Lisa dropped her daughter off at her father's. She doubled checked her reflection in his bathroom mirror. She frowned at what she saw there. Even though she was technically a dress size smaller than she had been when she got married ten years ago, she had become hypercritical of her appearance. It was a side effect of a very bad and sexually unfulfilling marriage. She sighed as she sucked in her tummy, what she considered her worst feature.

Maybe she should just cancel this evening. It might be for the best, she thought. After all, what were the actual chances of thirty-nine year old divorcee and single mother finding happiness? Wasn't it more likely that she would get by lightening? Or was it die in a plane crash? Either way, it did not bode well for this first date in a dozen years.

She was broken. Totally, completely and irrevocably broken. Her spirit. Her self-esteem. Her very womanhood had taken such a severe beating from her marriage that Lisa was without hope. Why should this night be any different? What hope did she have?

"Hey, could you hurry up in there? April needs to use the potty and it's not like you're going to get any thinner the more you stare in the mirror. Or have you become one of those crazy chicks that take laxatives to lose weight?"

Her ex-husband's voice on the other side of the door jumped started her, but not for the reasons he wanted. She had spent the past almost two years since the divorce celibate. Hell, she had not even gone on a single date. If she cancelled now, he would win again. And Lisa was tired of letting his hurtful words rule her life. She had done that throughout their marriage, going from a sexually confident woman to someone petrified of intimacy. But no more.

She opened the door and bent down to kiss her delightful seven year old daughter. "You have fun with daddy, sweetheart. Mommy will see you tomorrow." She squared her shoulders as her daughter closed the bathroom door. "Please don't bring her home before five tomorrow. I have a date and might be out late."

His lips curved up in a sardonic grin, "Oh, really? Who is the poor bastard? Anyone I know?"

He did in fact know her date, knew him very well, but Lisa was not about to share that information with him. "It does not concern you. Enjoy your time with April," she said over her shoulder as she left his house.

The drive to Tim's house was less than a mile, but it seemed to take hours as Lisa's conviction bounced back and forth like a ping pong ball. 'Go for it.' 'He's your ex's best friend.' 'You can't let him control your life forever.' 'How do you know this isn't some sick practical joke that the two of them have cooked up?' Those and litany of dozens of other random thoughts flitted through her brain like a deformed butterfly.

By the time, she pulled her car into the driveway behind Tim's pick-up truck she was trembling. She sat there for a couple more minutes, the ongoing battle waging still in her confused head. She was just about to turn the key and drive away, when he knocked on the driver's side window.

"Hey, are you getting out? Or should I join you in there? It's been years since I made out in the back seat of a car, but I'm game if you are," he smiled.

Tim was the exact opposite of her ex-husband. At forty-two, he still had an almost boyish charm as opposed to her ex's overwhelming bad boy persona. His red hair and freckles only enhanced the appearance. But it was his easy laughter that had always appealed most to Lisa.

As her marriage began to crumble about her after the birth of her daughter, Tim had become her friend, more than her husband's. But it was more than just friendship. She found herself falling for him. If she were completely honest, only her strict religious upbringing and strong moral convictions had kept her from having an affair with him. But now, there was no reason not to indulge herself. To see where this thing might take her. Might take them.

"So what's it gonna be, Lisa? Nice steak dinner in my back yard? Or making out like a couple of teenagers in your car? You know it won't even be dark for another couple of hours? You wanna give the neighbors a free show?" he teased.

She shook her head nervously and took the key from the ignition. "Don't think my ego is up to that one," she mumbled as she got out.

"What did jerk face say this time?" he asked as he brushed a kiss on her cheek.

"Nothing. Don't worry about it," she followed him up the walkway and through the gate to his backyard.

Being single had some advantages she thought as she looked at the hot tub that sat to one side of his patio and the bar on the other. Even with two incomes, they had never been able to afford those kind of luxuries on a cop's salary.

Tim walked over to the bar and took a couple of moments pouring several different liquors into the blender. She watched as he added ice, orange juice and some red liquid. A couple of whirs of the machine and he was pouring the slushy looking drink into huge glasses. He brought her one and took a smaller one for himself.

"I'm gonna get you drunk and take advantage of my best friend's girl," he smiled. "I always thought it would be cool if just once the geek stole the girl from the jock."

She laughed as she brought the glass to her lips. At first it tasted overpoweringly sweet, exactly like the strawberry slushy that April favored, but after a moment the burn hit your throat and she realized this was no kiddies' drink. "Wow, this thing has a kick."

"It's okay. I'm not going to let you drink and drive. No worries," He said taking a small sip of his own before walking over and opening the lid of his grill. "The coals are just perfect. You take your steak well done, right Lisa?" he asked as he put two pieces of meat on the metal rack over the flames.

Lisa nodded as she took another large swig of her drink. This time it did not burn as much going down so she took another and another. By the time her steak was done, she had finished the whole glass. She was giggling at everything that he said as he led her to the bar. He sat the plate of steak and salad in front of her as he began to refill the blender once more.

"You were being honest when you said you were going to get me drunk and seduce me, weren't you?" she giggles as she brought that first piece of meat to her lips.

"Why the hell not?" he asked over the whir of the blender. "I've been trying everything else for the past five years. If it takes liquor for me to get in your panties, I'm not too proud to do whatever it takes," he said as he poured more of the slushy into her empty glass.

She raised her fork as a piece of meat fell from it tines, "You know this shit, ain't half bad?"

"What shit?" he asked. "The steak? The zombie? Or me?"

She giggled, "All of the above actually. What's a zombie?"

"Your drink. That's its name. A zombie."

"Because it makes you feel like the walking day the next day is my guess."

He laughed as he bit into his steak. "So do you object to me getting you drunk and seducing you?"

She frowned for a moment as she considered his question or as much as she could considering the fuzziness that clouded her brain. "But will you respect me tomorrow?"

"Probably not, but will you respect me anymore?" he teased as emptied the last of the blender contents into her glass.

"I don't know. That depends," she said as she finished off her steak and took another drink of her zombie.

"Depends on what?"

"If you're a good fuck or not."

He laughed, "Wouldn't any fuck be good after two years without cock?"

"Well, if you're this big," she said holding up her little finger, "then maybe more disappointed than anything."

He laughed and stepped back from behind the bar, "Want to see what you been missing all these years, baby?"

Lisa realized as she nodded her head just how drunk she really was. She would have never ventured such a thing had she been sober. Her eyes widened as her friend unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them back enough that his half hard cock sprang free. "Hell, have you thought about being in porn?" she giggled.

"Want to make one tonight?" he said as he stroked it.

Lisa stared at it as it thickened and lengthened in his hand. "Can I touch it?"

His rich, deep laughter echoed around the patio, "If you had any idea, how long I have waited for those words? Dreamt about them. Fuck, yeah, you can touch it. Suck it. Fuck it. Do just about anything you want to to it."

She stumbled around the bar to stand in front of him. Her eyes never left his hardening cock as she dropped to the hard concrete in front of the man that had been her husband's friend and colleague. She reached up slowly as if it were a snake that might reach out and bite her. She laughed at the thought.

"What?" he asked. "You know it is not usually good news when a woman laughs at your hard cock."

She snickered again, "No, it isn't that. I was thinking it was like a big old snake and was worried it might bite me."

He moaned and leaned back as he pushed his hips closer to her face. "No, but he's got some powerful venom that you can suck out."

She tried to wrap her hand about it, but could not. In the end, Tim lifted her other hand and wrapped them both about it, using his own to guide them in just the right rhythm to bring him closer to the brink. She leaned forward, rubbing it against her cheek, until a trail of pre-cum glistened along her skin. She turned her head and stuck out her tongue, licking another drop from his slit. She rolled it across her teeth, savoring the flavor. It was tart and salty, but sweeter than any other man's that she had tasted.

"Yummy," she whispered as she opened her mouth wider, trying to fit the head inside of it. Tim groaned and began to pump his hips against her face. He used his other hand to guide her head just as he did with her hand.

"God, Lisa, you know how long I have dreamt of you sucking my cock like this?"

She shook her head from side to side and his cock popped from her mouth only to have her gobble it back up, drawing another tortured moan from his belly. "I wanted you from the moment I saw you."

She moaned around the head of his cock and he took the opportunity to slip deeper into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat and making her gag. He pulled back with a whimper. "Do they make condoms big enough for that thing?" she asked, half seriously.

He reached down and pulled a small foil packet from the pocket of his jeans with a smile, "A magnum, my fair lady."

She giggled, "Just like with champagne."

He tore open the package with his teeth and pushed her aside to begin rolling it down his hard shaft, "Fuck, I should have waited," he cursed.

She shook her head, "Why would you wait?"

"To return the favor, baby. Eat your sweet pussy and get you nice and wet for my python," he kidded.

She stood up slowly and lifted her dress. As she suspected a spot glistened on her black satin thong underwear. "I don't think you need to worry about that," she winked as she pushed them down to reveal her bare mound.

"Turn around and grab the bar," he said in a gruff voice.

"Yes, officer," she giggled as she obeyed. "Am I supposed to spread them too?"

"Fuck yeah, you naughty little whore," Lisa was shocked that rather than offend her his dirty words caused another flood of liquid to coat the walls of her womanhood.

She felt one hand lace through her hair, tugging her head back. Then she felt the other, guiding the broad head of his cock back and forth along her slit, spreading her fluids, lubricating and easing his way. "Want to feel what my night stick can do?" he whispered against her ear.

She nodded and trembled, gripping tighter to the bar. Then she did. She felt the burning spread as it speared into her. "Fuck," she spat as she tried to force air through her lungs.

He stopped with just the head of his cock locked tightly inside of her. "This isn't going to work."

Lisa whimpered and shook her head as she felt him begin to withdraw, but she was not having any of it. She pushed backed against him, taking another couple of inches inside as she cried out, "No, you can't stop now."

"You're right. I can't stop now," he groaned through gritted teeth as he began to saw gently back and forth.

It took him a good five minutes or more to get another inch inside of her, but by then Lisa was hanging on the brink, edging higher towards a powerful orgasm. She gripped the bar until her knuckles shone white and with a burst of energy from she knew not where she pushed back with all her might. She screamed as she felt it slide deep inside of her.

It was the oddest combination of intense pain and intense pleasure that she had ever experienced, but it sent her flying over the edge of that cliff. Her back arched, her head thrown back as she hung suspended, free falling, careening out of control. The whole world shook and trembled as he moved inside of her. One arm wrapped about her waist as he pounded into her, the other hand still entwined in her hair, pulling her head back.

Then she felt something else. A warm wetness spreading inside of her belly as he jerked and cursed behind her. Her drunk brain tried to process it all. Something was not right. But her body was having none of it, moving against his, pumping and grinding to meet each erratic thrust as her orgasm rolled on and on.

She collapsed against the solid wood of the bar, his weight trapping her there. "Fuck," he swore into her ear. "The condom broke."

It was the first thing that he had said that night that was not funny to Lisa.

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