tagRomanceBroken Ch. 19

Broken Ch. 19


Dimitri sighed against as he watched Madi sleep. He had woken in the middle of the night, the white moonlight shining through the window lighting her upper body in slats. A hand smoothed back her hair before he leaned down to press his lips to her cheek. She stirred slightly, eyes opening half way as she rolled bit, her lips brushing against his own. He grinned, pressing his lips against hers once more, surprised to feel the tip of that warm wet tongue against his lips, mouth opened to tease, a hand reaching around her to pull her closer.

A gentle moan pushed past her lips, her body shifting as he moved on top of her, kissing her more deeply. Tongue swept her mouth hungrily as hips pushed up against his. His lips trailed away from her mouth then, barely brushing the sensitive flesh of her neck as she sighed contently, eyes still half-shut in sleep. The thought of being so naughty just down the hall from Dimitri's parents barely filtered through her mind until his hand clamped over her mouth, his tongue mouth teasing her nipples through the fabric of her wifebeater. "Shhhh..." She grinned, using the tip of her tongue to tickle his palm before sinking her teeth into her lower lip, hands gently cradling his head. He would move back up her body then, kissing her softly as thumbs hooked themselves in her panties.

Hips lifted from the mattress as he slid them from her body, her own hands finding his boxer shorts, his torso already naked. Lips tugged and kissed at hers as hand wrapped around his half-mast erection, gently stroking to bring him to full attention. The velvet steel feel of his heat forced the tiniest whimper past his throat. Large fingers tested that pussy, and finding it already soaking made quick work of sinking that thick cock inside her.

Teeth sunk into his shoulder as she cried out into his skin, his body pressed tight to hers, hips the only movement, slow and strong strokes carrying him in and out of her. Arms and legs encircled him as she kissed him, her hips moving against him. Heat built slowly between them, the friction making her gasp and shudder. Eyes sealed shut as she focused on the feeling of him exiting and entering her, the girth of him spreading those walls in an excrutiatingly pleasurable pattern. Body clung to him, forcing him to stay inside her, her hips rolling beneath him, making that pulsating rod grind against her insides. She wanted to hold him inside her forever, to lay there connected as long as she could. To have him know her from the inside out. The thought of him being a part of her was all she could take, body clenching as face flew to his shoulder, a scream muffled by his body.

Her orgasm caught him offguard, he gasped loudly as her pussy clenched down around him. Her body shook, vibrate on his cock, he couldn't have moved even if he wanted to. Slowly she loosened, still convulsing. Face buried itself in her neck, kissing her skin sloppily as he began to move his hips once more, rising onto his knees and elbows for the sake of force. The exertion made him grunt, and then it spilled over. Stream after stream of hot cum painted her insides as she clung to him, the warmth flooding her beginning a whole new set of tremors.

They collapsed, tangled with each other and coated with sweat, gasping for air before Dimitri rolled onto his back, pulling her close. Something about the moment made him feel as though only she were allowed to break the silence, the way she curled up to him, her head resting above his heart, listening as its pace slowed.

"I love you." He smiled at the whisper of the three words, arms wrapping around her to rub her back.

"I love you, too." She smiled, closing her eyes and yawning. It was a few moments before she spoke, in a sleepy mumble, the last words before dreams. "Just remember next week." He chuckled softly, kissing her forehead before closing his own eyes. He hadn't forgotten. ****** 11 AM found Dimitri naked and alone in bed. He sighed as he rolled over and groaned at the sunlight, a smile painting his face as he remember the early morning romp with Madi. Madi. Where was she? He grunted, pulling himself into a sitting position before moving to his dresser. It was amazing how his mother had failed to remove any of his things, despite the fact he hadn't lived in the place for three years. He pulled on a pair of boxers before moving to his closest and pulling on his flannel robe. He tied the sash as he made out of his room and back down the stairs. He found Madi curled up on the couch watching TV by herself. "Hey, Baby." He grinned, scratching his unruly head of hair before jumping over the back of the couch to settle next to her. "Where is everyone?"

"Your mom and dad said they had to run an errand." He sighed, pulling her into his arms and kissing her temple. She sighed contently, allowing herself to be pulled into his grip.

"Good. What time did you wake up?"


"Early bird." He grinned, kissing her temple again. "What do you want to do next week?" She blushed, giggling. She had thought he had forgotten.

"Ummm... a nice relaxing evening by ourselves."

"You sure you don't wanna go down to New York? See your family, go out for dinner?" She sat up straight, smiling at him.


"Well, I planned the whole trip, but if you wanna just say at home I could just cancel it." She jumped into his lap, showering his faces in kisses in a fashion similar to Naomi on top of Ivan the previous afternoon. "I'll take that as you wanting to go." She simply giggled and nodded as he pulled her closer, tickling her relentlessly.

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