly he told the girl to suck it, when she didn't do as he asked he brought something out of his back pocket, it was a plastic gag that kept the mouth open. He forced her mouth open and roughly shoved it in. she moaned around it trying to tell him to stop. He then inserted his cock through the hole and began to fuck her mouth. She would soon learn how to be obedient he thought. His large shaft rammed her throat as she gagged around him.

After he had satisfied himself, with her mouth. The moment had come to tell her the plans for that evening. She would be helping to entertain a party of special guests. He undid the chains that held her to the floor but kept her ankles partially joined so that she could shuffle but not run. He also undid her wrists. He threw a bag at her and told her to put what was in it on he would be back in an hour.

The girl started sobbing around her gag. She was cold and felt so dirty. The day before he had raped her continuously in both ass and pussy. She had been emotionally drained as well as physically. Also during the early hours of the morning she had been strapped around a bench with an electronic dildo pumping in and out of her sore twat. She opened the bag, to find a thong and bra she put them on thinking they're not so bad at least I'm covered up now.

He returned again and seeing her dressed shook his head and walked over to her. He raised his arms she flinched. But he was doing the bra straps up tighter. He then opened the bag again and pulled out two leather straps that she thought had been put there accidentally. He attached these to her thong on either side and pulled up. Smiling as he heard her groans. The thong was now uncomfortably tight against her clit but still he pulled upwards. Eventually attaching the other end to the bra. She grunted this was extremely painful. He then led her out the door up stairs and in to a lightly lit room.

He then walked out to retrieve his guests. She stood there shivering in the dim room when he returned she was almost glad to see him. But he was leading a group of about 40 people. She suddenly felt immediately ashamed of the way she was dressed. All of the guests sat down in places on the table at the left of the room. He then walked over to her and dragged her roughly to the head of the table. To the guests he said 'here we have a Marie. She will be your waitress tonight, as she goes round giving you your food you are allowed to touch her wherever you feel fit'. At this Marie suddenly realised what was about to her. The man then led her to a side room and took off her ankle chain and told her the doors were locked, there was no way she would be able to escape and if she didn't comply with his plan she would be punished severely. She brought out the first course on a trolley and went about dealing out the food.

The first man she went to did nothing but stroke her leg but as she went round they got bolder and began playing with her clit as she was trying to put their food out for them. Finally she finished serving a sought to retire from the room. But a man called her over supposedly for some wine. When she reached him he grabbed her and told her to suck his cock. She looked towards her master and reminded her that she would be severely punished if she didn't do what the men asked of her. She knelt down and began to run her tongue up this mans shaft she slowly reached the head, and put it in her mouth she played the head with the tip of her tongue and then went forward to take his length down her throat. As she did so the mad grabbed her head and pushed down hard. She found herself with her nose in his pubes. She began to gasp for breath, and as he felt that he pulled her up and began to face fuck her she retched around the gag that was still in her mouth. Finally he came and let go of her. After this she was forced to service 3 other men. She felt ashamed of herself because she was actually getting turned on by the rough treatment.

After she had cleared the plates the master led her out of the room to an adjoining one. In which all there was in it was a table. He bade her to lie down on it. As she did so he strapped her arms to the sides and her ankles were lifted in to the air . He also chained her neck down using the collar. Seeing her so helpless aroused him. He called in the guests they all shuffled through and were delighted to see what the master had procured for afters. The master shouted so who wants first go many yells and hands went up but one man came forward cock already flapping with the sway. He came to her and cut away the thong and bra he then proceeded to shove his cock in to her slick pussy and pound her deep. She cried and screamed as his cock was large. He fucked her fast playing with her clit he came with a grunt. He shot his seed deep in to her and walked off. The next man came up and did his thing but before he was through another man clambered up on to the table and forced his cock down her throat she spluttered and moaned through pleasure and pain. Her body shook with orgasm. The men jostled round her wanking off over her body. Taking turns to fuck all 3 holes. When the first cock went into her ass she screamed and tried to move away but the chains held fast. She was fucked over and over again. She passed out halfway through but this didn't dissuade the men they were having far to good a time.

When all the men had left the master led Marie back down stairs she was still covered in cum that was beginning to dry. She passed out on the cold stone floor dead to the world.

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