tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBroken Vows Ch. 1

Broken Vows Ch. 1


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any characters depicted in this story are over the age of 18. A special thanks to CW for editing expertise and to Whispersecret for the excellent "How To" essays. If there are any errors, they are mine.

* * * * *

Mary stood at the entrance of the sturdy old door and stifled a moan. Her stomach had butterflies flittering around inside it from nervousness. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” said Sister Purity.

Mary stepped just inside the door. “Sister, I…” Mary stuttered. “Sister, I need to talk to you.”

Sister Purity looked up from her large walnut desk. Her blue eyes were clear and kind. Her complexion was creamy and reverent. “Dear Mary, please come in and sit down. What is troubling you?” Sister Purity watched Mary with concerned, knowing eyes.

Mary came forward hesitantly and sat in the big padded chair in front of the desk. She sat up very straight with her ankles, not her legs, crossed; her hands folded submissively in her lap. “Sister Purity, I really don’t know where to begin. I’m confused and I… I…” she trailed off at the end and look down at her tightly clenched hands.

“Take your time, dear Mary. Sometimes it takes a moment to gather our thoughts and put them into words for others to hear,” Sister Purity said kindly. She busied herself tidying her already tidy desk, giving Mary time to compose herself.

Mary’s thoughts swam around and around in her head as she remembered the last 10 years at the convent. Her parents had been killed in a car accident when she was only 8 years old. Her relatives were wealthy, but had not wanted the burden of a child. They decided to put her in Our Holy Mother of Mercy convent and school for girls. It was a very exclusive school for girls with a small student population. She had grown up in the school and being orphaned, the Sister’s had groomed her specially for joining them when she turned 18.

Mary smiled to herself as she remembered her 18th birthday several days ago. The Sister’s and Father Kirk, Father Flanigan, and the newest one Father Jameson had planned a special surprise party for her. They and all the other students had been waiting in the cafeteria. She had been so surprised when her best friend Anne had run to get her and say she was needed immediately for a special project in the kitchen. She had had such a wonderful time at the surprise party.

Mary stopped smiling though and her brows creased in a small frown when she remembered what happened after the party. Father Kirk had told her to come to his office after the party. She had thought this was odd, because the Father’s almost never had anything to do with the initiates. But she knew she had to go.

When she got to Father Kirk’s office, he was gazing out his big picture window. The night was beautiful and the trees outside were swaying gently in the wind. Father Kirk turned and looked at her warmly. He was very nice looking for being older. About 6’ tall, wavy brown hair mixed with gray, brown eyes and little laugh lines around his mouth. Mary had always thought he was charismatic and felt shy in his presence.

Mary had almost no experience with boys. Being an orphan, she was not taken on holidays or trips by her parents. Her relatives remembered to send checks to the school and not much else. So, she spent all of her time at the convent and didn’t meet many boys or men. Oh, she had thought about boys like any girl but had never even touched herself intimately or allowed herself to fantasize. After all, she would be entering the convent and knew that boys would be forever denied her.

“Mary,” said Father Kirk. “I know that the time has come for you to make the important decision of whether or not to join the Order. To devote your life to God and forsake all earthly things. This can be a trying time. A scary time for a young woman just feeling the stirrings of her sexuality.” He stared at her intensely, watching her reaction.

Mary gasped softly and brought her hand to her mouth. Her belly felt empty and her body weak. She thought, how had he known?

Father Kirk went to the big stuffed couch in the shadowed part of room. “Come Mary, sit down. I know that it is a shock to hear these things. But, I have been around many girls coming to womanhood and making this decision. “ Father Kirk sat down on one end of the couch and patted the seat near him. “Come Mary; tell me your feelings and thoughts. Let me help you.”

Mary gingerly sat down on the couch several feet from Father Kirk. As always, placing her hands in her lap, her feet and knees together and her back straight. She glanced up at Father Kirk and said, “Please, Father, I… I… thought that I would speak to Sister Purity about this?” Mary blushed not realizing how beautiful the hint of pink made her.

Father Kirk drank in the sight of this child, so young, so beautiful, so trusting. Her hair was thick and wavy with a dark, wild luster. So many shades of mahogany, brown and honey and cream, he felt he could taste the sweetness, smell the wholesomeness wafting up from the innocent strands curled around her shoulders. Her eyes, deep shades of green flecked with gold, glowed with intelligence and the wonder and confusion of youth. In her school uniform, her young firm breasts jutted proudly. Father Kirk could see the outline of a matronly brassiere cupping those succulent bosoms. Her torso dipped into a trim waist cinched tight with the school belt then flared into surprisingly promising hips. Her legs were firm and long from years of soccer and track. Her knees, pressed so firmly together led to small, dainty feet in sensible saddle shoes. The petite, delicate hands had long, tapered fingers with perfect half-moon fingernails. Father Kirk smiled and nodded his head as he answered her.

“Yes, Mary. I know. But anytime the Sister feels that a promising novice may be confused, she asks one of the Fathers to intervene. You have been with us for many years and have done well with your studies. Your skills in running any post here are extraordinary and praised by all the Sisters. Do you think you can tell me how you are feeling, now that you are 18 and can make the decision to stay, or go?” Father Kirk slid closer to Mary and put a hand on her shoulder.

Mary trembled slightly. She was not afraid or upset by the Father’s nearness. On the contrary, her body was very aware of the man by her side. That was the problem, it was all she thought of recently. Men. What did they look like really? How did it feel to be kissed? Hugged? Touched? Stroked? She squirmed slightly under Father Kirk’s hand. Her young body felt starved for attention. She felt her nipples stiffen against the sensible cotton of her brassiere.

Father Kirk’s hand went to the back of her neck and gripped it lightly then began to rub it, messaging. “Mary, you are so tense. You can talk to me about anything. There is nothing I have not heard and I know that nothing you tell me will make me think less of you.” Father Kirk slid closer to Mary, her scent filling his nostrils. He breathed deeply and slowly, savoring the smell of Mary’s virginal arousal. He let his hand message the tense cords of muscles in her soft neck. Rubbing up and down, occasionally he would bury his fingers in the nape of her hair. The heat from her body was incredible, an aphrodisiac of innocence and freshness.

Mary couldn’t help it but she sighed. “Oh yes, Father, I am tense. I have been for weeks now. I know I have to make my decision whether to stay or to leave. But I just don’t know how to do it. There are so many things I don’t know. About the outside I mean. I don’t know if I should live out there for while and experience…” Mary faltered, flustered. Her breathing was getting heavier as Father Kirk’s hand worked magic on her stiff neck muscles. His big, warm hand stroked her neck and stirred up deep longings in her belly that she could not identify.

Father Kirk smiled to himself, enjoying her sweet embarrassment as she stumbled for words she didn’t know. His hand began kneading up around her shoulders. He could feel her shoulder bones, so slender. Moving his head closer still, Father Kirk put his mouth next to her ear and whispered, “Ah Mary, I know what you seek. I know the questions you have. How can you commit to a life of God, giving up all earthly things when you don’t know what you are giving up? How can you never feel the first blush of love, the first kiss? I know the questions, sweet Mary. I understand them.”

His hot breath caressed the delicate skin of her ear and he felt her shiver. He allowed himself the briefest surge of power and relished the feel of his cock jumping and straining inside his priestly robes. Gently he brushed strands of wavy hair away from Mary’s face, her skin glowing and flushed in the dim light. He turned her face to his and looked at the startled doe eyes staring at him, pupils dilated. Her full lips were slightly parted and wet from her licking them.

“Father?” Mary breathed out the word. Her body leaned forward bringing her face closer to his.

Her sweet breath on his face made his heart pound. Mary was the most beautiful, the most promising initiate they had ever had. They had watched her closely over the years, insuring her innocence remained intact in all ways. Her mind had been plied with music, science, and other studies. Her body had been exercised through soccer, track, and horseback riding. The Father’s wanted Mary to stay with them in their family. Now the time had come bring her completely into the fold. He had to go carefully, and gently guide her to the right decision.

Inches away from her, his lips so close to hers he could smell her sweet breath, he softly asked, “Yes, Mary?” His hand at her back kept a gentle but firm pressure on her, encouraging her subtly.

Mary’s eyes fluttered close, her thick soft lashes resting on her cheek. She tilted her face up and with a tiny, soft whimper swayed toward him. Her lips met his.

The shock of her damp lips touching his sent Father Kirk the signals he needed. He put both hands and her shoulders and turned her toward him, pulling her to him. Unresisting, her young body yielded. He pressed his lips onto hers tasting her. One hand along the small of her back pressing her up against him, the other buried in her hair holding her head gently he let the kiss deepen. He heard her moan softly and he took advantage and let his tongue tease her closed lips. They parted slightly and his tongue darted into the fragrant depths, claiming her, exploring her teeth, searching.

Her breathing was erratic and the small catches and pants she made sent shivers of desire through his veins. He let one hand drift down onto her lap where her hands were still folded demurely. Clasping one, he held it and pulled her further over to him. She came willingly, her firm bottom snuggling down on his lap. He was exploring her mouth almost brutally now, his teeth bruising her lips and his tongue raping the depths of her innocent mouth.

Mary was mindless as the storm of desire danced over her body. The shock of the Father kissing her was overcome by the desire to know. She melted into his kiss and nearly fainted when he pulled her onto his lap. She could feel the hardness of his manhood under his robes. Could sense the depths of his desire for her in his kiss. She moaned deep in her throat as he claimed her mouth again and again, enjoying the feel of his teeth bruising her swollen lips. Her nipples felt achy and distended and she unconsciously rubbed herself against him making herself weak and shaky all over with the sudden surge of longing and hormones that flooded her young, innocent body.

For the first time, she felt the stirrings of adult arousal as her clitoris began to tingle and swell. Her vagina began to lubricate the inner walls of her softness with the honey of innocence until her labia were damp and fragrant. Her standard issue school skirt had ridden up and her firm bottom was nestled directly on top of Father Kirk’s straining cock. Feeling this, Mary’s body acted on its own and she wiggle and moved until his cock was nestled between her labia. His robes and her panties the only thing separating them.

Father Kirk tangled his hands in Mary’s long thick hair and pulled her head back exposing the long curve of her neck. He began to kiss and nip at the tender flesh eliciting sighs and moans from the young girl. His cock jerked and strained from the onslaught of the virgin’s movements. But not wanting to scare her he did not push up against her to relieve his stress. He just savored the feel of his cock surrounded by the heat of her young, moist vaginal lips through the materials of their clothing.

Gently tugging her hair, he pulled her back further until her upper body was laying on the arm of the couch, her body still planted firmly in his lap. He watched the emotions of confusion, desire and shame flit across her face as he began to unbutton her cotton blouse. His fingers trembled slightly as he spread the shirt apart and slipped it off her shoulders and arms exposing her brassiere. The heaving of her chest gave away her aroused state. Lifting her gently, he reached behind her unhooking the brassiere.

He looked at her face and eyes, taking in the flush of her skin the dilated pupils and smiled at her. He then slipped off her brassiere exposing her full, firm breasts. He drank in the sight of her young body, appreciating the delicate ivory skin; the dark areolas punctuating fully puckered deep rosy nipples. Leaning over he sucked one heated nipple into his mouth, rolling it with his tongue and biting it gently.

Mary, beyond thought, arched her young back thrusting herself against him. She whimpered and moaned. Her hands, finally freed from years of piety, reached up to curl in his hair and hug his face to her breasts.

Sighing she moaned breathlessly, “Yes, oh yes please Father, yes.”

Father Kirk felt a surge of lust so powerful he wanted to rip off Mary’s uniform and take her savagely. She provoked a lust in him so profound he barely contained the animal urges to rut and conquer her. Restraining himself he continued a steady seduction sucking first one taut nipple and then the other, nipping and biting the turgid peaks until Mary was writhing in his arms gasping with abandon.

As he continued the onslaught against her breasts, alternating kisses and bites on her neck and lips, one hand began to bunch her skirt up around her waist. His fingers ached to touch her virginal sex, feeling the dampness his seduction had caused. When finally her skirt was bunched and out of the way, he glanced down. Her trim, muscled legs were flung wide in innocence and abandon, the outline of her labia visible through the standard issue, white cotton panties. He could see the outline of his cock straining through his robes between her legs and smiled grimly. Soon enough for that, but not yet.

He renewed his assault on her nipples bringing her to another frenzy of moaning and thrashing. His hand began to stroke the outside of her legs and then moved to the tender flesh of her inner thigh. Up and down he messaged her, ignoring the one place he wanted to put his hand. Her moaning grew more frenzied and her hips began to move and thrust. Glancing up quickly, he saw that her head was thrown back in complete wantonness. Her beautiful eyes were shut tight, her face a study of concentration and longing.

Father Kirk allowed one finger to graze the outer edges of Mary’s panties, skimming along the bare skin of the outer labia. He had to hold her down with one hand on her belly as he she bucked convulsively on his lap, her bottom hot against his cock. With the shifting around, his cock had become firmly wedged between her buttocks. Raking his eyes over her body, he rejoiced in the complete power that he had to make this child jump and hum to his fingertips, her innocence being taken from her willingly as he plucked the cords of desire from her virgin body. Her soft moans and sighs urged him on and he let a finger slip under her panties. Finally, the feel of the damp heat of her sex. His cock twitched.

Mary felt his fingers exploring her inviolate private area. The desire mixed with terror at her actions filled her with a high that was more of an aphrodisiac than any kind of drug. She could not, would not stop now. She didn’t want to. She wanted to feel the Father’s hands on her body, her breasts, her sex. The feel of his rock hard cock pressing against her filled her with longing and a strange sense of strength. Acknowledging the inevitable, she gave herself permission to let go and soar.

Father Kirk, sensing the final triumph as her body completely relaxed for him, wasted no time in slipping her panties over her hips and down her luscious legs. Her removed her skirt just as quickly. She was now completely naked except for her bobby socks and saddle shoes. Draped across his lap on her back, her bare bottom firmly on his raging cock so he could feel every wiggle through his robes, he spread her legs wide apart exposing her pouting labia and swollen clitoris to his hungry gaze.

Circling his fingers around the outer edges of her labia, he slowly let them trial up and down her slit. The moisture from her desire coated his fingers in her sweet honey. With slick fingers, he touched her clitoris and rubbed it lightly up and down then back and forth. Her body jerked and arched against his hand as he made her sing for him. Her moans and sighs charged him with power. He loved the feel of this young girl helpless on his lap, writhing and moving as his fingers caressed and tweaked, pulled and stroked that nub of nerves that would make her his. Sensing the time was right, her wetness now soaking his lap, he inserted a finger into her tight virgin vagina. He listened to the grunting animal sounds she now made and felt another strong wave of lust.

Mary felt his wet finger slip inside her and nearly fainted. Her vaginal walls contracted instantly around his finger, sucking it, pulling it. His finger was hot and thick and felt so good. She was mindless from the feel of it. His other hand was still fingering her clitoris making her senseless in another way. Her body felt like it was weightless. Without thought, her fingers found her nipples and she began to pull them. First gently then harder as he increased the pace of his fingers on her clitoris. Gasping, she felt him insert another finger into her vagina. She groaned.

Father Kirk finger fucked Mary for only a few moments, then spread her labia lips apart with thumb and forefinger. Taking the tip of his finger on his other hand, he dipped it into her sex and got it wet then rubbed her clitoris up and down, back and forth, enjoying the feel of the swollen nub popping back and forth across his finger. Mary’s body was slick with sweat and she looked glorious. Her thick wavy hair spread wantonly across the arm of the chair, a few strands across her face. Her nipples jutting into the air as she pulled them. He gloried in this young virgin so wanton, so sexy, writhing in his lap completely unashamed.

“Please,” she gasped. “Please, oh Father please, please.” Mary whimpered the words not even knowing that for which she begged.

He began to spank her clitoris lightly with two fingers, watching the jewel swell and turn hot pink, throbbing and engorged. Her hips were bucking up to meet his hand and in one swift movement he grabbed her sex, his hand enveloping her mound, covering her clitoris, fingers curled into her vagina; he began to vibrate his hand swiftly pressing downward. He felt her the opening to her vagina snapping open and shut, clenching at his curled fingers and knew she was about to climax.

Keeping the vibrating movement going, he put the fingers of his other hand in her mouth and she immediately began to suckle them. When she began to climax, the orgasm rippling over her belly and a faint blush suffusing her body, he covered her mouth to silence the scream.

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