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Broken Rules


"I'm so sorry." He said to me, wiping tears from my big blue eyes. "I never meant to hurt you like this."

He looks at me with his blue eyes so sad. I cry more because this might be the last time he ever holds me like this. It was supposed to be just sex and I broke the rules. Something I had never done before. Just with him, he made me feel different, he made me so happy and I broke the rules. He picks dog hair off of my pants. He's grooming me I think to myself. With anyone else that would be a sure sign that he cared for me. He tells me that he cares for me, but relationships with that much age difference don't usually work out. I want to quote one of my favorites for him; "Those who are sensible about love are incapable of it." I want to giggle to myself, but I hurt. I had a perfect little world with him. His arms could always protect me, I had nothing to fear when I laid in his arms. There is something different about his house this time, it usually has a happy smell, but today that happy smell is gone. And the beautiful sparkle in his eyes is gone. Sadly, his sparkle stays gone, its like she stole it from him.

He brushes the hair from my face and moves it behind my ear. I smile a little. I love the ways he touches me. He looks down at me with his beautiful blue eyes.

"I really want to kiss you right now." He says it so softly.

"Got chew in your lip?" I ask him and try to pose a cute smile. He shakes his head, so I tell him O.K. he can kiss me. He kisses me lightly at first and then deeper. Our tongues touch and play with each other. He pulls away. My big blue eyes look up at him.

"You're so beautiful" he tells me as he brushes my soft, golden hair behind my ear again.

I think to myself that if that were true, he wouldn't want this other woman, even if she is older. We kiss again. I feel his hand on the back of my head, his fingers in my hair. As we kiss deeper, I feel something twitch under my thigh where it rests across his lap. He's getting hard.

"I don't suppose I can get one last time?" I ask him trying to be cute so he can't tell me no.

He says no, that he doesn't want to start the new relationship like that and he doesn't want me to think that if the two of us get back together that he would do that for her. I reassure him that everything will be fine and it would be a good way to say good bye. He giggles and tells me I make good points. I giggle back and tell him I know I do that its my job.

We kiss again. I love his kisses. Sometimes they linger, sometimes he teases and hovers. Our tongues play with each other. He moves my shirt and bra and sucks a licks one of my nipples. Then he moves to the other. He looks up at me from my chest as if to ask if I like what he's doing.

He makes his way back to my lips and we kiss again. I suck and gently bite his lower lip and he growls and gets a little rougher, but always holds back as if he worries about hurting me. No one makes me feel like he does. He takes off my shirt and bra so that they stay out of the way. I return the favor by pulling off his shirt and run my hands down his muscular chest and abs. I grind my hips against his. I reach down and rub my hand over the buldge in his pants and he moans. I bend my head down and press my lips to his jeans over his hard on and blow hot air on them. He moans again and places his hand on the back of my head.

I unzip his jeans and pull out his cock. Its still the most beautiful one I've ever seen. I suck at just the head and then take as much as I can in my mouth. Then I move down the shaft kissing and sucking. He rolls his head back and moans. Sometimes I wonder if anyone did this for him before me, or if maybe I've just been the best. I kiss and lick his beautiful cock just to tease him, then I move back up to his lips. I love his kiss. He runs his hands through my hair again. That always makes me happy. Our tongues dance again. It sends lightning through me. I feel the heat growing more intense between my legs. I wish to freeze this moment so it never has to end, so that I never have to return to reality.

Soon, he gets up and takes my hand to lead me to his bed. I lead the way eagerly. He pulls the blanket off the bed, and I lay down. He positions himself over me, I rest my hands on his shoulders, anticipating his entry. He starts to slide in and he moans at how tight I am, its like hes surprised every time. He starts to thrust, and I start to moan. He feels so good inside of me. Just as I want to climax, he stops to kiss me. Damn him and the way he teases me. I love it and hate it all at the same time. He starts thrusting again, but every time I start to climax, he stops. That is, of course, until he can't make him stop anymore. He grunts slightly and moans as he climaxes. He kisses me a few times before he pulls himself from me. I am sad again, because I know that I have to leave and at least this time, I don't get to leave with his heart.

He will return his heart to me, but not until later. He will realize that she is not meant for him and that he cares more for me than he realizes right now, and wants to keep me in his arms.


*Note from the author: This story is not one that happened to me personally. To the two characters, and the other woman whom I mentioned. I don't know who you are, but my dreams have shown me you. I want you three to know, I wrote this so specifically because I want you to know this message is meant for you. To the other woman, you are not meant for the man I mentioned. Your man is one of emerald eyes and midnight hair. the man in I mentioned, you need to listen to your heart, it longs for the blond in your arms in this story. Stop over thinking what does not need to be overly thought about. To the blond, be patient, he will soon realize that his heart wants you in his arms, not her. Bless you all, and good luck. I hope that I help.*

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