tagLoving WivesBroken Down

Broken Down


It was a warm and sunny evening as we drove back home from the game. We were in good spirits having seen another good win and were laughing and arguing amongst ourselves on the merits of the team and our chances in the latter part of the season. John was driving, with me up front in the passenger seat and Bob in the back. John was taking the back roads, speeding down the deserted country highways, avoiding the congestion of the main city roads.

"STOP!" Bob suddenly shouted from the back. John hit the breaks, almost sending me through the windscreen.

"What?" asked John, worried at what might be wrong.

"Just take a look at that!" said Bob. We followed his gaze back to a car that had pulled off the side of the road, but what had grabbed Bob's attention was the fantastic set of legs and ass on display as the female owner bent over looking under the hood of the car.

"Whoa!" me and John said together.

"That's got to be the best set of legs I've ever seen outside Playboy" I said

"Heck, they're better than a lot of the legs I've seen IN Playboy," enthused Bob

"Looks like she could do with some help," said John starting to reverse back to the stranded car.

"Yeah, and just think how grateful she's gonna be when we fix her car" said Bob, thinking with his dick as usual.

"In your dreams," me and John replied, both used to Bob's little fantasies.

We pulled up in front of the car and climbed out, the woman turning around to greet us. I'd thought the view of her ass was hot, but the view from the front just blew me away. Wearing a short red skirt and tight white blouse, with black stockings on her legs, she had the most gorgeous figure you could imagine. She can t have been far away from the supposedly perfect 36-24-36, her breast possibly slightly smaller but then I've always preferred them that way.

"Thank God you've turned up," she said," I didn't know what I was going to do."

"What seems to be the problem?" I asked.

"I don't know, I was driving along when all of a sudden the engine cut out and I cant get it restarted" she replied.

"Well lets have a look," said John striding over to the car.

"Thanks" she said walking over to stand by me and Bob as John started looking under the hood.

"Do you think he'll be able to fix it?" she asked.

"Oh sure," I reassured her,"John's a bit of a genius when it comes to anything mechanical."

"Oh that's good" she replied.

She introduced herself as Dee and we chatted for a while as John continued tinkering around with the engine. I hoped my expression did not mimic Bobs which was best described as a lustful drool. I'm not sure if I was reading her body language right but everything she did seemed to scream out "FUCK ME." The mischievous little smile she kept on flashing me, the way she would casually lick her lips and gently touch my arm and chest as we talked. She most have known she was driving me crazy, the huge bulge in my jeans was evidence enough.

"I think I've got it," shouted John from under the hood.

We wandered over to see what he'd found and as Dee again bent over the front of the car, I stood staring at her gorgeous ass. The world seemed to stop as I stared at her, my mind was spinning with what to do next. My head was telling me, forget it, she was only flirting with you, whilst the rest of my body (especially my stiff cock) was saying to go for it, if you don't you'll never know what you might be missing out on. Eventually, as it often does in these situations, my cock won out and I slowly eased my hand out to touch her beautiful ass. Getting no negative response from Dee I slowly started to caress her ass through the skirt. I could feel out the outline of her panties under my finger and then the strap of her garter belt. Oh God she was wearing stockings and suspenders, there is nothing that gets me as horny as a woman wearing sexy lingerie. As I continued rubbing her glorious ass, now using both my hands to caress her cheeks, she started to push herself back, forcing herself into my grasp. Bob stared dumbfounded as stepped forward, rubbing my hard cock into the crack of her ass through our clothes. John, still unaware of what was happening behind him, continued to talk engines. As Dee let out a long sigh John turned round, his eyes widening at the sight.

As I ground my groin into her ass, my hands slithered there way down her legs. I gently stroked her thighs a few times before grabbing the hem of he skirt and slowly easing it up her legs. I hiked the skirt up over her hips until it was bunched around her waist. I admired her wonderful body, encased in some seriously seductive lingerie. Her black stockings, topped with a band of lace, a white frilly garter belt and white thong panties. Easing my hand between her legs, I rubbed her sex through her panties. Her crotch was soaked and I could feel the heat coming from her pussy on my hand. I snaked a finger inside her panties and sank it deep into her pussy. The feel of her hot wet cunt on my finger and the sound of her lustful moans were too much for me, I had to have her and have her now!

I undid my jeans and pushed them down with my boxers, releasing my straining cock. Dee was standing with her hands on the front of the car, bent over, her legs spread and her ass sticking out invitingly. Pushing her panties to the side, I located myself at her entrance and eased myself in. She was so wet I managed to sink straight in to the hilt, coming to rest with my stomach pressed against her pantied ass.

"Ooooh, that feels good" cooed Dee.

"Hmmmm" I agreed and started to pump in and out of her. I was desperate for release and set off at a fantastic pace, really pounding into her, bouncing off her ass with every thrust.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" moaned Dee as I thrust fiercely into her. I could feel my orgasm approaching and gripped her hips, giving it to her as hard as I could. Sweat was dripping down my body as I banged this gorgeous woman in the warm evening sun. I felt my balls tighten and with one final surge I shot my cum deep into her cunt.

quot;Oh Yes! Cum in my pussy, Fill me up" encouraged Dee, as she felt my hot cum spraying the inside of her cunt. I thrust in a few more times, dumping more of my cum inside her each time. Taking a moment to savour the feel of her velvety cunt on my cock one last time, I slowly pulled out.

Bob was eager to take my place, but John suggested that gang-banging Dee by the side of the road was perhaps not the wisest thing to do, what if a cop drove by? We reluctantly agreed, after all we had Dee all to ourselves and had no intention of sharing her with any other horny motorists who might happen to drive by. Grabbing a sheet from the car we made our way in to a field by the road. John spread the sheet on the ground and Dee lay down on top of it. Bob knelt down between her legs, again rucking her skirt up around her waist before pulling her panties down her long legs. John and I relieved Dee of her blouse, revealing a lacy half cup bra, her erect nipples peaking out the top. John bent over to gently kiss the top of Dee's breasts before reaching around to undo and remove her bra. Bob in the meantime had entered Dee and was fucking her with long measured strokes. I sat back to watch as John caressed and nibbled at Dee's now exposed breasts. Dee reached down with her hands and started to undo Johns belt and trousers. As she released his cock, John shuffled up towards her head. She gently stroked his length before taking him in her mouth. Dee would take John deep into her mouth, before pulling him out almost all the way, swirling her tongue around his sensitive head and then taking him back in deep again. I leant forward to take John's previous position, stroking and massaging Dee's wonderful chest. Taking one of her breasts on my hand, I gently squeezed her, feeling the soft skin under my hand, delicately pinching her erect nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Taking her other breast in my mouth, I teased her nipple with my agile tongue, grazing it gently with my teeth.

All this fucking and caressing was starting to have a noticeable effect on Dee, her breathing was becoming more and more ragged, her legs were locked behind Bob's back, pulling him into her, forcing him to increase his pace. As Bob started to drive into her, releasing John from her mouth, she started to cum.

"Yes! Yes! Ah! Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhhhhh!" she groaned from deep in her throat.

I sat back to enjoy the spectacle. I'd never seen a woman who I wasn't actually fucking cum before now and was fascinated by what a hot experience it was. Dee was thrashing her head from side to side, wildly bucking her hips to meet Bobs thrusts. She must have been gushing wetness now as I could clearly hear her cunt slopping and slurping as Bob plunged into her.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Yesssss!" she continued to moan, suddenly tensing up as her climax hit her.

I could see her stomach muscles ripple as her cunt spasmed around Bob's cock, she arched her back, reaching up to desperately squeeze her own breasts. I'd never before seen the fascination of voyeurism before, always wanting to be the one doing the fucking, but seeing this woman in action I was quickly becoming a convert. Dee's orgasm was the final straw for Bob and with as loud groan his face contorted as he pumped his load into Dee's cunt. He pumped in a few more times, adding his load to my own in Dee's receptive pussy. As Dee unlocked her legs from around his back, Bob pulled himself out with a slight pop, to make way for John. John quickly got into position, placing Dee's stockinged legs over his shoulders. Judging by her surprised gasp as John sank into her, he must have been quite a bit bigger than Bob. Leaning forward slightly to increase his leverage, lifting Dee s ass off the ground, John was able to pump furiously into her now soaked pussy. Having seen his two mates already fuck this gorgeous woman and having received her expert oral talents himself, John was not going to last too long. Making the most of the time he was going to have, John was slamming into Dee like a man possessed. Dee, not completely over her previous orgasm, was moaning and panting her appreciation of this hard and fast fucking she was receiving. The sounds of their coupling were incredible, the slapping of flesh on flesh as there bodies bounced off each other, the squelching of her cunt as John pistoned in and out of her and the moans and groans as they raced towards orgasm. With a deep sigh, John pushed in all the way and held there, his cock no doubt spewing its seed deep inside Dee.

"Ahh Yes!" Dee groaned in satisfaction, "That's the best car repairs I've ever had," she said smiling at all of us.

As John pulled out, I looked down at her well used pussy, her hair was all matted with sweat and our combined juices, huge wads of cum dribbling from her cunt. Dee following my gaze reached down to scoop up a handful of cum from her pussy, feeding it into her mouth.

"Mmmm, cum cocktail, you guys taste as good as you feel."

I was desperate to take Dee again but unfortunately had still not recovered enough from my previous action. After a couple of minutes Dee said that she really ought to be getting back home. She got dressed, leaving her soaked panties as a souvenir of our afternoon of lust. As she climbed into the car and fired up the engine, starting first time, she handed me a piece of paper.

"My phone number," she said, "I'd love to have you guys again sometime," and with that she drove off.

I watched as her car disappeared into the distance, so one of Bobs fantasies had finally come true.

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