tagBDSMBroker of Record Ch. 01

Broker of Record Ch. 01


Standing naked in front of her closet, Alison held a small bottle of moisturizer in her hand, looking at her clothing options with a growing level of panic.

Today was her first day at her new job, at her first real job ever really. When she had woke this morning, the nervousness she had been feeling over the past few days had blossomed into a feeling of anxiousness that felt just shy of a panic attack.

With a few months still to pass before she turned 19, Alison knew that she was young to be given a job as an assistant to a real estate agent. Most of her friends were still working at the jobs they had throughout high school, if they were even working at all. Fast food chains, retail stores, or working for family members in some capacity. No one else had landed a full-time office job and Alison was determined not to screw it up.

When her alarm had gone off this morning, Alison had laid in bed for ten minutes, trying to relax, to control her fears. When she realized how much time was passing, she had jumped out of bed and into the shower, using her daily routine of washing, shaving and shampooing to distract her.

Just out of the shower, towelled off and naked as the day she was born, the nervousness returned in full force as Alison tried to decide what to wear. At 5'8, Alison was on the tall side for a girl, a fact that tended to draw attention to her, much to Alison's dismay.

Since she was a girl, Alison had hated being in the spotlight. Presentations at the front of the class were to be dreaded, performing in a school play or concert to be avoided at all cost, and whenever possible, she much preferred to be off to the side or the back, watching.

As she had grown older and developed a set of curves, Alison had taken to wearing baggy clothes in neutral colours, somewhat concealing the fact that she had a body that most women would kill for. As she developed, despite her shyness and desire to fade into the background, Alison had attracted the attention of a few boys in her high school. This was likely due to the mandatory gym class uniforms everyone had to wear in physical education class. While she was able to hide her body in layers and baggy clothing of her own, the outfit for gym class had been tighter and more form fitting than pretty much anything else she wore in school.

A few of the more confident boys had noticed what Alison had been hiding under those baggy outfits and made some efforts to become friends. While she hadn't been comfortable showing off her body and the scrutiny she received from others, Alison was curious about sex and boys and within a few months, she had begun dating one of the boys who was pursuing her.

Dating had pretty quickly turned into having sex and once the awkward first time had taken place, Alison had found that she really enjoyed sex, both for herself, as well as the pleasure she could give her boyfriend.

As she thought back to her ex-boyfriend, the way he would suck and bite her nipples, Alison felt a stirring in her pussy. Alison filled her hands with a bit of moisturizer and smoothed it on her skin. Sliding her hands down from her neck to her breasts, she massaged the cream in to her skin. Catching her reflection in the mirror, Alison squeezed her breasts, her fingernails lightly scratching her nipples. She loved her breasts and knew that she was lucky to have full, perky boobs. Her ex-boyfriend had loved her tits, obsessing over them in a way that sometimes made her feel like he liked them more than he did her.

Running her hands down her flat stomach, she paused to apply some more moisturizer to her palms, then turned slightly so she could see in the mirror as she ran her hands over her ass.

While she didn't like it as much as her tits, Alison knew that she had a good ass. She had never been able to gain weight, a fact that she had learned not to mention to women as they invariably became a little hostile. Her ass was tight and high and as she rubbed lotion on it, she squeezed the soft, supple, unmarked skin.

As they had become more comfortable with each other and had explored sex more, Alison had grown used to seeing small bruises or red marks on her ass. Her boyfriend had loved taking her doggy style and he had tended to hold on hard when he was fucking her that way. On a few occasions he had slapped her ass as he pounded into her and Alison had been surprised by the sudden surge in her arousal.

With their breakup a few months ago and no one she was interested in now, Alison's ass was once again unmarked, and with her natural tan colouring, almost glowed from the moisturizer.

Returning her attention to the closet, Alison's low level arousal suddenly disappeared as she again faced the question of what she would wear today. All of the clothes she owned seemed completely inappropriate given what the HR lady had said. Business casual was pretty broad, but as she looked in increasing desperation through her clothes, Alison didn't know what she was going to do. Her usual look seemed way too casual for work and she couldn't believe she hadn't thought about this before her first day.

Grabbing a bra and panties from her dresser, Amanda stepped into the pair of simple, blue, cotton underwear and pulled them up. She had last shaved her pussy a week ago and as she pulled the panties into place she noticed she would need to shave or at least trim again soon. A dark colour, her pubic hair matched her dark hair and while Alison didn't mind having a little bit of hair on her pussy, her ex-boyfriend had found it incredibly hot when she was shaved completely bare and she had gotten into the habit.

The matching blue bra on, Alison looked at her closet and at the few options that seemed mildly acceptable and made a decision.

"Fuck it."

Grabbing a skirt and blouse that her mother had made her buy for a family event two years ago, Alison quickly dressed. When she wore it last, she had been a little bit smaller in the chest and Alison realized the blouse was pretty form fitting at this point. She had also, she recalled, wore a baggy sweater over the shirt last time that covered both her top and a good bit of her bottom.

As she stood looking at herself, Alison's phone buzzed. Looking down, she saw with shock that her alarm had gone off, meaning she had 15 minutes until she had to be at the office. Cursing a blue streak, Alison raced around the room grabbing her stuff.

Swearing was Alison's secret rebellion. A rebellion not against her parents or the world, but against the type of girl she normally was, the quiet, shy girl who didn't say much. There was something about the dichotomy between how everyone perceived her and the girl with the filthy mouth that made Alison feel an incredible freedom.

It was this rebellious side that was responsible for Alison's relatively quick entry into sex with her boyfriend. The initial dates had been typically one sided, with Nathan doing most of the talking and Alison answering the safest questions or blurting out answers when he waited for a response. As she had become a bit more comfortable with him and became certain that it wasn't in fact some sort of extended practical joke, Alison had spoken more, though swearing remained a private activity.

Nathan had been almost comically surprised at the lack of resistance when he started to push the boundaries with Alison physically. His hands, hesitant as he moved them over her shirt to squeeze her breasts, bolder as Alison had responded only by pushing against him. Downward to her ass, cupping them, pulling her tight against him so that Alison had felt his hard on pressed against her.

The reason it had taken even as long as it did before they had sex was actually due to Nathan's hesitance, not Alison's. The shy, quiet girl he had expected to have to cajole and pressure into moving forward was instead a willing participant, submitting to any of his advances without question. On more than one occasion, Alison had returned home after a date, wet from an extended petting session, and had played with herself for hours, wishing he had taken the next step and shown her what sex was like. Weeks later, when he had finally, hesitantly, tried to push his cock inside her, Alison had spread her legs and allowed him, wet with desire and ready to take that step.

The delight she took in Nathan's surprise and confusion at her lack of resistance was similar to the feeling she had when swearing in her room alone. No one expected the quiet, shy good girl to act like this, but Alison loved how she felt when she acted against type.

When Alison had discovered Nathan was fucking another girl on the side, her reaction had again shocked Nathan. The quiet, shy girl hadn't dithered or faltered at his stumbling explanation when she caught him in his car with Sarah Wilkinson, his pants down and bare ass bobbing as he fucked her in the backseat. Her knocking on the window had startled both of them and when he had twisted around, frightened at the intrusion, Alison had mouthed the words before she walked away.

"We're done."

His phone calls were ignored and the few times he had pressed her in person had resulted in a one-sided conversation, with Nathan awkwardly making excuses while Alison stood silently. After a few weeks, Nathan had moved on to fucking Sarah full time and Alison found herself the subject of some unwanted gazes around school. As she had walked down a stairwell one day, Alison had heard her name being discussed and paused out of sight.

"No, man, he said she loved it. Whatever he wanted to do, she just took it."

The group of boys seemed equally enthralled and confused by that statement. After some debate, one of the boys pronounced the verdict.

"He's a fucking liar. I don't think Nathan ever fucked her. Look at her, she's a total bookworm. No way Alison Trestovan is some secret slut. I bet he never ever got his dick sucked."

Alison had backed away from the stairwell, an unexpectedly joyful feeling bubbling up inside. Nathan couldn't believe that she had been so willing to do whatever he wanted and now, it seemed like no one else believed it either. It appeared that being a quiet, shy girl in public had some benefits when you misbehaved in private. The rest of the year had progressed without incident, the glances had stopped and Alison had returned to her quiet existence of being mostly ignored at school.

The summer had passed quickly, each day pretty much like the previous. Alison had missed exploring sex with Nathan, though she hadn't missed him. With no forced gym class outfits to spark interest, the boys Alison met had assessed her, dismissed her and moved on to other girls who showed off their bodies. Alison had relied on masturbation to keep herself somewhat satisfied. Her favourite image remained the look on Nathan's face as she had spread her legs, feeling his cock press inside her.

After a few weeks of job hunting online, the posting for the position at the real estate brokerage had caught Alison's eye. She had liked the idea of being an assistant to someone, helping him succeed, being a part of that success. In her mind, she had pictured quiet days working in a little office, a boss who relied on her to accomplish certain tasks. The contrast between the available retail or waitressing jobs was immense and Alison had carefully wrote up a resume and spent hours drafting and redrafting a cover letter. It had been good enough to get her a phone interview and Alison had discovered that phone conversations were a bit easier than real life conversations. At least on the phone she didn't need to worry about how she looked.

The phone interview had resulted in taking some sort of online personality test where Alison had to choose various answers to situational questions. She hadn't been sure how she did on it, but it must have shown her to be suitable for the role as she received a letter shortly thereafter offering her the position. The money hadn't been much, but still better than what Alison might have earned otherwise. Without much further thought, Alison had accepted the job, starting Friday, the 6th of September.

Her first day was finally here and Alison couldn't believe that had somehow managed to screw it up already by leaving late. With a final curse, Alison stuffed things into her bag and rushed out of the house.

For once, public transit had cooperated and Alison had made to the real estate brokerage more or less on time. The receptionist, a young woman probably three or four years older than Alison, told her to sit with a cold attitude. Alison didn't know what her problem was but she did as told, hoping that she hadn't somehow already started off on the wrong foot.

Alison sat uncomfortably in the waiting area of the real estate brokerage. The chair itself wasn't too uncomfortable, but she felt exposed and that always made her ill at ease. With the entrance door to her right, a hallway to the left, a wrap-around reception desk in front of her and windows behind her, there was really nowhere to hide.

The office was busy and every few seconds someone walked by her, on the way in or out, or going from one part of the office to another. Each time, their eyes glanced at her, assessing her. Alison tried to keep focused on her thoughts, on how she needed to act today, on her first day on the job. With each glance from a passerby she couldn't help but focus on how she looked and whether she was dressed appropriately.

As she sat and waited, Alison became aware that each man who passed by, did the same thing. Their eyes flicked over, away, then back to her face, then down to her tits, then away, then back to her tits. Not used to such attention, Alison blushed when she realized they were checking her out and apparently liking it enough to look again. To her surprise, the arousal she had felt earlier when looking at her body in the mirror began to rise again. While she hated being the focus of their attention, the fact that these strange men, many in their 30s and 40s - found her attractive - was starting to turn her on. Alison began to think about these men stroking their cocks thinking about her, or fucking their wives, picturing her body underneath them.

Her thoughts were jerked back to reality by the HR lady, Sally, approaching her. Alison had met her briefly when she came in to fill out some paperwork earlier in the week. A motherly type of some undetermined age, Alison had already realized that Sally was one of those women who seem perpetually dishevelled and disorganized. Her first words as she reached Alison didn't change that perception.

"Hello Amanda dear. So sorry to keep you waiting, we are just going gang busters here. Come with me and I will show you around."

Alison stood, smoothing the skirt down as did, opening her mouth to remind the woman of her name but Sally was already heading down the hallway to her left, talking as she went. Alison hurried after her, her notepad clutched to her chest as she tried to absorb the flow of information. At each door, Sally paused briefly, announced a name or two, an occupation or two, using terms that Alison didn't follow. The majority of the inhabitants of the offices seemed to be very busy, either on the phone or the computer, or both. A few looked up and nodded or smiled but most simply went about their business, as Sally didn't really seem to be stopping.

The tour ended back at the reception desk, coming at it from the other corridor and Alison realized they must have gone in a circle of sorts. Thoroughly confused but trying to not let it show, Alison focused as Sally put a pile of paper in her arms.

"Now dear, we need to get these agent checklists sorted and copies need to be placed in each transaction file. After that, you need to create binders for each of them, with tabs separating the different documents and place those binders on the broker bookcase. Use the code 41122 on the copier and you will find all the binders and whatnot in the copy room. You won't finish it today, but you can get a good start on it."

Alison nodded mutely as Sally finally stopped talking, wondering if she could find her way back to the copier room. Sally seemed to take her look of confusion for something else and before Alison could say a word, Sally spoke again.

"Yes of course Andrea, I know this isn't what we discussed. We will get you assigned to an agent soon enough and he or she can get you working on their files. We haven't quite figured out who gets you yet, so be patient and we will have it sorted soon. You get working and I will find you later and talk about what comes next."

With a warm smile that Alison returned as best she could, Sally tottered off down a hallway, leaving Alison to stand with the pile of paper growing heavy in her arms. She glanced around and found the receptionist looking at her with a frown.

"You can't just stand around here. We all work hard here."

Alison opened her mouth, then closed it and nodded, beginning to blush as the woman looked at her again. The receptionist was pretty enough in her own way, blonde hair neatly trimmed past her shoulders. She was probably 15 to 20 pounds overweight, but with a pretty face and stylish clothes, she carried it well.

"Well? Are you going to work or do you just want to stand there and look stupid?"

Alison blushed deeper at the comment and nodded quickly and headed blindly down a hallway, no idea if she was heading the right way. The maze of corridors seemed completely unfamiliar but she knew she must have come this way at some point. After a few minutes of wandering and some dead ends, Alison finally recognized one office and was able to orient herself back towards where she vaguely remembered the copier room was located.

The day passed in a bit of a blur. Alison took some time to figure out exactly what Sally had been talking about, but by reading through the documents she was able to figure out a pattern of sorts and after a while she had things down. She ventured out of the copy room twice during the day, once to retrieve her lunch from the front area, earning another glare from the receptionist. The second was to find the washroom at mid-afternoon.

By 4 p.m., Alison was tired of the repetitive, boring task and was starting to understand why people seemed to take such joy in those stupid Dilbert cartoons. She kept going while waiting for Sally and it wasn't until she realized how hungry she was that she looked at her phone to see the time. Alison gaped at the phone when she realized it was almost 7 p.m. Sally had not told her the hours and Alison had no idea how long she was supposed to work.

Alison poked her head out the copier room door and found the hallways and offices she could see were empty. She could hear some talking around one of the corners so she knew there were still other people here but most seemed to have left for the day. Alison decided that she would wait until 7 p.m. and then venture out to either find Sally or go home. As she looked at the pile of binders still left, Alison gave up on the idea of continuing to work and sat down on a box of paper beside the photocopier.

As she sat on the box of paper, Alison closed her eyes in fatigue. She was in good shape but her back ached from standing over the copier and the shoes she had worn had small heels in them, a change from her normal converse sneakers. As she leaned back against the wall, Alison heard voices coming towards the room. As they neared, she could make out the words they were saying.

"So she is just standing around like she should get paid for not working."

Alison recognized the voice of the receptionist and an unfamiliar male voice replied.

"What's she look like?"

The voice was fairly deep, pleasant sounding. The question carried a somewhat sarcastic tone, as if the man knew that the question would likely annoy the receptionist.

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