tagNovels and NovellasBromfield's Temptations Ch. 10

Bromfield's Temptations Ch. 10


Synopsis: Jim discovers he's being blackmailed by his new "partners" but despite their offer to release him, he elects to continue the relationship. The gloves are off! Carol tells him his first assignment is to "turn Bette and Sandy out," meaning force them to become his prostitutes. Bette agrees to give prostitution a try. Bette make a connection with a hotel whore named Su Lin. Jim follows up to learn as much as possible by hiring her. They have just completed his "short arm" inspection.

Chapter 10 -- Bromfield's Temptations

Louise Returns

I poked my tongue into her belly button, and was rewarded by a sharp intake of breath. Then I kissed and nuzzled my way across her arching stomach, from hip to hip, digging my nose into the ticklish spots near her hip and pelvic bones.

I worked my way back up her lush body, kissing and licking the salty, sweaty underside of both breasts.

"Does my belly turn you off?" she asked. For an answer, I put her hand on my stiffening cock.

She grinned. "Feels like he's ready for his raincoat," she said. She sat up and deftly peeled the condom packet open. Then she stripped my foreskin back and quickly rolled the rubber over my straining cock. "There," she said. "Now he's ready to go to work."

"Not quite," I said, as I kissed and licked my way down her body again. This time I didn't stop until I reached her carefully tonsured mons. I was intrigued by her little heart, wondering how she trimmed and shaved it. I made a mental note to ask her.

My target was just below the tip of that tiny heart. I admired her vagina. It looked almost virginal. Her labia was firm, and the tight little seam between her legs looked as if it had never been opened.

I ran my tongue the length of it, and felt her thighs quiver and her legs separate in response. Then I hooked my tongue into the seam and slid it up until it reached her clitoris. She jumped and simultaneously squeezed her thighs against my ears and pushed my face away.

I faintly heard her say, "That's enough! Stick that big cock of yours into my little pussy. Let's get it on!"

I was ready. She opened her legs as I crawled up her body. Her hand guided me into her secret place.

"Ahhhh, there," she said as I penetrated her body. "That's better. Oh, that feels goooood. Sooo goood."

Some of that, I was sure, was whore talk, intended to get her out of the room in the shortest possible time. But my male ego whispered that some might be genuine appreciation. It was nice to think so, anyhow.

Su Lin, a good actress, went through the motions of enthusiastic sex, even simulating an orgasm, but I was disappointed. I knew her heart wasn't in it, and that attitude was infectious. I nearly lost it before I was through, but then I began thinking of the weekend just past. That was the spur I needed, and I shot my $300 wad into the latex sheath.

Su Lin let me rest inside her for about two minutes. Then she said, "We'd better get that thing out of there, big boy, before it leaks." I obligingly raised up so she could pull her leg out from under me.

She looked at me. "Would you mind removing that rubber?" she asked. "I'm not supposed to touch it after you've come in it."

I peeled it off and dropped it on the floor.

Su Lin was fastening her bra, which reminded me: "How do you trim your pussy hair?" I asked.

She laughed. "You men are all alike. It's not what you think. My husband trims it for me."

"Your husband?"

"Oh, sure," Su Lin said. "Whores have husbands, too, you know."

As a matter of fact, I didn't know. But I was learning. I had my shorts on when there was a knock on the door. Su Lin looked suddenly alarmed, but I dug in my pants for my wallet and opened the door. It was Bob the bellboy with the promised drink tray. He set the drinks down and accepted another $20 bill.

He closed the door, and Su Lin let out an exaggerated sigh. "For a minute there, I thought you had me," she said. "If a jail matron spotted this," she patted her belly, "she'd send me to the doctor, and the welfare people would get the judge to put me away until I reached my term. They're real tough on pregnant working girls."

"How far along are you?" I asked.

"Half way. Almost five months."

"Well, you sure as hell don't want to spend the next four months in jail," I said, as I handed her a drink, and sat on the edge of the bed. An idea popped into my mind.

I told her about Satin Studios. "I represent a small movie studio in the valley. Why don't you come out and do a screen test? You might be the girl we're looking for." Then I told her about Corrine's tendency to overwork her leading men. "She can't seem to control her vaginal muscles," I said. "A porno flick can survive a shitty script, awful actors, terrible direction and bad photography. The thing it can't survive is premature ejaculation. And that's what you get with Corrine." I listened to myself in amazement as I glibly rattled on. I had been a pornographer less than 24 hours and already I was an expert.

Su Lin wasn't listening. Her mind was going in the opposite direction. Her eyes began to narrow. "Are you trying to tell me you think I'm a lousy lay? That this was all an act?" she asked in a dangerously icy voice.

Even though the signals were very clear, I plunged recklessly ahead. "I don't know how good a lay you are," I said, "but I do know you're a good actress, and that's what we need. We don't need hot sex; we need photogenic sex. Do you ever take a weekend off?"

She nodded.

"Do you guys swing?"

"We used to," Su Lin said, "before Stick got hurt."

"Stick got hurt?"

Su Lin was still dressed only in her bra and panties. I enjoyed eyeing that sexy bulge above her garter belt. "He was a construction carpenter. He fell off a scaffold and wrecked his back. Now he's paralyzed from the waist down. The insurance company proved that Stick had been smoking dope and was stoned at the time, so all they had to pay were his medical bills. That's when I started supporting the family on my back.

"The baby is Stick's, just in case you're wondering," she added. "He knocked me up before he was hurt."

"Will you come out for a test? You don't have to party, but you guys might like it. We have these parties -- real swinging parties -- twice a month. You guys are more than welcome. He might not be able to fuck, but I'll bet he knows what to do with his tongue. You've got my card, talk it over with Stick and give me a call."

I expected her to slip into her dress and kiss me good night. Instead she stared wide-eyed at me.

"You really think I'm a lousy lay, don't you?" she hissed, her hands going back to her bra snaps. Her soft breasts bounced in joyful relief at being released again.

She stood and slipped her panties down. "This one's on me, Buster," she said through clenched teeth. "I hope you're ready!"

She sprang at me, her weight and momentum rolling me on my back. Before I could recover, she mashed her lips against mine, her breasts flattening against my arm. She worked her open mouth against mine, forcing my lips open. Her tongue penetrated my mouth and began fucking the back of my throat. So much for the myth that whores never kiss their johns.

Her left hand was in my crotch. She dug her fingers into the fly of my shorts and gave a mighty yank. The front tore out.

Next she began rubbing my privates. This time, she was deadly serious. When my poor pecker failed to respond, she abruptly abandoned my mouth, and pausing only briefly to nip at my nipples, put her mouth where her hand had been, sucking both my flaccid little member and my scrotum into her hot, wet mouth. Meanwhile, her fingernails delicately tickle/scratched my thighs and belly, and began to pluck at my nipples.

I felt myself begin to stir.

Satisfied with the results so far, she removed her mouth from my cock, and pushing my legs up in the air, over her shoulders, began to lick that narrow space separating my scrotum from my rectum. Then she shoved her mouth into my ass. Her tongue began rimming my rectum.

Meanwhile, her right hand was playing with my manhood, which was showing remarkable signs of recovery. She put my legs down and forced them apart, so she was lying between them. She took my member in her mouth again, but this time, she also stuck her middle finger in my rectum, and began massaging my prostate. I felt my balls begin climbing into my belly.

"Swing around," I said, "let me get at your pussy."

She whipped around and straddled my head with her hard thighs. Then she slid her legs back and tilted her pelvis down so her vagina was resting on my mouth. She began rubbing her bald womanhood against my nose, lips and chin. I pushed my head back and touched her puckered little asshole with my tongue.

She spasmed, and farted. I shifted my attention to her neat little slit. She welcomed my attention to her clit, and as I began sucking it, she began to vibrate as though she was attached to an old fashioned vibrating machine. The muscles in her thighs bunched up, pressing against my head. She had my cock deep in her throat. Her hot, skillful mouth performing magic on it.

Abruptly, she released me and rolled over.

"Fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can," she whispered. There was no time now for a condom.

I swung between her spread knees. Her hand guided me home, and I slammed into her as deep as I could go.

Before I was ready to climax, her pelvis began to rock, her belly rippled, and her chest and face turned bright pink. This was no fake orgasm. I didn't come. I don't know why. I suppose the situation was too intense.

After we lay quietly in each other's arms for a few minutes, Su Lin opened her eyes and looked at me. "Did you notice any improvement?" she asked primly.

For once, I could only nod. She motioned me away, and climbed off the bed. After grabbing her purse, she went into the bathroom. Almost immediately, she came back. "You didn't come," she said.

"Well, nobody's perfect," I said defensively.

"Do you want to come? I can suck you off."

"You're making me feel guilty," I said. "I'm keeping you from your appointed rounds, or something."

She laughed. "Hey listen, Mister, that $300 I scored off you is the best I've done all week. I usually get $50 for a straight piece, an extra $20 if they want me to blow them, and an extra $30 for `Around the World'.

"Of course," she went on, "a straight fuck lasts only 20 minutes or so; not that long if I get the bath temperature right. That and my strip usually has them all primed. You haven't done badly. I've been here for an hour and a half, and fucked you twice. That's $200 worth right there."

I was intrigued. "How come you asked for $200 in the first place?"

"Bob said he thought you wanted something special, so I asked a special price. Besides, you looked dumb enough to pay it."

"What's a special?"

"Oh, weird shit. You know, golden showers, where people piss on each other, that sort of thing. Once in a while I get a toe sucker. They usually want to suck my toes, but once in a while they want me to suck theirs."

Su Lin hooked her bra in front, then swiveled it around her waist and pulled it up, tucking her breasts into their accustomed cups.

I wanted to impress on her that I was for real. Remembering what I had told Bette, I opened my wallet. I had one $100 and two $1 bills. I took out the $100 and wrapped it around my card. "I want you to give me a call," I said. "I really mean it. Besides, you owe me one."

She had her dress on. She turned, holding her hair out of the way. "Zip me up, will you?"

She went into the bathroom. When she returned, her hair was carefully back in place. Her lipstick was fresh. She leaned toward me and made kissing motions in the air. "It's been fun," she said. "Let's do it again some time." The door opened and closed. She was gone.

I quickly dressed and went home. I thought Bette was asleep when I entered our bedroom. As I slid quietly between the sheets, she welcomed me by saying sleepily, "Couldn't you even wash her smell off before you came to bed?"

"I thought you were asleep."

"How can I sleep while you're downtown catching the clap or something?"

"Well, I sure went through $500 tonight in a hurry."

"Holy shit!" Bette exclaimed, sitting bolt upright. "Is there that kind of money in this? Why didn't someone tell me about this sooner?"

"Come on," I said. "Everyone knows there's money in sin, but not usually this much. A good bit of that $500 went to overhead." Then I told Bette what had happened and what I had learned. "I think Su Lin would make a good replacement for Corrine, but that's up to Steve. If she and her husband will come to a party, maybe he will see what I saw."

"When I call her tomorrow, then, how should I play it?" Bette asked. "I think it might be best not let on that we are working together. What do you think?"

"I think you're probably right," I said.

I went to the office the next morning, spent an uneventful day, and went home to discover I was already living with a bona fide whore.

Bette was waiting for me, two $20s and a $10 in her hand. "This is the first money I ever earned in my life," she said quickly, rolling her eyes and waving the money excitedly. "I think I'll frame it. Or maybe I should buy you a pink Cadillac! Why didn't anyone ever tell me about this?"

"Calm down," I said. "What happened?"

"I called Su Lin before noon," Bette said."She had just gotten up, and was drinking her coffee. Anyhow, we talked for a long time. She wanted to know why I wanted to `get in the life' as she put it. I told her my husband had split, and I was down on my luck, but that I had been told I had a good body, and I liked sex. I told her I was a swinger, and I didn't see much difference between fucking for fun and fucking for money.

"She congratulated me on my attitude, said she felt the same way, and that maybe she could help. Then she asked if I was interested in daytime dates? I said `sure except I didn't have a car'. She said that was no problem. The john would always know in advance that he was expected to pay my cab fare. Then she asked me if I'd like to start right away? I said, `sure' and she gave me the address of a motel out on Springfield avenue. She said she was supposed to meet a regular weekly date there at 2:00, but she had a doctor's appointment she couldn't break, and she had no way of reaching the date to change it.

"I called a cab, gave him the address God, the place was a dump and turned my first trick." There was no bitterness or anger in her voice. Rather, she sounded relieved, and perhaps, even, proud.

"I'll tell you, though, when the cab let me out in that neighborhood, I had serious second thoughts! I was a little early, and I walked around the block about three times before I got the nerve to go knock on the door. It was unit number seven. A nice looking guy answered the door. I told him Su Lin had sent me, and that she had told me he would spring for the cab fare.

"He said `no problem', asked how much it was, doubled it, and handed it to me with the fifty bucks."

I was surprised and a little chagrined to find I was becoming aroused by the thought of her fucking strangers for money. "What happened then?" I asked.

"We talked for a couple of minutes. Then he said he didn't have much time, and began taking off his shirt. I was wearing what I'm wearing now -- just a sundress and panties -- so I slipped out of the sundress and pulled my panties down."

She smiled at the recollection. "He liked my tits," she said. Then she went on, "Well, he got his pants off. He already had a boner, and I began playing with it and kissing it. He stopped me and told me to lay back and spread my legs." She paused, lost in thought.

"I was scared/excited rather than fucking/excited if you know what I mean. I was pretty dry. I asked him if he would stick his finger in me first, to sort of get me loosened up. I told him this was my first time. He didn't believe me at first, but when he saw how dumb I was, I guess he did.

"Anyhow, he diddled me for a few minutes. That loosened it up. Then we started working his cock into me, and finally he was there. He rode me pretty hard, and then he came, pulled out, pulled on his pants and left. I called a cab and here I am."

"You didn't use a rubber or anything?" I asked.

"No. Was I supposed to?"

"With AIDs out there, you don't dare fuck without one!"

"But aren't you proud of me?"

"I really am," I said solemnly, "in more ways than you can possibly imagine."

"Just don't forget your promise to write this down," Bette said. "I've got to have some protection, the way I'm sticking my neck out for you."

"I'll do it tomorrow," I said.

She was stroking me now, and bending over to lick it. Suddenly the phone rang. Since I was lying on the couch, Bette answered.

"Oh, hi," she said. Bette listened for a minute. I could tell by the way she was standing that she was surprised. She said, "Sure. . . I guess so. . . I need to pick some stuff up at the drug store, though. . . You do? OK, what time?. . . OK, I'll be there. Oh, what should I wear?. . . Right. . . Thanks a million for think- ing of me. Bye."

"I'm going to get rich, I'm going to get rich," Bette sang as she came back to the couch. She looked at my member, and cocked her head to one side. "I guess I can work in a quickie, if you don't waste any time."

"What was that?" I knew, but I had to ask.

"That was Su Lin," Bette said unnecessarily. "It seems there's a convention in town, and they are one girl short. Is that the same as one short girl? It's an all night deal, and it's five hundred smackers, cash money, right on the old barrel head.

"Su Lin said that new girls don't usually get conventions; that's something you work up to, but my trick called Su Lin this afternoon to thank her for sending me. Maybe he also told her I wouldn't give him my phone number. I mean, he's Su Lin's steady trick."

As I listened to this enthusiastic babble about tricks and johns, I was beginning to wonder if I had unleashed a monster.

My cock was beginning to ache in its moment of need. I held out my hand to Bette. "Come here; do something about this, will you?"

She was still playing the coy whore. "Well, you know, I don't usually do this for fun. . ."

I grabbed her. We wrestled on the couch for a moment. Suddenly she fastened her mouth on mine. Wrestling time was over. Her eyes were wide open, and her face was solemn. "Make love to me, Jim. Please tell me that what I'm doing is right!"

I peeled her panties down her slender legs. Meanwhile, she had started unbuttoning my shirt. I helped her, and together we removed my pants and shorts. Then we lay on the couch, wrapped tightly together.

Her little body suddenly began to quiver. Neither of us spoke or moved for several minutes. Gradually, her trembling subsided. My impatient, unsentimental cock began dripping precum on the cushions.

"See what you're making me do?" I said in a mock stern voice.

She touched my member, and it rewarded her by making another little deposit on her hand.

"Oh, yuk," she said, making a show of trying to wipe her hand clean on my leg. "Now you're screwing the furniture. I don't know whether I'd better go on a date tonight or not."

I was relieved that she was evidently reassured and had recovered her poise. "Come here, furniture, spread those legs, and I'll show you who is screwing what!"

She hooked one leg over the back of the couch and held the other in the air, waiting for me to climb aboard. "Wait. I forgot. Aren't I supposed to give you a short-arm inspection and make you wear a rubber?"

"You would if you were getting paid for it," I said. "Hold still." She guided me into her now almost overflowing womanhood.

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