tagRomanceBroken Ch. 04

Broken Ch. 04


"So who was that boy?" Darren looked over to her from the driver's seat with waggling eyebrows. Why she was letting him drive home, well, only because she was drunker than he was. He seemed alright, he'd only had a few beers. She shrugged, now wasn't the time to be rationalizing. Now was the time to be sure that her drunken lips didn't betray her. Even during her pool game, she used the raised platform to spy on Dimitri. He had spent most of the night drinking by the bar, chatting animatedly to random girls who approached him. They were pretty and blonde with flat bellies. She sighed and shook her head as she realized her own jealousy. Six beers would not stop her from playing the game with Darren.

"He was Dimitri from my poly sci class." She grinned and looked over at him, winding a curl around her fingertips. They were almost home. Ten more minutes and Darren would be face down snoring and she could pretend like this conversation had never happened.

"I know thhaaattt." He teased her, poking her in the arm. "Do you wanna bone him?" He grinned like a 14-year-old boy. Madi wasn't surprised by the question, but it still made her blush.

"He's cute, I guess." She shrugged to herself, scratching at her stomach idlely. Finally, proof that Darren really was straight, if he weren't there wouldn't be a question in his mind whether or not Madi was interested in Dimitri. She sighed, glad to see a parking space directly in front of their building. "Hotness!!! Parking space!" They parked quickly and hurried back inside from the cold, making their way up the stairs. Madi held tight to the banister, swinging to her right and into it from time to time when she lost balance on top of her shoes. Unlocking the door was a trial in and of itself, as she closed one eye and attempted to aim. Finally, they were inside and off to bed.

"Since you been gone/I can breathe for the first time/I'm so moving on/yeah, yeah/thanks to you/now I get what I want…" The pop music blared as Madi's alarm awoke her. She grumbled as she felt the first tinglings of a headache in the back of her head. She sighed, laying back and closing her eyes once more. Friday. Sweet, sweet Friday. No classes, only work the closing shift. She could help but let out a lazy sigh. Waking up to the local pop station wasn't her first choice, but it was better than the annoying beep of the alarm.

She pulled herself from between the sheets, turning on her light and straightening her room, an activity that seemed to always slip to the bottom of the priority list when it came to the weeks busy schedule. It was then her cell phone rang. She grabbed for it, checking the caller ID before her brows knitted in confusion. The number wasn't familiar; she debated not answering and then gave in. "Hello?"

"Uh, yeah, um, is Madi there?" The voice sounded vaguely familiar. Had she given her number out to someone at the bar last night? She hadn't been drunk enough to black that out.

"This is she. Who's this?" He froze at the sound of her voice. It sounded raspier than usual, and distant, like she had just woken up. The thought of her tangled in sheets with her already wild curls in messy disarray was enough to make his heart pound momentarily.

"It's Dimitri, from, uh, Poly Sci class." She blinked, her mouth falling open and then tugging itself into a grin. "I got your number from Jake, I hope you don't mind, but I was wondering if maybe you wanted to get together and go over the reading for Tuesday. It's pretty dense, so I figured if I split the chapters with someone else, it'd get us both off the hook for doing all of it."

"Ummm, yeah, sure that sounds great. I'll take the first two; I'm already halfway done then. I mean, if that's alright with you." She blushed profusely as she realized her own words. She sounded like a startled high school girl. Nails with chipping hot pink polish scratched at her rib cage to avoid appearing idle.

"Yeah, that sounds great. So, should we meet up Sunday then?" Meet up? She had forgotten about that part of the equation. She was going to have to sit and speak with him without making a complete ass of herself, which would not be easy.

"Ummm… I have work in the afternoon, but anytime after 6 is great. Where did you want to meet?" She had almost controlled herself the entire sentence. That deserved a pat on the back, if she didn't say so herself.

"How about 6:30 at my place. I live over on Lafayette, number 68. It's the big blue place with a second floor porch." She nodded before realizing that he couldn't hear that. She bit her lip and then spoke.

"Sounds great, see you then. Have a good one, bye." And with that, she hung up before he could even respond. The line cut out quickly, catching Dimitri off guard. A solid hand rose to ruffle his hair. She really knew how to make things difficult for him. She hadn't even given him a chance to try and segue into something new. He chuckled softly before chucking his phone aside, disrobing on his way to the bathroom. His roommates wouldn't be home from class for hours.

First shirt, then boxers. He sighed as he moved into the bathroom, flipping on the shower to a stream so hot it was just short of scalding. He stepped in carefully, letting the water run over his well-toned form. He wasn't in the best shape of his life, but he was close enough for no one to complain. He had a naturally large build that filled in with muscle nicely. Broad shoulders and a sculpted torso that tapered towards the twin mounds of his rock solid ass. Legs seemed to be chiseled from marble, cut into perfection by years on the ice.

Thoughts drifted towards Madi as he covered his body in soap suds, hands lingering over his member perhaps a moment longer than he should have allowed if he had any desire to make this shower a quick ordeal. The thought of her made him feel that familiar stirring. He thought back over their phone call. The sound of her voice led him to an image of her still lying beneath the sheets, in something skimpy. Hopefully a tank top and panties. Her free hand lying on the soft curve of her belly with those breasts sitting above it. He imagined her hanging up and shutting her eyes, teeth sinking into the lower of those pouty lips as she touched herself. He could see the distant smile, the way her back rolled to push her hips against her demanding fingers. He wondered what sounds she made, he imagined gasps and high-pitched moans before a growl filled the shower.

He leaned forward, a hand reaching for the tile of the shower wall as he moved his fist faster, his breathing ragged. Head tilted back, exaggerating the lump of his Adam's apple as that stiff rod began to twitch with the first signs of his release. Finally, he groaned loudly as thick ropes of white stickiness painted the tile beneath his hand. His tense muscles went limp as he moved his other hand to lean as well, panting to catch his breath. The water fell over his skin, beading on his chest and back and making his skin rosy.

He caught up with himself, finally. He finished his shower lazily, cleaning his body, hair, and face slowly. He wondered at the loss of self-control when it came to this girl. It wasn't that masturbation was a rare event for him. But something so simple had never been enough to get him so worked up. Maybe their Sunday meeting wasn't such a great idea, after all. But it was too late now.

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