tagGroup SexBroken Heart Therapy Pt. 02

Broken Heart Therapy Pt. 02


I arrived at the studio late in the evening, as Jay had suggested. It was in an industrial part of town in a rather nondescript building, but inside it was quite impressive, with glassed-in control rooms and banks of twinkling consoles. At one end of a large room was a small performance stage and this is where Jay and his group were set up. He took my hand and introduced me to each member in turn, including a bass player who looked exactly like Jay and turned out to be his younger brother Robert.

Then he seated me in front of the stage and gave a short introduction, as if he was speaking to a much larger audience. He was dedicating this last song of the evening to someone very special who had meant a lot to him over the past few days, he said. Someone he was hoping to know a lot better.

He began the only slow song they had in their repertoire, to my knowledge, and of course my absolute favorite. It started with just Jay's voice and some gentle washes from the keyboard player, then the bassist and lead guitar came in so subtly you barely noticed. The drummer didn't have much to do but smile at me from behind his kit.

Before the song was half over I was almost in tears. I'd loved these guys for so long, and to have them give me a personal show, a tribute almost, with one of their sweetest, most appealing pieces, just meant the world to me.

It sounds really corny I know. Jay and I didn't even know each other forty eight hours or so earlier, and we'd spent large parts of the interim indulging in some of the rawest sex ever, Now here I was being brought close to tears by some little song that wasn't really representable of them as a band at all. But that was part of the appeal for me somehow. The past few months I'd been down so low after my break-up. Jay had come along and helped snap me out of it with raunchy sex and the sweetness of his nature. A great combination. And this small acknowledgement of me as a friend, as a possible girlfriend, who knew, really touched me.

Fortunately it was not a long song, and once it was done, and before I could start bawling, all of the boys came over and hugged me and we retired to a side room where a modest amount of alcohol had been set out for a post-recording, post-rehearsal celebration. No drugs, I was glad to see. Jay and his brother set the rules for the band and that was one of them.

We started drinking and chattering about the upcoming tour and before long I felt like I'd known these guys forever. They were like the nicest guys you remember from high school, the smartest, the funniest, sometimes the shyest, and for me at least always the sexiest. After two or three drinks I had the sudden wild thought that before the evening was over I'd like to fuck them all, as a kind of going away gift. And that was the moment I caught Jay's twinkling eye and realized all at once that of course this had been his idea all along, since our conversation the previous evening. It was not something he would ever force on me, I knew. But he'd set the thing up as a possibility, if it took my fancy. Which of course it did.

We drank and celebrated for maybe an hour, till I was growing quite drunk. But I knew the guys were probably tired and had a long day ahead of them tomorrow, and I wasn't surprised when Jay took my hand and led me down a quiet hallway.

"We need to clean up before we leave," he said. "We've all been working hard. Will you join me in the shower?"

He knew my answer. He led me into one of the nicest changing facilities I'd ever seen, with couches alongside the huge lockers and an enormous glassed-in shower with fancy controls I'd never seen before. We were naked in seconds, standing under a warm shower, kissing, our hands soaping each other up ever so tenderly. He stroked all over my tits, my ass, my pussy. I concentrated on washing his cock, which was already erecting steadily. It was like a hunk of heavy pipe in my hands.

I thought we might start fucking there and then, standing up in the shower, but I was suddenly aware of the other band members entering the locker room and peeling off their clothes. Suddenly someone, I think it was Robert, stepped into the shower and came up behind me. His hands stroked over my shoulders and upper arms, and I felt the bulk of his far from soft penis riding up between the cheeks of my ass.

"If you don't want this, just say so," Jay whispered in my ear. "I just thought if you wanted that fantasy of yours to become a reality, here was your big chance, We're at your disposal."

"I want it," I whispered back. "I'm so horny I can barely stand it. I want you all, I don't care how many. I'm hungry for cock. I'm hungry for multiple cocks. Fuck, I can't wait."

Robert began a gentle humping motion with his cock, and it was now so hard the head was rearing up onto the small of my back. His hands had reached around to cup my tits and he was squeezing gently. My own hands were stroking up and down on Jay's cock, which was pretty much fully erect by this point. It's head butted against my belly as his brother humped me from behind. I was squished between the two naked men. From the feel of it, Robert's dick was just as big as his brother's.

I was aware of the other guys entering the shower. It was built for two people, I guess, but was so huge there was room for all six of us. As I glanced over my shoulder I could see the other three band members standing behind Robert, waiting their turn with me.

Jay let me go at this point, and Robert stepped back also, giving me room to move back and say hello to these other guys. They surrounded me and I began soaping up one after the other, running my hands down each guy's chest and stomach till I could curl my fingers around cock after cock after cock. They were all growing hard as I stroked them, the soap and water dripping from each one as I played with them.

In a way I felt like I was back in the spa, working my magic with my hands over muscular chests, trim tummies, then, something new, swelling cocks. This was certainly the raunchiest massage I'd ever given, apart from my session with Jay of course. I didn't usually massage erect dicks. But hey, my training came in handy, and the boys seemed to be enjoying their erotic experience.

Their own hands were not idle. I could feel each of them stroking my tits, flicking my nipples, clutching my ass and fingering my pussy. Three men using their hands everywhere on my naked body, while two more guys watched, pumping their own pricks steadily. I grew a little weak in the knees from all the delightful attention. My pussy tingled, and I knew I would soon have the makings of a terrific orgasm.

Before we left the shower I instructed all five men to turn around and lean against the wall. I ran one hand over the ass of each one in turn while my other hand primed his erect cock. I let my fingers probe between the cheeks of each of them and gently inserted one digit directly into each asshole, as if I were giving a series of prostate exams. Again, I don't know what came over me. I just recalled performing this obscene little act with Jay on our first meeting, and it seemed appropriate here. Each of them seemed to enjoy the bizarre ritual. All of them groaned with pleasure. I don't think any of them had experienced such a thing with a woman before.

And once I was done they all surrounded me there under the cascading water. Five virile young men, five hot, hard cocks poking me, wanting me, making me feel more desired than I'd ever felt in my life. It was rather like a dream experience, something no woman probably enjoys outside of a pornographic movie. I felt privileged, in a strange, demented way.

Freshly rinsed off, we all stepped from the shower and I suddenly had five men gently drying me off, their hands everywhere, on my tits, between my legs, in the crack of my ass. If you've never had five young studs rubbing you dry after a shower, it's an experience I'd highly recommend. My body was glowing afterwards, fresh and clean, buffed and pink and absolutely aching for sex.

Which of course I got as soon as they'd all quickly dried off and were standing around me naked, with their beautiful hard-ons soaring up from their crotches. I knelt down on a pile of damp towels and urged all of them to come in closer, to surround me with their massive blazing cocks.

"On my face. Put them all on my face," I urged, "Somebody take a picture."

Someone grabbed a phone from a pile of discarded clothes and began taking shots of my face as it was gently covered by five rampant hard-ons. All five guys laid their pricks on my face. I had a cockhead in each eye socket, a dick on each cheek, and one last one on my mouth. The souvenir shots I received afterwards were incredibly erotic. I was barely recognizable under all that man meat.

But now it was time to suck, and so I tilted down my face and slipped the prick on my chin into my mouth. I'm not even sure who it was. The keyboard player Terry, I think. I began to suck, sliding my mouth up and down on the hard shaft and taking over half of it in on each stroke. My hands reached out on either side and grabbed the closest available cocks. I began shucking them up and down while I sucked.

I moved on to another dick, sucking it into the back of my mouth and down my throat. It belonged to Jack the guitar player, I think. The boys shifted around till I had two different cocks in my hands. And so the process went, with me sucking all five dicks while I jerked off two in my hands. The guys began to moan and groan with pleasure, but that was the only sound in the room other than the flapping of my hands and the slurping of my mouth.

Ray the drummer was the last guy I sucked, I believe, and by then all the pricks were dripping pre-cum juice and seemed on the point of exploding. But of course this wasn't just going to be a blowbang, I was determined. I was going to get fucked at some point, it was just a matter of when.

Jay soon urged me up off my knees and helped me lay down on one of the couches with my head tilted back over one edge. He waited while his brother Robert lay down with his face between my legs and began to eat my damp pussy. Then he quickly eased his cock into my mouth and began to fuck my inverted face.

My climax started building almost right away. Robert was just as skilled at cunnilingus as his older brother. He began at my pulpy outer labia and worked his way up the sopping inner folds toward my clit. Once he was there I knew I wouldn't last long, but I was distracted by Terry swinging a leg over my rib-cage and settling his thick hard-on between my tits. He began fucking my jugs while Jay plowed my mouth and Robert ate my pussy. My arms flailed around aimlessly till each hand was gripped by someone on either side and my fingers were curling around two more cocks. I was able to begin masturbating them while all this other action was continuing. I was a very busy girl.

I sensed Jay was close to coming and he pulled out of my mouth to let his cock cool off. Ray quickly took his place, sliding his dick effortlessly down my throat and fucking my face with slow, easy lunges. Terry climbed off my rib cage to wait his turn in my mouth and Jack crawled over me and began fucking my tits, pressing them hard over his shaft so that my nipples were worked with the friction.

Robert's mouth was driving me crazy. My climax was growing closer by the second. His tongue pressed hard on my clit and kept flicking it back and forth, up and down. My thighs were trembling on either side of his face. And suddenly I was there, gushing my orgasm all over Robert's slobbering face.

I tried to hump my hips up onto his mouth but I could barely move with Jack straddling me. All I could do was heave my crotch in short jerks while my thighs swayed from side to side. Ripples of sweet sensation flowed up through me right into the tips of my breasts. I growled with pleasure around the big cock plowing in and out of my mouth.

I'd lost count of the number of orgasms I'd experienced since meeting Jay two days earlier. It was like I'd entered a new level of sensation, a world of deep sexual release and pleasure that cancelled out all the negatives, all the sadness of the past few months. I let the rapture roll through me in warm waves and wondered vaguely how much sweeter my life could get.

As my orgasm faded Jack was removing his cock from between my tits and Ray pulled out of my mouth. Terry stepped up and slid his dick down my throat and I was aware of Robert giving my cunt a final lick and kiss as he knelt up between my legs. My pussy was still quivering with pleasure as I felt the head of Robert's dick slip inside. The bulk of his shaft followed and he was suddenly deep inside me, fucking me with solid humping motions. My receding climax seemed to begin growing all over again as he drove into me. I wondered if my pleasure would ever end.

I got the feeling all the boys were having trouble holding off coming. Robert only fucked me for a few minutes before withdrawing. Someone took his place between my legs. I think it was Ray. It was hard for me to keep track of who was where, what with my mouth full of cock virtually all the time and my eyes gazing up at a pair of bouncing balls. But after a few minutes I figured they'd all had a turn fucking my pussy and sliding their meat down my throat.

I kind of lost track of time. I was in a daze of sexual pleasure, my body wracked by the thrusts of cock after cock after cock. But eventually all of the cocks were withdrawn and someone was helping me sit up.

Jack was sitting upright on the couch holding his thick hard-on and I was being helped to straddle him. I took his cock from him and slipped it between my legs. His cockhead split my pussy lips and I was sinking down on him, letting the thick shaft plow deep inside me. But I didn't have time to start fucking him. Someone was coming at me from behind, smearing lubricant onto my puckered asshole. A granite cockhead was planted on my anus and I felt the pressure of another anal intrusion.

I gasped out loud as the dick head entered my ass, followed by inch after inch of rock-hard cock meat. Before it was inserted all the way the prick began fucking my ass, going in deeper on each stroke until soon I'm sure it was plowing in all the way. The cock embedded up my pussy began moving at the same time, and suddenly I was being double-penetrated, double-fucked, by two massive pricks.

"Ohhh fuck!" I moaned. "Ohhh sweet fuck! What a feeling! Oh fuck!"

My cries were cut off. Someone was standing on the couch in front of me, straddling whomever I was fucking, and he was shoving his hard-on into my mouth, letting the motion of the two men double-teaming me provide the friction on his dick. Three cocks inside me. Almost a yard of prick impaling me. Then my hands were being folded over a cock on each side of me and I was suddenly masturbating two more dicks. Five cocks at once. What a service I was providing. My first gangbang. What an experience.

I figured this had to be it. What more could they do? They had to explode soon. But before they did they all changed position several more times. I think they all wanted a turn up my ass, and I'm sure they all got it. The last thing I remember before the gang climax was facing outward on the couch, my pussy stuffed with the cock of the guy beneath me, when Terry leaned down on me with his gleaming prick in hand. I wondered where he was expecting to put it, since my pussy was already stuffed. But he had a determined gleam in his eye, and as I watched in amazement he positioned his hard-on on top of the cock partway in and partway out of my cunt. He moved forward, bracing his prick, and made a slight adjustment. And suddenly, to my utter disbelief, he was easing his cockhead into my pussy on top of the prick already in there. And it was going in!

He moved slowly, gently, but sure enough a second cock was entering my twat along with the other. Two cocks in my pussy at the same time! I couldn't believe it. There wasn't really that much discomfort. I guess the vagina is just one of the most amazingly flexible of body parts. They began fucking me! Two cocks fucking my pussy at the same time!

I think I began to come again. I lost count of how many orgasms I had that evening. The double pussy penetration sent me off on my last one. It was just too lewd, too dirty, too exciting. I was experiencing things I never thought possible. I was in a world of cock, of pure taboo sex, And soon enough, a world of sperm.

"You remember how your fantasy ended?" Jay was whispering in my ear at one point. He may have been fucking me up the ass at the time.

"I do," I gasped, my voice hoarse after all my groaning and cock sucking.

"And do you still want it?" he went on.

"I do. I've never wanted anything more! I want all of you to come on my face. I want you to cover me in sperm. I want to drown in it!"

I wasn't kidding. There was something about this incredible orgy, this amazing gangbang, that demanded a dramatic finish, an ending neither I nor any of the boys would ever forget. This hadn't been any romantic, one on one sexual encounter we'd all just experienced, one with someone tenderly ejaculating inside me. It had been a raw, crude, incredibly intense, incredibly exciting group fuck and suck session. And the climax had to be something spectacular.

I was on my knees again on the damp towels. All five young men were surrounding me, giving their glistening hard-ons the final few pumps. I moved from one to the next, no longer sucking their cocks, which had all recently been rammed up my ass after all, but concentrating instead on their balls, licking and sucking each bloated scrotum to make sure the semen was good and ready to be ejaculated. Each prick oozed pre-cum quite copiously now, and it was no doubt taking a lot of self-control on the part of the boys not to spurt too soon.

But then it was time. Each ball sac had been licked and sucked, each testicle drawn into my mouth for a final tongue-lashing. And now the boys took turns to stand in front of me and jerk off in my face. I'm not sure who was first, I think it was Robert. I was busy glaring intensely at the huge thick cock and the pumping, jerking fist, and suddenly a huge rope of silver cum was spurting free and slopping up the center of my face.

It hit me so hard my head snapped back and my mouth gaped open in shock. A second streamer of sperm shot right into my mouth, filling it so full the overflow spilled from my lips down my chin. The excess rolled down my neck and on down between my heaving tits.

Another jet fountained up one side of my face and I was suddenly blinded in one eye. The blast settled warmly on my cheek and forehead. I think part of it ended up in my hair. My one eyelash was weighed down with a slug of cum so heavy it felt like a pearl of lead. And still Robert kept ejaculating, painting my face with streamer after streamer of hot semen. He seemed determined to cover my entire face all by himself. No sooner had he soiled one part of my face than he moved to cover another. So that even before any of the other boys got a chance, my face was virtually destroyed by what seemed like a liter of sperm.

I sensed him finally shaking his cock, urging out the last thick droplets onto my face. Then through a slit in my one good eye I saw him step back while someone else moved forward with pumping cock in hand. Almost immediately more sperm was spurting onto my face in thick, heavy ropes. My good eye was sealed shut by one giant streamer up the left side of my face. Then a series of hot jets crossed my features diagonally, from chin to forehead, soiling my cheek and looping over the bridge of my nose in three or four steaming blasts.

Almost before this guy was finished someone else was ejaculating on me from the other side, criss-crossing the slugs already plastered on me with more heavy jets. The sperm began to pile up on my face in a thick, squirming blanket of fluid.

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