tagGroup SexBromfield's Temptations Ch. 02

Bromfield's Temptations Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Ancient History

Synopsis: Experienced swingers Jim and Louise have succeeded in seducing a younger couple. Louise has just taken the young man into the bedroom "to talk things over."

* * * *

As I watched them leave the room, I congratulated myself yet again on my great good fortune being married to a woman like Louise. She had found Sandra at a Welcome Wagon tea for new neighbors. Their meeting was not accidental. The swinging scene in a small town is very limited, and we had been looking for an appealing couple to replace our previous swinging companions, the Johnsons, who had been transferred to his home office in Oklahoma.

Jeff and Sandra Morrison had recently moved into an apartment in our building. Louise had invited them to a Sunday brunch. After our first meeting, Louise had predicted, with that mischievous glint in her eye I knew so well, that given a suitable opportunity, or even a plausible excuse, the young couple definitely would swing. She had given them her picture test, just to make sure.

"Here they are," Louise had said triumphantly, as she returned to the living room, a sheaf of Polaroid prints in her hand. She smiled at me across the room as she resumed her seat on the couch between Sandra and Jeff. Then she handed some prints to Jeff, and the remainder to Sandra. "These are the shots we told you about, of our trip to the Zion National Monument last summer," she added.

The two slowly examined and exchanged the pictures while I studied the young couple, particularly Sandra. I saw a very young slender blonde, with carefully coifed hair, dressed in a loose print blouse and knee length plaid skirt which she carefully arranged to cover her knees. She was a quietly attractive woman with classic features and a ready, friendly smile.

Her husband, Jeff, was a big man who looked as if he might have played college football, if his slightly crooked nose and slight limp were any indicator. He, too, exuded warm friendliness. I hoped I sensed an especially warm friendliness in his part toward Louise who was acting as a tour guide and conduit through whom the pictures were passed back and forth.

Suddenly, Jeff whistled. Grinning, he handed a shot directly to his wife who glanced briefly at the image, quickly dropped it on the coffee table, and blushed a bright crimson.

I wasn't surprised. I knew Jeff had discovered a test photo, most likely a nude of Louise that she had deliberately inserted into the stack just to see how our guests would react.
"Oh, I'm very sorry," Louise said contritely. "I can't imagine how that picture got mixed in with the others." She made a half-hearted effort to recover the photo, but Jeff was too quick for her. He had scooped it off the table and was openly admiring it. Score one for him.

Unfortunately, Sandra evidently didn't share her husband's open minded attitude. She frowned at her erring husband who ignored her.

"Are there any more like this?" he asked.
It was Louise's turn to look confused. "Well, yes," she said hesitantly, "but not in that pile, I hope." She looked earnestly at the young man.
"You see, Jim and I are naturists, among other things, and we enjoy the freedom of being totally exposed to the sun and gentle summer breezes. And I'll be honest. It's always a pleasure to see beautiful bodies. The invention of Polaroid photography was a blessing for people like us."

"Is a naturist the same as a nudist, then?" Sandra asked.

I smiled inwardly. Evidently, all was not yet lost. "Yes," I said. "It's a term for a person who enjoys nature and natural things, often including nudism."

Sandra looked at her husband. "Let me see that photo again, please," she said, extending her hand.

Louise stood while Sandra studied the picture, and quietly left the room. I knew she was going after more pictures. She returned in less than a minute, holding several pictures in her left hand, and the wine decanter in her right. Jeff eagerly held his glass up for a refill. Then he reached for the new pictures.

I stood, holding my empty glass, and looked at Sandra. "They've freshened their drinks. How about you? Ready for another?"

Sandra was still flushed. She nodded. "I think I could use one," she said, her face strangely solemn.

I went into the kitchen, and poured a generous slug of bourbon over crushed ice in my glass, and a smaller quantity of Scotch and water into Sandra's. As I walked through the doorway into the living room, I heard Jeff exclaim, "Jesus Christ! Who's that?!"

Without looking, I knew that Jeff had found one of Stan (The Man) Stevens' pictures. Briefly, I wondered which one Louise had selected.
Sandra's face was a bright pink again as she gingerly accepted the photo from her husband. I glanced at it over her shoulder as I set her drink on her coaster. I was a little surprised that she would have offered this particular shot to relative strangers so early.

The picture showed two nude figures sitting on a straight chair in a paneled room. The woman was unmistakably a grinning Louise. She was perched sideways on one knee of a particularly hirsute man -- a man so covered with body hair that he seemed almost to be wearing a fur coat -- holding with both hands what appeared to be a short length of flesh colored fire hose that seemingly extended from his groin halfway to his chin. On closer examination, the fire hose, of course, became a huge erected penis.

Louise appeared flustered again. "Damn, I'm sorry," she said, "you weren't supposed to see that! But now that you have, well, I guess I'd better explain."

I listened attentively. I had seen Louise test people with that photo a dozen times, and I knew from experience that if they stayed after seeing that picture there was a good chance they would be willing to go further. The curious thing was that she invented a new explanation every time she showed it to a new couple.

Louise stared blankly at the coffee table as if gathering her thoughts. Then she looked brightly at our guests and said, "I know this is going to sound just awful, but it was a perfectly innocent bet. We were at the club. It was raining and windy outside, so we were forced to spend the day in the lounge. Some of the men, Stan here among them, were shooting pool. Several of us women were sitting in the corner talking about this and that, when Stan made a difficult shot that required him to contort his body in a way that unavoidably drew our eyes to his extraordinary equipment, which, even when it was flaccid, probably measured at least eight inches.

"One of the women wondered aloud how big it was when it was erect. Well, you know how women are. Once someone dared broach the subject, we could talk of nothing else. When the game was over and the men rejoined us, we were too embarrassed to continue the conversation, but they sensed that we had been talking about them, and began teasing us into sharing our conversation with them.

"Eventually, of course, it came out. Stan was very embarrassed of course, and was on the point of leaving when Jim, here, suggested that purely in the interest of science, I take him in the cloak room and see if I could find out."

Jeff seemed interested but Sandra was scandalized. "Tell me you didn't do that!" she exclaimed.

"Oh, but I did," Louise replied. "Believe me, it wasn't easy. In those circumstances, many men would have been totally incapacitated, and they wouldn't have had nearly the burden to lift that he did. But he came through like a trooper."
Cheeks blazing red, Sandra asked, "How big was it?"

Louise smiled complacently. "I'm not sure. Jim interrupted us after I had worked on him for about five minutes, just to take our picture. Poor Stan lost it after that. However, everyone, including Stan, wanted a copy of the picture. Stan said he was going to have it printed on his business cards."

Knowing I was a lawyer, Jeff couldn't resist the jibe. He looked at me and smiling, said, "He was a member of the Bar, I take it? Always looking for someone to screw?"

Sandra's mind was running in different channels. "He might have done better to put it on his Christmas cards," she said quietly.

Immediately, she clapped both hands over her mouth and shook her head. "I didn't say that," she said. "Forget you heard it."

The evening wound down quickly after that. The Morrisons left after promising to return the following Friday for an early supper and an evening of bridge.

The card game, it turned out, had been a confused mish-mash of bad bidding and even worse playing. Sandra twice trumped her own ace. Jeff, perhaps misreading his partner's bidding, grossly overbid a small slam and went down seven tricks.

Neither Louise not I did much better.
Finally, mercifully, at the end of the rubber, Louise decided it was time to put the game away. "Let's find something else to do," she suggested brightly. "It's obvious none of us have our minds on cards."

"I don't know about that," Jeff said archly. "I'm not in the mood for bridge, but maybe another game?"

Sandra's patience was wearing thin. "Don't tell me you want to play something as juvenile as strip poker?"

"Well, it was a thought," Jeff said defensively.

"Think again!" Sandra said firmly.
Louise nodded in agreement. "Let me freshen your drinks," she said, as she stood and began gathering the empty glasses.

And that's when Louise made her famous entrance that started the present ball rolling.

Now I followed Sandy into the living room. I heard her talking quietly to the sitter at the other end. Satisfied, she cradled the phone, and turned to me, wrapping her arms around my neck. Her hard, pointed little nipples digging into my chest. 'Now where were we?' she said, grinning a wicked grin.

I held her close. My cock began to stir as it rubbed against her soft, warm belly. Her intoxicating scent filled my nostrils, and resulted in another involuntary twitch against her belly button.

Obviously, she felt it because she pulled back. 'Before we get started, I want to hear about you screwing Louise's best friend.'

I laughed. "That was our introduction to swinging. Like you, we'd talked about it, but that's as far as things had gone until Louise's college reunion."

I paused, thinking back. I hadn't thought about that party in a long time. "Louise had attended a women's college, so her former classmates were all female, all seemingly trying to outdo each other at the reunion in terms of their dress and husbands and so forth. That sounds sexist, but that's sure the way it seemed."

Sandy and I were sitting on the couch by this time. I was gently teasing the tips of her hardening nipples with the palm of my right hand, while she slowly slid her fingers up and down my growing cock.

"Go on," she said, pushing her chest forward against my hand.

"Well, Louise had a special friend -- Molly something or other -- who had married well. She asked us to join her and her husband in their suite after the party, I assumed, to talk over old times."

Sandy was beginning to squirm. "That tickles. Pinch that nipple a little, would you?"

I obliged her. My cock was getting uncomfortably hard. "I'm going to have to do something with this pretty quick," I said, waving it at her.

She smiled. "Continue your story," she said. "Then we'll see."

"We got to their suite, and found we were at another party. There must have been four or five couples there. Louise knew all the women, of course. The booze, as they say was flowing like water, and everyone one was getting drunk.

"I can be pretty dumb at times," I continued, "I didn't realize what kind of a party it was even after one girl -- I think her name was Nedra -- a tall, horsey kind of woman, loudly announced that Bob somebody or other was feeling her up.

"Naturally, that got everyone's attention. I turned to look. She was getting felt up, all right. Her dress was open to her waist. Her bra was pushed up on her chest, and a breast was firmly in the mouth of the man on whose lap she was sitting. Everyone thought it was a big joke and laughed."

Sandra slid off the couch, and I watched her breathe on my cock, then touch the tip of it with her tongue. "Like that?" she asked.

"Do you want to hear this story or not?" I asked.

"Sorry," she said. "I just got a little carried away. Won't happen again." I knew she was lying by the way she grinned at me.

"Where was I? Oh yes, Nedra was getting felt up. That certainly got my undivided attention. I began to wonder where Louise had gone to, and started looking around the suite.

"I found her in the corner with a cute little redhead. They were stroking each other, and while I watched, the redhead pulled Louise's blouse from her skirt and unbuttoned it. She was way ahead of Nedra."

"This is getting interesting," Sandy said. "Then what happened?"

"It took a little getting used to, seeing my wife making love to another woman. And she was, too. She had the redhead bare to the waist by this time, and they were rubbing their tits together, while they kissed."

"Does Louise still like girls?" Sandy asked.
I nodded. "Yep. She still swings from both sides of the plate. Anyway, to go on with the story, I was getting horny as hell watching those two women. Suddenly, a woman standing next to me said, `Turns you on, just watching those two, doesn't it?'

"When I turned, Molly was standing there, sort of balanced on one leg, her hip thrown out, and her thigh shining through a deep slit in her dress. I swallowed, and said "It sure does.'

"She laughed, and said, `well, you've heard about sauce for gooses and ganders, haven't you?'

"Like a fool, all I could think to say at that moment was `Where's your husband?'

"She laughed again, and pointed across the room at the opened bedroom door. `He's in there, buried to his balls in Lydia Smally, if I'm not mistaken. Amos, Nedra's husband is in there helping him. That leaves just you and me.'

"Then she looked at me more closely. `Did you think all we did in a women's college was pick daisies and dance around the May Pole?'

"The party had turned into a real `party' by this time. Nedra, the girl who had started it, had pulled her dress up and down at the same time so it was wadded around her middle. Her friend was still sitting in the chair, his pants open and his cock sticking in the air. Nedra was fucking him by bouncing on his lap, her tits flopping every which way. Louise and her friend were naked, lying full length on the floor, stroking each other's breasts and sides.

"I've got to tell you, Molly was looking better and better. She put her hand over the front of my pants, and said, `What do you think we should do about this?'"

Sandy suddenly took my cock deep into her throat. This girl had sucked cock before. Sound came out of her throat. I think she said, "Go ahead; I'm listening."

"'Don't talk with your mouth full,' I admonished, adding, 'Molly had done this before. She had my pants open and whipped her dress over her head in a single motion. Except for her stockings, she was completely naked. She dropped to the floor and pulled me into her.

"If it's possible for a man to be raped, that's what happened to me. Louise and her friend began to look for survivors, and now you know the rest of the story," I concluded in my best Paul Harvey voice.

"I'd like to rape you," Sandy said, after she took her mouth off my cock. "Come here." She was lying on her back, her feet flat on the floor, knees bent, and legs spread at an obscene angle. "First I want you to lick me here." She peeled the little cover over her clit back.

I dropped to my knees, crawled between her spread legs and gently touched her clit with the moist tip of my tongue. She jumped as if I had touched her with a cattle prod.

"Yesyesyesyesyes," she said. I couldn't see, of course, but I imagined her eyes were screwed tight shut. I felt her little hands on the back of my head. I tenderly nibbled on the little fellow.

"EEEEEEyah!" she cried. Her thighs, tightly clamping my head, began to tremble. "EeeeeeeeYAH!!," she shouted.

She tensed, then slowly relaxed. I let her rest for a moment before I began sliding up the length of her body. I licked my way up her belly, and ran my tongue between her breasts and into the hollow of her throat.

She had spread her legs as I crawled up, and when my cock was at the moist entrance to her tunnel, she carefully took it in both hands and after rubbing it up and down her slit, tugged it into her waiting wetness.

My glans popped inside her. Her hands were on my ass, and she pulled me into her. I felt the wonderful warm, wet, clenching of her vaginal muscles as my stiff erection penetrated deeper and deeper into her body.

"Fuckme fuckme FUCKME! Oh, God that feels good!"

I pulled my cock almost out of her, then began teasing her with a slight in-and-out, in-and-out motion, moving no more than an inch in either direction. When I sensed she was ready, I slammed myself deep inside her. Then we settled down to some good old fashioned fucking. She was mouthing encouraging gibberish, when I stopped, again. This time, I put her legs up on my shoulders, and a pillow from the couch under her ass. That tilted her cunt at exactly the right angle for my piledriving cock as I slammed in and out, in and out. She screamed, and I felt her body tremble as a huge orgasm seized her. That was too much for me, and I released my sperm as deep inside her as I could get. God, she was a wonderful fuck!

Slowly, my breathing returned to normal, and as I began sensing things around me, I heard what sounded like applause. I turned my head, and saw Jeff sitting on the couch, Louise curled in his arms.

"I'll take my hat off to you, Jim," he said. "You sure know how it's done!" There was no hint in his voice of the feelings he had expressed earlier. As if he were reading my mind, he added, "Louise and I had a long talk," he paused, then added with a lewd grin, among other things. I can't promise I won't backslide, but right now, I love you both almost as much as I love Sandra.

I heard Louise's approving chuckle, and saw her caress Jeff's knee. Sandra, pulled my face down to hers, and gave me a warm, wet kiss with a lot of tongue in it. "That's going to have to hold you for now," she said. "We really have to go home."

The Morrisons quickly dressed. Louise hugged Sandra tightly. "Next time, bring the baby so you can spend the night," she said.

Then, while Louise and Jeff embraced and exchanged a warm kiss, Sandra whispered to me, "I had a wonderful time. Let's do this again, real soon."

My reply was a tight, warm hug. Then they were gone. Louise and I fell into each other's arms.

(To be continued)

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