tagTransgender & CrossdressersBroken on My Break Ch. 02

Broken on My Break Ch. 02


**Disclaimer, all people places and events in this story are completely fictional and made up by me. This story contains the following elements: non-consent, dominant shemales, spiked drinks, shemales/transgenders being the penetrative partner to males, many terms used which are derogatory both in general and specifically to trans-gendered individuals. Please be aware of these and other possible elements with which you may take issue with.


My body still tingled from the abuse I had taken. My toes and feet dragged across carpet. Rolling my head about I tried to get my bearings. I saw the bright tile and porcelain of a large bathroom. Before the thought to get up and run could even cross my mind the door was closed with a click and electronic beep.

"This door isn't opening until we say so little toy." I looked back to see Veronicas sparkling green eyes.

I managed to get my feet under me as Charity half dragged over to the massive tub. The thing might as well have been a four-person hot tub for the size of it. There were even jets installed in the sides. The ebony goddess charity directed me to the side where the floor seemed to be lacquered oak slats rather than a tile floor and I sat on a small bench, Charity started the facet on the wall which filled the bucket near me as Veronica started filling the tub with steaming water.

It took a moment for me to recognize their bathroom was really a small onsen. More Japanese spa than a simple place to get clean. Charity drew a bar of soap and a long handled rough brush out of a wooden container and lathered it up. What followed was a rough soapy brush down of every part of my body. She paid close attention to my ass, causing a burning sensation on the outside of my hole when she scrubbed. I was still weak enough from the rape that my shocked mind offered little resistance.

What the hell had happened. One moment I was at the club at the periphery of attaining every man's dream, bedding down two exotic, buxom, and horney women. Veronica with green eyes, fiery red hair and a bountiful perky bust. Charity with pitch black skin, brown eyes, and while her chest was defiantly up to any man's wet dreams, it was her butt that drew a real man's attention, big with absolutely no sag to it at all. The next thing I can remember clearly off seeing monstrous shaft protruding from where petite slit should be. I become nothing more than their cock sleeve and cum bucket. In the end the sensations had won, I came like a little girl without ever touching my own dick and convulsed like some blond nympho as my hole was stretched out and used. Did I really like it?

When charity had finished even the callouses on the heels of my feet were gone. Still dazed I stumbled into the direction I was lead and was gently lowered into the piping hot water. My mind was still replaying everything that had happed when both of my nightmarish mistresses finally joined me.

Pale freckled flesh climbed up to the edge of the tub across from me.

"Alright little boy, now we're going to tell you all about your place in the world. But you'll have to listen as you work." She giggled as she flopped her massive limp dick around by its base.

I hesitantly moved across the tub. To between her legs, knowing exactly what she was demanding. Behind me I heard the huskier voice of Charity

"Ass up out of the water honey, you're going to get a reward too, I'm gonna eat your pussy!"

I leaned over and slowly put the top of her ivory pillar into my mouth. "Now nurse on it bitch!" Closing my lips, I started a steady suction. The taste was nothing but sweet water and clean flesh. It was still soft, so my mouth quickly filled with her soft flesh. As it started to harden I felt Charity's hand on the small of my back while she also gripped a but check and pulled up. I arched but butt out submissively. Soon my cheeks were spread I Charity began to kiss the inside of my crack, working up one side and down another. Slowly her tongue traced the same path, then another row of kissing in a tighter circle with her tongue following the path again.

Veronica sighed softly above me before she leaned back to look directly into my soul with those emerald orbs.

"Until we say otherwise you get to be our release. When our dicks get hard they are going to cum in you. We see your ass, we are gonna play in it. When it's time for us to get up, you are swallowing our first load of the day as our alarm clock, and we had better not be late. Time for bed, its face down ass up bitch. Get it?"

I kept sucking and her eyes hardened "Start swallowing my dick if you understand, your agreement isn't needed slave."

I nursed and nursed until her hardening cock reached the back of my mouth. Moving forward I swallowed. It took a try or two but with a little gagging I finally got her down again. The red-haired beauty reached forward with one deceptively small hand and wound her fingers in my hair. Pulling me further down she groaned at the sensations I was giving her. Then I felt a tongue flick at my poor asshole and would have gasped if not for the cock in my throat. I could only take a breath at the top of each thrust into my gullet. I took full advantage of every opportunity as I was guessing it was going to be awhile.

Soon I would feel Charity lapping at my rear entrance with the full width of her mouth muscle before she began to worm it inside of me. I almost stumbled at the sensation. I hadn't ever had this done before and it was amazing. With her thumbs pulling my cheeks apart I was fully exposed and vulnerable. My legs trembled and the tang of sensation shot through my hole to my gut. That tongue would spend a few moments trying to pull my insides out or expand the opening before she went back to licking me like some sort of candy.

Still I gaged with Veronicas thrusts into my gullet. My eyes rolled up and I lost myself in the dichotomy of sensations, the loving nature of what was being done to my rim and the slow sliding of a shaft down my throat. Time lost meaning as I became nothing, even Charity was eating my ass because it was fun for her, not necessarily because of how it made me feel. Though I did shudder from her actions and she would moan into my hole when I did. Soft gaps for breath above me let me know I was pleasing Veronica as well.

Soon Veronica's hand in my hair urged me to speed up. Once the pace increased it continued to do so. Within a few minutes her ass was lifting off the edge of the tub. My nose repeatedly crushed into her shaped pubic hair as her testicles bounced around my chin to whack the top of my throat which bulged obscenely from her girth. I was being driven back by her power right onto the tongue which was eating my ass alive.

With a scream Veronica grabbed my head in both hands, stood, and started slamming into my throat like a whores fuck hole. With two or three big heaves she finally called out.


And I was pulled back again, forcing me to taste every drop of her spunk as it gushed over my tongue. I swallowed ached throb had to clean it when she was done, as she held my head in place. She gulped down her breathes as she finished and waited for me to clean her. "I expect you to come and ride me before your bedtime bitch."

She dunked into the water and stepped out to dry off.

Charity pulled her face out of my ass and pulled me backwards into the side seat where she sat. I looked backwards with my bloodshot eyes into her mischievous smile.

"This here tub is so we can relax which is what I am going to do... You on the other hand are gonna ride my dick like a good little bitch. That means no work from my side, we aren't don't till you make me come. Got it slut?"

She raised an eye brow and waited for me.

My ass was still sore but the treatment it had received helped it to relax. I placed a hand on the edge of the tub to either side of her and crawled onto the ledge with my knees straddling her. The hot water kept the hole relaxed but I still moved slowly, dredging that initial painful stretch I knew was coming. As I lowered myself she pulled my head down and demanded

"Kiss me slut"

She started slow and soft kissed each lip in turn and then licked my lips with the tip of her tongue. She worked in closer separating my lips and slither her way into my mouth. I could taste me clean ass on her as she could taste Veronica's semen on me. I was surprised to not be disgusted and got into the kiss. With one hand on my hip she somehow guided my freshly eaten hole to her monster of a dick. That first stretch was not as bad as I had anticipated, probably due to the hot water. But it still hurt. I whimpered and whined as slipped would slip a little more in and then stick for a moment before sliding more again. Every movement causing my ass to burn before it stretched to accommodate more.

Charity pulled me deeper into the kiss and I felt like she was sucking my soul out through my mouth while she pushed it from the other end. Every slip deeper burned as my intestine readjusted again. She moaned into my mouth. My ass was heaven to her but her cock still hurt like hell to me. Seconds passed into minutes and still she mauled at me, sucking the breath from my body until I finally felt my cheeks touched her lap. Her hands started to leave my neck and I tried to lighten the kiss, she reached up and pulled my mouth harder to hers. I got the point. I continued to kiss her as she aggressively attempted to taste my throat. She gingerly reached down and ripped mass ass further open and shoved the last bit of her dick possible into me.

Backing away from the kiss just for a moment to speak she said. "Now grind and ride baby. Use your ass muscles to milk me. Bear down and then squeeze, flex your stomach. I wanna feel your hole stroke my shaft while my cock rests as deep as possible. Wrapping one arm around me she used her other pull pull me back into a deep kiss.

I tried my best to follow her directions. I worked my ass in circles. I tried pushing a shit out and then pinching it off. Flexing my abs. Slowly I became aware of what moved my insides as I felt them shift over the bar obstructing my ass. Push and flex and pinch and relax. I started combining this with rotations and changing directions. Every squeeze and groan telling when I was finding something she wanted.

My abs burned but I wasn't sure when the rest of the pain had vanished. Now I felt everything from my rim to deep gut glowing and warming up. I couldn't believe I was hard again. I started trying to find positions where she would groan and I would still and that shock of ecstasy in my balls. I started grind in that circle faster. Alternated between ab flex and pinching quicker. Soon the water was sloshing around us and yet her cock hadn't yet even slipped the tiniest bit out. Each rotation stretched my hole out more but I was loving it. I couldn't get enough of it.

Charity ripped my head back and started to kiss and bite all over my neck. Sucking so hard I could almost feel the blood come to the surface. Her legs spread more as I slipped deeper into the water and her cock hit something I didn't know was there. My eyes rolled back. But gut jumped and quivered continuously and I started to shake. Her tongue grazed a nipple and electricity jolted across my heart. She lept back and forth between both of my nipples. Finally, she chomped down and sucked hard. I screamed and my dick convulsed. Shoot so hard some of it came out of the water.

Teeth clenched threatening to rip flesh and her cock seemed to vibrate inside me. Hot lava built pressure inside of me as she moaned into my chest. Next thing I knew my back was jammed painfully against the far side of the tub as the gave a few great thrusts and then held it, her voice squeaking next to my ear. Water had sloshed over the edge to the wooden slats below. Everything below my chest was jelly. All pain was banished as my legs floated uselessly.

She stood and pulled out. I felt every centimeter leave. One giant slick piece of fleshed pulling out. Almost pulling my ass inside out. The feeling sent me over the edge into another mini orgasm again. My elbows caught on the edge making sure I didn't drown, but I found myself crying. Not in shame or pain, but in need. I needed MORE, I tried to wiggle, to pull her majesty back to my with my legs but nothing responded. My brain was mush, nothing but the desire to have something inside of me again so that I could serve it in joy.

Charity deep voice erupted in a deep laughter.

"Damn you really are a slut! Don't you worry baby, there's plenty more cock for you tonight. Veronica still wants one more go before she actually nods off permanently."

I managed to lift my head again as she finished wising off and stepped out. My gaze locked onto her midnight obelisk swaying back and forth. She started to dry off and gave me a look of amusement.

"We told you we would be turning you out tonight. Now rinse off and get out. Then you need to dry up real quick and get out here."

She turned and left the bathroom.

My mind was gone. Nothing but animal instinct now. I just wanted to follow orders and be bred again. However, my legs were still jelly. I managed to rinse myself off and out. Letting my gaping hole drain before crawling out of the tub. I found a fresh towel that was soft and fluffy, I tried not to rush too badly and got my body free of water. Stumbling out I found both mistresses waiting for me. Veronica the red-haired sex demon was laying back playing with her balls keeping her full foot of gorgeous cock hard in anticipation. My ebony goddess stood at the end of the bed. I approached.

In her hands was some sort of collar. I could see steel ran through the center to be a single piece once it was locked at the latch. But the entire thing was covered in a transparent material so you could see the electronics inside. It was chained to the bed and a think wire ran from the collar to bas of the bed as well. Veronica grinned as her eyes twinkled.

"What she has is you new collar slut. That collar is your alarm clock. It's wired into a base unit. There is enough reach for the collar itself to reach anywhere we might... need you. It will buzz silently when it is time to wake up. If you aren't up and moving up here in time it WILL start to shock you. If it becomes disconnected from the base, it will also start to shock you with the highest voltage it can manage... Capiche?"

I could only nod as I stared at her cock with a watering mouth as Chastity locked the collar in place.

"Lube your hole before you serve her, toy."

I looked down to see a tub of lube at the base of the bed where a dog mattress and pillow waited. Chastity moved to her side of the bed and turned out her light before crawling under the covers and watched with glinting eyes. My hands were shaking a little as I opened the tub and scooped out some lube. I crawled onto the bed, chain clinking behind me. I almost leaped at her balls. My mouth replacing her fingers, using my tongue to taste and massage them, rolling them around to my heart's content. Almost forgetting about the lube, I remembered and reached under myself and between my spread legs. This now seeming a much more natural position. Knees always spread. My hole has shrunk but had not completely closed, I was able to shove most of the lube in myself and spread the rest around the rim and my crack. Spending time to make sure she wouldn't encounter a dry spot.

I switched testicles baths it in my desire. I savored the tasted of every inch of her shaft and was swallowing it in no time. I cried when she ripped my head away.

"Enough, now ride me bitch!"

I slunk up her form and when I reached her bountiful breasts she wrapped an arm around my head and pulled me into a nipple. As I struggled to suck on it and breath I vague noticed her reach down and aim her cock at me.

Once the head touched my anus she grabbed my hip and pulled down while she thrust. From zero to sixty. She had hilted in a single thrust. My legs gave out as I let out a sound like a teenager losing her virginity. She then lifted the hand off my hip as I started bouncing of my own free will.

I continued to lavish lusty affection on her breasts as I heard tender kissing above me again. Slowly I tried incorporating what I had learned in the tub with Charity into fucking myself on Veronica as well. My heart fluttered. Feeling as if it would stop every time I came all the way down and pleasure erupted from deep inside me. I never wanted to stop feel this, her shaft sliding along my rim and the tip slamming deep inside of me. The was my existence now. Nothing but a fuck doll for her to use.

I pushed her breasts together with my forearms and alternated back and forth, sometimes shoving both nipples in my mouth and flicking my tongue over them at the same time. My whole body was electrified. The intensity continued to increase with each movement and the taste of her was driving me crazy. I couldn't believe it was happening again but that didn't slow it down or stop it.

I lost all control of myself as my body went into convulsions. Lights exploded behind my eyes. It felt like the wads being fired out my dick were from a cannon. Her hands slapped down on my ass and held it in place as she took over the thrusting. This just started to prolong my orgasm. Some-how I ended folded in half on my back as she kept fucking me like some sort of ragdoll. Me creaming the entire time as I was pounded into oblivion, my cock continuing to fire blanks. Everything went white and then like static on a tv channel you don't have faded to black.

I lost all sight and sound. I sound I was going hoarse from screaming only because I could feel it. But all else I knew was her cock ramming wave after wave of pleasure through my entire being. Nothing else mattered. Finally, I felt her cock bury itself so deep I hoped it never came out and then it expanded as my core was punched over and over again with wads of her cum.

I must have passed out because I don't remember her moving to slap me with her deflating wet cock.

"Clean it..."

I licked and sucked every bit of cum and moisture off her cock. Even trying to make sure no spit was left before kissing everything in my reach. I sucked the sweat off her balls and buried my face between her sack and leg to make sure nothing was left there either. I heard the deceptive sound of her sweet giggle.

"Good little slave. Now back to your bed, shoo shoo. Charity gets up first tomorrow as she has the first shift at our clinic. But when your done with her I'll want your services as well little Richie."

"Ooh, I like that one. I think I'll use it too!"

A towel was thrown to me before I fell from the end of the bed. As I placed it between my cheeks to soak the lake of cum sure to drain from me I could hear the two girls shift to cuddle with one another.

My mind was still melted but even in that state I couldn't help but think I could live with this.

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